fifa mobile hacks & cheats

FIFA Mobile Hacks & Cheats For Coins & Points

What hacks & cheats do really work in FIFA Mobile? I have been testing lots of them and here you’ll see the best ones.

FIFA Mobile is the most famous soccer game for mobile since the beginning of mobile games and is still ahead of all other mobile soccer games – with millions of active players it’s a hard way to the top and many people go crazy about how to progress faster in the game by using cheats or hacks.

I did check out many of those hacks & cheats for FIFA Mobile and also added up some of my own tips to give you this handy article that will show you which ones work and which ones don’t (or even worst, can get your account banned or even something worse).

Let’s kick off.

The Hacks & Cheats in FIFA Mobile That Work & Don’t Work

If you don’t want to spend your real money (or only a very little bit of it) on FIFA Mobile, these hacks here will come at the right spot for you to kick off your FIFA Mobile career and help you build a great team.

Online Generators & Hack Tools

The most famous hack for FIFA Mobile out there is this one here:



In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out one of them here.

So how did it work out?

If you use the search online you will stumble across those generators or hacks very soon that let you put in the amount of Coins & Points you want – well, obviously they will require you to end up some surveys or download something in order to work but in most cases, they don’t. They come in many forms and colors but all of them work pretty much in the same way.

Simply don’t waste your time with them.

There Are NO Cheat Codes in FIFA Mobile

If you play the PC or console version of FIFA, you might know of the button pattern codes that can unlock things or give you unlimited points & coins – well, the difference is that FIFA Mobile is completely free and EA earns money by selling points via their in-game shop.

I think you understand that making official codes that unlock everything will not help their business model plus with competing against millions of other players you wouldn’t have much fun when this would be possible.

With that being said, here you will see the small hacks and cheats that will help you stand out in FIFA Mobile 🙂



Let The AI Control – Ultimate Quality of Life Hack To Win Matches

fifa mobile hack for win more matchesDon’t mix up the console games with FIFA Mobile and don’t try to win as the underdog – you have a lot less possibilities to beat your opponent with skill in Attack Mode or Season Mode and it often simply comes down to your teams’ OVR rating.

I let go a lot of frustration when starting to let the AI control the game and only use the “Sprint” or “Skill” button if I think it will help out in a situation – this will make your games a lot more relaxed for you and you will enjoy FIFA Mobile a lot more, I promise 🙂 The only thing you NEED to make sure is that your team OVR is higher than your opponents’.

More Goals in FIFA Mobile With “The Longshot Hack”

fifa mobile long shot trickThe famous saying is that offense wins games and in most matches you will only have 1-2 defensive situations to solve and the others are about scoring as many goals as you can. So, here are some great tips that will help you getting more goals.

Long shots are your best friend so try to use them as your favorite weapon. Even with lower 90 Bronze Player you can score 7 out of 10 goals from 25-30+ yards and it costs you a lot less time – and as you know, more time in FIFA Mobile means higher chances to score more goals.

Just imagine how long it takes to make passing and dribbling into the penalty zone just to screw up there – within that time you can do 2-3 long shots and score more goals 🙂 Especially in the beginning where you have to fight through the whole side of your opponent you will lose easy 20 or more seconds for the possibility to shoot one goal – better run straight and make a longshot and either you get the goal for a great lead or you have more time on the clock for at least 2 additional attacking situations!

I’ve also written a more in-depth guide about how you can score more goals in FIFA Mobile here:

Score More Goals in FIFA Mobile & Win Every Game

Bonus Tip – Hack for longer sessions

Do you know the pain that starts in your hand when playing a longer session when your fingers get slower? Holding your device, especially your smartphone, when playing FIFA Mobile for more than 10 minutes starts getting annoying. I started using the GameSir F2 Grip Pad a few weeks ago and it is a pure relief to that and I can play longer and even better with a lot more comfortable grip.

It’s pretty cheap to get on Amazon and you can also flat it together making it so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket.

Perfectly for a quick session of FIFA Mobile everywhere and also quite cheap 🙂

Swiping Vs Button

Are you swiping or using the control buttons? Well, you need to use both of them, especially when it comes down to attempting a shot on the goal.

