3 Star Attacking Guide For GoWiPe

GoWiPe is one of the most popular and reliable attacking strategies. It features the use of Golems, Wizards and PEKKAs. Many Clashers begin practicing this attacking strategy at Town Hall 8 and use it moving forward in the Town Hall Levels. It’s a very effective attacking strategy that is also a great supplement when your Heroes aren’t high-level and/or during Hero upgrades.

How GoWiPe Works

This attacking strategy uses Golems to tank damage from defenses while Wizards and PEKKAs destroy structures. The Wizards are not only used to deal damage. Their primary goal is to funnel the PEKKAs into the center of the base. This is a very general description and I will get much more into detail below.

Disclaimer: The series is called “3 Star Attacking Guide For…” However, GoWiPe is a dependable 2 Star attacking strategy. It can get 3 Stars as well, but not always. For most bases this should be used for the secure 2 Stars.

Which Town Hall Levels Work Best with GoWiPe?

Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 10 (and TH11 with low level Heroes or upgrading Heroes)

If your Heroes are lower than Level 20 or one of them is upgrading, you might want to use GoWiPe, instead of GoWiWi. Without the Hero power you will miss a lot of damage and the PEKKAs can make up for that. If your Barbarian King or Archer Queen are upgrading, simply take an additional PEKKA with you.

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War & Trophy Pushing. Farming in higher Leagues also works. The League Bonus & Star Bonus will help make up the costs.

Pros of GoWiPE:

+ Works great against almost any base TH10 or lower

+ Overpowered for TH8 and TH9; dependable 2 Star attack

+ Once learned it’s pretty easy to use

Cons of GoWiPe:

– Fairly high costs and lengthy training time, especially in TH8 & TH9

– Rarely 3 Stars won

– Takes practice to use properly

Troop Variations for GoWiPe

A solid troop composition to start with is 2 Golems, 3 PEKKAs, 17 Wizards, 6 Wall Breakers, and 5 Archers if you are at TH9.  You will have to make adjustments if at TH8 as you have 20 less troop space.  Of course, these troops should be as high level as possible for maximum effectiveness.  Max level wizards or a 4th PEKKA in the clan castle are great additions.

The main variation will be to choose either Jump Spell or Earthquake Spells. Your choice should depend on the base you’re attacking. When first learning this attacking style, I recommend using Earthquake Spells. More information can also be found here:

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GoWiPe Step by Step

Now let’s take a look step by step. The most crucial part of this strategy is deployment of troops to create the funnel and Spell timing. GoWiPe attacking consists of these 4 steps:

  1. Deploy Your Golems & Wall Breakers
  2. Create the funnel with your Wizards
  3. Deploy Your PEKKAs & Heroes
  4. Support with Rage & Freeze Spells

Let’s have a closer look at these steps.

Step 1: Deploy the Golems & Crack The Walls

Which side to attack from?

Most bases are symmetrically designed, so choosing the side to start attacking can be tough. A good rule of thumb is to draw a line from the Town Hall through the defending Heroes:

gowipe choose attacking side

After selecting where to start your attack, deploy the Golems to draw defensive fire. Golems have a lot of hit points, so no need to rush. They can take a beating. You need to be sure all defenses are targeting the Golems before you release the Wall Breakers.

gowipe golem deployment attacking strategy

I recommend waiting until the Golems start engaging the outside Walls. If there are defenses outside the first line of Walls, you might want to wait awhile longer.

Now release your Wall Breakers to crack the first line of Walls.

Step 2: Create Your Funnel With The Wizards

This step is the most important!!! If you don’t create the funnel correctly, your PEKKAs and Heroes may walk around the base instead of inside. If that happens, the attack is busted. 3 Stars will be nearly impossible.

Not to worry, this sounds harder than it is. You need to deploy a line of Wizards behind the Golems and near the spot you will deploy the PEKKAs and Heroes.

gowipe funneling with wizards

The wizards will destroy anything that could distract the other troops from going into the base. Don’t to use too many Wizards; the Golems already take the damage from the defenses, so a couple of Wizards on each side will be enough.

More details about funneling can be found here:

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Step 3: Deploying The Destruction (A.K.A PEKKA & Heroes)

Wait until the outside ring is broken and then deploy the PEKKAs and the Barbarian King – they should walk straight into the core of the base.

gowipe pekka deployment

Step 4: Destroy The Base / Deploy The Spells

This step varies depending on your Town Hall Level. You will support your Troops to get through the Walls and boost them with Rage Spells. In higher TH levels you’ll also use Freeze Spells

Here is a more specific Spell combination list depending on Town Hall level.

In general, you’ll:

  • Drop Poison Spell on the Clan Castle Troops
  • Drop Rage Spells over your pack of troops
  • Use either Earthquake Spells or Jump Spell to get them through the compartments
  • Use Freeze Spells against Multi Target Inferno Towers

GoWiPe For Town Hall 8

Due to the lack of Spell capacity, you have fairly simple tasks:

  • Drop a Poison Spell as soon as the Clan Castle Troops appear
  • Deploy Rage Spells on or in the path of the PEKKAs
  • Deploy leftover Wall Breaker to help get through Walls

That’s pretty simple right? Maybe you want to check out this video that will guide you through all steps:

GoWiPe For Town Hall 9

You gain 1 more Spell at TH9 which will give you some additional possibilities. Here’s how you will use your Spells:

  • Drop a Poison Spell as soon as the Clan Castle Troops appear
  • Deploy Rage Spells on or in the path of the PEKKAs
  • Use 1 Jump Spell or additional Wall Breakers to help get through the walls.

Here’s a tutorial video:

GoWiPe For Town Hall 10+:

Here you have option of bringing 2 Jump Spells or 4 Earthquake Spells. If you’re just starting to learn this attacking strategy, I highly recommend using Earthquake Spells. They will give you a more relaxed raid and let you practice the beginning troop deployment much better.

Here are some replays with good comments:


I apologize for including this 2 Star strategy within the 3 Star series, but I think GoWiPe is an essential skill that all Clashers should use. It will prepare you best for GoWiWi when you hit TH10 and is a great substitution to use in Clan War when your Heroes are upgrading.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. I’m a th 8 and I think the strat is pretty solid. I have maxed troops and training cost is also not a problem. But the thing I’m confused about is whether to bring a heal spell with it or all rages.

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