The Future of Engineered Bases – State Right Now

the future of engineered bases in clash of clans

It’s time to talk about Engineered Bases and the Matchmaking that got recently updated and many Clashers put their hopes into. Engineered (also referred to as “lopsided”) bases have been a hot topic for everyone participating in Clan Wars, both casual and competitive, for the past year now.

ATTENTION! Supercell has changed the algorithm to match engineered bases preferably against other engineered bases in the August 2017 Update – read more about that here

Engineered Bases – Future or Past?

The whole topic of engineered bases have been splitting the whole community into two fractions – one calling it cheating and the other one (primarily those who do it) call it a style of play that is supported by Supercell because there’s nothing against it.

I don’t want to make this discussion and Supercell had decided in the past messages that they want to go in the direction of matching engineered clans primarily against other clans with engineered bases.

The changes end of August was something so many Clashers put their hopes in and after a couple of weeks I think we should take a look at the current state (and I also want to hear your opinion).

What the update really changed

Before we jump right into the community feedback, I also want to show what this update end of August really was. I often hear people saying that Matchmaking got totally changed with this update – that’s not true!

Supercell made very clear that they primarily started counting offensive strength a lot more but that’s not the big “update” to matchmaking – the big part is that they reworked the algorithm in a way that allows them to make adjustments a lot more easily than it was, a strong commitment that they will work and update the matchmaking more regularly in the future.

Engineering Today?!

Matchmaking is always a compromise between matching equal clans and also finding a clan for Clan War within a time that’s working. Naturally, this means that with every second passing by, the matchmaking will also look for clans that are more similar to your clan (and less exactly matching).

Well, I don’t want to tease any longer and the feedback for the latest round of changes is not very good – some might even say it’s even worst than before. There are two threads in the official forum counting together more than 200 pages and 90% of the feedback there is pretty negative. Many clans have shown their recent matches and the times that they got outmatched are still really high.

At least Supercell was reaching out yesterday and letting us know that they are aware and they are still monitoring and working on matchmaking (you remember above, that they now are able to make adjustments more easily?!) Well, here’s the notification:

With that being said, Supercell will work on it is something that we have been hearing for a lot of months now. I do understand that it’s extremely complicated to match up to clans that are similar enough to call it an even match, but right now we’re still far away from this.

So how has it been for you lately with Clan War Matchups? Beeter, worst or the same?

How fair have your last Clan War Matchups have been?

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The problem is that many casual clans, who only complete one or two Clan Wars every week, do so for fun, but still with the intention of winning.  These clans use their main accounts, which they have played for years and intend to reach fully maxed bases.  When they get matched against clans with engineered bases, they don’t stand much chance of winning the Clan War.

Why is engineering a big problem?

Engineering means solely focusing on upgrading Town Hall to get stronger troops for attacking without building the new defenses.

This will give these bases a lower war weight, but with only 1 base defending (3 stars lost) and 2 attacks (6 possible stars won). In return, their clan will get matched against a clan that may have less TH10/TH11 bases, so they are not able to collect as many stars on top of the enemy’s war map.

First of all, this not cheating since it uses no irregular glitch. They just prioritize upgrades with the understanding of how war matchmaking works.

In case you’d like to learn more about this, please read the war weight guide here:

Updated War Weights Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars






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  1. No Cheating? Okay. It is a GLITCH. A glictch in the GAME DESIGN, dear Supercell.

    Or, why, can the Builders Base (Night Village) only be upgraded to the next level after all defenses have been built? I can tell you: Because you realized that Engi-Bases screw the experience for so many people/clans and you don’t want this to happen to the Builders Base too.

    So, finally, fix your damn mistake by:
    – Allowing TH upgrade only if all defenses are set, and/or
    – Remove any home village with engineered defense vs TH ranking

    Do something for the money you get. Thanks.

  2. We just matched in a 20 v 20 war with two low bases that are TH11 engineered.
    We had 3 TH11’s as did they, 6 or 7 TH10’s 6 TH9’s and a few others TH8 and below. Both clans fairly matched other than the two enemy engineered bases (no. 17 & 18).

    What happened next?

    Like many of you suffering the same problem, their 17 & 18 three starred our 4,5,6 & 7. (TH10’s)
    The problem we have is those two engineered bases have a far more reaching ripple effect.
    It then allowed their 4,5,6 & 7 to attack our lower bases. Their no.4 would attack our no.8, their no.5 attacked our no.9 on so on …….

    We didn’t stand a chance from the get go.

    My advice to SC is if players want to be a TH11, then that’s what they should be. Fight other TH11’s. If you are silly enough not to build defenses then that should be your problem.
    It would encourage engineered bases to develop their defenses immediately.

  3. @TimmyEatWorld,

    For the last year or so I have been a member of a FWA clan trying to cultivate my offense. I am a th10 with no th10 defenses other than traps. I have maxed my troops and heroes (still working on de spells). Now that I have left FWA I am struggling to find my place in the coc world.

    Are all serious war clans moving away from .5 bases? Is it time for me to build my defenses and max out th10? Are there clans that still find it advantageous to use a few .5 bases? If so, how should I go about finding them. Right now it feels like there is a stigma against players like me and it’s frustrating to feel outcast.

    Thanks for your time,

    • I have just been updating my guide on matchmaking and as you can learn there, the matchmaking is moving towards matching clans that use engineered bases (even if just a few) will match up with other clans that do so, so the advantage of doing it will becwhatsmaller & smaller over time.
      My advice is not to do what you “should” and rather go for waht makes most fun for you – if that’s creating an engineered base than this is your way, if you just did it because back when you started it it was a huge benefit and you’d like to work on your defenses go for it 🙂
      You can find a suitable clan well in the reddit recruiting section here 🙂
      PS: I think you can understand why so many “regular” players have mixed feeling about engineers after what was going on in matchmaking in the past year… play the game how you like doing it, you will find a place with similar-minded clashers 🙂

  4. I see a lot of goofy arguments here. my favorite is “building an engineered base is really hard, and time consuming, so I should be able to use it to utterly demolish bases that can’t possibly hope to defend against it.” hahaha. I also really love that the people who are calling everyone out as whiners are the ones who are whining the most. I think people are missing the point though. I don’t think anyone has a problem with people using engineered bases… what they have a problem with is people using engineered bases in wars against a clan that doesn’t use engineered bases. while people may disagree as to the ethics of such a match up, I think everyone can agree that the clan with engineered bases will have a clear advantage. I am someone who likes a challenge, and I do not want an advantage in war. as far as I’m concerned, the more equal the match, the more fun the war. I honestly can’t fathom how it can be fun to win against a clan that has almost no chance of winning against you. face it, at the end of the day, engineered bases are only a valid strategy because of non engineered bases. if everyone used engineered bases, there would be no point, because match-up would be equal again. so yes, if you are someone that likes a fair fight, engineered bases are a problem. all I can say is that I think it’s unfortunate to see how many people are uninterested in fighting on equal footing, and even more unfortunate that they can’t see the value of balanced matchmaking.

  5. Still not addressed. Supercell are allergic to attack-based weighting. Why? Is this a technical challenge for them or some rigid ideology? I’m sure the developers know. I’m guessing a sole ego run amok.

    What would happen if this was relaxed and attacks/defenses treated equally in war weighting? Shouldn’t there be some natural balance between defense based engineering and offence-based engineering? Lets try it a for a few months and change it back if its not working. Because this bullshit is not working.

    • I like how they came up with clan challenge (not what we were asking for) my clan is dying as more players have quit (we were just a casual war clan, but enjoy war). Instead they have decrease x bows and inferno…they have only encourage engineer bases. This is their answer.

  6. Engineered bases aren’t cheating what so ever. Those people that are complaining just wished they were able to do it. I don’t see the bad part tbh. It’s not cheating or unfair in any way. They just didn’t want to max out.

  7. For many wars we have been matched against engineered clans and it just takes the fun out of it. Now we don’t even bother attacking! We have some strong TH10s but we keep matching 3-4 TH11s at numbers like 8, 10 and even 12 in a 15 man war!

    This war their number 8 three-starred our 1 and 2! Now TH10 vs TH10 is a good match…and requires skill, but when you just get smashed by a TH11 and know there is little chance are clearing their top numbers it just becomes pointless.

    We are withdrawing from war for the foreseeable future. Lots of our players don’t botter playing the game now. So well done SS you have lost some previously loyal clashers!!

  8. If you can’t 3 star an engineered base that’s got 1 or sometimes no defence, you’re clearly not very good at coc. In my clan we get the odd match up with an engineered clan, and we wipe the floor with them! Don’t get me wrong an engineered base can put up a good attack, but they can’t defend… so what’s the big problem?

    • It’s not about their defence Connor it’s their offensive. The fact that they have the troops to clear a maxed TH10 base, when troops at TH10 won’t often clear a maxed TH10!

    • An engineered base has the potential of earning six stars, but defense-wise, only gives up 3 stars. That’s a problem. It’s lopsided and is in no way FAIR PLAY. I have no problem if Supercell figures a way to fairly match engineered clans against other engineered clans. That’s a fair fight. Otherwise it’s cheating. Match up the Town Halls equally. So a clan that doesn’t have any TH11’s won’t have any matches with 8 TH11’s. Might have one, maybe two, non rushed TH11 if they’re a strong TH10. That’s FAIR PLAY. You don’t have college kids playing with grade schoolers.

  9. I personally don’t use engineered bases, I like to upgrade everything before upgrading my th. But I don’t see the big deal with them… they’re easy to 3 star and usually have a lot of loot. If peopl3 want to have a base that you can wipe the floor with… crack on i say!

  10. I am waiting for SC to come up with a drastic fix, be prepared to wake up one day and they’ve dropped all your missing defences for you!

    • I don’t think they ever will do that because this would simply p*ss off such a huge amount of players since they waited far too long so engineering got a thing that a quite huge part of players use 🙂

  11. We are a 18-yo and above clan focuses on maxing everything before upgrading TH. Our last upgrades before TH would be X-Bows, Inferno Towers, etc. According to our war log, we had a total of 231 wars, won 147, lost 80 and drew 4. We did get a few matchups with the engineered clans, we won some and lost some. Whenever we lost, the leader and co would do some analysis and improve from there. We are not very active, but I think we are still enjoying the game.

