Big Grand Warden Guide

Those of us who already have him might have recognized that the Grand Warden offers numerous ways to be useful in raids. The Grand Warden has an aura that grants additional hitpoints to all troops within his range and also can give full immunity to damage for a short time. In this guide, I’d like to show you some ways you can use the Grand Warden and highlight some that don’t work (although, many use them).

Integrate the Grand Warden into your attacks

I’d like to cover the Grand Warden’s AI first because it’s different from any other troop or hero in Clash of Clans.

Here are the important points.

The Grand Warden always follows the group with the most hitpoints and always attacks the same building, no matter if other buildings are closer to him. If he follows a group of Giants, he will always target the defense they target.grand warden attacking AI target

In this picture, you can see that he targets the defense that the Giants target, not the closest building in front of him.

He will also switch his target immediately when he starts following a new group (maybe because some of the troops he was following died).

If you watch your replays closely, you will see him switch targets quite a lot, especially at the beginning of the raid.

He also has the largest range of all troops in the game (7 tiles), even more than the Archer Queen (5 tiles).

This all is implemented that way to make sure he will support your troops and not hang around in an area where your troops have left.

Grand Warden Ground or Air Mode?

You can set the Grand Warden either to Air Mode or Ground Mode – this determines how the Grand Warden is classified by defenses, nothing else.

Important! The Grand Warden follows the group with the most hitpoints, no matter what mode he is and what kind of troops they are!

From time to time some Clashers think that they need the Grand Warden to be on air mode if they use ground troops that ignore walls (like Miners). That’s a mistake; the Grand Warden can also jump over walls when he is in ground mode.grand warden jumping walls in ground mode

So… what’s the difference then?

Simply use the Grand Warden in the same mode as the troops you want to support. Otherwise, he will soak up damage from defenses or traps that otherwise would not hit him (and make him go down fast).

If you use him in air mode along with Miners, he will get targeted by Air Defenses and Seeking Air Mines instead of walking behind the Miners. This means he will go down very fast.

You want him to stay alive as long as possible because his Life Aura will give all troops within his range a 20-50% boost on hitpoints.

When to use the Grand Warden

You always want the Grand Warden to follow your main attack, so his aura helps as many troops as possible, and the ability protects as many troops as possible.

What I wanted to show you in the previous section is, that the Grand Warden pretty much works out by himself what group to follow and you have very little chance to make an impact on his behavior as he switches around a lot.grand warden ability is the eternal tome and life aura

Don’t over think this, only deploy him in between or directly after your main forces and wait to use his ability (more on that below in the second part of this guide).

Grand Warden & Queen Walk

One thing I see frequently is when people use the Grand Warden along with the Archer Queen on a Queen Walk before the main attack.

In my opinion, this is a horrible strategy.

There is only one possibility when this works out and this is when your Archer Queen dies, and your Grand Warden joins your main attack.

However, chances are very low that this works out. 9 out of 10 cases it won’t work at all and your Grand Warden dies (or his ability is wasted) for the sake of having 20% more HP on the Archer Queen.

She already has 4 Healers on her, so the additional HP is wasted, and if the Eternal Tome ability is wasted on her, the payout is still very low.

Also, when the Archer Queen uses her ability and makes all defenses target anything else, what do you think will be the next target? Exactly, the Grand Warden. The Healer will start healing the Grand Warden and the Archer Queen will go down because she is still first in line.

Check it out yourself, here’s a perfect example how it usually unfolds.

grand warden and queen walk

Now there are some defending Clan Castle troops and the Archer Queen uses her ability.

grand warden ability

The summoned Archers are gone very fast and then the X-Bows target the Grand Warden and make the Healers start healing the Grand Warden.

grand warden with queen walk fail

The Archer Queen is now first in line and gets attacked by the defenses that don’t target the Grand Warden while the Healers are still busy healing the Grand Warden.

I see this happen too often, even in Titan League.

Don’t waste your Grand Warden that way!!!

The Grand Warden Ability – Eternal Tome

The Grand Warden has two different abilities:

  1. Life Aura – a passive ability that will give all troops in his range a 20-50% additional boost (with up to 275 max HP boost).
  2. Eternal Tome – the active ability that make all troops within his range invincible to damage for 3.5 to 5 seconds.

The Eternal Tome gets a boost every 5 Levels and the Life Aura adds additional hitpoint boost with every level the Grand Warden gets upgraded.

Important! The Life Aura does not heal, it only adds the additional hitpoints when a troop is within the range of the Grand Warden. If the troops leave the range (or the Grand Warden dies), these additional hitpoints are deducted.

Image it like a shield that the troop gets.

We already covered that the Grand Warden works best within the main portion of your attack, so does his ability.

The more troops you can protect with the Eternal Tome, the better the boost you will get.

Timing is the key when using his ability, because unlike the other heroes his ability affects the other troops and not himself (well, he also gets invincible, but that won’t add that much to your raid alone).

But how do you know the best time to use it?

  • You don’t want to use it too early when your forces are in good condition
  • You don’t want to use too late when most of your army is already gone
  • Use it to protect your army from the worst damage
  • Try to use it on as many troops as possible

This may sound easier as it is very general, so let’s have a closer look.

Patience! In general, try to use it when your troops come near to the core – this is in most cases the area with the highest DPS anyway. There are only very few exceptions.

Max Potential! Try to use it on as many troops as possible. If your troops are about to split up into 2 groups, use it so all troops get the boost. That’s more valuable than having it on half your troops.

Protect! Always have an eye on the Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers or Hidden Tesla Farm (or Air Defense if you’re doing air raids). Have a look at them and you’ll see when their impact becomes too much.

Pro Tip! I always use a Rage Spell when the troops are invincible, this makes them go faster through the base and also might trigger some traps they are invulnerable to, even Spring Traps.

I know it’s hard to figure out that exact right moment, but take your time watching your attack replays and you will see quickly if you tend to use it too early or too late.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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