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5 Things to know to avoid getting banned in Clash of Clans

Recently Supercell obviously made a harder line on people abusing and misbehaving in Clash of Clans, which is something all of us probably endorse. Anyway I get tons of mails and private messages from people who got banned and seek for help or offer “great” ways to cheat in the game. In this post I want to show all of you what can get you banned and maybe one or another thing may surprise you a little bit – however Supercell makes the Terms of Service and you agreed to them and there’s no negotiation. If you break them you may lose your account. Ignorance is no excuse when getting banned!

Attention. If you got banned for modding, please read here (also, if you plan to use a modding tool)

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The different ways of being banned in Clash of Clans

When we’re talking banned we have to make a difference – you can get banned from Global Chat, temporarily banned from the game and permanently banned.

Banned from Global Chat – what to do?

I think if you sometimes actually write something in the global Chat you probably have been banned from the global chat once. The problem is that the curse word filter from Supercell is still just not working anywhere near properly as it doesn’t recognize certain languages. You can type in normal words that get recognized as abusive in some sub-somalian dialect and the automatism will ban you after a few times. Also if 7 people report you might also get banned from the global Chat – and what I’ve seen there are a lot of kiddies around doing nothing else than just randomly reporting.

banned from global chat

In fact being banned from global Chat isn’t that big of a deal because you simply can’t be there without getting brain damaged after a couple of minutes. Just sit it out but be careful – if those bans add up you might get a ban from the game but you only have to be afraid of this if you actually curse in the global Chat.

Temporarily banned from Clash of Clans

There are different things that will get you this one so I have put here the most popular reasons so please avoid them to not get banned for life (coming later in the post).

Banned for abusive layout

Don’t make “funny” layouts in the game! Wall drawing can be fun but mind that children and also people of other cultures and religions are playing the game – even if you could laugh about a joke related to your culture or religion doesn’t mean they also could. This is something I call respect and having something in this way written with Walls or anything can get you banned a couple of days to think about it.

What to do if you just received this ban? Log in after your banned period is over and immediately DELETE the design. Just changing it to not active isn’t enough and could get you banned for a week!

Banned for no reason, I mean Clan Description

Having a good Clan Description is important but many Clashers claiming they got banned for no reason are Co-Leader or Leader of a Clan and someone else put something into the description that is not appropriate. Supercell can’t track which one of you did it so everyone who has the power to gets banned. This is quite frustrating if this happens during a Clan War as you might imagine.

banned for clan description in clash of clans

What to do? You’ll have to have a talk with your clan mates. Either find out who did it and remove his power or if you’re not the Leader think about getting demoted to Elder to not get into trouble for some else’s misbehavior.

Attention: Now Supercell can track who did it so not everybody will get banned! However, be aware that you can get banned for putting something bad in your Clan’s description

Multi Accounts and Clashing via Mac or PC

I know you don’t like to hear it but in the TOS it’s clearly stated that you are allowed to only have 1 account per device. Having multiple accounts might result in getting banned – even I don’t know how strictly Supercell executes this so far as you have to be aware you’re doing something not allowed.

Clashing on an emulator, like Bluestacks, will however not get you banned but it’s not supported. This means if you have any problem with your account and contact support and they see you’re playing on an emulator on Mac or PC, they will not help you.

But they won’t ban you for that.

Third party cheap Gem provider or hacking tools

Buying an account, using third party Gems or other hacking tools that will do whatever (keeping you online, farming, etc.) are getting hunted down more and more. I can’t recommend you something else other than stop using it.

What to do if you got banned

There are three kinds of banned players- the ones who are innocent, the ones who didn’t read the rules and the ones who know exactly what they did.

In any case you can contact support via mail with your details but don’t expect them to answer quickly and to remove the ban. When you get banned for life you have done quite serious violations to the Terms of Service and please note that making a new account is no fresh start in Clash of Clans. If Supercell finds out about you they will instantly get your new account where your old one is.


Try to be part of the solution and be nice and fair within Clash of Clans. Is swearing in global Chat really a satisfaction? Is insulting other cultures with offensive descriptions or Wall writings really worth the effort? We, all Clash of Clans players around the world, have one thing in common and that’s the love for this game so why not share this one common thing with each other by having fun along with each other?

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Wait timmy so u can really get banned for having multiple accounts on the same device?? Even if there under different gmail log ins??? Please respond cause if so i need to do something if my TH9 account gets banned imma flip thats over a year of work ….


