Home Village Versus War Base

Base building is a craft that many Clashers use to define themselves amongst an ocean of talented players. It can be time-consuming and tedious but the rewards come in so many ways to those that take the time to build the indestructible base. As you invest more time in the game it will become obvious that a well-constructed Home Village will be the foundation of your long-term success.

Our number one goal is to protect our hard earned loot from the bombardment of crafty attacks waged upon us from other players. Most players won’t take long to join a Clan and inevitably participate in the Clan Wars. Immediately you will notice something different about the bases in the Clan Wars. They are much harder to 3-Star than the Home Village. It is at this moment that you begin to realize the complexity of base building. There are fundamental differences between the Home Village and the War Base. The differences are driven from our need to have specific functionality from each base design.

The Home Village

One of the biggest advantages that you have as the defender will be the prep time that the attacker has before they begin the attack on your village. They only have 30 seconds to decide if your base is right for them.

Most players are looking for one of two things, loot and trophies so before we get into building concepts let’s start off by making a conscious effort to understand the attacker. We want to make the NEXT button a much more attractive idea than the ATTACK button.

The 1st way we do this is to minimize the amount of loot we leave in our village when we go offline. There are millions of bases out there for the attacker to choose from. Many potential attackers have already hit the NEXT button a dozen times to get to your base so try not to stand out by offering huge rewards for attacking your village over the next village. So, before you go offline, empty those Storages if at all possible!

home village versus home village

This may look like a good Home Village design but as we take a closer look we find many problems. This resulted in a 3 star and over a million in loot.

war base design technique

Once an attacker commits to attacking your base they have very little prep time to study your base design. This is the biggest advantage we have as defenders so we want to exploit it as best as possible. Our goal is to confuse and mislead the attacker while we lead them through a series of traps and pitfalls. Keep in mind that they only have one chance at attacking your village so we want to use the high risk / high reward types of designs to end their attacks early.

Let’s get into some specifics…  

Start every Home Village build with the Clan Castle (aka CC). The defending CC troops will usually offer the defender the highest combined DPS (damage per second) in your village. By centering the Clan Castle you will make it harder for the attacking player to get their troops into the “Trigger Zone” this makes the collision between their troops and your CC Troops happen at an unpredictable time which is what we want as the defender.

Keep Town Hall (aka TH) near the core along with your most valuable resource the Dark Elixir Storage. We want Town Hall near the core for 2 reasons. 1st it is full of loot and we don’t give anything away. 2nd it has tons of hit points which will force attacking players to take a long time to destroy it. By keeping the Town Hall near the core you have a better chance for multiple defenses to target the attacking troops. Your defenses will punish those troops while they chop away at the Town Hall thus diminishing their overall strength.

This leads us to our next major factor in the Home Village design. I have this concept of trading loot for troops. This means that if you are attacking my village and you take a Gold Storage, I will in return kill off a substantial number of troops for your efforts. NEVER give anything away on your Home Village. You want the attacker to have to take 100% of your village to get 100% of your loot. We do this by dividing the village into 4 quadrants and placing 25% of our loot in each quadrant. A big mistake many new players make is where they place their Storages. Many attackers will be able to get to any location on your map so never place all of your Storages in one place, like in the core of the base. Those same players that can get their troops to any location on the map may not be able to take 100% of the map so splitting up your hard-earned loot is always the best idea. Layer your defenses into each quadrant along with the Storages to make it difficult for attackers to seize your loot no matter what direction the attack from. Don’t expose your defenses by surrounding your Storages with them. Layer the defenses in with the high Hit Point Storages so they can protect them for as long as possible.

Due to the fact that the attacker only has one shot at your Home Village you will want to create pitfalls in areas of the village. We do this with the Giant Bombs and the Spring Traps. Giant Bombs are 2×2 tile structures. That’s small enough to sneak one in here and there but we don’t want to do that. We want to place every Giant Bomb we have in one area creating a death trap for any group of troops that crosses over it but, we also have to be as discreet as possible. To create big trap areas we have to design our village with several locations where the Giant Bombs could be. This has several benefits too! Create 4-5 locations around your village with empty spaces. This will force the attacker to make a quick educated guess as to where the traps actually are and at times even cause the attacker to drop Heal Spells over open areas that look suspicious but are actually empty. The same tactic can be used for the Spring Traps too.

