HITS TO KILL Episode 3 – Mortar

I hope your read the first two episodes about the Cannon and the Archer Tower to understand what the HITS TO KILL series is all about. Otherwise I recommend you do that before jumping in here – everyone else is welcome to the 3rd episode of the HTK series and this time it is our first splash damage building, the Mortar. I had to do a lot of calculations, but I hope the results will help you out.

Clash of Clans Mortar Facts

The last two episodes have been quite easy to calculate because the Archer Tower and the Cannon are one-target buildings with an almost one shot per second fire rate, but this time we have the Mortar with a fire rate of one shot every 5 seconds and giving away splash damage of 1.5 tiles from the impact zone. The mortar is targeting only ground units and because of its fire rate, it is deadly on impact for Barbarians/Archers/Goblins and harming Hog Riders quite harshly, but due to its slow attack speed, most of the units can be gone before the damage strikes. The Mortar’s biggest weakness is its blind spot because it will not fire on units being closer than 4 tiles to it – on the other hand it has a big range of 11 tiles for striking troops.


Hits to Kill Troops

This episode will mainly focus on troops the Mortar is actively harming – Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Wizards, and Hog Riders. Units like the Witch and also the Wallbreaker are not in the focus because they are not a mass-deployed troop and they also move quite too fast to really get striked by the Mortar. See more details on how to use this guide here.



It’s very unlikely that you face Barbarians level 6 and have a level 1 Mortar, so I guess you should focus on these realistic levels:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Get your Mortar to level 7 (level 8 costs a ridiculous 6.4 million each and doesn’t help you here)
  • Town Hall 7-8: Level 5 Mortar should be sufficient
  • Town Hall lower than 7: try to have your Mortar at least at level 4



Archers have to run – run fast that is because they get wiped out pretty easily with almost any level of Mortar:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Mortar level 6 is enough to hit and kill Archers
  • Town Hall 7-8: Get your Mortar to level 5 and your enemy’s Archers will have a serious problem
  • Town Hall lower than 7: Mortar level 4 will do the job to kill an Archer



Goblins are nasty because they are so fast, but if your Mortar strikes them, it will end deadly for them:

  • Town Hall 9-10: I guess level 7 is enough, but if you like to be on the secure side you should have your Mortars at level 8
  • Town hall 7-8: Have your Mortar at level 6 if you can
  • Town Hall lower than 7: I recommend having your Mortar at least at level 5 before moving to the next Town Hall level



I also took Wizards into account because they will also takes strikes from the Mortar – advanced players spread them, but sometimes they will gather into packs so they get easily wiped out by Mortars:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Get at least Mortars level 7 (to be honest you should not go to Town Hall level 10 without that)
  • Town Hall 7-8: Get as high as you can
  • Town Hall lower than 7: Get as high as you can

Hog Riders


Because you will face Hog Riders only in the Town Hall level 8+ range, I did not give a recommendation for the lower Town Halls as this would falsify the conclusion:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Get your Mortar as high as possible
  • Town Hall 8: Same here, the higher you get the more you hurt them

Putting the Pieces Together

I honestly will not give the Hog Riders as many credits in the conclusion – though they are relevant targets for the Mortar – but the higher you get your Mortar the better you handle them.

You are Town Hall 9 or 10

Have your Mortars at least at level 7 as a minimum – but honestly I recommend you going as high as you can because the Mortar is one of your most effective defensive building.

You are Town Hall 7 or 8

I recommend you having at least Mortars level 6 before thinking about going up in your Town Hall level. Most of the times you face Barbarians and Archers and you should be aware that they get stronger on higher levels and you don’t want to give the BAM strategy an easy run towards your Town Hall.

Your Town Hall is lower than level 7

Same advice I give everyone: Go as high as you can, but have at least Mortars level 4 – at least!

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  2. I could never figure this out with morters it says that they do little damage (lvl 1morter does 4 damage) but morters do so much more damage then they say they do so how much does it realey do and how can you figure how much damige they really do

    • Hey, the damage is dmg per second. And because mortars shoot only every 5 seconds they do a lot of damage! 😉

  3. i am habe a max base townhall 7 but ich dont habe babarenking 5 how can i farm dark elk. and my babarenking is level 2

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