  12. I personally have 1 normal base and a few engineered bases, and have no problems with anyone playing CoC how they see fit. To me, engineered bases are a way of thinking outside the box and not merely following the “sheeple”. No matter whether your clan rushes bases or not there will always be winning and losing, and rather than being butt-hurt about a loss people should learn and adjust their base for a better strategy. Nobody likes to lose but blaming others for the loss is childish. With that said: I have not noticed much of a difference between the old/new matchmaking system. We get paired with both types of clans, and when paired with clans with other rushed bases sometimes the rushed base is equal rank to mine and other times it’s not. All of which provide different challenges, and to me that’s what makes the game fun. If Supercell wanted to fix this they could easily implement a structured setup similar to the new night bases where players wouldn’t be able to upgrade the TH without building other structures first, but IMO that would ruin the game entirely. All is fair in love and war, and you must learn to adapt to your environment. Thank you for letting me speak peace. Clash on.

  13. We have a family clan lvl 11 and used to enjoy wars… but engineered clans have literally ruined the game. No one opts in, everyone is frustrated and I simply no longer wish to war until it is fixed. I have a maxed th10 which is really hard to 3 star and it’s so disheartening to see the other team’s number 15 player (engineered th11) three star our top 2. We don’t even have a th11 in our clan and should never have to war against someone who does. Fix it supercell. After 4 years of playing… I’m going to give it up and find something that brings the fun back into the point of playing an app to begin with. #enginneredbasesareruiningclash

  14. We are one of those clans mainly adults that do 2 wars a week. We play for fun and have been at it for years. Our match ups are so ridiculous lately, not sure we will continue playing 2 wars a week maybe drop to one.when you play for fun and its no longer fun you need to ask yourself if this is still worth it. I think this is our 5th war in a row where we are outmatched. 3 or 4 engineered th11 to our 1 th 11. Its no longer war its just suicide.

  15. Thank u reporter. It was a huge secret they did this. Jk, they made it pretty well know that they were messing with the algorithm. Captian obvious to the rescue!

  16. Our matches are worse now than before the fix.
    We refuse to fight these mismatches. Coc has allowed this to ruin the game. In 45 days we will disband the clan and I believe most players will quit

  17. Here’s an idea, in the algorithm check first amount of th11 and match 11 per 11 equally regardless of where thier defenses are at.
    I get that supercell makes a ton of money off these engineered bases due to most of them being gemmed but thats a short term vision if you lose the majority of your players in the end.

    • I don’t think that engineered bases are gemmed more than maxed based, more likely vice versa…
      See, it’s not like Supercell doesn’t want to change that, they simply don’t have a solution for it right now that doesn#t walk hand in hand with either punishing a certain type of players specifically (what they don’t want) or leads to a general disadvantage for everyone (e.g. hours of matchmaking)

      • Have to disagree with you on that one, we have in our clan, at least, not spend the money on gems. If you farm for loot you can build up your Th and max it out. It’s getting to th9 and upping your queen, it’s a huge bonus. Your walls get done in no time. Donations help as well. It’s just taking the time and having patience. I see more of that, then people spending it on gems. Engineered bases have to spend the money on gems, or else they would not be max out in a year. They will not spend the time upgrading their hero’s, as they tend to be on the low side. Like I said it was a lot of fun being in clan wars. Now we just raid. That was makes it unfortunate. I know a lot of people have quit playing for these reason, or opt out of war.

      • Just going to touch on the topic of the amount of gems used, and as stated above I have both types of bases. The amount of gems used is 100% up to the individual player and has nothing to do with whether you’re rushed or not (patience is a virtue), however it is because I am not upgrading everything that I can upgrade certain things faster. All of my loot from wars and collectors are able to be invested into 1 or 2 things instead of 10 (numbers are not factual, just making a point). With that said I would like to add a question of my own as far as the statement of Supercell needing to fix the ability to engineer bases… In times of war (real life) do we not take advantage of improved strategies in order to secure victory? And… Why should that be any different in simulated wars?

    • That’s where my mind goes. If it doesn’t make sense, quo bono? The engineering loophole is built into matchmaking. Its a shame, Supercell could be much better

  18. Our clan has tried to remain non-engineered, and of late we have seen things get worse in terms of matching with engineers. I actually think part of the problem has been a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality. Because SuperCell has not really addressed this issue, many people are just throwing their hands up and engineering to be able to compete in wars or joining clans where the majority of the bases do so. Result is that the percentage of engineered clans has likely risen and that hurts matchups for clans trying to hold a different philosophy. For many, myself included, clan wars was the reason I have kept on playing for so long. But in this current atmosphere I’m ready to drop it.

    The part I hate the most about engineering is that these clans are actually looking to try to win in the matchup phase rather than the war phase. All too often, we view the matchup and it’s 47 hours of waiting for the next time we can try again – the results are obvious. When we have a fair match, it’s 47 hours of unknown – sometimes right down to the last attack. Those are the wars that are worth battling. Winning at the matchup level provides no enjoyment.

    • I fully agree with you. We encounter the exact same issues.
      Clanwar is also the main reason that I play this game.
      But at the moment, I am ready to quit.
      It has become really frustrating.

      • Totally agree with you guys. War use to have alot of fun, it was the waiting to the final end to see who win. That enjoyment is now gone, and we have become a farming clan as well.

  19. So since the update a couple months ago my clan went from losing 35% of the wars we fought to losing 70%. All of us have been playing for years and we built our bases acording to how the game was setup. People are getting frustrated and won’t opt in to wars, we are becoming a farm clan since wars are no longer really worth fighting for us. It’s unfortunate.

    • I would like to make a point about your statement of building your base based on how the game was setup… Just because you get certain objects based on TH level where does it say that you have to build everything at every TH level? If anything the new night bases are setup that way since you cannot upgrade the TH without meeting certain requirements, but the main bases are not that way. So to say that the game was designed to be played the way you’re playing it is untrue. If anything I believe that Supercell expected diversity between bases and had no expectation that everyone would play the same way.

  20. Why can’t war matches be made by TH level and map placement depend on the war weight within that TH group. TH 11’s placed at the top and positioned with the highest wieght at the top of that group. I’m sure there must be a really good reason this can’t be done or else why isn’t it done?

  21. The long-term war matchup is easially resolved in the future without taking away anything upgraded/built by players to date. I suspect super-cell already have this in mind, tested in the builders base. The answer will be in evolution. Im guessing when th12 comes, you will only be able to upgrade to it once you build all buildings available in the store. Therefore, you dont get access to the new attack upgrades available in th12 until you build your defence which counters what engineered bases do now, without taking away any progress they have made to th11.

  22. Hi Timmy! How do u doing with world!? Lol

    I am gonna to say some things about clan war matchmaking .
    These are truths ;
    👉supercell can’t exactly matches clan wars and can’t to select two clan for war that have same conditions in any things because ;
    1. This technology isn’t in their hands , this great job needs have an smart systems and very strong algoritms to cheking any characters for each clans so it isn’t in s.c hands.
    2.indeed two clans exact same like together (similarity) in offensive and defencive aren’t exist . but “equality” can be found. So supercell uses “equality” for matching clan wars between two clans. ( equality is exist but not Similarity )

  23. Watching my buddies war matchup 7 th 11 v 2 3 th10 v 4 that in their favor,, number 15 low th9 v their th11 max drags, healers, valks , miners, queen, warden king measly 37 ,,, algo works well i cannot type the backwards ukraine letters but natpnot ykpanhbl lvl 14 best version i can do here,,, kinda a joke other low engineered max drags will kill their th8’s lol

  24. First, yes wars are worse

    Second, i think supercell is on the right track. Maxers fight maxers. Engineered fight engineered I want to fight people the same as me, good feeling winning when its an even fight.

    Third. As a maxer. I love love love farming the engineered bases.
    They try and revenge attack but well.. they suck when its a fair fight.
    No skill when the only experience you have is picking on low levels with high troops.
    Last war took 5 engineered attackers, all with wardens to 3 star me. Ended up being someone with a level 20 warden. Skill? Ill let you decide!!

      • Yeah, I don’t mind going against engineered bases, most are lazy and have shitty heros and troops, what I hate are the ALL DRAGON attacks from th9 and 10 against my TH8’s and some 9s, and it ALWAYS takes some ASSCLOWN with a warden to three star out top guys who aren’t even max 10’s… always a tie, even when we have to go against their 11’s…

        Shit is ridiculous. WE have no th11’s and yet we match up with th11’s. It’s not defenseless bases that are the sole problem, it’s the 10-15 th3’s that make it lopsided

    • The entire point of engineering is to get an advantage against non engineered clans

      If you take that away, you destroy engineering.

      Personally, engineering is garbage and obviously goes ahainst the intended design of the game.

  25. On what he said about winning more stars than losing,
    Yes, they have the potential of gaining more stars. But since their bases are not fully developed, it goes the same way around. Since they have the weight of, let’s say a th8, they are as easy to three star as a maxed th8. So th10/11 can easily three star a clan full of engineered bases. So, theoretically, a clan of 10 maxed th10 matches with a clan of engineered th10, they would tie with a perfect war. This is why if you are a good attacker this should not matter very much.

    • What you say about the engineered bases is right, but their purpose is to get more maxed TH11/TH10 bases in compared to the enemy clan and they can’t get 3-Stared easily (e.g. the engineered clan has 10 TH11 because the engineered bases will match them with a clan that has only 4 TH11 bases – those additional TH11 bases are impossible to be 3-Stared so the engineered clan will have its advantage)

      • Oh ok. I was confused as I read your reply at first but I understand now. That makes sense. I always knew they had an advantage but not exactly sure how. Now that you said that I understand.

    • Cause Your example isn’t true then you get wrong result.
      Nevertime match a clan with 10/th10 engineered based Vs a clan with10/th10 maxed based because total weight of second clan is more than the first one.

  26. Today is my last clan wars. We had some engineered bases which made cleaning up the bottom easier. We know how to war. We have 2 young TH 10s at the top and just below that maxed TH 9. Before the update we won most wars. Since the update we have been matched against TH 11usually 2 which have wardens but no inferno or eagle. This has been the case in the last 8 wars since update. We are done with Super Cell bending to the cry babies and changing rules that erase 2 years of work. It’s been a fun 4 years though.