No you cant actually sc wont ban. sc rules suck but they wont ban u for that i got 11 acc and im not banned evr


Wow 11 thats intense but thanks for the reply


I guess if they see two accounts linked to the same device’s MAC Id you might get banned. It blurry and they would have to really be looking for accounts logged in using the same MAC Id.
I have two accounts, two devices but I also use a 3rd device an Android emulator on my PC to log into either account at times. Its easer to stay on line when I’m using my PC then it is using my tablets.
Technical I have two account on that device and their for could be banned but they would have to be looking for that emulators mac id and what two accounts are logging into clash of clans using that device.


Can you make a part two of this post about how to not get banned in actual clans. I get banned or kicked from clans so easily for no reason. It would make a perfect addition to this post.


You’re probably very annoying/don’t read the rules/ignore them.


I tried to help the leader improve the clan by offering tips after being there for 3 weeks and got kicked. Multiple examples of this.


Yea well dont tell leaderr what to do if he wants tips he asks.

Steve O Ski

Kind of like he is doing to this post! LOL
Just keep your head down and play the game.
actions speak louder than words.
we had this guy in our clan who would go to everyone and tell them he has all these great base designs and to give him there cell number and he will send them to them… But no one asked for his advice. I have a tone of base designs too. its called Google, Youtube, or AllClash.. Just shut up and play the game. We ended up booting him from the clan because he was town hall rushing… No one likes a know it all. especially one who really doesn’t know anything. Maybe you should think about starting your own clan ….

Shadow Dragon

When I was the leader of a clan I was very open to tips from ppl 30 levels below me. Any knowledge can help yes? even if its completely useless? cuz then u know what NOT to do


Quit suggesting to leaders how to run their clan. Very annoying. They made their clan so they can do as they wish. Not so others can tell them how to do things. Make your own clan if that is your desires.


Very informational article. How do I delete my 2nd account?


dont delete u wont get banned i got 11 acc

Shadow Dragon

11 accounts???? some r in the same clan I’m guessing? How do u say ur goin to bring another account into the clan, “Hold on a sec I’m gonna join with my seventh and ninth accounts here….”? XD


Lol, i also have like 10 accounts. Sometimes i’m confused when i’m about to attack in clan wars. “Hey, let me take number 4, wml” Realization after lured out the clan castle troops. “Err, wait this is my low level one”

Shadow Dragon

ha that must stink XD have u ever found one of your other bases while searching?


Can you get an editor and work on your English? I got confused when you said “but in the TOS it’s clearly stated that you are not allowed to only have 1 account per device.” To me that means that we HAVE to have more than one account. It was just a little confusing.


This was clearly just a typo. No need for him to “work on [his] English.”


Thanks for the hint, overlooked it. Yeah about the english you’re right, not that good 😀 I should quit writing in english and continue only writing in german in the future 😉


I also have a second account that I use solely for donating troops…Do you think that I am at risk of being banned?


NO. sc doesnt ban for multiple acc man thats not true, yes they say that but they wont -_-

dragon lord

Yes I agree.. I have a sec account as well, and so do all major youtubers


“I know you don’t like to hear it but in the TOS it’s clearly stated that you are not allowed to only have 1 account per device.”
Uhh duhhhhduurrrr ahh, I can’t proofread my work…

Thor Odinson

Dude quit being a jerk about it. Yes, a proofread would go a long way, or even just a spelling/grammar check on a word software, but you don’t need to be a tool.

Thor Odinson

I never wanted a second account. Having one is time consuming, but having two is life consuming. If you have a life outside the game, then you don’t need a second account.


Not true. Its not life consuming but if you dont know how to play i dont wonder why u got just 1

dragon lord

Yeah, its not life consuming


Thor ur just an idiot! I have gott many accounts about 4 , but it doesnt consume ones life. it is fun,… if ur an idiot, its none of my concern


There is no reason to call someone an idiot for his personal opinion (that I can totally understand).
I also respect your opinion, but dropping more of that language will get you banned for comments. Thanks

Mohmmad Basir

I agree with you??☑


You mentioned that using 3rd party gems can get you banned, what about the FreeMyApps gems, does that count as 3rd party gems?


Yes but they will NOT ban you


They’re not 3rd party Gems – 3rd party gems are provider that use stolen gidtcards and want your account login to use it – that’s why they are cheaper in the first place (but risky as hell). When Apple/Google finds out someone used them you get banned down the river


They can’t ban you for FreeMyApps, CashforApps, or any other money making app because it transfers the money to your Google Play or Apple Store account where you use the money to buy gems. They have no way to tell you used a money making app.


