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I’ve written quite a few guides and strategies about farming – how to do it, what troops to use and in which League to farm. One of the worst things I still see people do is thinking about farming in the wrong way. For many, farming means getting tons of loot, but farming is a more precise technique where profit is the result of your actions, patience and skill. This post is about the goals of farming.

Farming Is Not Just Farming

Do you know that feeling when you hit that one rare base and get more than 1M in total resources? Nice feeling, right? But how often does this happen? Not very often…

Farming is not about the big loot pots; it’s about the steady and continuous profit you make to get the resources together. The big ones in between are nice, but in general you need to have a good technique that will make you some profit attack after attack.

Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir

Many Clashers farm and just want some loot, no matter if that’s Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. That’s the biggest problem I’ve seen regarding farming. How is someone supposed to get what he wants, when he doesn’t even know what he wants?

It’s so elemtary that you know what you are farming, because:

  1. That determines which bases you will attack based on the available loot.
  2. You choose the perfect army for that resource.

If you’re farming Dark Elixir or Gold, you can attack bases with very little available Elixir.

The most important part is the army you bring. For example, Golems and Earthquake Spells are not good selections when farming Dark Elixir. You will spend all your loot on training the next army and your profit takes a hit.

You see that someone who is not really sure what he wants to farm will make a lot of mistakes – which means less profit.

The Fairytale About The League Bonus

I often hear that some Clashers think they make their profit with the League Bonus. I admit, the League Bonus is a good help in higher Leagues and it makes a nice bonus toward the total farming profit – but it should never be your only profit.

Let me give you a small example. Your army has 3 Golems (750 Dark Elixir each) and you’re farming in Champions 1 League rewarding 1,580 Dark Elixir. This means you will always need to take at least 700 Dark Elixir in an attack from your opponent to break even!

Now let’s assume 4 out of 5 times you get the League Bonus, but remember you will not even get all of it if you only get 50-60% total damage.

I think I can stop with this example now; you get my point.

If you’re not able to make a solid break even with your composition, you need to make a change. Go down in Leagues and use a weaker composition.

Good farming compositions are here:

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In addition there are tons of other ways. Laloon, Queen Walk Farming, etc.

Sometimes you don’t even need to make a full attack for some nice loot:

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Be patient

Sometimes you just need some patience. Set yourself a stop-loss border – when you don’t find a proper base to take after 30, 50 or 100 times nexting, you should just let it be and try it later. Sometimes it’s just the wrong time to farm.

Here’s  a nice tool to check when it’s a good time to farm:

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  1. Truth be told. When i farm i only use goblins. They cost about 48000 elixir if maxed out but come with the risk of losing trophies. A few jump spells can be added here and there when you need to get over those walls without a high loss of troops. Majority of the time i get over 300k elixir and gold. Dark elixir varies between 800 and 5000. From time to time i will hit a 700k bonus base but thats rare. The jump spells rarely get used and so i always have enough for each attack.

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