  27. Our clan has always been accepting people with non rushed bases and until the past months we have had a few players jump up 2 town hall levels because of the match making being messed up, The august Update has been worse for us, At one point we had a 20 vs 20 and every base had either a th10 or th11 and our lowest was th8, we had only 11 th10/11 so I don’t see how this is a fair matchup, needless to say they got the perfect war.

    Most of our wars we have lost have been against engineered clans

  28. not sure why war weight is important, seems to me this should be based on wins, losses, stars, etc. Start with matching clan levels (10 and above equal), then war stars (and %)/match up. Something like this.

  29. So for for us I have not noticed any major changes. We do have some engineered bases, and the match ups have been similar. Many of the comments are negative, but complaints on the internet are generally louder than commendations. I would just like to say I really like that SuperCell is trying to address the issue. Also for every clan that complains about a horrible match up, there is a happy clan out there with a big win in their war log.

  30. As for our caln it has only gotten better. We have 5 engineered bases, and seem to win 10-20% more cw’s after they changed the algorithm 🙂

  31. My 2cents: I am engineered, this is a the 1 and only account I have. I, just like the maxed bases, have spent a whole lot of blood sweat and Tears on my base. I have not cheated anyone by choosing to play this game with a different strategy. I studied the weights and built my bad to the bone engineered base. I am a very valuable asset to my clan in war. I can undertand why so many people are complining. We dominate the majority of our wars. But I do not think a player such as myself should be penalized for playing different. Isn’t that some type of profiling? Or discrimination? I am also a woman, so should I get penalized for that as well?

    • Ok I agree with everything you said. But did you really have to make it about feminism? For all the people in your clan know you could be a 52 year old homeless dude. Sex does not matter on the least.

    • Agreeing with Curly I don’t think you can majke the connection to profiling and descrimination. Supercell tries to match people that like the same style of play that you like (engineering) more preferably against each other so it’s fair to each other again, so that’s IMO the opposite of descrimination and there’s no penalty for you (they just make your advantage you gained a little lower)

    • You shouldn’t be directly penalised as such, but there’s no fun in it for the clans you’re dominating. The matchmaking needs to be improved so that bases such as yours are highlighted and matched against people running similar strategies, because using an engineered base blows a hole in the matchmaking, which is where you get your advantage. It’s not a cheat but it’s a manipulation of the system, and if they bend it back into shape you should find your clan wars becoming much more challenging as everyone 3stars everyone and your defenses become crucial to clan war victory.

      • “Supercell tries to match people that like the same style of play that you like (engineering) more preferably against each other so it’s fair to each other again, so that’s IMO the opposite of descrimination”

        You’re right. It’s segregation.

      • Well, so why do kickboxer, mma and regular boxers don’t fight each other all the time for the same championship? because their style of play has to be matched fairly and that’s done by matching their style against each other… Please don’t make a humanist discussion out of this, we’re talking about a game where people (well not even people, actually their bases) are matched based on the upgrades they have, nothing more. We’re not talking about people here, we’re talking about bases in a virtual game…

    • Engineered bases are made by cowards not willing to face an equal opponent. Generally engineered clans are filled with poor attackers and they win just by sheer brute force. The only point of engineering is to gain an unfair advantage. As a woman myself, how sad that you don’t have the skill and intelligence to want a fair match.

  32. coming in late, but is the town hall level taken into account with the algorithm? if not, it should be, you want to weight it properly a th 8 alone should have the war weight of a maxed out th 7 (troops and defences). a th 9 alone should have the war weight of a maxed out th 8 (troops and defences). and so on. the algorithm is easy to write and would work.

    • It has a part that will match similar town hall structures, but not that heavily and prioritized. The thing is when somebody just upgraded a Town Hall, he’s not a cent stronger until he starts making an upgrade that’s only available to this new Town Hall Level.
      But it could be a solution to give the Town Hall Level a higher prority in the algorithm 🙂

  33. For our clan it is worse in some respects. Non of us are engineered. Everyone maxing out their base in any order. The war that we’ve been put into today is odd. For some reason I jumped up 2 bases higher than I used to be. Those bases that I jumped higher than are clearly higher than me. The only thing I have higher than those bases are my heroes and my walls. Everything else they have is higher than mine. I’m a new town hall 10 and I’ve only upgraded 1 air defense and 2 teslas. All of their teslas are upgraded, all of their archer towers, all of their wizard towers, and all of their mortars. It isn’t right. Now I have to battle higher level bases to get a decent amount of loot.

    • Hi Mark,
      you have to be careful. Your location on the map is ONLY your defensive strength compared to your other clan members, nothing more – neither the opponent structure nor the troops are taken into consideration.
      This is something many people do not think of and also the reason why the strategy “attack your own number” leads to worst results than other strategies…
      Basically it doesn’t mean anything

  34. I feel like a fair solution would be when you search for war it brings you to a list of clans also searching for war that are around the same level as you are. Obviously its impossible to always find a perfect match player for player. Clans can look at the other clans opponents and if they feel like it is a fair war to send an invite to that clan for war. The other clan can than look at your clan and accept/decline the invite so there is no complaining if you make a bad decision or not because your team had the option. There could also be a timer to accept invites so war doesn’t start at a bad time. If a clan with a bunch of engineering bases invites you to war you simply decline the invite unless you are up for a challenge. You can also make it an option to search for clans that are not currently looking for a war but an invite can be sent to that clan to see if they are interested in starting war. This puts the decisions on the clan rather than Supercell so no one can complain.

    • Erveryone will just decline every challenge offered by a stronger clan…
      No one will challenge someone stronger than themself…..

      But yeah…. no complains other than there will be no cw’s….

  35. matchmaking seems a lot better for us. We faced clans with engineered bases in the bottom, but those bases even if in the bottom weighted much more so that in the first position we had 1 more serious th11. I think the .5 still works, while minimax absolutely not, now we’re advantaged against clans with some minimax. I guess supercell changed the weight for minimax bases a lot, but they’re still in their old position on the war map, that’s why some th8/9 cannot face their matching enemy, but with a good clan strategy it’s possible to win. In the last war we beated a clan with 192 wins and only 11 lost…that clan rely on engineered and minimax, before they used to win, now it’s the best skill clan that win the war. I’m happy with it

    • I agree that engineering is not cheating by definition, but it takes a lot of people away from the game because it doesn’t make fun getting outmatched very often and in the logic consequence you will only have engineered clans versus engineered clans (so there’s no final advantage for anybody, despite a big part of the players out there who never heard of war weight quit the game)…

  36. I’ve been matched up with my th8 to max troop th11, takes the fun out of it, if they want to be serious war clans then match them to other serious war clans, I’ve lost several long time members of my clan because of this new algorithm, another war had 7 max troop th11’s and we have 3 new th11’s That war was over before it started, I hope they find a way to make it fun for everyone again, if all they are left with is engineered bases, eventually they will all walk away too!

  37. All right , all right. Though your post doesn’t tell what exactly they’ve done with the match making system , I’ll take time to write this. I do like building low defence .5s and appreciate a good engineered account. I’ve been taking tours to other clans and studying the way matchups are taking place. What I found is that they have weighed offence. Almost pretty close to defence you can say. For example , when we run with 5-6 engineers and 3-4 max defence 11s and 9.5s and 8.5s and fillers , we saw that we got matched to clans that are either more engineered than us or to clans that have more defensive advantage than us along with being more engineered too. Why are people complaining ? Cause they’re engineered , they see their defence level. Then they check out the weight of the enemy based solely on defence and think they’re mismatched. That’s the thing. If you’re engineered be prepared to be outmatched by clans defensively heavier than yours. Is this a problem ? Nope. Not if your weak ass engineers can’t hold the weight of not their defence but also of their offence. THAT’S the thing now update. So in my other clan , we weed out the engineered accounts and start a war with conventional bases and .5s. We had a max 10 ( near max in both offence defence n heroes ) and a max 9. We got matched to an engineered clan with 2 9.11s with heroes in 35-35-10 range for top 2 position. The rest was similar to ours. Now our 10 can easily 3 the 9.11s but they aren’t skilled enough to handle a base with infernos they’re done. Outcome ? We won on defence. They got mismatched cause they were engineered and we weren’t. So my conclusion , if you don’t develop skill as an engineer and bullying bases weaker in defence , that’s not going to work anymore cause your tops need to handle more eagles and infernos than ever. Back to the good old times when the clan with the better skill set wins the wars. Cheers

    • PS. I sent my analysis report to SC. One of them replied saying that he’ll make a copy of my ticket and make sure it gets most attention. He believes that it’s one of the most valuable feedback he has managed to receive from the players yet. So yes , you’re welcome people.

    • Hope you guys know what a 9..11 is. It’s a TH9 defence with TH11 troops and heroes. Most common way to engineer. Do remember , it’s a game for us but business for SC. If they think it’s not good profit , they’ll do whatever to screw up the game ( as everyone’s saying ) and make you all move onto royale or brawl stars or whatever that helps them make better money. They’re done with clash. They’ve made all the money they can ever make from this game. If you’ve not wasted a single buck on this game , you have my respects

    • First of all thanks for all the effort you took and your informative replay 🙂
      But I have been seing tons of people who showed match ups with like 3 vs 9 TH11 bases and so on, so only comparing the own number and attack the same number isn’t all of this.
      Weighting attacking strength might just not be enough to get more equal matches.
      Do you remember the time when CW was introduced? Before people engineered broadly, there were most matches being equally and with the time changed the mindset of people, the algorithm needs to adapt as well.
      And I’m sure Supercell will work on it because we have reached a state where many people start turning their back on Clan War

  38. Well this stuff happend just in our current war……there was a th11 with lvl1 archers towers and cannons only and had troops like a th10 and he was my mirror in this war..I am a Th8 and a have a really good base which defends atleast 1 attack in war.Now we are sure that that guy will take 2 of us in the bottom.Sometimes u get engineered bases in a large scale which becomes ridiculous later in the war when sey attack.

    • Your mirror or twin in war never mimics your weight ; your ability to attack or to defend or his . Algorithm takes the whole clan weight into account.

  39. Supercell reaction to design bases, not playing fair! (REACTION IN THE SCREEN SHOT)
    There are rules designd by suppercell, these are the rules for War , try to understand war!
    What does iT mean? Exactly that war, fairness in war?
    What is unfair is changing the rules for ware.
    Wthout stepping up to the plate and acknowledge there mistake and compensating the players involved, refund there efforts , ore give them an opportunity to get to grips with the new rules.
    If they do not, it will be easy and fair to find the new loophole and exploit it

  40. well supercell can reduce number of attcks to 1 per player ..but thats not cool and that will f*** eng accs…they can consider a huge weight for offense …this is a better solution but it will f*** eng clans as well !

