How Your BUILDER’S BASE Works – Beginner Tips

The new update LIVE!!!  Included is a secondary base, called the BUILDER BASE (your old base is now called your HOME VILLAGE). I have to admit, Supercell just created an update that is so outstanding I can’t even describe it with words. In this first article about your Builder Base, I will give you a quick overview of all you need to know. There will be a lot more in the next days and weeks  regarding tactics, Builder Base layouts, attacking strategies and much more.

Clash of Clans Secondary Base – BUILDER BASE

First and foremost, this is secondary base and Supercell did something amazing with the new update. They have transferred all the game mechanics we love and added so much new content the community was asking for (night mode, secondary village/accounts, keep surviving troops after attacks, Gem Mine, new troops and a Hero).

This move is extremely smart.  All the additional stuff would have caused a huge problem in that the classic game would have been overloaded and almost impossible to balance.  Also, this would have taken away features that we like. Instead, they add this secondary base where they can give us all this and more without taking away from the classic game mode that are have loved from the beginning.

Now we have brand new content to start playing and also keep everything we love – well thought out Supercell, thumbs up for that from my side!

Now let’s get to the introduction of your brand new Builder Base.


Your Builder Base is completely independent from your regular base (or War Base). Not even resources are shared between these two bases (except the Gems that you have on your account, of course).

This is good since everyone is starting at the same level and you can work on your Builder Base without having to mind your Home Village and vice versa.

But it’s not just a secondary village, it adds a lot more than that and also has a completely different game mode.

Builder Base Attacks

Your Builder Base does not get raided like your Home Village when you’re offline! Nobody can take any resources from you and you can’t get resources from someone else’s Collectors and Mines either.clash of clans versus battle victory

The only way to get resources is by matching up a one on one attack and beating your opponent. This means you and another player will attack each others Builder Bases, at the same time, and the one who gets more percentage points gets the victory!

It’s not about the time it takes you to get the attack complete (no matter if you need 1 minute or 2 minutes to get 100%), it’s about who gets more percentage of destruction.

The winner gets a bonus.

Also keep in mind, that destruction is the tiebreaker when both of get the same amount of Stars.

tiebreaker versus battles coc

The bonus is your only loot and you don’t get it from your opponent or his Mines and Collectors. Don’t be afraid to battle considering there’s nothing you can lose (except the troops that will die during the battle).

This leads to the next point (that was requested since the beginning of Clash of Clans in 2012) – the troops that don’t die during a battle, will survive and can be taken into the next battle!

It’s smart to try to make as many of them survive your battle as possible.

Your Builder Barracks will then fill up your troops again automatically after the battle – according to the troop setting you have selected.

army camps clash of clans nightmode builders base

You also have the option to switch around troops when you see your opponents base! Simply hold your button of a troop and you can switch around!

switching troop clash of clans nightmode

This is how you can adapt your attacking strategy according to the base you are seeing. There is no Next-Button like in regular multiplayer battles, so this is the only way you can adapt.

When training troops, you’ll also see a big difference because you don’t train single units. You have your troop slots, depending on the amount of army camps, and then each slot is filled with a single kind of troop (Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Beta Minions, etc.).

If you upgrade your troops, you can get more units for that Army Camp slot.

upgrade troops clash of clans builders base

New Troops

The troops in your Builders Base are different from the ones you use in your Home Village…

For example, Raged Barbarians have a boost when deployed. Just keep that in mind for now, I will write a much more detailed guide very soon. 🙂

In the meantime, check out Powerbang’s video. He’s showing all the new troops and much more of the new stuff:

Attacking Strategy

You have a lot less troop capacity compared to what you’re used to, so you have to use them wisely!

Try to snipe away buildings that are located outside the range of any defenses with single Sneaky Archers. This will give you 20-30% easily. Then move in on a spot where you can hit a defense directly with the rest of your troops.

clash of clans versus mode attacking strategy

Mixing raged Barbarians and Sneaky Archers works great for me so far.

Daily Cap & Pushing

Right now, there’s a daily cap that will only reward you for 3 victories and after that, there’s no other way to gain resources than from your Collector or Mine.

I’m very sure this cap gets changed/removed very soon – but in the meantime, you should also do Versus Battles even if you don’t get any loot from it.