Yes, FreeMyApps etc (see in the free gems section) will give you legal and official gift cards so it’s 100% save to use them – I wouldn’t have them here if they wouldn’t 😉

Slayer XX

Lol… Got banned… Reported by enemy clan for having “bite me s*ut” as a fake war base… 2 day ban… I should have gotten on and read this 2 days ago hahaha

Steve O Ski

All is fare in love and WAR.. with that said, in my clan we have troll bases with “clean” smack talk. Such as “I 3 stared your mom” or troll face made with walls. When another clan sees that they think its OK to give it back to us, but in a more vulgar over the top manor. when they do that, we report them and get them banned for 2 days. The last war we did this, the opposing clans #1 was taken out of war all together. Its ok to smack talk as long as its clean. If you think just because the other clan is doing it, its ok to do it yourself, you are wrong… they could be baiting you!


Can someone please answer this. My friend showed me a hack where you change the DNS in wifi setting and it gives you a clash sandbox/developer mode once you change it back your normal account is back. Your personal account doesn’t gain anything from this it is just a fun thing to mess around with. Can this get you banned?? I want to try it but I don’t want to take the risk of being banned.


No you cant get banned.


Depends what you use it for.


No, because you’re not playing on the CoC servers or getting an unfair advantage.

JJ the Great

I know ppl who use “mod” for coc, can u get banned using a mod? I told them they could but dont blieve me. mayb they r right n i m wrong


Yes you can. Most people who use a mod use Xmod.

Poging pogi

Most people using xmode for sure. will they got banned using xmode? i think xmode is not hack or cheat, it just make the game easy? lol


xmod is not meeting the TOS – I think right now Supercell don’t execute against it but one day they will… don’t risk your base chief 🙂

Rathahonni Diabo

Please have better grammar for future posts, your points are difficult to understand. Looks like a 15 year old wrote this on his iPad. Thanks, have a good day.


Ok I just switched to better grammer mode…

Max Schreiber

Hey here’s something new for ya. I just got banned for “impersonating a Supercellian”. Yeah…


A joke? Would love to see the screenshot of it. Can you post it?


Ive read the TOS multiple times. I can´t ind anything that describes that playing on a PC via an emulator is not allowed.
There is one passage people on a forum were refering to as stating playing on an emulator is not allowed, but reading it logically, it just cannot be used to describe playing COC on an emulator:
**Use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service, any Supercell Game or any Supercell game experience or without Supercell’s express written consent, modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Service or any Supercell game.**
This passage can in no way be used to describe playing COC via an emulator. An emulator is not a cheat, exploit, automation software, bot, hack or mod. It is a third party software, but it is not designed to modify or interfere with the Service, any Supercell Game or any Supercell game experience. It does also not modify or cause to be modified any files that are part of the Service or any Supercell game.
The spirit of the passage is against cheating or creating an unfair advantage.
I can maybe perhaps possibly imagine that by bending over backwards and stretching the thought of modifying any files which are part of the game one could say that playing the game via an emulator changes values for your account. Like when you mine gold, that the files of the game get changed because by playing on the emulator in the same way the files would change by playing normally, you get more gold etc and somewhere on the servers of Supercell, some file gets changed. But I think that is more the Game itself that is changing those values, and not the emulator.
Where in the TOS does it state playing on a PC is not allowed?
Friendly greetings, Wezneck
(and thanks for the article!)

a man

I didnt know about the part that you can’t play CoC on a PC/Mac. I’ve played my account on my PC via BlueStacks and Andy. I ended up preferring playing on my phone.


I’ve had 3 accounts on the same device for over a year and I use xmod for sandbox attacks and showing traps and I’ve never even been temporarily banned so I don’t think they take it all that seriously tbh


same here

Texan Red

They do now


I came accross this COC Apps, is it worth? never tried it though! (Link removed by Admin)

Anastacio Pogi Calimag Jr.

so if you want to play fair what the hell they remove the heck Dead Base and this idiotic shield system. lol you think you will play clash of clans a whole day just for looting 8.5m a day. I’m using bot because i have work but a lot of times i’m using bot just for finding Dead Base and then i will stop the bot and i will play manual to attack a base. So devs if u want to play as fair then remove that fucking shield system and bring back the old clash of clans then get rid those bot users. This game is just for fun you’re not going to make this game like an RPG or MMORPG game.. shit


So your bot calls you at work and you go home and then play the attack manually?
Sorry but that doesn’t count at all. Why not using your attack to attack non-dead bases with filled Storages? It’s not that easy but easier. 3 mins of searching and then you have your attack with the same profit.
Besides, if it’s just for fun why do you use a software that searches dead bases for you instead of having fun doing full attacks?
If someone decides to use a bot then the “fun field” is already finished…
You should really stop doing this if you don’t want to risk losing your account
PS: I don’t change anything in the game, simply play and blog about it.

