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How To Use Santa’s Strike, Freeze Trap & Ice Wizards

All Clashmas Presents from the big Christmas 2016 Event in Clash of Clans are available – Santa’s Strike, the Freeze Trap and the Ice Wizard. They all will be available until January 5th, 2017 and, although they are only available for a limited time, I felt like putting up some strategy how to use them best.

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Best Strategy for Santa’s Surprise

Santa’s Surprise is a spell that deals 900 damage, which is almost double what a maxed Lightning Spell can do. It also has a similar behaviour to the Lightning Spell and does it’s damage in more or less random places around the spot where you deploy it.

There’s a nice gimmick that will leave behind some presents that will give the defender some extra Elixir, but, bottom line, this spell is nothing more than a fun thing to use.

The damage is so radnom and impossible to foresee, that there is no real solid tactic that makes it useable during regular raids or Clan War attacks.

Conclusion to Santa’s Surprise: Just a nice thing to play around in Friendly Challenges, but keep it out of your queue for regular attacks.

How to defend with the Freeze Trap

The Freeze Trap is a nice addition and I love having it in my base – and hate attacking into this trap. It doesn’t suddenly freeze troops when they enter the radius, but the Freeze Spell that is dropped can freeze quite a big part of an army and make an attack fail.

I would love to keep this one or at least see something like a “spell trap” in the future – maybe where you can set a mode and switch different spells in, like the Freeze Spell, a Poison Spell, a Skeleton Spell, etc.freeze trap clash of clans

Back to tactics. I have seen the best results with it closer to the core of your base. Here it has a better chance to freeze a big part of troops for a total of 5 seconds.

Check your defense log to find a nice spot – I have a nice guide for you that will help you find a perfect place in your base:

Best Trap Placement Spots

Conclusion to the Freeze Trap: It’s a nice trap and I hope to see something similar in the future being implemented in the game. There’s always been rumors about a trap that will slow down enemies and I always liked the idea. Seeing it now for a real hands-on just hardened my opinion that Supercell should use this idea in the future!

Best Ice Wizard Strategies

The Ice Wizard is basically a regular Wizard that goes after defenses and, can not only deal massive damage, but also make the defense attack slower.

This mechanic will result in your Ice Wizards, due to their movement speed, overtaking your tanks (Golems, Giants) after some time and die in the first line of fire.

But that doesn’t mean that they are useless! I think Supercell designed them that way to not have a troop that is too overpowered.

I switched 3 of them in within my current raids and saw some nice results. You can’t switch them in for all your Wizards because you can’t build a good funnel with them (as they will only target defenses).

Conclusion to the Ice Wizard: I think we might see something like this in the future – it takes a lot of effort for the graphics and AI team to implement a new troop. Just having it for 7 days seems a waster of time. Maybe Supercell wanted to try it out first and used this event.

If this will become a new troop in Clash of Clans, I hope they will adjust some small things, like movement speed, to make it really useful.


I know that many here are disappointed and hoped for something else inside the Clashmas Presents. To be honest, I liked this event and it was huge, not only with the Hog Rider events and the time-limited troop, spell and trap, but also the Gem Boosts.

Hopefully, Supercell will make events like this frequent in 2017 and in the future as it keeps the game more active.

For those of you who would like to see more stuff, I want to remind you that Anoushka already implied on December 10th that there will be another update following in January 2017.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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