Funnel Your Troops During Attacks

funnel your troops

Using more complex attacking combinations, especially with Heroes, require troops to go to the center. Lots of attacks fail because Wizards or the Archer Queen just walk around the base instead of entering the core, where other troops already cleared out a lot of Defenses. In this guide, I want to show you why this is happening and what you have to do to funnel your troops correctly in your attacks.

Why do Troops go the wrong way sometimes?

This question is, from a very inexperienced point, an interesting one. Sometimes the troops go into the center and sometimes they simply don’t – it seems that there is no way you can really handle it. But that’s wrong! You can always steer your troops if you understand how your troops act. By acting, I don’t mean their stats, I mean how their AI works and how they think. This will let you know what they will do next and let you know when and what you have to do to make them do what you want.

First of all, I require that you also read this guide about controlling your troops, this will make you understand how your troops work:

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Great. Now you understand the different kinds of behavior and we can go on with some simple techniques to control where your troops will go.

Techniques to funnel your Troops

The very basics behind this, before I give examples, is understanding what your troops will do. I remember the first month playing Clash of Clans where I simply deployed troops and wondered why attacks went wrong. It took a while to get the view I have today – a view that is instantly telling me where a troop will go after the deployment and after the next building and the next and so on. I have done this so many times that this happens automatically when I do my attacks, and soon you’ll also be able to do that. You have to start doing it now and get used to doing it every time.

Breaking The Ring

The most common thing to make your troops go to the center is called “breaking the ring”. What’s the ring? Well, you haven’t broken the ring when your troops walk outside along the base destroying the structures outside instead of taking out the Town Hall.

troop funneling outside ring

Your troops will always attack the next building, and your job is to make sure they don’t follow “the easy route”, but go straight in. You have to break the ring so the easiest target, to their AI – is entering the core. That’s easier than you might think because you only have to take out some key buildings and the ring is broken. Your Troops will go inside, and you hopefully get your victory.

troop funneling with wizards

Here you can see it step by step in this video from Powerbang:

You always need to know how wide you have to break the ring!

For Dragons, it’s vital that you don’t deploy all of them together.  Ideally you have some of them going around and most of them going to the inside.

Step 1: Remove the Ring by taking out distracting buildings:

funnel dragons

Step 2: Send in full attack

send dragons to the core

Enjoy your Victory 🙂

mass dragon funneling


If you use Wall Breakers, you don’t have to remove that many structures from the outside ring, because there are no Walls left. Remember when Walls are up this will add extra barriers and ground troops tend to go outside the base even when the “closest” structure is in the direction of the core. Walls add some extra tiles in the mind of ground troops!

Is There An Inside Ring?

We talked about the ring on the outside – it’s easy to spot and even easier to break. In some base designs, there’s also an inside ring with non-defending structures that will funnel your tanking troops away. That’s called a ring base.

Town Hall 11 Anti 2 Star Pushing base Layout

In the base design above you can see that the core is completely protected by that ring. This will make your troop not go into the ring, because there are always easier-to-reach buildings somewhere else.

The only way to make it work is creating a funnel, already on the outside that is so wide that your troops are at some point forced to go for the core.

The best way to do that (if you don’t attack with Miners), is when you send in your Heroes from each side with a suicide attack to clear off some structures.attack island bases

Then you can send in your main attack from the bottom (or the top) and they will go after the core.

The thing is, you will need pretty maxed Heroes to do it – I recommend having at least level 30+ Heroes for that. if you don’t have that, you can either

  • support with a Healer (if there’s no Air Defense around)
  • or build yourself a squad of some tanks and damage dealers (1 Golem + a couple of Bowlers/Wizards etc.)

However, don’t invest too much into these attacks, you only need to create a funnel of about 3-4 buildings of each side.


Funneling your own troops is easier than you would expect, right? You simply need to understand what they’re doing next and then force them to go where you want them to go. It requires some trial and error to get the hang of it, but once you have it, you will see your troops always doing what you want.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. I think the need to “funnel” troops is absolutely stupid. It’s much more strategic to allow players to guide their units DIRECTLY. That will enhance strategizing for both offense and defense. Forcing players to “funnel” makes the game give an unfair advantage to defense when the game itself should be neutral to either offense or defense.

    • No one is forcing anyone to funnel. Besides, knowledge is also a weapon you can wield in a war. It’s the best of all the weapons you can have. I’m pretty sure there are base plans available against funnelling too. If the defences have the advantage of being strong in specs, having knowledge about the tactics and how the AI works is the advantage for the attackers whose army has less specs.

    • You’re taking away the objective of the game. The objective is to make them so what you want to, making em think they’re doing what they want to and their AI. The only stupid thing here is your reasoning and apparent failing to do that.

      • So in your logic, if I refuse the fact that I can‘t fly as a human, I can jump out the window and will not fall to the ground like a stone!? You get the point and hopefully accept the fact that some simple facts are cut into stone… like the laws of the universe (humans can‘t fly without help) or the laws inside a universe like clash of clans (e.g. wall breakers don‘t go where you want them to go, they follow the AI of Supercell).
        TLDR; stop dreaming and start believing

    • That why there is a tactic called funneling. DIRECTLY guiding their units to the center of base, where the town hall is by taking out certain buildings. He’s not saying you should funnel, but rather an advanced tactic for when you finally get to TH 11 ( might take years for you tho, you seem like a TH 5) Not funneling won’t enhance anything at all it’ll just make you look more stupid than writing about this or the guy that brings up the crazy example of “humans cant fly.” They can’t fly, but they can DIRECTLY guide their units with funneling. 😉

      • Hey what do you know, that replay took so fast to write that I even spelled Destroys and Shapiro incorrectly. Welcome to COC Sylia Gray

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