Talha Mehta

hi if i delete root i wont get ban again right and i just reinstall clash

Êddy Édwîñ

i got banned for 2 weeks … for the only use of xmod … its not a hacking or any violence …. how to get unbanned ????


xmod is a 3rd party software that manipulates the game and is therefore a forbidden thing.
You will need to wait until the ban is over and then not use it again )otherwise you will get banned for 180 days)

Êddy Édwîñ

means nothing to do …except waiting uhhh…..

Atul Singh

what about clashbot?


thats hacking simulate…


we receive notification that we need to uninstall xmod. so i did they after a week my account got banned? how come?
by the way i only use xmod so that my account would not stand by and force disconnection. if supercell would remove force log out and let players dside if they wanna log out then his or her base will be attack.

suresh chhetri

when i read the news i uninstall it anad why i get ban for 2 weeks


There may is a solution to that endless war guys. Supercell to just find a way to devide the clans that have fair players and so to let wars happens only between those fair clans. And let all the athers do what they want. Make a system and sign that u wanna be a fair player. I dont know a sht about computers but my idea might work right?


Is there any way to get unbanned soon from 2 weeks ban? :disqus

Texan Red

Wait 2 weeks


Definition of cheating: Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. Since mods are available to everyone, how does it fit into this description? EVERYONE has access to this technology. How is modding dishonest or unfair if EVERYONE has access?

Adam Hayes

Mods generally require a jailbroken or rooted device. Not all devices can be jailbroken or rooted. Therefore; not everyone has access to mods.


So if everyone is cheating everyone we have a perfect environment that makes fun to everyone – is it that what you’re saying?
Cheating only makes fun to those who do it (partially), and you agreed to not use any 3rd party tool in the TOS of the game.
There is noooo way in the world you can make cheating a fair or acceptable thing. Although you call it modding

Texan Red

Same argument can be made about steroids or PEDs but no one is claiming that’s not cheating. You just seem a bit bitthurt


Does using VPN (Psiphon,VPNDroid) while playing coc cause ban?


I wouldnt risk it….

Talha Shaheen



Your account will be unlocked automatically, you dont need to do anything.
If you used XmodGames, wait for them to release an update that fixes the detection.

Talha Shaheen

Thnx for your reply……..but i am not going to use xmod again because i don’t want to be permanently banned…thnx again

Talha Shaheen

Actually i have an other question
I have unrooted my device and uninstal xmod …is it enough ..because i don’t want to get banned again?

MD Redowan Chowdhury

After banned, i’d uninstalled xmod(on that same day when i got banned) , is that ok?
And today (May9,2016) my two weeks gonna be end.
Will i have to do something for returning or get back my village?


if you really want to be sure you should also wipe out any cache files (in general settings) and uninstall and reinstall the clash of clans app. Only do that if you have connected your village to your play or gamecenter account before

Sohandeep Sar

I have got a permanent bann on my account please help me i promise to not use any kind of 3rd party software further please help me to get back my account i didn’t know the terms and conditions

Yunick Joshi

Can i play coc from blustack? no mod no cheat. IS it safe??? i dnt have any devices rather than my laptop!!!


yes you can

Atul Singh

no you ll b banned,,, u cant use any kinda emulator as my friend also got banned as he was using bluestacks bt no mods or bots.


Cheating is stupid in my opinion! We play a strategic game and you use a device to help you win. Doesn’t that take the strategy out of game, which ultimately takes the fun & cheapens the overall experience?


I did not get banned but every time I say something in global no one can see it I required someone from the global chat I was in then we were talking in clan chat but when I went to respond in global chat the person I requited said that they did not see where I said anything and I said something else in global chat and they still did not see it


Having two account on one device doesnt get you banned from supercell, ive just confirmed with them. However they discourage having two account on one devuce because there is a possibility of losing it.


hey do someone have link to developer mode of clash of clan

Mohmmad Basir

Finally I got banned and this is the second time the first it was for two weeks but now I think I lost .can someone help me please I don’t know what to do to get back my account and I promise that I never use the third party please please….


