14 days clan war bans

More 14 Days Clan War Bans

In November 2016 Supercell rolled out a new method to handle modders and cheaters using “burner accounts” (very low accounts that are used to mod in war and, when banned permanently, the main accounts are still “clean”).

Their approach is to ban the mod using accounts permanently, plus give the whole clan a 14 day cool down from Can War.

This wave was very successful in November 2016. Supercell also caught some clans with recognized names (see below), so they decided to continue and about 2 days ago, there was another ban wave.

Here’s the original article (see what’s allowed and what’s not):

Clan War Ban Waves FAQ
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Ban Wave February 2017

Again, some well-known clans have been hit by this ban wave. I don’t want to post a full wall of shame here, but you can check them out in this post on Reddit (click here).

I also have gotten a higher number of messages in the past few days from banned players, so it seems that this was a bigger ban wave.

I’ve heard from different sources that this ban wave was requested by CWL (Champions War League) to maintain the highest level of fair play – especially when starting in their Season 2.

Bottom line, I think everyone now realizes that modding and cheating will not work in the future and I can only recommend that everyone out there NOT use bots, hacks, cheats, mods or whatever – even when they claim to work (or work for a short period). The result is a permanent ban sooner or later.

To be honest, I’m really surprised that Supercell got the modding/cheating issues under control this fast. It seems like ages ago when we all faced modding clans over and over again in Clan War, but that was less than one year ago!

I know Clash of Clans has lost lots of players (or bots) during this, but I don’t shed a tear for any of them who cheated and modded.

Ban Wave November 2016 Initiated

I’ve been checking frequently around the web to see when the first clans report that they got this two week ban and apparently it started a few days ago.

The interesting news is, that one of the first clans that got this ban is a very famous one. It’s the first Level 14 Clan in the game – and even to this day one out of only four clans who ever achieved this.

In case you’d like to check it out yourself, here’s the clan:

clan war ban

Disclaimer! I actually respect the privacy of clans and players a lot and try not to show names here, but in this case, it’s relevant to the news. I don’t do this to expose somebody personally.

With more than 320 war wins, this is actually a solid war clan, so this ban is embarrassing for them and also a massive win for Supercell to show that their effort in remove cheating is progressing steadily through all layers of players.

Player Ban

In the above-mentioned article, I wrote that the cheater account will get a permanent ban from the game (as usual) and all the members will get banned from Clan War for 14 days.

We all thought that this will only apply to the clan and a simple solution would be joining another clan.

Now take a look at the leader of this banned clan:


First of all, yes, it’s shown in the player info when somebody got this 14 days hiatus from Clan War, but that’s not what surprised me most about it.

The eligible for next war counter is used for this and the definition is clear on that:

Members who are new to your clan will be ineligible for war if they left their previous clan while a war was in progress.

They will become eligible for war again when the previous war is completed. You can check your clan member list to see if any members are ineligible for war, and see when they will be eligible again.

If you start the clan war while members are still ineligible, those members will not be able to participate.

This would mean, that even if you join another clan, you’ll not be able to do clan wars there.

Is anybody out there who can confirm this?


I like the fact that Supercell started the next step in their approach to a cheat free game, also that they caught a big fish in their first round.

Right now, I am try everything to find out if the 14 day clan war ban is on just the clan or also on the player – if so, would be hard and could lead to a general mood of mistrust in the community.

Please let me know if you can confirm that or rule it out. Do you know any clan where this has happened yet?

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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      • That’s right. Making a scout attack that really gets out the information (cc troops, trap locations) is nothing you get banned for – but if you see that somebody is dropping one barb and the next attack is a magical 3 star it will have consequences (the single barb doesn’t get the info needed).
        So couting attacks are ok, burner attacks not

  1. Ive been following allclash everyday for many months but never signed up. Im the leader of a very decent clan. In fact we had to start a second clan which is already half full in just a few short weeks. I share everything i read here with both clans. My question is about the valetine drawing. I already use appbounty that i read about on this page. Please let me know. Im registering to the page now.

  2. my clan didn’t get banned for modding we actually got banned for having a shoutout to Trump in our description. it ended up costing us a 10 win streak we had worked hard to get. Supercell is a joke. and no I am not making this up. I was banned for a week (as leader) and some of the Cos were banned 2 days. Pathetic from supercell.

  3. Nice job by supercell, and guyz, u know what, using these so called mods, u can grow ur account but actually u won’t feel happy or proud about it ’cause u haven’t grew it by ur effort, Regards, XO-XO, GOSSIP BOY, I am a th8 btw

    • I agree on spending money on buying the game. What satisfaction do you get. Im only about mid th10 leader of 2 clans. About 75 people total the only money i spent was to buy a 5th builder.

  4. Nice job by supercell, and guyz, u know what, using these so called mods, u can grow ur account but actually u won’t feel happy or proud about it ’cause u haven’t grew it by ur effort, Regards, XO-XO, GOSSIP BOY

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