It doesn’t cost you anything to do a Versus Battle and you can’t lose anything there – however, being higher in Trophies will give you higher rewards:

versus battles reward in clash of clans

This means if you pushed a lot you can get a lot more loot on the next day.

Every 100 Trophies you will get 20k Gold and 20k Elixir more the next day, so it’s extremely important in the beginning to get higher (even if you don’t get a reward while pushing)

Here you’ll also find a more detailed attacking strategy guide that will make you win:

Related:  Versus Battles Attacking Strategies

Builder Base Village Design

The Builder Base is completely different from your regular base. You have a Cannon and an Archer Tower that look a little different. The other defenses are completely unique – including new traps.

Even your Walls are different (you can’t place single parts, only 5-tile long sections), so you’re practically playing a new game right now. 🙂

Also, keep an eye on the different modes. For example, the Archer Tower can either shoot fast or long-range. With a small Builder Village at the start you won’t need the long distance.

In the beginning, your opponent most likely only has 8 units and you should arrange your base in a way that doesn’t allow for sniped outside buildings and first line defenses.

I have seen good results in my first 30 battles with this layout:

clash of clans builders base layout design

After having upgraded to Builders Hall Level 3, you should get some walls and arrange them somewhat like this:

builders base design bh3 clash of clans

This one works also great, often times my opponents don’t get more than 20%:

defending builders base in clash of clans

The Battle Log is a little hidden in your Builders Bas. When you select the attack button it’s on the right bottom side. I’ve was looking around a while until I found it. 🙂

Corner Building

What also helps is placing a building in the corner, as 90% of all attackers don’t even spot it (and might run out of time in the end of the attack protecting from a 3 Star attack).

corner building anti 3 star clash of clans

Upgrade Mines & Collectors

Nobody can ever steal any loot from you in your Builder Base, so upgrade your Mines & Collectors as fast as possible! They are the only way to get resources when you have reached the daily reward cap for Versus Battles!

Here you will find more Builder Base Layouts for all Builder Hall Level:


This is just the first guide for the new game mode in Clash of Clans and it feels 100% like starting the game fresh years ago, really exciting.

I will write more guides in the next days, so make sure to check back here!!! 🙂

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Hey timmy i just what to know that if i complete my daily loot cap should i attack more or just stop an wait for daily many attacks should i do in one day . i am BH 4

    • First if all as many as you want to in terms of fun (it’s a game 😉)
      You should as a bh4 push to at least 2000 trophies, better 2500 to get more loot from the daily bonus 😊

      • i am in 2000 but when i go for attack mostly i m getting BH 5 so i m BH 4 is maxed except some wall to do lvl 3 what should i do.Go for BH 5 tell me

      • Yes go for bh5 and get the battle machine as soon as possible, maxed bh4 at 2k can be difficult and getting bh5 will help a lot. Walls aren’t that important in the builder base right now anyway IMO

  2. I have 923 builder hall trophies and hope to get a lot more loot. I am upgrading my defenses and troops so that I can always get the most when vs someone. Then I upgrade my storages so that I have enough to get other supplies. I also try to upgrade my walls last because they cost a lot.

  3. I am almost 76, and I really enjoy the expansion much more than the original COC. I don’t do clan wars, and have spent most of my time just trying to build impenetrable defense. I don’t do much raiding, and it seems that the villages I do raid have very little loot. So, It takes me at least a week any more to have enough gold or elixir to do an update, most of which take a minimum of 7 or 8 days. Not really enjoying the game much. I am TH9 and it will take me about 2 years to finish upgrading everything including walls. Probably won’t live that long.
    Now, with the new village, I find myself competitive with other players, do 3 raids per day on 2 accounts, and I love it!

  4. Hello! Sir,why i can not attact in builder base.I have 2054 trophies but when I starting to attact,it is not working.It seems just searching for opponent. What should I do for attacting?when I search to attact,there is no any matching opponents.I can not attact.

  5. I understood the hate for the update at first, but I pushed some trophies and currently sit at around 1700. I get tons of loot every day and my base is progressing nicely. If there wasn’t a loot cap people would have had tons of loot, but still only one builder, and thus something else to complain about…
    This update was never meant to replace CoC. I do think that the link between the builder base and your home village is not enough, but I’m sure that this link will become stronger and stronger.
    I think for me personally it also helps that I reached a new TH in my main game literally hours before the update landed, so I have tonnes to do!
    @all the haters, climb trophies (even if you’re not getting anything from it), and the next day you’ll be rolling in loot and be able to upgrade much faster.