Pro Tip! watch replays of attacks on your village and move traps where you see attackers enter the base. Find the most common pathways and trap there. Keep watching and keep tweaking for the best results

There are risks for grouping every Giant Bomb or Spring Trap together. The attacker could get lucky and have one rogue Goblin run through all 5 Giant Bombs, setting them all off or a Golem lead a pack of troops over a Spring Trap farm also setting them all off remaining unharmed themselves. Most of the time the attacker will not be so lucky and the rewards of defending your village while allowing that attacker minimal gains in loot for their efforts is much more common.

trap setup war base

Here are 2 great examples of Giant Bomb placement on your home village. Remember do not mix your Giant Bombs with the Spring Traps. No need to spring injured troops off the map!

force hogs in war base

I mentioned earlier how the NEXT button could play into your Home Village’s overall safety and I wanted to elaborate on that point a little more before we begin to break down the War Base. When I am out farming I look for a few things before I attack a base. 1st there has to be enough loot. If there is 500K of each Gold and Elixir and/ or 4K in Dark Elixir that’s an automatic green light unless the base looks so imposing that I don’t feel confident enough to attack it for a gain. Never advance your Home Village’s TH level so fast that you leave your defenses several levels behind. Build the most imposing village that you can. You may want to look up base designs on the internet to get some ideas or even copy one and tweak it a little until you become more confident as a base builder yourself.

Here are some things to avoid when choosing your Home Village design:

  • Do not build an anti-3 type of home village. They are designed to use the clock against the attacker and the clock is not a huge factor in the Home Village.
  • Do not place Builder’s Huts or Hidden Teslas in the corners of the Home Village. This is another example of using the clock against the attacker (we will go over this in the War Base section)
  • Do not upgrade too many similar defenses at one time. If the attacker has an air army built and you have 3 of 4 Air Defenses upgrading at one time you can expect to see Balloons floating over your walls. Do not set all of your X-bows to ground either. An attacker can identify the difference between air and ground at a glance and may decide to attack you if they can use their air troops without the “X-factor” involved.
  • Do not leave your elite defenses in a depleted state. This is called a dead base and it is most attackers dream. Many players will NEXT until they find a dead base to attack even if it takes tapping the NEXT button 50 times.

Here is a recap of some of the features you want to have in the Home Village:

  • Use obstacles like flags, torches and statues in a cluttered fashion to make the scouting process harder
  • Try to leave tombstones on your base to give the illusion of a dead base
  • Center your Clan Castle to maximise the possibility of a troop collision that favors you, the defender
  • Center you Dark Elixir. It’s the #1 target of almost every attacker
  • Place Town Hall in the core of the base to discourage trophy hunters and help with the inner core defensive shielding
  • Group your Giant Bombs and Spring Traps in large clusters to help end attacks early
  • Split your loot up evenly across your Home Village. Make attackers take 100% of your village to get 100% of the loot
  • Place all of your storages within range of your defenses. Make attackers earn every Resource Building. Don’t give away any of your loot

The War Base

Now that we have covered many important features of the Home Village we can break down the War Base. There are many fundamental differences between the War Base and the Home Village. This is for two main reasons. 1st the defending player does not lose any loot from their personal storages during an attack on their base in a Clan War. The rewards are generated from the Clan War itself not taken from the players in the war. 2nd the main objective in a Clan War is for your Clan to earn more stars than the opposing Clan. Stars are everything in Clan Wars so we need to build our War Base in a manner that we deprive the attacking Clan of stars, especially 3 stars.