  41. The problem is simply and is based all on SCs pride it takes in the amount of time in war search, (also why war prep is 23H, so peeps can do war at the same time slot everyday they hope). I received the same reply in the article shown, my question was why we were just flat outgunned. We’d go in with TH9s and (still are) getting matched with TH10s (more rushed than engineered). Since TH9s aren’t much a match for infernos and a spare xbow, and they have more troop spaces,,, no logic, lame response, search time priority #1. Short of TH matching there really is no easy “FairPlay” answer, and that would be just like taking a dump on the peeps that may have rushed or eng bases, bad business. I do thank the folks and get a good chuckle from the how much time it takes to make an eng base because your constantly looting, sounds like you need to google “coc farming”, layouts different than few years back but it didn’t die, lol.

  42. Hmmmm……….Guys i seen there many discussions on this lopsided bases and mismatching, nut the simple and the easiest way is make it like builder base so we need all the building before upgrading town hall and xp level requirement so if player want to rush or make lopsided bases they have to get a exact xp level for it so if they want xp they need too much time for it but its easy to make xp by unlocking and upgrading building so simplay any player who made xp to the requirements will don’t want to rush it when they’re near too much , what ever i just want to say make a requirement of buildings and xp level to upgrade town hall so simplay all problems will solve and restrict lopsided bases of players from Clan Wars until they reach the required xp level for their level of TH! ^_^………

  43. Supercell is not getting rid of engineered bases, if they wanted to they could have. Supercell just released an update saying that they don’t want to “invalidate or strategies”……….no where in the rules does it say you can’t rush or engineer your base. Furthermore, as long as Supercell is receiving money from these engineered accounts, THEY AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE! so get on board out stfu!

  44. Feel sorry for the people complaining about engineered bases… take the time to learn about it and see how time consuming it is. These players take war seriously and you want SC to penalize them for having and using their witts. That’s the course of evolution. Can’t believe poeple are actually demanding that rules and regulations be set to contain the rigidity of their existence instead of wanting to break free and let the natural order take place. “Let the chips fall where they may.” -Tyler Durden
    I’m sure these guys lose in war because they can’t three star and refuse to accept that other players can ezpzly… its simple math… 240 troops better than 220… war attacks > war defense… bk+aq+gw > bk+aq… dont like it… tough… want things to be fair… make an engineered base or recruit some… dont want to play anymore… good riddance… resent people for being smarter than you… get stuck where you are for a very long time… when all is said and done… none of it matters anyway… so get over it… life is too short 😂😂😂

    • Your right life is too short… time to move on to other games. Never invested money into games, then you have no worries.

    • Cry me a river guy. You wasted a lot of time and energy trying to exploit a cheap tactic and you want everyone to feel sorry for you and accept that you put more effort into “engineering” and “strategizing” rather than playing the game as designed. Sure, there won’t be a penalty for it, but to call it fair is a bit ridiculous. Quit getting butt hurt that SC will even out gameplay because people like you weren’t good enough with equal attacks so you went and got more a different way, suck it up.

      • Of course it’s not cheating!!! It is NOT exploiting anything in the system and is a tactic that is open and free for EVERY player. So if you hate being matched against such players, feel free to (try to) engineer your own bases.

        You will however soon find out it is NOT easy to develop an engineered base. You will constantly be raided without getting shields most of the time, you will have an extremely hard time getting resources because you only have one or 2 types of troops maximized (usually just dragons) being way to expensive to do any profitable raiding. You will also suffer a huge penalty in loot because you’re constantly raiding lower TH’s and you won’t be able to keep any cups so forget to get past Gold 3.

        Many in our clan tried to build engineered bases, just about as many failed. It takes a crazy amount of dedication and devotion (or/and a lot of cash) to actually ever get to th10 or 11. I found myself playing all day long to finally be able to upgrade 1 stupid thing on 1 single account. Never did I need this kind of (often tiresome) effort to get anywhere on COC with my “normal” accounts. Never did I spend any real money on any of my other accounts either (but with these bases you’ll reach a point where you simply have to!). And guess what, yes, my 3 engineered accounts are FINALLY reaching TH11 now …

        If SC now decides to penalize these accounts, that would simply be a pure crime. It would be like going to the horse raises and once the race started, someone would announce that for that race, the horse finishing 3rd would be considered the winner!! If they really do, I will try to unite us engineered base-owners and see if any legal actions are possible because this would simply be fraud on any level.

        I’m probably going to get lots of critics for stating this but a story always has 2 sides. I could call you all lazy for not being as dedicated to wars as we are and blame you guys for crying because of not trying. Would be just as wrong as the other way around.

      • Bart,
        It is 100% cheating and you essentially wrote three long paragraphs is a rationalize that I am unsure you see yourself. The game had a loophole that has allowed cheating to occur and that loophole is hopefully now closed as of the recent update. The definition of cheating is “to avoid something by luck or skill,” which is what the engineers set forth to do, to create a matchup which makes it difficult or impossible to lose. Engineers seem to care more about the destination (winning), where as the fair play community values the journey and being able to overcome a formidable challenge because win or lose, the result is unpredictable. So when engineers ask me to play the way they play, it’s like saying I am a junior varsity talent and instead of battling the better athletes and making varsity next year they go to the local middle school for competition, and crush the competition completely devoid of skill. Say what you want but don’t claim you are not cheating because your scope of what constitutes cheating can be as narrow as your imagination takes it.

    • easy solution :most war results depend on the top base so match the top base on two sides with equal defenses and offenses.make code for every town hall level,match clan with the same number of each town hall level .if their clan dont have good troops to 3 star same level of town hall ,thats their fault that they didnt choose the best player to war.dont match clan with higher town hall than the other. so even if they have engineered th11 base ,the other clan also has a th 11 ,then the engineered base is of no use .to tell the truth dont tell them playing unfair ,they just playing smarter than the average

  45. Having an egineered base is not cheating.I believe it’s a style of playing.We use to call a lot of these guys rushers till they got hip to upgrading troops and now we call that engineered. Didn’t Supercell assigned a weight penalty against them?. I don’t think Sc can do much since it’s not cheating. They also can’t do much for the cry babies 😂

    • We have ranked no 13,14 and 15 players against us in a 30vs war, with th11 max troops, 3 starring our top 4 while none of our players are TH11 yet. How is that a strategy, how in the world isn’t that cheating? This has nothing to do with bullshit like “learn how to 3 star your opponent”, rushing (since troops are all maxed out) or cry babies.

      The only reason people build up these bases is to use the high level troops in clanwars, when they are matched against low townhall levels who cant do anything in return. There is no other reason to use these bases in any other part of the game.

      And yes, i cry about that. I love this game for over 4 years now, I’ve actually met people in my clan who are friends now and we love to war. I don’t like getting our love for warring and gaming together destroyed by this kind of cheap (mostly creditcard) style of playing.

      • Of course it’s not cheating!!! It is NOT exploiting anything in the system and is a tactic that is open and free for EVERY player. So if you hate being matched against such players, feel free to (try to) engineer your own bases.

        You will however soon find out it is NOT easy to develop an engineered base. You will constantly be raided without getting shields most of the time, you will have an extremely hard time getting resources because you only have one or 2 types of troops maximized (usually just dragons) being way to expensive to do any profitable raiding. You will also suffer a huge penalty in loot because you’re constantly raiding lower TH’s and you won’t be able to keep any cups so forget to get past Gold 3.

        Many in our clan tried to build engineered bases, just about as many failed. It takes a crazy amount of dedication and devotion (or/and a lot of cash) to actually ever get to th10 or 11. I found myself playing all day long to finally be able to upgrade 1 stupid thing on 1 single account. Never did I need this kind of (often tiresome) effort to get anywhere on COC with my “normal” accounts. Never did I spend any real money on any of my other accounts either (but with these bases you’ll reach a point where you simply have to!). And guess what, yes, my 3 engineered accounts are FINALLY reaching TH11 now …

        If SC now decides to penalize these accounts, that would simply be a pure crime. It would be like going to the horse raises and once the race started, someone would announce that for that race, the horse finishing 3rd would be considered the winner!! If they really do, I will try to unite us engineered base-owners and see if any legal actions are possible because this would simply be fraud on any level.

        I’m probably going to get lots of critics for stating this but a story always has 2 sides. I could call you all lazy for not being as dedicated to wars as we are and blame you guys for crying because of not trying. Would be just as wrong as the other way around.

      • I do not get it, clash of clang does kind of boring after awhile, play x box games, destiny and halo wars, need for speed to name just a few it so much better. My friends and I have move on.

      • Haha you came off as the butthurt one… lol at people who beg for rigidity and control over their lives… trilobites and plebeians 😆

    • I think this is a problem.of awareness. Casual players don’t invest in researching about war weight and war tactics. They treat the game as casually as they want to… so SC shouldn’t penalize the players who take the time to take war more seriously. Anyone can make a new account and start an engineered base or recruit them from global, anyone can take the time to research about war weight. It’s not their fault they thought of it first and have bowlers and GWs. Educate ALL players about war weight so they know how to counter the effect of engineered bases in war. There is no need for a new match making system… we need a knowledge base directly available in the game… not some 3rd party reddit or forum. My humble two cents 😊

  46. If the matchup algorithms take troop level into account, more so than they currently do, then engineered bases should be matched up against each their. Everyone wins and nothing drastic has to take place.

  47. Solutions are so so simple. Like builderbase, built all buildings before you can upgrade to next townhall, or simply don’t match any th11 to th10, and so on.

    I understand Supercell completely though. This engineering bullshit encourage a lot of players (and seriously, there are A LOT of players throughout the world) to use credit cards since its near impossible to gain enough loot to max troops and heroes with little to no defenses. Just for the sake of war.

    This lack of proper matchmaking in wars, destroys the fun for many loyal long-time players like me (th10, 4 years playingtime, 1300+ warstars). Our clan is very active and love to war. But we are having so many problems with this shit lately. In 30vs battles, ranked numbers 10 and below, 3 star our topplayers with max heroes and troops. This is no strategy, this is just bullshit cheating.

