coc halloween 2017 event in clash of clans

Halloween 2017 Event in Clash of Clans

Everyone who plays Clash of Clans longer than just one year knows that each year in October, Supercell celebrates Halloween in Clash of Clans with a special event that features a Halloween theme and a seasonal obstacle – this year however, Supercell just seems to follow their recent trend from the Christmas Event and the anniversary celebration to include a lot more in these events with seasonal troops and much more.

Pumpkin Barbarians & Giant Skeleton Troops

This time we will see two seasonal troops for Halloween, the Pumpkin Barbarian and the Giant Skeleton (for those of you being familiar with Clash Royale not an unknown troop).

pumpkin barbarians & giant skeleton coc

I was wrapping up everything you need to know about them.

Pumpkin Barbarian

The Pumpkin Barbarian is basically nothing else than a Barbarian with an extra shield. The Pumpkin will absorb the first hit and then fall off. I know that some of you might have seen some leaked material in the past days about it and many people say they are wrong because of the low hitpoints of the Pumpkin Barbarian, but that’s just the hitpoints of the Pumpkin πŸ™‚

This stuff is all in the game files so it’s 99% save to believe it will come in the next weeks.

coc pumpkin barbarians stats halloween 2017 event

How about gameplay? Well, here’s how this new seasonal troop will look like when played in the game:

coc pumpkin barbarians gameplay halloween 2017 update

To be honest not that overwhelming, especially for those of use who are in the end game but a nice addition to make some Halloween flair in Clash of Clans.

Giant Skeleton

This one here is really interesting – it’s basically a tank that carries a big bomb that will explode when the Giant Skeleton gets “killed” (well, as far as a skeleton can die).

This bomb deals massive damage, able to take down a complete structure like spell factories which can make it a great addition to gameplay.

coc giant skeleton stats halloween 2017 event

Here’s what happens when a Giant Skeleton gets killed:

coc giant skeleton halloween 2017 update

I’m really looking forward how this will work with existing troop compositions and this might be the first seasonal troop that I really want to have permanently in the game!

Halloween 2017 Obstacle

The 2017 seasonal obstacle is no secret since it was in some Sneak Peek material last week – it’s a skull that looks a lot like a Baby Dragon skull:

coc halloween 2017 obstacle

Like every other Halloween, it will cost 25k Elixir to remove and reward 75k Elixir, but I’m sure that most of us just want to keep one on the outside ring of the village instead πŸ˜€

In addition, I also expect another troop 1 Gem boost period – we got that in every past Halloween so it would be a surprise if it wouldn’t happen this time.



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  1. I’m very disappointed in just th 11 upgrades as well plus them trying to match up wars with engineer bases they have made the matching up even more worse then what it was

    • I don’t think we will see one of the seasonal troops returning to stay, very likely that we will see the Ice Wizard see returning around Christmas for the Clashmas Event in December πŸ™‚

  2. Getting very disappointed in supercell all they are doing is upgrading Townhall 11 which I am but it doesn’t help drawl new people in. We really need a new troop not just upgrading troops but I did enjoy the new update for watching friends play online

  3. getting very disappointed with supercell. I don’t know why they even put seasonal limted time troops. theyminus well not put in any troops. why cant they make it permanent, id rather just have more gem boosts/

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    • I assume I know which unit could have shown that, the solution is simple for you by simply clicking on the “?” on top of it and select the “only recommend family friendly content” and then you won’t see it again πŸ™‚
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  5. I know this is not the right post for the comment but has anyone seen something storage in Attack tool in For You Tab?? Now I don’t know why they added Ice wizard to the list when you select troops?

  6. I think everyone will like gaint skeleton….becoz we usually like tanks more than an attacking troop n gaint skeleton carries a bomb also which will make us to use them instead of golems n gaints😁

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