The 1st time I attacked a War Base in a Clan War I got 0 stars. I didn’t understand why it was so much easier for me to attack when I was farming. I figured it must have been the pressure of attacking while members of the Clan were watching. Then I realized that I was completely wrong. It wasn’t the pressure of spectators or the Clan’s expectations, these bases were completely different! I started coming up with different base designs for my War Base and after about 2 months I finally figured out every single way to make a War Base wrong. I started off by leaving a hole inside the core of the base and placing all of my Giant Bombs and Spring Traps in the same area so when they spawned their entire army in the core they would set off all of the traps and I would defend with a 0 star. Unfortunately, most attackers just dropped one Barbarian in the hole, setting off all of my traps leaving me without Giant Bombs and looking like the noob that I was. Then I copied a great looking base from the internet. It was labeled “best TH7 War Base of 2014” and that is what I needed, the best TH7 War Base. This too led to another disappointment as it got 3 starred war after war. Back to the drawing board…

The biggest advantage attackers have against your War Base is they can scout it for a long time. They can ask their most experienced clanmates for help and most importantly they can watch the replays of any attacks that were already done on your War Base. Trick bases and bases with overloaded trap locations especially those outside the walls are not nearly as effective as they would be in the Home Village setting. You may catch the first attacker off guard but the replays on that attack will expose all of the trap locations and from that point on the base is in serious trouble. So… where do you begin to design the best War Base?

We start building the War Base with the same building that you would start the Home Village with… The Clan Castle. It rests in the dead center of the map. Like the Home Village the goal is to make it as hard as possible to trigger the CC troops, but unlike the Home Village you and your clanmates will carefully plan and load the best possible CC troops to defend your base. Most of the time those who attack your Home Village have to deal with whatever troops you were planning on using in your next farming raid. Common troops for a farming raid would be Giants, who are not really the best choice for defending your base. The added defensive strength of Baby Dragons, Witches, Valkyries and Wizards joining the fight mid-attack should give you even more incentive to center the Clan Castle. After the Clan Castle is placed on the map the War Base construction continues but in a much different fashion than the Home Village. Protecting your precious loot means absolutely nothing in Clan Wars so we will use the high hit point Storage Buildings as shields for all of our key defenses. We fill force attackers to push their way through Gold and Elixir Storages to get to our Archer Towers and Cannons and we will line our outer walls with collectors creating yet another barrier for the attacking troops to go through before they get anywhere near our defenses.

The high risk/ high reward tactics of the Home Village has to be set aside and replaced with a well rounded defensive posture that will not only stand up to the opening raid but to repeat attacks as well. To do this we have to understand how the attackers are going to try to tackle and eventually dismantle our defenses. They will start attacks with high powered groups of troops called “kill squads” comprised of specialists (tanking specialists like Golem and damage specialists like Wizard) assembled specifically to take down your CC Troops and Heroes along with attempting to disarm traps and key defenses that will pose the biggest threats to their main attack force. More advanced players will use powerful ranged troops (Archer Queen, Bowlers and Witches are a few) in combination with several Healers to clear out entire sections of your War Base’s perimeter buildings (trash buildings) and outer defenses which will allow them a great opportunity to “funnel” their main attack force into your War Base. Finally the main attack force comes into play. Three star specialists will deploy defensive targeting troops like the Hog Rider or Balloon that will pass right over the protective Storages and begin eliminating your defenses.

With all of this in mind it is our job as defenders to design a War Base that will deal with all of these different factors at once. It needs be be designed well enough that after the base gets attacked and the replays are available, that the enemy clan will not be able to identify an obvious vulnerability that can be exploited in the next attack. In addition to that we have to defend against the possibility of either an air raid or a ground raid and in many case a mixture of the two! This may sound like an impossible task but fear not, we have several ways to protect ourselves from any and all army compositions.