    Pleased as I am, most of the people seem to agree on this. And yes, we are wining; this is just destroying an all-time favorite game for the sake of money-making. Engendered clans are indeed CANCER. Amen.

  48. The real cheaters are the mod users and bot users and most of u cry babies do that stop crying about ing account it’s fair game start building one see how hard and challenging it is

    • Quit your whining. Play the game as it was intended. Sorry there was a flaw in the system that was exploited which will be rectified. Welcome to the real (clash) world lmao. Typical liberal. Good luck.


    • Ah dude, hush… The only way you have that opinion is you either have an engineered one yourself or you are in a clan who has those in clanwars.

      You know as good as all the rest, it’s indeed near impossible to get to TH11 without defences if you’re someone who plays the game 24/7 (and therefor has no life) or a creditcard player.

      If you are in a clan like me who gets his ass kicked by engineered max troops and max heroes while they are ranked somewhere halfway the enemy clan when you dont have any TH11 yourself, you aren’t able to say that with a straight face.

      Ow and by the way mate, CAPSLOCK only make you look bad 😉

    • Why stop the games evolution? Thanks to innovative minds such as the ones behind engineered bases that the game is being recreated from within. It adds a whole new aspect to the game. Why fight evolution or even mutation (up to your intellect I guess)? Why not learn to adapt and go with the flow? It’s like these trilobites are complaining amphibians learned to live on land ffs…

      • It’s not innovation, it’s exploitation. People weren’t capable of succeeding with their two attacks they found a flaw to give them extra attacks so they don’t have to be good at the game. Maybe if they were any good at all they wouldn’t need it. Obviously they’re amateurs.

  50. I spent 4 years in making a non gemmed engineered th11. I spent a lot of time and effort to upgrade heroes and troops and necessary defences. My base isn’t a pure defence less base but defences are a level below my th. I would say if you want a higher base weight with fancy defences and walls, thats your choice. If I don’t want fancy things to get me an easier mirror, it’s my war strategy. Play casual or play clever. Its all about war for me..

  51. Having TH outside of your base for the free shield was a strategy that wasn’t illegal, but that got changed after years of playing that way. Why would this be any different unless this is how the game was meant to be played.

    • That’s a valid point! The exposed Town Halls have not been forbidden but lead to a way the game was played by millions of players that Supercell removed.
      The only difference here is that having an exposed Town Hall was easy to fix with a new layout of the base – reverting an engineered base is nothing you can fix within a short time as it will take weeks to months and Supercell won’t risk losing so many dedicated players with such a “fix”

      • The th sniping issue was addressed to keep high level clans fom making deals and giving each other shields to maintain the highest trophy rankings… it was meant to stop people from exploiting the game… engineered bases on the other hand, encompass all the players… anyone can do it. Any clan can have them… educate people and soon people will incorporate them in their strategies

      • Yeah probably this problem about engineered bases will go down by next year just how the outside the stuff did

  52. The solution is super simple Imo, if you haven’t built every building and walls from the prior town hall, then you cannot participate in clan wars. This should add enough weight were th10s don’t match up with th8s! How is that so hard to figure out? Engendered clans are CANCER!

  53. There is no issue in my eyes. There are several ways to play the game. Some play for trophies and pushing as high as they can, others simply to max their base out and then others just to play clan wars. For those only interested in wars, of course they are going to do as much as they can to maximise their chances of winning. It’s not cheating, it’s playing within the accepted boundaries of the game.

    For those who are against engineered bases remember that they are suffering the consequences outside of clan wars. They are much more likely to get totalled and find it harder to trophy push. That’s already enough to balance out engineered bases in my opinion.

    If people are that bothered about engineered bases the advice I would give is simply ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’

  54. Maybe SC doesn’t do anything about it because engineered bases are a bunch of gemers and hey … money is money right.

    • Not necessarily. Since you don’t have to build as many buildings and spend as much time upgrading, you wouldn’t have to spend money to gem as many buildings as maxed players.

  55. I for one have stopped playing. I checked in with my old clan and over half of them stopped playing because all of their hard work to build a strong base has been wasted. The game will continue to blled players until it’s resolved.

  56. How anyone can say it’s a war strategy just amazes me. It’s like getting someone drunk to take advantage of them, but I’m not using Ruffies so it’s legal. Always gotta build a better mouse trap….just like cops and robbers, think you got something protected, the cheater will always find a way around it. It is flat-out cheating even if it isn’t against the rules. Worrying about the people who have spent time, (money) to build these bases, why, they’re cheating. When a person went to build that base, his thoughts were how can I get an advantage that no one can defend so I can win easier. How is that a stratedgy, please explain that too me. He is in no way playing the game in the spirit it was designed to be played. Even on YouTube, they are using the term “fair play attacks”. I understand Super Cell doesn’t want to alienate players but the number of people who have taken this advantage can’t be anywhere near the amount who find it wrong. And even this website taking the neutral ground fearing the same, but you know deep down inside, they both know it’s wrong…..or they wouldn’t be trying to fix it. The longer they take though – the worse it’s going to get. The game is catching up with the rest of the world now, take the shortcut to get ahead and win at any cost. We should also appreciate that we are reinforcing this fact to the kids playing the game as well. There is a very, very easy fix that would be an immediate cure to the entire problem: add a button with the search button declaring engineered or not. If found to have engineered bases, it’s an automatic loss. And if you disagree, you prove to me….you’re a cheater and you want an unfair advantage.

    • ….I forgot something that truly shows this is a problem; the perfect score used to be a very rare event, something to really be proud of as you know how hard it was, a true team effort….look at engineered clan war logs….it is no longer a rare occurrence. How can a “fair play” clan compete with that? Also, comparing it to the guys who paid to build their base…. you can tell those guys cause they usually can’t attack worth a darn because they didn’t progress with the game. They are also matched up against bases equal. A 9 can still defend against a 10 and can also 3 star a 10. It is completely different with 11’s going against 10’s. Just the warden and maxed bowlers are way overpowering vs maxed 10’s and now they go against low level 10’s and 9’s. Sounds like a good time when the war is decided and over when you find out who you are matched up against.

      • Wow Kirby, what an intelligent comment!! So many arguments for such a solid statement. Thanks for your contribution.. #ss#le

  57. We are a level 14 clan , and without engineered bases.. 100 percent of our war lost is due to engineered clan.. having to deal with almost more than 8 to 10 th11’s and 10 to 15 th10’s and most really have max troops and high level heroes when we only have 4 th11 and 8 th10’s. We understand that supercell is doing its utmost in order to address the matchmaking algorithm, however… probably SC can adopt the conditions on the builder hall upgrade for the town hall upgrade.. probably make it a requirement for buildings to be completed first before allowing a town hall upgrade… of course those who have already engineered their accounts will not be affected by this.. perhaps.. give them ample time to build and fix their engineered bases… while many would probably disagree with this idea.. within this time perhaps SC can change the war matchmaking algorithm by simply matching up clans with equal number of th’s. i.e for a 10 vs 10 if a clan has 2 th11’s, 4 th10’s and 4 th9’s match it up with the same clan having the same number of town halls also. This may not be an easy fix, but maybe just maybe.. this will be able to address the issue of engineered accounts and clans.

      • His that what you really want? Who will you war against when you only have engineered clans to go up against lmao

    • Nice question cuse, and no one dare to answer it! Supercell is either full of hypocrites, or they just don’t care about the clan-war experience anymore.

      • I’m sure they care, they need to as it’s the most important part of the game that keeps people in the game – hopefully they find a way to balance it out in the future

      • With the new update, clash of clans has made engineered bases for the future as everything is for th11. They have made their stand and it’s not about fair play. Sad day for clash of clan.

  58. im thinking about going to 9.5, with heroes lvl 16, should i wait, i only need heroes and walls to upgrade, then im maxed th9

  59. Volare, well said, most guys can’t 3 star a base out of war let alone during war on a normal base, but complain about a weak base in war, if you can’t wipe an engineered base, don’t go to war. Yes they have strength on attack, but they have to 3 star non engineered bases, so their job in reality is harder. But, they are better attackers. So to fix the problem, learn how to attack well. Don’t barch day in day out then without practice think you can 3 star a base with a queen walk or laloon, these attack strategies take a lot of skill and practice. I own 3 bases, 2 are war engineered, but solely to get troops to a max TH level of that particular level. And yes they take ALOT of work to maintain. So try to outsmart your opponents by not looting in war and start planning who attacks who for the win. It’s all strategy, that’s why this game is so addictive and awesome. We regularily get matched with engineered clans, and we win most, we like to see easy targets, it puts pressure on them when their bases are all 3 starred. So plan better to win.

    • A picture is worth a thousand words, please show us the proof (screenshot) of winning an engineered clan plus war log.

    • Bill,,,,,hands down the best advice I have ever read concerning an engineered base in war…..I was taught early on not to Barch because it will make me a lazy attacker that won’t perform well in our wars. Well my Leader was right in my mind because I saw how my clanmates attack, and I know how they Raid. It was pretty obvious. I raided 2.5 hrs yestereday with my TH9 and only attacked bases TH9 that had solid walls and xbows. It was awesome practice and I made plenty of loot. Sure I could of made more hitting a TH8 or a rushed TH9, but that makes for a lazy attack, and I was taught better. Just a long-winded way to say BULLSEYE Bill,,,you are correct….make your clan learn to attack and you will never lose a war by more than 2 stars,,,,and you will win WAY more wars than you will lose. We never seem to mind losing a well fought war, and due to our diligent war plans, we rarely lose either. Thanks so much for shedding some practical light on a topic that seems to be complicated for so many of us clashers. -VooDoo

    • Well said… not everyone will get it though… sad day when you realize people can’t see passed the dangling carrot

  60. Hi all,
    On the Feb update, there is a new penalty of up to 29,999 points for people who have engineered bases. This does not destroy the engineered base but makes these bases less powerful. who is to say in 6 months when people have gotten used to this the penalty won t go to 39,999?

    My thoughts on some points above…
    … i like the ideaof downgrading defenses. Our clan has some engineered bases 9.5 not 8.1 style, and they are punished in normal farming.
    … not all engineered bases are gemmers. Some people are thrifty and some people don t mind spending money on the game. All of our players who have enginneered bases have not spent money on the game.
    … the game is more vibrant when offense has less war weight than defence. Yes these players do well in wars, but they provide easy bases to harvest in farming. If defense had higher weight, then farming would be a misery.

