1 Gem Boost for Clash of Clans Birthday August 2nd

Our favorite mobile game turns 4 years old on the 2nd of August and we’re celebrating it with a 1 Gem Boost for 1 whole week! That’s a lot of resources you can earn by boosting for a very small amount of Gems, it’s also insane loot we all can get because almost everybody in the game boosts mines and collectors.

It’s the most golden days of the year when playing Clash of Clans, so be ready to give your Builders some work! 🙂

A small tip for those of you who haven’t maxed out their Mines & Collectors yet:

You can restart the 1 Week Boost and get two of them easily. Simply wait 1 day before the boost will be over (in 6 days), start an upgrade of a collector/mine and then cancel it. Then you can start another 1 week 1 Gem boost 🙂

Full details are here:

How to use the 1 Gem Boost best

Happy Birthday Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans has been the most popular and successful – not to mention 1st – mobile game that has changed the way mobile gaming works. After 4 years it’s about 10 times as big in functions and players.


We’ve been through a lot with this game. Big updates with awesome features, stunning surprises, but also some bumbly times lately.

It’s not the good times that bring people together, it’s the hard times. I met a lot of awesome Clashers in the past years and also enjoyed building this website for almost two and a half years now.

When I look back what happened in the past years I’m honestly very exited what will come. I personally think that Clash of Clans will be around for the next 5 to 10 years, maybe even longer.

Have fun with the Gem Boost, Chief!

August Update Soon

Also, there will be another update coming soon. There has not been much announced beside that there will be an update soon and it won’t be today on the anniversary. I’ll keep you updated when I know more.


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