free clash of clans gems with appkarma

Free Gems With AppKarma

AppKarma is a relatively new service when it comes to getting free Gems for Clash of Clans, so I gave it a shot and reviewed it for you – the result might surprise you and AppKarma offers a lot of fresh and unique ways to get your free Gems for Clash of Clans.

AppKarma Review For Free Gems

AppKarma itself works, in general, like the other big player (AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps).

You will download free apps via their offer wall and use them for a couple of minutes. Then they will give you points (called Karma Credits) and if you have enough, you can trade them in for real gift cards for iTunes or Google Play.

Then you can redeem them and buy Gems from the shop.

use appkarma for free gems in clash of clans

This works good, but there’s more about AppKarma that let their service stand out from the rest and let you earn more points.

First of all, you can get outstanding 500 points if you use the referral code ALLCLASH when signing up, that’s already 10% of your first gift card! Make sure to download at least 1 app to claim your bonus. Click here to directly claim it.

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But there’s even more!

Additional Point Booster!

You can unlock badges, e.g. by downloading a certain amount of apps, check in daily or redeem your first gift card that will give you additional points for any action.

appkarma bonus free gems with badges

You can earn up to 12.5% more points by simply using it regularly!

Watch Videos

In addition to the apps you download, you can also watch ads there that will take you 30 seconds and also give you KarmaPoints. Simply start them and let them run – you don’t have to install the app at the end, just watching the ad is enough to get the points!

You can easily gain additional couple hundreds of points a day with it!

Karma Play

Now here’s the best thing I’ve seen in a rewards app so far – it’s called KarmaPlay and you will get bonus points for playing other game.

Yes, you will get rewarded for playing a game.

Just download a game via their offer wall and 24 hours after that you will see the KarmaPlay pop up and reward you additional KarmaPoints for playing that very game only for 4 minutes!

appkarma free gems karmaplay


If you sign up with the referral code ALLCLASH, you do not only get 500 points bonuy, you will also take automatically part in our competition!

Every app download will get you a ticket and at the end 5 winners will get 9500 points credited (worth a 10 USD gift card you can directly redeem via AppKarma then).

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