    Warm regards, Rick

  61. Guys, it’s easy to avoid engineered clans, come on! Engineereing is a war strategy and this game is about war strategy! use you heads and everything will be fine!
    Also please remember that if you dont win against a minimax clan, it’s just because you dont’ know hw to attack! They are easy to 3 star, except for their top 2! If your top 2 players don’t know how to attack, you deserve to loose! A minimax clan must also have excelent top 2 players, or else they loose 100% the war (unless the opponent clan doesn’t know how to attack).
    I have both normal and engineered bases and I learned how to avoid facing minimax clans. i also always recruit an engineered bases with strong troops, when I see one… It’s all war strategy: it’s part of the game!

  62. When we had gone to war, the enemy had a th3 with max th11. You can not strategize against them. So it was 20 verses 20. He was number 18. Guess what he took out number 2 and 3. Number 17, was th 4 with max th 11 troops who took out 1 and 4. Game was over before it started. You can not plan these type of wars. Our number 1 and 2 were th 10. They walk away with 100 percent and we walk with 98 percent and we are very organized. Their number 1 was th11. The rest was th9, which we could not beat. It’s those type of wars that make it hard, so we have stop putting in top players. We have actually have made up second accounts, so we can still play. It’s just so sad, but we like the group of people we have been playing with, and yes some have stop playing all together which makes it too bad. They need to address better, instead of ignoring it.

  63. First of all, glad to see you mention its not cheating, anyone can do it, what’s unfair is the matching system not allowing for it.

    There seems to me that a very simple solution could be implemented.

    For example, any TH11 should be weighted as a max’d TH9 as a minimum plus the additional items built/upgraded, TH10 as a TH8 etc. This would quickly remove the benefit of zero defence bases that can hit way up the chart.

    I have a TH10 that was maxed out at TH9 first, I have been careful what I upgrade and currently have no infernos until my troops improve. I don’t think this is engineering, just strategic.

    We often have matches that our bottom 1/3 can clear 2/3 of the map. As long as the wars are planned and people don’t take easy hits, it’s still possible to beat them. You can’t just mirror, drop 2 or what ever other basic plan people use. IT’S WAR, analyse the enemy and be strategic in attacks. We see so many bases taking easy targets then only having one attempt at mid to top of map.

    A neat change, but I assume massive amount of coding, would be that the home team sees the bases in attacking strength order not defensive. That would help casual players understand who should attack where a bit more.

  64. i think war matching made according to town hall firstly , and then consider other criteria, which might resolve this problem.

    • Haha that wouldn’t solve the problem… you would always have a light th11 with max troops destroying a th11 with low troops! Same woud happen at lower th, so a clan with light defences and strong attack would win just as it wins today! (assuming players know how to attack)

    • I think the whole problem arose from the fact that we get to attack twice (take 6*s) and defend once (give away at max 3*).
      A possible solution would be to have everyone defend twice as well( that is we get to post 2 bases in war each)..
      So in a war of say 20 v 20 we would have 40 attacks for 40 bases instead of 20 bases.
      This should take out any unfair benefit a lopsided base brings to the table w/o penalizing any of them.. Take 6 easy*s but give 6easy *s too..
      What do you guys think?

  65. There is a very simple solution, match according to th level with nothing else taking into consideration. For example, in a 10v10 war, three th11’s, three th10’s, rest th9’s would match with exact same (or as close to) with enemy. Same playing field. Why can’t SC do this??? SC didn’t like the way people exploited th snipe so they changed the rules. Simple answer is engineered bases bring in money for SC.

    • They can’t just match on TH. That would mean a rushed TH10 with no infernos or xbows would count the same as a fully maxed TH10.

      • What’s wrong with that? Both have the same options to upgrade. It’s on each individual, bet u would see less rushed bases then.

    • Engineered clans would still have an advantage! You people think that engineered bases attack their mirrors? No, they always attack their same th, but they ususally have max troops of that th so they 3 star. Only late attackers must attack low and ofcourse they easily 3 star, but at the same time, they all get 3 starred by the enemy. To make it short: if you and your clan mates know how to 3 star and if you max your troops as soon as you upgrade th and only later you max your troops, you will never have issues when facing minimax clans. Ofcourse it’s hard to get a whole clan to be good at 3 starring and to max their troops first… Oh wait a minute… maybe it’s not so easy to run a minimax clan after all! lol

  66. As supercell refuses to do anything about engineered bases, more and more people will end up quitting. I was in a good clan and we had lots of fun, but now alot of people in my clan have just stop playing or will not go to war, so only a few go, not the top bases. Which is why we do win. No th10 of th11 in my clan go to war, as we know what happens when they do go in.
    We all know people who do this have obviously have gem up their bases, which means supercell has made money. It’s all about the money.

  67. I had an idea which I haven’t seen posted anywhere. COC creates a second algorithm for evaluating bases, one where lopsided bases are punished severely. Then at the start of each war, each clan can choose the current way of doing matchups (which clans with lots of engineered bases will do) or the new version (which clans without will do). Same number of wars, but playing with different ways of doing matchups. All other rules of war are the same. Clans with engineered bases will see other clans with engineered bases, they will understand and appreciate them. I think both groups could be happy with this.

  68. There’s no solution at all! Time to shut up! Switch to playing Dominations/ whatever game! Although Dominations has some bugs, the overall gameplay is superior than Clash.

    • In COC you can tie a clan war (say 30 stars v 30 stars both 100%). In Dominations you won’t tie a world war, as the first clan who scores 100% wins. They’ve done a great job on balancing.

  69. Complaining about this is idiotic. Engineering is something ANYONE can do. Start your own. Trust me…they aren’t easy to grow. Generally, engineered accts aren’t the persons main accounts so, you have to find the time to work on both. In addition, opponents on raids 3 star you every time, which means you have to devote a lot of time to raiding just to keep your resources growing. Also, since you only have 1 lab, you aren’t growing your troops and spells any faster than anyone else.

    • Sean, you are saying it is OK to work really hard to get an unfair advantage in war just because anyone can do it. There are some players who don’t want an unfair advantage, even if it is both possible and legal to get one. It is not good sportsmanship.

      • You keep saying it’s an unfair advantage. But literally anyone can have engineered bases. It’s a strategy. If you and your clan doesn’t like the matchup then make some engineered bases and then you’ll win. It’s not unfair just because you don’t want to do something that’s allowed.

      • Jeremy go play basketball against 10 year olds on a 7 foot rim if you like winning regardless of the circumstances. I know this is just going to blow your mind but some individuals actually like a challenge. And yes it may be a challenge to build a minimax base I wouldn’t dispute that, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are exploiting the system. Do you get satisfaction beating bases that you clearly had an advantage going into war day? I don’t get it, somebody please explain this logic other than Guyssssss its sooooo hardd you dont understanddddddd

    • Wrong Jeremy. For “anyone to have it” they have to sacrifice a huge component of the game (defense), and most people only have one account. So it is unfair, since the game really isn’t Coc at that point. It’s just war. Different game.

      You want to have an engineered base? ok, then you should only be matched up with other engineered bases.

  70. I may be late to the comment party but, why not fix this from the other direction? Give every player the ability to down grade their defenses and/or troops? That way those casual builders that shot for max bases can turn around and down grade to match engineers. Give them the ability to move backwards even if it’s only a one time shot! I can’t imagine Supercell being upset that time an money would have to be re-spent at some point for that player. Both sides have attitude about how their view is correct. Let those that want to downgrade to an engineered status do so voluntarily. They would have to build back up again at a normal pace though. This would let the players level their own field.

  71. Everyone cries about engineered bases, but you don’t cry when you find one on a loot search. Engineered bases get wiped out repeatedly day after day. They pay the price to have that base.

      • Hey moron read comment again. The point you are trying to make is invalid. Go cry a river somewhere else because you are whining all over these posts. Doubt you can even 3 star town hall equal to your own and you crying about engineered bases.

      • Meow, it’s ok because it’s allowed, because it’s war strategy, because this game IS about war strategy and if somebody found a better war strategy than yours, stop whining and do something about it!

    • I agree John I’m so sick of the fair-play community telling us what is and is not fair. It’s so hard to build a minimax base and the advantage we get in war is well deserved. Nothing in life is fair and I plan on living out the rest of my life ensuring that I always get the advantage in every business deal, take advantage of my friends, my girlfriend, I mean its always been me against the world and it may sound harsh but if you aren’t first you are last. I paid alot of gems to just disappoint unsuspecting fairplay clans not just here in America, but globally. And I feel proud to represent America and proud to stand up for my beliefs the land of the free. Free to suck the joy out of other people as long as I benefit from it…. Amen.

  72. All they need to do is count the number of bases that have eagles and make them equal, out the number of bases that have inferno towers and make them equal, and finally count the number of bases with bows. The solution is simple, players will start getting defenses on their own if there is no offence advantage to do otherwise.

  73. I started making an engineered base because I was tired of not being able to participate in clan wars because my heroe(s) were upgrading. Im a TH9 with TH8 troops and TH4 defense. I can still be in war to take out any th8 even with heroes upgrading.

    Not letting heroes participate while upgrading is the problem that drove me to start an engineered base.

    Engineering a base is hard… I’m constantly 3 starred when I get raided. Folks may complain that engineered bases are unfair in war. But that engineered base pays the price in war (they will get 3 starred) and during raids. It is alot more effort to create and sustain an engineered base (I have both types of accounts).

    Supercell created the rules to war and for them (and the rest of the COC community) to not expect for folks to optimize against the constraints is crazy.It will always happen.

  74. I think they should simply make the defensive weight of the higher town halls and clan castles much much higher. A th 11 with max castle and just one cannon should have the defensive rating of at least a th 9. Currently they seem to have the rating of a th 3 and they do not have a chance against the 35 max troops that flood out of the clan castle.

  75. i have no problem if opponent clan has 1-2 engineered bases. we can still win with good attacks but right now i am in war where opponents have 3 max th10, 1 th10 engineered base, 4 th11maxxed engineered bases and rest th3/4 as opposed to my clans 1 th10 max, 1 th10 medium, 3 th9, rest th8 and below. how are we supposed to compete in such wars where whole clan is engineered?

