HITS TO KILL Episode 4 – Walls

This is kind of a different episode for the HITS TO KILL series because we have a defensive building that doesn’t harm troops, but rather slows them down. They are kind of important (and expensive) in your defensive strategy – the Walls. There is actually only one kind of troop they are really relevant against, which is the Wall Breaker, so even if this will be a very short episode I think it will be quite helpful for you.


Clash of Clans Wall Facts

The placement of your Walls will be one of the key points in your defensive strategy and will make the difference between victory and defeat – you can use them also for funneling to get troops into traps or to make Wall Breakers go to certain spots. Walls do not slow down air units and are not considered as defensive buildings by troops like Giants, Hog Riders, Balloons, or Golems even if they attack all defensive buildings first. The only real weakness Walls have are Wall Breakers due to the fact that they deal 40 times their regular damage to Walls. This is what this episode of the HTK-series will be about.


As you can see the “get as high as you can get” mindset will mainly cost you a fortune and not bring you a lot of benefits – I personally don’t know anyone having level 11 Walls without having used a heavy amount of gems. Lots of people request a feature to upgrade rows of Walls at once, but if you reach level 7 Walls, the fun is over (upgrading 250 Walls to level 7 costs 50 million gold). Anyway, I think Walls are important, but only if you keep a sense of reality – even if the Walls level 10+ look pretty awesome:

Town Hall level 5 or Lower:

I recommend upgrading them to the max level you can because they don’t cost a fortune for the lower levels, plus they hold down weaker troops well.

Town Hall level 6-7:

If you look at the table above you can see that level 6 and level 7 Walls have the same defensive rate against Wallbreakers – except Wallbreaker level 6 but I don’t think someone will attack you with those on those Town Hall levels, so maybe stay at level 6 Walls and save the money for another upgrade (like the Mortar).

Town Hall level 8+:

May I be honest? Level 7 is enough! Honestly, look at the chart above and notice that there is almost no effect on Wallbreakers level 5 or 6 compared to the costs:

  • Upgrading all Walls to level 8: 125,000,000 Gold
  • Upgrading all Walls to level 9: 250,000,000 Gold
  • Yeah, well – you see where this is going


Walls are great and I love how they look, but they are only a status symbol as they will bring almost no benefit from level 8+ if you have other defensive buildings to upgrade.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. I dont agree with upgrading walls to lvl7 at th8 and up is enough. It’s said above as a justification “there is almost no effect on Wallbreakers level 5 or 6” but its not all about wall breakers! The walls slow down every ground troops, not only wall breakers! It means a lot if they have to destroy 500 more hitpoints/wall.

  2. I might have to disagree, most people raid with giant healer, barbarian Archer, and lv7 walls gets smashed by lv6 giants easily.. but that’s just me..

  3. Thx for the chart helps a lot and anyone is welcome to join my clan surfboard blue and white diagonally divided shield

  4. It is said that you need 150 million Gold for all Walls on 8 or so. Is this number From 1 – 8 or 7-8?? Otherwise again a good overview of the htk series

  5. Yea thanx alot i m a th maxer so i even max wall b4upgradin th i have th6 and i am lvl 56 this walls cost too much and now i know that while in th7 i must not waste alot of money on walls instead sve it for defenses and it will even speed up th maxing so thanx alot

    • Realistically, the walls at TH6 are easy as pie. Farm in Gold III/II for collector loot, which can get you in between 90K to 140K easily.

      I’m upgrading my walls to LV8 and it’s pretty rough. Lol.

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