There are many different ways to achieve this but some universal rules will apply to all methods. 1st we never group key targets too close together. We do not want the attacker to use one Rage Spell and push their army through all of our key defenses, or use one Freeze Spell and disable all of our elite defense at once. Next we consider the path that the troops will take into our base. This is especially important with the defense only targeting troops like the Hog Riders and Balloons. We want the troops to go where we want them to not where the attacker wants them to. We can accomplish this by intentionally placing specific defenses closer together. Here is a good example…

We don’t know it the attacker is going to use ground or air troops so we need to defend against both raids. We start off by placing an Air Defense on the map out of range from any troop that is outside of the walls. In front of the Air Defense we will place a Cannon, Mortar and an Archer Tower. We will make sure that the Air Defense is far enough away from the other 3 defenses that the natural course of a group of Balloons would be to go from the Cannon to the Mortar to the Archer Tower and then finally to the Air Defense last. This will give the Air Defense more time to shoot down the Balloons as they slowly drift over the other three defenses that are grouped together. Because Hog Riders are also a popular troop used to 3 star in Clan Wars we will also consider them and place a Spring Trap in between each defense. This concept will help defend against both the air and ground attacks.

war base

Pro Tip! Try not to place Wizard Towers too close to Air Defenses. You want them shooting at the Balloons not the Lava Hounds in a Laloon raid

Unlike the Home Village your War Base has the luxury of spreading out. We do not have to protect every Resource Building so we can pull these structures away from the outer walls and force attackers to cover much more ground. The use of Builder’s Huts in the 4 corners of the map is another way to use the clock to our advantage. This leads us to a very popular War Base design called the Anti-3 War Base. These bases are designed with different pressure points on opposite sides of the map and will usually call on Town Hall to become the Base’s biggest shield. (Please note that I have seen the Anti-3 work against the defender almost as much as for them so leave the Anti-3 to the advanced players) The anti-3 Base is one of the prime examples of the differences between the War Base and the Home Village because the defender will place Town Hall outside the walls (in many cases) and temp players to start their attacks with the easy star only to find that the perimeter of the Town Hall is being guarded by powerful ranged defenses like the Archer Tower of X-bow. Attackers will usually take down Town Hall but they will have to pay for it with either a heavy troop loss or early spell usage. This becomes a factor as they get through the base and have to deal with what is normally on the other side… the Hidden Tesla Farm.

hidden Tesla farm

Pro Tip! Place Storages to the left and right of the Tesla Farm. This will make it harder for attacking troops to tackle one Tesla at a time by stalling the troops out once they are in Tesla range

The Hidden Tesla Farm can be a powerful attack ending feature that, in my opinion should be part of every War Base. A well-built Tesla Farm will be wedged in between another group of defenses and accompanied by the protection of a couple of Storages or the Dark Elixir storage. If utilized properly in an Anti-3 Base they, along with their neighboring defenses will make a last stand against a battle torn army. The quick strikes of 3-4 Hidden Teslas have been the ending point of many good raids but there is a second factor involved with the Tesla Farm in relationship with the Anti-3 War Base. After the 1st attempt on the base the enemy clan will watch the replays and then have to decide which side of the base to begin their next attack from. Do they start at Town Hall again and risk dealing with a fresh Tesla Farm at the end of the raid with their damaged army or do they tackle the Tesla Farm 1st and risk not getting through to Town Hall at the other end of the base. It is these types of dilemmas that turn good War Bases into great War Bases. But, let’s not stop there. We need to create similar problems throughout the War Base. Put a great deal of thought into this part of your War Base Build. Separate the Archer Queen from the CC Troops. Force attackers to to attack either the CC Troops or the Queen with their kill squad because if either one is left intact when the main attack starts it could cause serious problems for the attacker.

Check out this video on the Anti Queen Walk Base design. This is a great way to punish attackers that start their raid behind the comfort of the AQ Walk. This type of build will also help defend against the “Slap” Attack which may be the #1 attack in the current Meta.