  76. They should force the player to balance their def and offense if they want to get the best base war weight how by creating a system that scale your def lvl and offense lvl..
    Ex: th9max
    +1offense +0def= 9.1
    +0ffense +1def=9.1
    +1def +1offense=9.1
    +1 offense +1offense again=9.2
    +1 def + def again=9.2
    Its like individually you have to balance your def and offense to get the best war weight..

  77. How about SC will allow the grand warden to be unlocked at TH8 up to lvl5, TH9 up to lvl10, TH10 up to lvl15 and maxed lvl20 at TH11. He is a another royal after all, why only TH11 have to benefit from it?
    Just something to think about it!

  78. What’s Legal Isn’t Always Ethical. I have a (nearly) maxed out everything th11 base.
    ***The point is that i can not go back, but players who use enginered bases can go forward (and max out their base).
    In my opinion, war match making is just not fair us it is now… We played recently a war and the number 18 (in 20 total) had max 11th troops and our player in number 18 was a townhall 8! of course we lost the war.

    • So the solution will be no one should have maxed offense in the war against your clan? You’ll be the only one claiming victory. How about no clan should be allowed to win against yours? Do you see the absurdity? From what you just described your clan members had no “luck” 3 starring #18? No one from your clan was able to 3 stars that poor base with 1 cannon level 1? The real problem is maybe your top players suck when come 3 starring TH11! Please tell us the truth! Going back to the main question: “Why people are Okay bullying weaker players but immediately start crying when they got smacked in the face back by someone defenseless”

      • Sorry but you lost the point! ofcourse we had no problem getting 3 stars in number 18, but he got 6 stars just because he had th11 max troops. They had much more chances to get more stars not because they are better players, bu only because they have players with bigger troops.

        P.S. If all my teamates where as good as i am i would not complain about engineered bases.

  79. Omg Engineering is not a problem. If enemy clan has got engineers it is their own problem. They can kick those players, what i do the same.

  80. There is a simple way to fix it, but why fix it. It’s a waste of time. Engineered bases/clans are NOT the problem. Players are the problem. People rush to build xbows, infernos, and the eagle because they think those defense will help. However, they ignore their offense, which makes them vulnerable in war. I am a th9.11. I have a war weight of a th10 with L2 infernos. A th10 should easily run through my base, but they struggle because they are typically rushed. Fixing the noobs will stop the engineers from engineering. Again the problem is the players/noobs not engineers.

    Let’s not forget the big pushers of the issue. The higher profile clans. They want SuperCell to fix engineered bases because they are scared of us. They are scared cause they dumped hundreds of dollars on a free game and engineered bases are starting to steal their thunder. This includes all of the clans in the CWL. Stop being so scared. You already have all the attention. You even have your own clan war league. What more do you need to feel special? The short bus?

    • You boast because you have an engineered clan?
      That’s like boasting you stashed money down in the Cayman Islands.
      Answer this, Why do clans use engineered bases?
      Because it gives them an advantage.
      Of course they will win most of their wars.
      If their is a loophole there will always be players trying to exploit it.

  81. A very simple way to combat engineered war base clans, add a lot of weight to every TH upgrade, like 75k for TH11 , 50k for Th10 , 40k for TH9 and 30k for Th8 and 25k for Th7 and 20k for Th6 10k for Th5 and 5k for Th4.

    By this way every rushed base will get the penalty.

    Engineering clans will spoil the game and the right way for supercel to continue, so kindly add a lot of weight to every THs

  82. For crying out loud; what about some of you grow up anf invest your time in actualy learn to do your job? instead of constantly trying to push your lack of effectiveness into the hands of supercell and the ones who just play in a different way.
    Ban? Put unlockables just for the unsatisfied ones? Loot penalty?
    As far as i know; engeneering does not go against any of the rules in t&c and is just fair as any other way to play the game.
    You mad? So play something else.
    P.S: it comes from a player that actually dont have an engeneered base.

  83. I hope the new update has a crying towel for the whiners. engineering a base takes thought planning and patience. not to mention busting your hump in raids since you don’t have the defense in your regular village either to protect it. Yes some use gems but not all. Nut up buttercup. Or maybe you were hoping for a participation trophy. Feel free to stop by Brooklyn !!! and fill out a hurt feelings report.

  84. I personally don’t think that engineered bases are illegal since they’re not against the ToS. I have an almost maxed TH10 and a TH9 and the only reason I made an engineered base is to experiment (not for wars) on a new style of playing the game. Playing the conventional way is getting boring for me. Making an engineered base have kept me interested.

    However, I agree that clan war matching should be improved. My suggestion is instead of combining attack and defense strength as your overall “war weight” as what they call it. Why not have two variables which are “Attack Weight” and “Defensive Weight” (or value). Whichever is higher will be used in clan war matching.

    So, basically if your “Attack Weight” is higher than your “Defensive Weight”, then your “Attack Weight” will be used in matching and vice versa.

  85. Hey guys, first post here.
    Let me introduce myself, I’m a player of a frensh clan called WoT, and to my knowledge we are the first frensh clan to have specialized in ingenereed bases.
    As far as i start the game, i know that i’ll by an hardcore warrior. So i start doing account with a good matchmaking : At this time i have 3 account, all of those enginereed. And i could not imagine what should i do if the engenereed base are nerfed.
    Its very hard to max out our bases playing without defenses, i think you just cannot know about it without try. For exemple on my little one, i loose about 15k of dark elixir per day (Only 1 canon)
    I have ask myself like.. What should i do if there is an update killing my account… And i’ll definitely stop the game. I cannot upgrade my defenses, it will take a year! Stop complain about it.
    And, I’m sure you don’t know, engineered clan get ugly war at this moment. For exempke yesterday we start search with 2t11, 3t10.5, 4t10. We get 5t11, 2t10.5 and…. 9t10. So stop thinking its a magical way to win all your war.

  86. Is a chief with an engineered base more likely to purchase in game content like gems than the casual player or less? That will help determine Supercell’s response.

  87. In my opinion there is an elegant way to deal with this :
    Basically the issues arises from the fact there are two types of players (engineered and casual). My idea, why not make the matchmaking match “more” the engineered players together and the casual players together.
    As to how define the “more” well this is the most important trick, make it very small at the beginning and add more weight as time passes (while monitoring the community).

    Of course, some players will complaint, but in the end most of engineered do want to play honestly, they just feel they can’t if the want to keep winning.

  88. We started running 1-2 engineered bases in response to matching with most clans with the same….got annoyed when we would lose a close war just due to poor matching. Clan made up of some casual players and a couple more serious ones(who usually carry the load). Now that we are lvl 10 less interest in war so my 3rd account which is a pseudo engineered base has double Xbows and max TH9 hogs only is a donator to my TH10 and TH9 bases. We have averaged a 80% win rate which hasn’t changed really despite the big learning curve going from TH8-TH9… 1/2 the clan did it within a month of each other. The engineered bases are part of the game and we usually would win before we had any due to good base designs and good attacks with lots of coordination.


  89. How about Super Cell just do what they’ve done for the last couple years and do nothing about lopsided bases. It’s too late. A lot of people made lopsided bases, not because they wanted to, but in order to keep things balanced for war matchups. Or instead of trying to apply a bunch of bandaids maybe it’s time to change the whole format of how wars take place.

  90. How about surrender button, when you guys feel gonna lose. Save our time. Hit IT. Are you losing because the oppinent have bases with no def at all or because you suck? Can’t believe some even express opinion to ban people base on what they like and you don’t. Mind your business and practice more. One day you’ll get there to 3 star.

  91. What about a way for the clan to reject or decline a war match if they believe it is too lopsided of a match. I believe this would be a good bandaid to the problem and also save everyone’s time. 1 day war prep is a long time to sit for a war you know you will lose…

  92. whats we can do for enginierd accounts . supercell whast to do!? ban accounts (enginierd) or change war mode !?

  93. i think engineered based are not bad just because clan war its depend on your skills so the ending is draw why engineered based are usewly poor def or no def it easy to to 3 star so why dnt you worried do your best and the war is end in happy ending draw

  94. This is total nonsense to punish engendered owners because some people cannot 3 star TH11. If this ever happen I want the same loosers to match the same weight bases when they search in multilayer. Sure they got excited when found some poor TH10 or even TH9. No mercy there right? So keep in mind that people spend exactly the same amount of energy and time learning strategies like the rest. Stop crying and start practicing. If #30 can 3 star #1 this mean skills not cheating.

  95. Solution is easy. Just have an “offensive” weight and a “defensive weight”. The highest one of the two counts as the actual war weight. That way, the optimal strategy would be to just have approximately the same offensive as defensive weight.

    • Good solution. But I see a flaw here too. People have researched only a certain army comp for war and then left the rest of the troops at lvl 1 keeping offensive weight low as well.

  96. I have 2 TH8 that I’ve been working on for the last 2 years (spliting time on each). I have a engineered TH7 that I started 3 months ago. The reason I started the engineered account is for donating purposes. I can obviously get to TH11 a lot faster if I don’t waste time on defense.

  97. Well if people would of played game like they should and not try to cheat system. Everyone would all have nice bases today. I don’t have and engerieed accounts and I have 13 all true town hall levels. So I am very excited of them to make more changes to this war match making. I wanna face good clans with fair match. Not some engerieed shit clan with 7 th11 to my 2. There is a reason some add these accounts in there clan. Cause they terrible at attacking. This update would make my day

  98. And when they only look for clans with the same *defence weight* and the same *troop weight*?
    So clans with good/bad defence will get matched against clans with a good/bad defence, clans with good/bad troops will get matched against​ clans with good/bad troops.

  99. Let matchmaking be according to the same number of Townhall level on both sides. Our clan war win streak is always broken by Clans with many th11 engineered base and its frustrating.

    • Unfortunately this will lead to extremely high waiting times when starting clan war search plus all clans with several “rushed” or fresh upgraded bases will get punished :/

      • WS is nightmare to me!
        Every time after getting a new Oppo first I search for any rushed TH11.
        If it exists then search for its troops.
        And finally I break down I see It has max troops of th 11.

        Very disappointing when war win streak just dropped down from 5 to 0 inspite of having no rush base in my clan.

