5 Things to know to avoid getting banned in Clash of Clans

banned in clash of clans

Recently Supercell obviously made a harder line on people abusing and misbehaving in Clash of Clans, which is something all of us probably endorse. Anyway I get tons of mails and private messages from people who got banned and seek for help or offer “great” ways to cheat in the game. In this post I want to show all of you what can get you banned and maybe one or another thing may surprise you a little bit – however Supercell makes the Terms of Service and you agreed to them and there’s no negotiation. If you break them you may lose your account. Ignorance is no excuse when getting banned!

Attention. If you got banned for modding, please read here (also, if you plan to use a modding tool)

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The different ways of being banned in Clash of Clans

When we’re talking banned we have to make a difference – you can get banned from Global Chat, temporarily banned from the game and permanently banned.

Banned from Global Chat – what to do?

I think if you sometimes actually write something in the global Chat you probably have been banned from the global chat once. The problem is that the curse word filter from Supercell is still just not working anywhere near properly as it doesn’t recognize certain languages. You can type in normal words that get recognized as abusive in some sub-somalian dialect and the automatism will ban you after a few times. Also if 7 people report you might also get banned from the global Chat – and what I’ve seen there are a lot of kiddies around doing nothing else than just randomly reporting.

banned from global chat

In fact being banned from global Chat isn’t that big of a deal because you simply can’t be there without getting brain damaged after a couple of minutes. Just sit it out but be careful – if those bans add up you might get a ban from the game but you only have to be afraid of this if you actually curse in the global Chat.

Temporarily banned from Clash of Clans

There are different things that will get you this one so I have put here the most popular reasons so please avoid them to not get banned for life (coming later in the post).

Banned for abusive layout

Don’t make “funny” layouts in the game! Wall drawing can be fun but mind that children and also people of other cultures and religions are playing the game – even if you could laugh about a joke related to your culture or religion doesn’t mean they also could. This is something I call respect and having something in this way written with Walls or anything can get you banned a couple of days to think about it.

What to do if you just received this ban? Log in after your banned period is over and immediately DELETE the design. Just changing it to not active isn’t enough and could get you banned for a week!

Banned for no reason, I mean Clan Description

Having a good Clan Description is important but many Clashers claiming they got banned for no reason are Co-Leader or Leader of a Clan and someone else put something into the description that is not appropriate. Supercell can’t track which one of you did it so everyone who has the power to gets banned. This is quite frustrating if this happens during a Clan War as you might imagine.

banned for clan description in clash of clans

What to do? You’ll have to have a talk with your clan mates. Either find out who did it and remove his power or if you’re not the Leader think about getting demoted to Elder to not get into trouble for some else’s misbehavior.

Attention: Now Supercell can track who did it so not everybody will get banned! However, be aware that you can get banned for putting something bad in your Clan’s description

Multi Accounts and Clashing via Mac or PC

I know you don’t like to hear it but in the TOS it’s clearly stated that you are allowed to only have 1 account per device. Having multiple accounts might result in getting banned – even I don’t know how strictly Supercell executes this so far as you have to be aware you’re doing something not allowed.

Clashing on an emulator, like Bluestacks, will however not get you banned but it’s not supported. This means if you have any problem with your account and contact support and they see you’re playing on an emulator on Mac or PC, they will not help you.

But they won’t ban you for that.

Third party cheap Gem provider or hacking tools

Buying an account, using third party Gems or other hacking tools that will do whatever (keeping you online, farming, etc.) are getting hunted down more and more. I can’t recommend you something else other than stop using it.

What to do if you got banned

There are three kinds of banned players- the ones who are innocent, the ones who didn’t read the rules and the ones who know exactly what they did.

In any case you can contact support via mail with your details but don’t expect them to answer quickly and to remove the ban. When you get banned for life you have done quite serious violations to the Terms of Service and please note that making a new account is no fresh start in Clash of Clans. If Supercell finds out about you they will instantly get your new account where your old one is.


Try to be part of the solution and be nice and fair within Clash of Clans. Is swearing in global Chat really a satisfaction? Is insulting other cultures with offensive descriptions or Wall writings really worth the effort? We, all Clash of Clans players around the world, have one thing in common and that’s the love for this game so why not share this one common thing with each other by having fun along with each other?

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. hey sir my account is banned so can you unbann my account please my feel is so so sad please unban my account please. coc account

  2. Plzzz supercell it was my brother let me own my other account my not of my brother I’m serious I will never abuse in coc again plzzz let me play my account I promise I will never abuse again

  3. I got banned for 14 days because my friend was phishing on my account pls supercell let em pay it wasn’t me it was my friend pls help Im i
    n a clan war against a good clan my clan need me but I can’t do anythink il be kicked because of this so pls lift my ban

  4. I got banned for 14 days because my friend was phishing on my account pls supercell let em pay it wasn’t me it was my friend il make sure he does not do it again I love your game and i feel sad that I can’t play it for 2 weeks pls help I in a clan war against a good clan my clan need me but I can’t do anythink il be kicked because of this so pls lift my ban

    • Using xmod WILL get you banned (not just using it, also just HAVING it is enough to get the ban)
      Other recording tools depend.
      If you use iOS, then I can recommend you to use “reflector”, the app mirrors to PC/Mac where you can savely record in HD

  5. I’ve been baned for 2 days, now been 1 and half day but it still shows 2 days banned. Will I get my account by tomorrow.? I don’t know y I got banned, my base is not offencive nor our cla description.

  6. Leader *Mikael* LvL 139 Town hall 9, Clan: ArcteryX LvL 9, 45 members. 2 day ban for global chat recruiting and refusing low level members to join my clan. I am 28 Canadian and I love and play this game for over two years. I would like this ban lifted as soon as possible as I will refrain from being more vocal in global. I am really sorry about this inconvience.

  7. Someone is playing my game in other device. When i am not active, he abuses on global that results in getting banned for 24hrs from global. This has happened twice. Please tell me what to do.


  8. is it still against the TOS to have multiple accounts on one device? heard a lot of different things from people..i’d just like a clarification on the matter.

    • It’s not supported but they won’t go after you (unless you use secondary accounts as burner accounts to mod in cw). If you just want to play multiple accounts there’s no need to be worried

  9. Maybe if people didn’t do butt hurt and didn’t get offended by ever little thing. This is an app game, stop taking everything so seriously. Grow up

  10. Can u get banned for account sharing, like i and a friend of mine uses same account from distant places?(diff country)

    • If taking the TOS seriously, this can be a reason – in reality Supercell don’t care that much about it right now.
      They used to when account sharing was used on the top of the leaderboard to stay online and prevent getting attacked (pre december 2015 update when there was no personal break timer that kicked in that frequently).
      BUT: if your friend is using some kind of 3rd party tools or does anything like cursing in global etc. you will suffer the consequences.

    • It’s still connected to their old gamecenter/google play and the old owner can always either get it back or you need supercell to remove that old connection (and that’s when they know you bought it).
      Tricky thing. If you would do it, make sure to also get the gamecenter/google play account associated inlcuding the email address that’s connected with it…


  11. I fell like I should say this: Bought, traded and given accounts are also banned. PERMANENTLY banned. If Supercell finds a given, traded or bought account they will instantly permaban it.

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