Gladiator Champs League by Clash News Hub

Clash News Hub is pleased to announce the Gladiator Champs League, a new war league and project from the CNH management.
I have been writing about the whole Clash News Hub project a while ago, in case you missed it you can read everything about it here:
Clash News Hub Community

New War League!

GCL is a stress-free war league, that’s right! No roster submission no fuss… literally match the breakdown and bring your best.
It will be a round robin draw, so all the clans will play each other once and the top 4 will be going into semis and will play each other again – the winners go to finals and battle it out.
There will be 3 divisions:
  • Knights Division: 0/3/6/3/3
  • Warriors Division: 0/5/7/3
  • Cavaliers Division: 2/5/8

You are allowed to negotiate a similar BD with your opponent if he/she agrees.

  1. No playing for multiple clans!
  2. Each clan negotiates BD and time each week
  3. Can’t leave battle day, if u do, u cant rejoin till after war is over
  4. Every member on ur team is required to join this server
  5. If u have multiple family submissions, u will have to play in a different division
  6. You can also negotiate a similar bd with your opponent

You can find the full info here

Sign-ups will close on the 5th of June and week 1 will start on the 11th of June

Come in the server and sign up now! Prizes are a type up in the CNH newsletter, clan spotlight here on the server, your clan gets its own channel here and more might be added.

Find signups here, this is the league server:


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  1. Come on guys these kinda leagues are rare to find and the way they setted up is awesome and already a lotta clans signed up and pacing up ao hurry and grab ur chance to participate in one of the best leagues

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