  100. Hey, I just wanted to say that Supercell already did a lot about 0.1 bases. I have one. My base was th11 with war weight 56k (I build few defences but I kept them low lvl). Then mysteriously I got war weigh penalty in a high of 23k which totally destroyed purpose of my sleeper.
    Nobody talks about it but in February 2017 update there came big changes for engineered bases. As a player who spent over 1 year constructing this engineered base I feel betrayed. Of course I understand why clans are frustrated because of unfair matchmaking and I actually agree but the reason I decide to make engineered base is because we were matched so many times with clans full of those we had no chance to win without having sleeper on our own.
    Supercell should indeed react faster when problem was creating … cos now … trust me it just hurt to lose base you invested money and time. I agree to fact that engineered bases are problem (although I have one on my own) but ! players should be informed in front what’s comming … they should be given at least a bit of time to adjust.

    • You’re a perfect example of why Supercell should have reacted way sooner.
      The same like allowing us to use exposed Town Halls until end of 2015 – so many did it and when they finally removed it after 2.5 years a lot of people got angry – everybody just used a system that was possible (even when that way was not intended by Supercell) and their late reaction was creating a big mess where (in my feeling at least 20% of all) players quit the game.
      The problem wasn’t that big of a deal because the majority of them where just hiding behind a shield and not actively participating in the game – but now we have the active people being affected DIRECTLY.
      (Actually I have to say the “CoC Team at Supercell” and not just “Supercell” – the difference between their teams in communication is so big if you take a look at the CR-Team….)

    • I went the other way I have 2 mid level TH 10s and just don’t bother with war anymore, I stayed in long enough to get 1000 war stars on my stronger account. So much nicer just raiding daily an not worrying about war attacks.

  101. Based on this article it looks like maxed bases also get a weight penalty. I have a maxed th11 except for walls and barbarian king but everything else is maxed. There has been a lot of wars where my base is matched against 2 th11s and one of them is usually maxed and the second one is not rushed. What I don’t understand is why is a maxed base getting a penalty. I didn’t manipulate the system or try to get extra advantage. I just upgraded all my buildings because wasn’t that how they said we are supposed to play?

    • First of all, I don’t want to give the article that extremely much credit as it’s missing sources.
      Regarding the base “getting matched”…
      1. your position on the map is just the order of defensive weight in your clan, nothing else (it ignores offensive weight), just wanted to point that out
      2. the “recommended” target is also just a match for “what person could match best”. If you would have a war between a clan with 25 TH6 accounts versus a clan with 25 TH10 accounts, the TH6 will also get a “recommended target” on a TH10 – this doesn’t mean it matches, it just the same way how offensive strength gets matched against any base that has not been 3-Stared. The recommendation can be way off and simply orders your clan.
      Hope that wasn’t that confusing :/
      Bottom line many Clan War things are from the 2014 time when it started and needs a lot of adaption to what Clan War has become (anyone who played the first Clan Wars would agree with me here)

      • Hi Timmy, thanks for the reply bu it didn’t really answer my question. My question was about why do I get a weight penalty for being above the average strength number. It says if your weight is more then 10,000 of average weight for your th you can be applied a penalty. If you are way under what you should be it shows you have an engineered base so they add a penalty weight. But why do you get same treatment for being more than 10000 above average weight. It just shows you are not engineered but you maxed everything for your th. For that you should not be penalized.

  102. While engineered bases are a problem for some. Legit war clans dismantle engineered clans regardless. Part time clashers dont make cell money. Engineered bases do. And hardcore clashers thst actually plan raid and focus on the game do. If u cant 3 star a legit base ur own weight it sux. But when u beet an engineered clan and end tbere lame street cuz they cant actually 3 star thier equal but u can then it feels that much better. I dont feel for the part time guys with 10 10 heros. Some of us work hard at being good. Engineered bases are weak and easily beaten by legit clashers. Grow a par and get over it. If u dont like em learn too 3 em….there is weakness in a base thats easy too 3😍

  103. They should lean more towards casual players because hard core clans play cwl or similar tournament where.5 or enginieerd bases are forbidden.

  104. Why not make the matching algorithm look at offensive strength and defensive strength separately? Match up clans with similar offensive AND defensive numbers instead of coming up with just one number for the matchup. Or use the difference between offensive and defensive strength as the matchup number when it exceeds a certain amount.

    • they do that, but if you look to match this could take hours until you find a matching clan – that’s why it looks for more similar clans as time goes by searching – the longer the search takes the more likely you will get matched unfair (lucky or unlucky for you)

  105. I dont know if this a good idea.. but basically war match making is based from the war weight right.. but the war weight unfortunately aint much involving the troops and heroes levels.. my point is, if supercell adding those heroes n troops levels on war weight, it will make things better. That is what i know.. maybe im wrong idk..

  106. Why not change the war rules so each base can be attacked twice for stars? That way offense and defense matters equally, problem solved. Yes, the “engineered bases” will be more vulnerable on defense, but they still should be able to attack better, so it won’t be a disadvantage for those bases in war, however, it will eliminate the disadvantage for non-engineered bases.

  107. I don’t really mind this, my clan and I don’t own engenierred bases and rely on skill mostly because this is what makes it fun. Also I think they should do something to ease the situation but not completely destroy these bases. My clan has been matched against clans with these and we still win. Sure it was hard but it made us feel awesome after the victory. In war you do everything to win even put bandaids in your nipples xD. This is totally fair and you can win impossible wars, The U.S got their independence right?

  108. Well improving the matchmaking algorithm cant solve the problem 100% also the town hall upgrade restrictions cant be helped with the currently engineered bases.
    there’s something I was thinking about it could help to manage this problem. If supercell releases a new strong troop(a required one)and make it unlocked until you have a certain amount of strength especially for a higher level town hall and do some balancing in the game that makes engineered bases worthless could work I think.

  109. me too have some engineered bases, just made them to try to balance. But if they stop the trick I will just be happy, so happy

  110. The game will die if they don’t solve this problem. When I loose a clan war I would prefer to loose against a skilled opponent, while most of the times we loose only because it’s too much unbalanced, they can’t make a nice attack but they’re too much overpowered. I think that the most skilled clan should win the game, that’s fun…that should be the purpose of every competition. I have fun trying to make a nice attack, a smart idea for that base etc. I can’t understand where’s the fun having a th11 attack a th9 with lv 6 dragons and warden….where’s the fun in placing those dragons casually on the field and waiting for them to finish the job…is it exciting? Do they feel strong players? I don’t care if they will be mad if they stop this, they found a trick to easy win and now the trick is gone….while you cannot make good and fair players mad in my opinion

    • I totally understand you – the thing is when you look at the poll above, 70% are affected by engineered bases (I know it’s not representative, but still a good indication) and half of them are using engineered bases and the other ones hating them.
      When I think about being a player and invested more than 1 year to engineer my base, I would also think about quitting when my base would be a worthless (crippled) base from one day on the other.
      One thing’s for sure, they need to do something and history last year told us that they will do something when the pain for the majority of players get too much (many said they can never remove modding clans and look what they did in a couple of month…)
      I’m sure they will think very carefully what they can do about it to not lose a big part of their player pool 🙂

    • I totally agree with you. Two wars ago, my clan did an all th9s (15vs15) random match and matched against 4 th11 with max dragons and lv5+ wardens with upgraded th11 ccs and 2 th10s with max valks and spells! Whats the chance winning that when all they did was dragon our top bases with 4 lighting quake rages. No skill attack whatsoever! how can that be enjoyable. SC needs to kill such loop sided advantages. Simple, they should make sure a th11 with max troops (doesn’t matter if defences are there or not) cannot match anything lower than a max th10 in war. A th10 should always match a th10 meaning a 9.5 with max valks should match another 9.5 at a minimum. So if you upgrade to townhall 10 or 11 and max a troop like bowlers, dragons, valks or witches, you should never match anything lower than a th10, never never a th9. That will fix the problem right there!!

    • U should be able to 3 his newb base back and win….learn some skill and dismantle the weak engineered bases. Then u feel thwt much better about your win. 2 stars is not a win…learn 2 3 your equal

  111. I have two bases. One is engineered town hall 8, the other a few weeks from max th10 (heros are done recently YEAH!). I only created the engineered trying to keep wars balanced. Point being not everyone with an engineered base would be sad to see a major adjustment in war weight to discourage engineering. It seems giving troops alot more weight per level could do this. Currently engineering is still a solid advantage. Example in our current war, we have TWO more infernos, but they have SIX more attacks capable of handling a solid town hall 10 base.

  112. Every base is engineered and built with a purpose in mind. Different bases don’t have to be wrong or illegal. Defenceless bases do well in war but poorly in general game play getting battered every 12-16 hours.

    Maybe Supercell could look at adjusting the war win/lose bonus to disincentivise defenceless bases.

    • The term “engineered” is meant in the way that people stop adding defensive power and focus on upgrading troops to have a lower war weight in matchmaking. That’s what this whole strategy is all about.
      They are not illegal, that’s for sure since it’s a possible way that’s allowed by the whole game mechanic.
      I also doubt that Supercell will declare engineering illegal, they just move towards making it not possible in the future.

      I also agree with you that adjusting the matchmaking towards matching clans with lots of engineered/defenseless bases against each other will be the way to go.
      In general, they should completely run over the whole matchmaking algorithm as I still have the feeling it got invented in 2014 and then things got added from time to time to adjust – maybe re-thinking the whole algorithm would be a possible solution.

    • Yes these bases are unfair. What they are doing now is as a th11 they add everything but extra x-bow, infernos, and eagle. They max defenses heroes and walls then get paired up with a th10. I recently was pared up with one of these bases in a 10v10 war. I am the #4 base. I maxed my 9 and have maxed xbows, infernos, and taken the rest of my defenses up one lv since going to th10. I just got all walls to lv10 and my queen to lv 35 and king to lv33. Still have a few troops to go and got paired with this engineered base. Not fair by any means.
      #1 was maxed th11 except walls, #2 another engineered th11 like #4. Then add a max th10, max th9, a max9.5 base, a max 10. Then 3 very low engineered th9 and a very low lv th8 to th6. Giving them ancun fair advantage. Two or 1 star #1. Then three star the th10s with the remaining th11 attacks and the bottom is a cake walk sine this takes care of 1-6 with max th11s. No matter what Supercell tries to do war weight will never eliminate these type of match ups. Not even with matching engineered base clans will that do this because they throw in some max bases to fool the system. Using an engineered base method to match will penalize people who max their base then upgrade to a higher th. It’s a lose lose situation.

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