The buttons have the clear advantage that you have a free view on your screen, esepcially when you have a smaller screen device, but they are not that smart after all. They will only do what you hit in the direction the player is facing – especially when you’re in the move towards the goal and want to make a pass you should rather tap the player or position you want to ball to head to – this gives you a lot more control and flexibility!

fifa mobile buttons versus swipingWhen shooting on the goal, I recommend you to only use the shoot button for long shots (see above) because they will be a lot more precise from 20+ yards towards the goal compared to a swiping move (where you can’t even see the goal on your screen) – only make sure to talk directly into the direction of the goal! However, if you’re close to the goal you should rather swipe because a swipe will not only show the ball the direction but also control the movement in the air, so you can give it a spin or let it fly over the goalkeeper by intuition.

Watch The Ads For Free Rewards

fifa mobile ads cheatAlways check your inbox for ads to watch because they will reward you with a nice gift for simply doing nothing for 30 seconds.

Especially the extra Stamina you will get there (typically x5 Stamina per ad) will help you play more events and attack matches that will help you get more Coins and build a better team – an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out!

FIFA Mobile Hacks For Free Coins

Coins are a FIFA Mobile players best friend and here are the top cheats you can use to get a ton of Coins for free.

Steady Coins With Attack Mode

long shot in fifa mobileI know many player out there will tell you to do Season Mode to sell off a player, but bottom line you will get a lot more if you simply focus on the Attack Mode and do as many matches as you can.

Even if you lose you will lose a lot less fans than a victory or tie will give you – bottom line you still gain fans if you only win 1 out of 5 games, sounds like an easy way to gain, right?

Road To Riches

fifa mobile road to riches for free coinsGet up to 250,000 Coins in this event and I can only recommend you to farm the Road To Riches as much as possible! You can get 50,000 to 150,000 Coins there within a day easily so focus all your Stamina on doing them when they appear.

Pro Tip! There has been a lot of people reporting that the rewards are higher when you have no coins left with the random mechanism – so if you have less than 50,000 Coins you should do them for sure, with more than 500,000 Coins in your pocket rather take the Attack Mode.

Use AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps

how I earned a lot of free gems for clash of clans
Here’s the proof

The only 3rd party way that works in order to get you free Coins in FIFA Mobile without risking any ban! You download some free apps via AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps and then turn the credits you earn there into a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play that you can use to get some Coins with via the in-game shop.

In total, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to get 6 MILLION COINS with – without spending one single dollar of my own in just one month!

Hack The Trade System

The Marketplace is THE BEST way to earn massive free Coins in FIFA Mobile – it takes some time and experience but in the end you will swim in Coins if you get used to it. The basic behind this is that there are millions of players that don’t really mind the mechanics of the game and just put players on the Marketplace for the cheapest price in hope to sell them quicker. Now you only need to get those players cheap and sell them directly for a higher price – and I will tell you the best way to do it now.

Simply set your filter to players with at least OVR of 70 and a “Buy It Now” price of 1,000 to 2,500 (later you can set it higher when you have some experience) and hit search.

Now you should see plenty of players and you can set your minimum bids – focus on those auctions that will end soon.

How to Make Money Fast in FIFA Mobile

Once you got a player, you should immediately put it on auction with your start price a few hundred Coins above the price that you have paid and a Buy It Now price again a few hundred coins higher.

You will sell that player, that’s for sure and made a couple hundred Coins for doing nothing 🙂

When you have some experience you can also start going for higher players and also the famous names – people love to chase their favorite players without minding if the price is a little too high or not.

Get Coins Cheap

In case you still need some Coins to boost your progress (or get a player of your dreams in FIFA Mobile), there’s also a cheaper alternative to buying Coins from the game shop.

Getting Coins from the shop in the game is pretty expensive, but if you can get them 80% off at R4PG (e.g. 1,500,000 Coins cost there less than $10 compared to about $55 if you buy them in the shop). Check out their offers here.

If you have any more tips that you would like to see on the list, please leave a short comment below and I might add it to the list 🙂



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