clash of clans fix the isn't compatible with this version error

Fix Clash of Clans Device Is not Compatible / Unable To Update Problems

Every Clash of Clans Update, there are several players that have big issues to continue playing Clash of Clans as soon as the update gets released – sometimes it’s more and sometimes less but a lot of people are writing me emails and comments with this problem so I decided that it might be of help for you when I give you some help here in this article.

In this article you will find help for these two big issues:

  1. Fix the “Clash of Clans isn’t compatible with your device or version” error
  2. No update in AppStore or Play Store (unable to update)

But before we start, here’s an advice to EVERY SINGLE CLASHER IN THE WORLD: Make sure that you have connected your account because that’s the only way how you can save it!!! This all gets so much more complicated if you don’t do it and it can happen to everyone and worst-case you could wait up to 2 weeks until Supercell Support will recover your account to your device!

You will find that in the settings inside your Clash of Clans app:

connect your clash of clans account to gamecenter

So make sure that this is the first thing you do, then you are sure that your account progress will always be saved, no matter what happens!

If you haven’t done this, you will need to contact support after Clash of Clans is running again – because in most cases it will require you to install the game again. Supercell Support will recover your village even when you didn’t connect it to Gamecenter/Google Play, but you will need to write them your account details (name, level, clan etc.) and wait up to 2 weeks.

In this case please refer here: CLICK HERE

Fix “Clash of Clans isn’t compatible with your device” error

This is a problem that sometimes occurs when the Google Play version is not up to date, people use Custom ROM or installed the Clash of Clans game directly via APK file on the device.

There’s an easy first check you will need to follow these steps explained in this video here:

This will make sure that you have the latest Google Play Store version on your device. Once done that you can search for Clash of Clans there and update/download it and everything should be fine.

If that doesn’t work, you should try to go to Settings>Application Manager>Google Play Store>Clear data/cache & the same for Google Play services and try again to install it from the Google Play Store. In 95% of all cases, this simply solves the problem 🙂

fix clash of clans isn't compatible with your device error

Still not working?

If that’s still not working you can do a last and final step and that’s uninstalling the game and install the latest version manually – but please pay attention that you HAVE TO HAVE your progress saved by having your account connected to your Google Play account! (see above) otherwise, you could wait very long until Supercell will recover your account!

If you have done that, you can just uninstall Clash of Clans, go to the Play Store and then install it again in the latest version from there.

When having done that, you can simply load your village again by connecting it again:

recover clash of clans village

Unable To Update Clash of Clans

The most common problem that appears is that the update is simply not showing up in the AppStore or the Google Play Store to install it and the fix for that is a lot easier.Clash of Clans Update App Store

If this happens on an iOS device, you can simply try to go to the AppStore app directly, select “Updates” at the bottom and then refresh the list. If that doesn’t work, simply restart your iPhone or iPad by holding your sleep and home button until the Apple logo shows up.

If you play on Android, it’s normally not happening, but a restart of your device would help as well. If not, please try the steps shown above to get the latest update installed 🙂




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  1. I have encountered a problem after the June 2018 update. It down loads but refuses to fully load, returning me to the home page every time. I have done all the suggested above and have more thn 1.5 G space…

  2. I’ve done EVERYTHING you suggested. I’m on an Asus Chromebook. Playstore is uptodate. Clash of Clans does not show up in Playstore. I have never had a problem until this update. 🙁

  3. I tried clearing all caches, tried to update and uninstalled the game.. nothing worked. The only way I got it to work was to d/l the apk file and link it to my Google account. Took a minute.

  4. Its not working, clear app data and cache for clash and play store does not help. Even boom beach says not compatible…

    Worked perfect on s7 edge 2weeks ago.

    Supercell must have messed something up

  5. OCTOBER 2017

    When I opened the CoC game, there’s a pop-up window and says there’s an update, when I click update, it redirected me to Google Play Store. However it says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.

    Everything was working before the update. been playing for several years now. I already sent an email to the email address on the Google Play Store. Until now still haven’t received any response.

    I am using S7edge running on Android 7.0. After doing the steps above, still it didn’t resolve the issue. Please advise. Thanks.

  6. Hi Timmy! What are you doing with these long time new updates! Ha ha ha ha
    Please say me , is new valk6 valuable to update? I means that can to get 3stars from a th11 maxed based with this new lvl of these Al?
    Thanks .

  7. Please help! I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I can’t update the new version of COC, all my apps are up to date… Please help, it is saying that my device is not compatable!

  8. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the game was working fine before the update. I can not update the game as it requires! The play store tells me the game isnt compatable with my device!! My phone has all the updates installed and the play store is up to date as well!!! Any help would be great…Thank you

  9. i am using nokia xl dual sim mobile and i dont have google play store in it. i just downloaded coc apk file and playing the game for a year now without google sign in. For updates I just download the file from internet and it works. But now my coc game is not working after the new update of October 11 , it shows ‘clash of clans has stopped”. please help me. Is it possible to recover my account from super cell.

    • Yes i was playing on a kindle for 3 years. Same issue. I loaded coc on an android tablet and used help support to recover lost village. Supercell got my village back last night. Now I’m backed up with google play.

    • And these message “coc has stopped…” is seldom appeared for me , but not always . is there any predicts that always this problem will be shown? And realy, what is the reason of this issue?

  10. please somebody join my clan “bro i’m speared” lvl4 clan
    we need player for war and donations.
    please help. join my clan

  11. You can also delete the app on IOS. I tried restarting refreshing and it would not work. I simply deleted the game and re-installed. I find this to be the case early on during the immediate release.

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