  6. Hey Tim I was got matched up with master Jimmy and the same troops were deployed.does every body is getting matched up with that.

  7. I actually don’t mind the loot cap. Changes the game dynamic from being time constrained to resource constrained (my main base is sat on full coffers, with 5 builders going). So this is the opposite and works better for people who can’t play all the time, I’m sure supercell have studied the demo-graphics and the part time players are not going to be the ones complaining on the forums 🙂

    I’m working on a cycle of do the three loot attacks and then as many attacks as I can until my level plateau’s.

    Day 1 – research troops and basic defences, fight up to 500-600.
    Day 2 – build telsa complete walls, fight up to 800-1000.
    Day 3 – build firecrackers and third army camp, fight up to ?

  8. I just wonder that “double cannon”. It said that grade up to 4th lvl and u can grade up your home village’s cannon. Do u mind write about it???

    • If you press on a canon at the normal village you can see a new icon Gear Up. Upgrade your double canon to lvl 4. This is available at BH4. When you do so go to your old village. Press Gear up at the canon and pay in gold for the amount required. This will tranform your old canon to a brand new. You can choose if either you will use it like you used too or as a double canon. Please note that during the gear up YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY BUILDER at your new village. Hope it hels. Cheers.

  9. New mode looks little bit like clash royale , and about the daily cap , in my opinion , it seems like SuperCell wants players to focus on their home village also , or many players would just keep pushing for loot and trophies and would get their storages filled everytime , cause what you earn in this mode (except trophies) is never lost!!

  10. Yapılan son guncellemede kraliçe pelerininin görünmez olmadığı tespit edildi ve bu durumdan şikayetçi olan cok kısı var

  11. How do I return to my original village? I have tried clicking on the boat but nothing happens. I do not like the new builder’s base and just want to return to the game I know.

  12. Hi Timmy…. I just found a tiny spelling mistake–
    (the small para above the sub topic CORNER BUILDING)
    “The Battle Log is a little hidden in your Builders Bas. When you select the attack button it’s on the right bottom side. I’ve was looking around a while until I found it. 🙂”

    There should be an E in “builders bas”

  13. If most of you don’t realize by now, alot of ‘Maxed’ players, are sponsored players. Meaning that some one saw them play at thier current level (yes maybe close to being maxed…maybe) and that player got a maxed base paid for from their sponsor. So the posts that read supercell is all about money, isn’t true. No one goes into business saying ‘Let’s lose all our money’. Like every other business, they have have bills, Quarters, profits, losses etc etc etc. Hats off to Supercell for creating an update that is crisp, fresh with loads of expanded content and what’s exciting for me to see, Gears. Cannot wait to see this unfold.

    • I know several of the youtubers personally and none of them ever got any gems/maxed account by them.
      I don’t want to start a whole sponsorship debate, but I’d like to put some facts straight here (the benefit is clearly the exclusive material they get before each update).

  14. In fact, I’m happy the new game mode doesn’t disturb the original game. I agree with Timmy, that would cause big problems with balancing the original game mode. Just relax guys…the new game mode looks promising to my opinion and it’s live for just one day now. I’m sure improvements will come regarding the loot cap and other things. Just be patient and give it a chance 🙂
    And no, I’m not a Supercell emloyee. I’m just an ordinary civil construction enineer 🙂

      • Daily cap won’t last long, I’m very positive about that. Not the first time the community can turn around something, especially with all the hype created.
        I think it will get raised to more attacks, but then the Builder is probably the bottleneck.
        I’m sure we’ll see a lot of improvements in the next weeks/months

  15. well well well….

    looks like what they thought most about where… who guessed it ??
    thats right…. gems! you have like 30min tops gameplay before you need too buy gems for more loot, what the hell… yes i said it, supercell all about the money… suprise suprise.. as a maxed out player, iam gonna enjoy making it slow, having something too do now, becides war and trophies.

    but lame update, with the only reason being gems, becides that its great… but come on 24hour before you can move on, feeling traped in supercells gems spin :/

    • I’m very positive that Supercell will do something about the daily cap very soon – people are really angry about it (including myself) and I don’t think Supercell wants their biggest update be a fail just because of this

  16. mixed feelings about the update- I’m a hardcore war player and this update has nothing to offer the clan war community- I don’t like the whole gearing up offer- I feel as though I now have to play this builder base to get it- they should of left your home base village and the builders base village completely separate

  17. Im having problem o switching to my main can i return to my main account?the arrow is pointing to the attack button and cant find any.please help me.thank you for your respond.

