HITS TO KILL Episode 1 – Cannon

Everyone knows you can see the DPS for all of your defenses within the Info-Tab, but how accurate and helpful is this information for you? It simply tells you how much damage per second (DPS) is caused by this defense, but this is in relation to the defense’s fire rate. Just to give you a simple example: your Archer Tower has a DPS of 72 and your Mortar has 11 – does this makes your Mortar way weaker? No! The Archer Tower will fire one shot every second and deal 72 damage with it, while the Mortar will fire every 5 seconds causing 55 splash damage on impact.

All that matters is when the shot will hit a troop so it is important to plan your upgrades in a good order to get the best road on maximizing your base. In this series, I will show you what match-ups are important; for example what kind of troops will be killed by one Cannon shot or whether it matters what level it is because you might always need two shots to kill a certain troop. The DPS will rise, but when you’re defending against certain troops it will matter if you need one or two shots and it is also important if you drop the units health by 60% or 90%.

So this is the first post on the new HITS TO KILL series, we will be starting off with your first defensive building – the Cannon!


Clash of Clans Cannon Facts

The Cannon has a fire rate (attack speed) of 0.8 seconds – this means it will shoot one shot every 0.8 seconds. It also will only focus and hit one target at a time on first sight and it has no troop pereference. It’s range goes 9 tiles in every direction and will never attack air units (Dragons, Balloons, Minions). It’s weaknesses are big groups of units as it only can focus on one of them at a time (Archers/Barbarians), so it is best placed within your walls.

Hits to Kill Troops

Now we have to do some math – actually I did the math for you so you just have to focus on the chart. Please notice that I show every level of the Cannon and the different units. These charts will show what level of troops they will kill and how fast within their certain upgrade levels. To make this less complicated because I think you only need the important match-ups, I only show the crucial ones and I don’t focus on the really low troop levels. I also only made this analysis on realistic troops – no need to make an analysis for a Cannon against Golems since it takes 87 hits or 75 hits to kill one and there is no important difference.



To keep it short and simple your important match-ups are:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Cannon level 10-11 (no need for 12 because no level 3 Barbarians will be attacking you at this level)
  • Town Hall 7-8: Cannon level 7-8
  • Town Hall lower than 7: Cannon level 5-6

This is based on the realistic levels of Barbarians that will attack you at these Town Hall levels. This gives you some idea of how you can get the most out of your Cannons for the Town Hall level you are.



Archers are more simple, so follow these numbers:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Cannon level 9 is enough to kill Archers with one shot
  • Town Hall 7-8: Cannon level 7-8
  • Town Hall lower than 7: Cannon level 5



For Goblins your Cannon will be pretty deadly (since Goblins will not focus on defensive buildings):

  • Town Hall 9-10: Cannon level 9-10 (level 10 is enough to kill all 3 levels)
  • Town Hall 7-8: Cannon level 7, go to 10 if higher level Goblins become common
  • Town Hall lower than 7: Cannon level 6-7



Wizards are am underestimated troop in lower levels, but they have good health points and incredibly high damage. Please focus on these Cannon levels to face them best:

  • Town Hall 9-10: Cannon level 9-10 (realistic), but best is 11+ (pretty expensive)
  • Town Hall 7-8: Cannon level 8-9
  • Town Hall lower than 7: Cannon level 8 is the best

Putting the Pieces Together

We have different troops that really hate the Cannon and we also have different Town Hall levels, but let us be realistic here – we just want some sheet telling us what’s best without checking tons of statistics, so I’ll give you this advice which is combined from the facts I showed you in this post:

You are Town Hall 9 or 10

A solid level for your Cannon will be level 10. You can optimize it with upgrading to level 11, but in my opinion it is quite unproportional if you take a look at the costs of 3,200,000 gold to upgrade to this level – you should really focus on other defensive buildings unless you have the money or want to use gems.

You are Town Hall 7 or 8

A good average would be a Cannon level 8. You would be able to take out Barbarians, Archers and Goblins in the best hit to kill ratio. Focus on splash damage buildings like Mortars or Wizard Towers before upgrading your Cannons to level 9 or above.

You are lower than Town Hall 7

This is somehow a huge range, but I recommend you don’t upgrade your Cannons higher than level 6. You will get the best kill ratio for troops you will be facing at this Town Hall level. There are plenty of upgrades you will have to deal with so don’t put too much focus on Cannons and stop if you are level 6 or maybe level 7.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. if I place barbarians and goblins in different areas, but still in the cannon’s range, which will the cannon attack first? [cannon lvl 5]

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