Hi Global Chat! An appeal to how to talk to other people!

global chat guide clash of clans

You: Hi Global

Stranger:   **** you!

You: Wow

Familiar? Sadly it probably is. Clash of Clans has some fantastic people to talk to but also unfortunately has its fair share of scammers, trolls and cretins. Firstly and most importantly never give out your login details and be vary wary disclosing any personal information. Supercell will never ask these details!

Why can’t the Global Chat be a peaceful place in Clash of Clans?

I spend a lot of time in global trying to help out newer players but some people use global to pretend to give out advice. Starting a clan is tough and lots of folks out there will offer entry to their clan as a “free co-leader”. This like waving a red flag to a bull and any trolls around will take you for a ride. Giving such privileges can be quite lliterally, the end of your clan. So many people have had their clan over run…everyone kicked…description changed to “we love sausage”. Be aware that this could happen and does …often!

Related: You can even get your whole Clan Administration banned during Clan War for offensive Clan Descriptions! Read here in “Help, go banned!”

clash of clans global chat reporting

Global Chat is what all of us make out of it

Now we get to the nastier people… people who will look for someone to bully. The chat is censored but that doesn’t stop it. These are those people with nothing better to do than try to cause upset. The chat has a “report” and a “mute” do not be shy to use them! On a final note – children, adults, Christians, Muslims, Klingons and noobs all use global and it can and often is a great place to talk…dont be one of the few bad eggs!

Play nice…Sir Antalot

What do you think?

Written by Sir Antalot


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  1. Please help. I cant login to my old acount. In play store its sais that game not comparable to version. Phone is samsung s7 edge. What to do???????????

  2. When I mute another, am I also muteing me from them seeing me being happier without their negative input. Just curious, seems odd to mute someone, and possibly mute self.


  3. Saya mungkin setuju dengan pendapat masing masing komentar tapi tidak ada salahnya kalau mereka bilang begitu kita hanya perlu report mereka saja atau mute mereka aja mereka nanti bisa beralih ke orang lain.

    • Aku mungkin tidak sepenuhnya memahami komentar anda … tapi aku selalu merasa yang terbaik adalah untuk menonaktifkan dan hanya melaporkan orang-orang yang mencoba untuk scam orang, atau lebih buruk lagi laki-laki mereka!orgive me, I only speak english to this translation may make no sense to you 🙁

  4. Will anyone please join my clan superheros.,..i want to know that how we can stop people on global for abusing us….

  5. We are are very nice. And offering clan anyone’s welcome to join !…….CLASH ON!

  6. Hmm… none of my previous replies have shown up… I was trying to educate everyone how the cruel clan eliminating was good for CoC as a whole. But, since it has not shown up after three different attempts, then it is a loud and clear announcement that i should join the fight to help clean up the mess… I will be joining you in the campaign against poor clans Roy… may we continue to be successful in cleaning up the global chat mess.

    • You know…I can almost see your point. But..’one man clans’ or “bad clans” don’t need to be cleansed. They are doing no one any harm. Some people really want their own clan, if they are bad they will fail on their own. As Sarah showed before what actually happens is people quit the game…not good for anyone!

  7. I want to report Nintendo for saying that I was a nazi just because I was German. This game is cruel. Never playing again.

    • Sorry to hear that Sarah…these people feed on the fact they are getting to you, he certainly should be reported as he is out of order. Mute them and do not reply to them…they will move on to someone else. You shouldn’t give up on the game though, its a great game and you shouldn’t have to miss out!

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