Guide On How To Download Brawl Stars On PC

Here’s a fun fact: Darryl is the most tweaked Brawler in the Brawl Stars game!

Brawl Stars is one of Supercell’s most famous multiplayer battle arena games. It requires the Internet and an Android or iOS device to run.

Being such a popular game, one may ask: Can you play Brawl Stars on PC? Officially, no, Supercell hasn’t released it for PC. But wait, there’s a terrific method to install Brawl Stars on your PC, which you will know right here, right now!

Not everyone enjoys the small screen of mobile phones. Maybe you’d love it even more on the PC with deeper details and a broader perspective.

How Do You Install Brawl Stars on PC 2022?

If you wish to play Brawl Stars on a wider screen, you must have asked yourself: How to play Brawl Stars on PC?

Installing Brawl Stars requires a few additional software to be present on your PC. You can find step-by-step instructions for installing and playing Brawl Stars on your computer below.

Step 1. Download LDPlayer (Emulator)

LDPlayer is an emulator for running Android apps on Windows PC. If you don’t know, let us tell you briefly that emulators are software that creates one operating system’s environment onto a separate one.

LDPlayer is one of the best and most popular emulators out there. The best part? It’s free and has an innovative UI, plus it supports customizing controller options.

After downloading and installing LDPlayer on your computer, you should install a VPN on your home router. We advise you to use VeePN, which will add extra layers of security, and you’ll be able to install blocked games in your country as well.

For example, Brawl Stars is unavailable in all the countries. So, you can install a VPN on the router to unblock this game if that’s the case with you.

There’s a free trial on this VPN app as well.

Step 2. Create an account or log in

Once you finish installing, open LDPlayer from the Desktop or search using the search icon near the Windows logo.

Click on the dummy icon on the top right corner of the LDPlayer’s window. And look for the option to sign in with your Google Account.

Ensure you keep your phone nearby if you have activated 2FA on your Google account. You will need it for verification.

If you want to start fresh, you can also create an account right from the LDPlayer app.

Step 3. Install Brawl Stars

After signing into your account, a search bar will appear with a placeholder text “Search Games.” Click, and type “Brawl Stars” to search for the game on the Play Store.

Ensure you have a fast internet connection and VPN box for a quick installation and gaming experience.

After the search gets complete, you will see the game’s icon. Just click on it and then install the application. Now, the game will begin downloading on your PC.

Have patience, don’t interrupt the connection. Else you may have to redo the process of installation.

Step 4. Tweak and Start Playing

Congratulations, you are now at the final step, playing the game. But before you jump into it, you can do some tweaks so that the game performs in the best way possible.

Firstly, restart your PC before playing. You can also use any “game boost” application for PC, though unnecessary. Make sure you quit additional applications on your computer for a smoother play.

Since you’ll be connected to the Internet to play Brawl Stars on your PC, it’s good to turn off notifications on your Windows computer or enable “Do Not Disturb” mode.

After everything is ready, it’s time you enjoy your game. Find LDPlayer on your computer, and a window will appear mimicking an Android tablet/smartphone.

You will see Brawl Stars on the app drawer, click and enjoy!

3 Benefits of Playing Brawl Stars on PC

Is Brawl Stars coming to PC? No, probably not anytime soon. But with LDPlayer, you will be able to download, install, and play Brawl Stars on your computer.

But if you are not yet convinced to try this game, here are some astonishing benefits of playing Brawl Stars on PC:

  1. Wider Screen: With a wider screen than your mobile phone or tablet, you will have a richer experience of Brawl Stars.
  2. Advantage Over Other Players: You will automatically have an advantage over other players with a broader screen. You will be able to see more areas and act decisively faster.
  3. Controllability: With the LDPlayer emulator on PC, you can customize controls. For instance, some gamers are good at using a keyboard and mouse for gaming.

Final Thoughts

So, we hope we have answered your burning question: How do I install Brawl Stars on my computer?

Use this step-by-step guide to install Brawl Stars on your PC and level up yourself in the game. Unlock more Brawlers and defeat stronger players. With the broader screen of any computer, playing Brawl Star would become more convenient.

Remember to install VPN on router for added security and speed benefits!

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