Here are some factors to consider when building your War Base

  • Center the Clan Castle like you would in the Home Village
  • Use your storages as shields, the attacker will not gain your loot
  • Spread your spring traps evenly throughout the base but be sure they are next to defenses to help defend against Hog Riders
  • Make sure there are plenty of decoy holes so the attacker can not instantly see where the Giant Bombs and other traps are
  • Pull the Giant Bombs closer to the core of the base. Attackers may have to use Heal Spells early and won’t be able to heal after Giant Bombs go off if they are close to the core
  • Spread your trash building out. Unlike the home village you do not need to protect your resource buildings so use them to force attackers to spend more time chasing them down
  • Place smaller buildings like Builder’s Huts in the corners forcing attackers to either spends troops at the start of the raid or risk running out of time as the scurry from corner to corner at the end
  • Split high priority defenses and Heroes up to diminish the overall value the attacker gets from their kill squad
  • Consider the Anti-3 War Base design in Town Hall 9 and 10
  • Use a Tesla Farm either on the opposite side of the base as Town Hall in the Anti-3 design or to simply overpower troops in key locations
  • Use careful defensive placement to path Balloons away from Air Defenses and to path Hog Riders through sets of Giant Bombs and Spring Traps

This is what you want to avoid when building your War Base

  • Do not protect your resource buildings with your defenses
  • Do not place like defense too close together. For example be sure one Earthquake Spell won’t damage two Air Defense at once
  • Do not bunch all of your buildings up together without leaving spaces for potential traps. Keep them guessing especially on the 1st attack.
  • Keep elite defenses off of the outer walls. Distribute defenses from strongest to weakest, strongest being the core of the base. Remember attacks will use spells to overcome anything on the outer walls.
  • Do not set both Inferno Towers to same setting of all of the X-bows to Ground. Attackers will alter their army composition to compensate
  • Do not place Giant Bombs or Spring Traps all together in 1 location. Even if it ends the 1st raid early it will hurt you in the 2nd and 3rd attacks on your base
  • Do not leave holes behind your walls and trap them hoping to catch attackers off guard. Unlike the Home Village they get more than one chance on your base so no tricks only sound defensive postures
  • Avoid anti-3 bases in TH11.This will give TH9-10 a much easier time getting 2 stars on your TH11 which is sufficient in most cases
  • Do not group Air Traps in large clusters outside of the walls. Attackers will use 1 troop to trigger them all
  • Do not place your Clan Castle in  location where the attacker can drop a single troop inside the trigger zone. Make them work hard to trigger those CC Troops. It’s so important to trigger them that good attackers will use up to 20 housing space of troops and a spell to pull them. This is much better than using 1 Barbarian to get the same results
  • Do not use popular internet bases in war. If anyone in the other clan recognizes it they will watch how others have been able to beat it copy and repeat
  • Do not use multiple models of the same War Base in war. It sounds crazy to even have to mention but it’s much too common these days
  • Do not use your Home Village as your War Base, especially not the Home Base they have been looking at for the 23 hours during the Prep Day of a Clan War!
  • Do not copy a top 100 bases if you do not have similar level defenses! Max defenses make those bases work, without maxed defenses those designs will fail on you regularly!


Clash of Clans is a complex game that allows us as players a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd by building specialized Home Villages and War Bases. Becoming an expert base builder is just as important and becoming an expert attacker. It also adds value to you as the player. Elite clans will often have one or two players in their clan that does nothing but build bases for the players that focus more on the offensive side of the game. Changing both your Home Village layout and your War Base design is essential as the game introduces new troops into the game. New troops will soon translate into new attacks and possibly a new Meta so you really need to stay ahead of it all by constantly building, rebuilding and tweaking your bases. This will not only help you conserve your resources in your Home Village, it could help your entire clan when your War Base refuses to give up the 3 stars even after multiple attempts in war!  

Keep up to date with all of the latest Home Village and War Base designs by subscribing to Allclash. I do and I love it! You will receive the latest update info the moment it happens. Also come and visit me EZE at our website ClashMadeEZE and my new YouTube channel EZEstreetGAMING. If you’re anything like me you will enjoy the diverse information you will receive from these active and engaging sites! Leave comments below or comments in any of the links in the article and I will respond ASAP

Until next time, take care everybody!- EZE

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