    • You have to click the boat to exchange bases(change bases,whatever, the boat is the way with which you can change your bases).

  18. lol they could care less if you send mail or stop playing….all they about like i said is cash fools… dont think they arent making money from it just go look at top players that are already maxed ….thats why they do it… i promise you that cap is going to stay lmao HERES YOUR BIGGEST UPDATE EVER 😂😂😂

  19. More then 50% of players stopped playing clash of clans a few weeks after TH11 dropped, and when TH sniping was no longer apart of (classic game mode) is what supercell has titled it. But now majority of the players are returning and are happy with supercells efforts. But loot cap is horrible and we should expect that to be gone real soon its a lost cause and will only flood supercell employee’s (in game support message inbox’s) With TH5 being the absolute highest in the (village of extreme speed night mode) this gives new players a fair chance in advancing and not having to feel scared of others ppl.

    • Those who quit back then were people not performing any attacks, just sitting behind a shield and saving for the next upgrade – those might have found a great new game mode as they aren’t losing anything in the builder base.
      I know many think they are “forced” to start over – just see that one as a mini game inside the game that you can visit once per day and so a coule attacks from. Clan War isn’t dead, Pushing the ladder isn’t dead just because of a small new village.
      BUT SC NEEDS TO REMOVE THE DAILY CAP, or at least set it up a lot (like 20 or more victories)

  20. thIs is exactly what we’ve been asking for but the true reality is some will be jaded to this update and some wont ( Thats every update ) But this loot cap limit makes no sense, We cant possibly advance in the game if we have to wait long periods before receiving even the slightest amount of resources. The 5 section wall feature wont last long because as players advance the game will need to do its part in advancing too. Base layouts will be way to similar making the game mode easy to conquer, and thats when balancing will need to take place. In conclusion if your not a huge money waster ( if you dont like wasting money on gems) these first couple of months i highly suggest you not play the second game mode. Because it will take twice as long to collect loot.

  21. Why didn’t they just release this as a new game. Now I’m required to start a new village to be able to “gear up” in my home base.

  22. There must not be a daily cap it kinda sucks.! There’s no way that we play acc to them where we can only get that much what they want to give us.!! How to collect more loot after your daily cap is over?

    • There’s no way to collect more loot. They intentionally cap it in order to force people to spend Gems (anyway they give some free Gems, which can be used in home village). Disappointing! Switch to playing Dominations!

  23. This new game play is like a Clash Royale type of feel to where you can play for 20-30 minutes and be done for the day. I like it.

    We’ve been asking for a lot of changes, and we got a good portion of them in this new game play.

  24. The update kinda left me dissapointed. This words are true “it feels 100% like starting the game years ago” , but building a new village from scratch seems to be a daunting task, especially with loot cap (which prevents you from ferming resources).

    • I quickly hit the loot cap, probably 15 minutes. I was too excited so I went and spent 2000+ gems(on resources and time) just to get my base up to a level 3. I’m not a fan of the cap, hopefully they will remove it or higher it in the next update. Too inhibiting and definitely makes it hard to progress, especially with not being able to take loot from opponents, even with not having to spend on troops and rearming.

    • Here is a list of what you unlock at each level but descriptions will follow in their appropriate subsection.
      Level 2 – You will have to upgrade to level 2 as part of the tutorial. At level 2 you will have available the Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer as troops. Defences available include Cannon, Double Cannon, Archer Tower, Walls and Push Trap. You can also build 2 army camps at this level.
      Level 3 – Troops unlocked include the Boxer Giant and Beta Minion along with a 3rd army camp. Defences unlocked include the Hidden Tesla, Firecrackers, Crusher, Spring Trap and Mine.
      Level 4 – Troops unlocked include the Bomber and Baby Dragon along with the 4th army camp. Defences unlocked include the Guard Post, Air Bombs and Mega Mine.
      Level 5 – The Battle Machine (your Builder Base hero) is unlocked with ability once it is upgraded to level 5. Defensively you unlock the Multi Mortar.

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