There is no way you get it back.
Your promises come a ban too late…

Mohmmad Basir

This is not the solution man if game center doing same thing than they Will lose more customers ….that why…..if it’s possible please give me back I reset my phone phone too….to remove all fucking third parties……


MY accounts is permanently banned plzzzz…

Jon Saridjan

If i use xmod for other games will i still get banned?


sure. they won’t check if you use it on other stuff or coc – you have it, you get banned


Thats exactly happened with my friend’s account. his mobile actually has XMOD inbuilt but he never uses that for any games. Do you have any solution for getting his clash of clans account.

call-me- xk

i have a question then. if i have multiple google play accounts on my android phone and switch between accounts i play. is that considered multiple accounts for my single device? and if thats the case why does it ask to confirm instead of giving a heads up multiple accounts not allowed. also how is multiple accounts on a single device cheating?

Shubham dasmana

the other clan said that they reported us for writing bad words on clan description how long will i get banned


They won’t ban you whole clan because they know which of your leader wrote it

Kyle Smith

I am in the middle of switching my village from1 my girlfriends google accout to mine, I had to give my info to supercell and then they banned my account for 2 days while they run some verification process, after my ban is up are they going to provide me with a code that I have to enter to change my google account for the village? If not what will they be having me do?


that should work out if they told you they will do verification


my id is permanently banned. what shell i do now to play again.


the same problem


i am also banned
my th11 302 exp …. 2.5 years work 🙁


Now i can spend my time on my own 😀 im free 😉


what was your th?


th 10 and 9.5. both accounts perm ban.


nothing at all. make a new gamecenter ID or google play ID and start over again without cheating is the onl option


I think supercell already facing financial problems with this coc .. many new players play slowly , they don’t care if they win or loss wars .. so they are not gemmers .. that means no income for supercell ..
the old clashers that play with heart .. and money offcourse .. are the ones using xmod . They are the ones that create new war strategies in order to win a war . They try their startegies with xmod before got into the real war .. this type of clashers that made the coc more alive . Now they’ve all get banned , so what will i say is bye2 coc .. bye2 new strategies .. the others left will nust back to the basic gowipe or gowiwi just to make 2 stars … dumb game it will be .. pity ..


yeah i using 7 accounts for supercell rated 5 stars now all my accounts banned at once shame on coc without warning you banned us


why there is no warning ,.. that you not allowed to used two acct or whatever


Fyi .. i’ve spend more than usd 7000 just to reach my TH 11 .. i gems all the time to provide troops for my clanmates in order to win wars …
All my clanmates are xmoding .. now we’re all banned . So … bye2 coc .. you’re a stone age game without xmod


rusd now what to do?


Play another game sanjay … simple


if you really spend that much on the game, supercell might have done you a favor
(sorry but you cheated so don’t expect me to feel sorry)


No need to feel sorry then .. it’s me that feel sorry for supercell … hehe

Atul Singh

supercell should have given a warning message. but it bannd my account permanently in its 1st chance…its a deep unfair by supercell… dissapointed.. i will suggest everyone to not to waste tym on this game as it ll make u addict.. bt can also ruin ur tym in moments…bye


Is there any war to get back banned accounts?


if it’s permanent ban… no


/ So many xmod cheater fucks getting salty here /

Madasamy Manoj

MY accounts is permanently banned plzzzz…

romal noori

My account is permanently banded


Supercell did just initiate a permanent ban wave for modding:


Banning for using Blue stacks? I didn’t have a cellphone so I
always used to play on BS, 2 years of hard work ruined in a day! Fair
play is the way to go, but only when the game in itself gets fair, for e.g.
matchups in war, engineered clans and so on. Its finally a relief to see
modders banned, but when you get banned for using emulator, it sucks big
time. I got banned for playing clash of clan through bluestacks…
Supercell Sucks!!!!


or one day you just learn that cheating is not a way to success

Changtey Watre

I get banned for playing on Bluestack as a well as on my Mobile. I dont even use mods or bots. I dont know why they did that


Same here buddy!


supercell is banned accounts 2 week or permanently. First mistake is ban with 2 week and two mistake with banned permanently. i dont no 2 week or permanently?