How to use the 1 Gem Boost best

Within the next days we will see another 1 Gem Boost happening in Clash of Clans. This time it’s because of the birthday of Clash of Clans, but also sometimes before an update we get them. I want to wrap up everything related to the 1 Gem Boost in this post, so you can get the most out of it.

Facts about the 1 Gem Boost

The 1 Gem Boost always gives you the opportunity to boost several kind of buildings for 1 Gem – sometimes this will be valid for 1 day and sometimes even for 1 week. I think I don’t have to give you the most important fact about the 1 Gem Boost – you have to use it. It will give you fast trained Troops or lots of resources for only 1 Gem.

The Golden Hour

Some of you might know what the Golden Hour is, and also use it constantly. The 1 Gem Boost however has two faces:

  1. When the Gem Boost is for Mines and Collectors you will find so many loot, simply have an eye for bases with boosted Mines and Collectors
  2. Boosted Barracks and Spell Factories will give you a lot competition – not the best time to go farming
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Restart the weekly 1 Gem Boost

When the boost is about to stay for 1 week you are able to get this boost twice – because you can restart it and boost again for 1 Gem for another whole week.

No Pain, No Gain

The first step in the process is starting an upgrade on whichever Mine, Collector, or Drill you want to boost again – this is where max level Mines, Collectors, and Drills cause a problem. Starting an upgrade on a boosted Mine, Collector, or Drill causes the boost to end. You will want to do this step at the last moment possible, but before the 1 Gem boost option disappears, in order to maximize your profit.

The Small Pain

The next step is doing something you usually hate yourself after you do it – canceling an upgrade. Although canceling an upgrade only gives you back 50% of the cost. For example, canceling a level 10 Gold costs 84,000 Elixir. This sounds painful, but a second 1 Gem boost for 7 more days is worth the investment.

Now that the boost is canceled and you’ve canceled the upgrade, you can now restart the boost for another 7 full days.


The Large Gain

Now I will show you how this pays off with a single level 11 Gold Mine (highest level before max level):

3000/hour (Production Rate) X 2 (the boost doubles the rate) = 6000/hour X 168 hours (7 days) = 1.008,000 Gold  168,000 Elixir (canceling cost) = 840,000 profit in resources.


If you do this process for each Gold Mine, you’ll make a profit of up to 5,880,000 Gold (depending on how many Gold Mines you have). Don’t forget this is also possible to do for Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills, so the total available profit is a couple Millions in resources.

Something to remember: start this process “at the last moment possible, but before the 1 Gem boost option disappears, in order to maximize your profit.” Don’t pass up on this opportunity or you may regret it, and be sure to spread the word to all your clanmates! Comment below what you think about this and I’ll answer any questions you have.

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