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clash of clans may update sneak peek leak

The next update is on the horizon and it’s time to gather all important info in one place.

It’s difficult to see what’s coming considering Supercell doesn’t have a fixed schedule for their updates or a fixed roadmap for new features. They seem to work more or less with “it’s done when it’s done” (at least they stick with what they say it will be).

However, there is always update info that gets thrown out before the official announcement comes. This can include extractions from the game code, developer publications in the official forum, or from people who are under NDA with Supercell (some YouTubers, Forum Administrators or other people).

I’m not one of those, so I’m not bound to any regulations. I can post anything I want and that’s what I do.

I will always check any leak I find and if I see one that makes sense from a trustful source, I will immediately show it here – but also expect me to show fake leaks and tell you why they are fakes.

Update Date!

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Clash of Clans May 2017 Update

Note: Due to many requests I switched the order from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

Sneak Peek Leak (April 29th, 2017)

This picture from a Chinese source is going around the internet lately and it looks like either a Sneak Peek or a new loading screen for either the game or the new world we can see when using the ship.

clash of clans may update sneak peek leak

Thanks to Osin for pointing me at this.

As far as I did it get right from people who speak Chinese the picture says:

  • a second big world
  • night mode
  • update never before seen

(if you’re speaking Chinese please let me know in the comments if that is right or not!)

I’m a little surprised about the night mode thing, but please keep in mind that placing the extra text can also be something that somebody added!

Only Server Upkeep (April 28th, 2017)

Small Maintenance Break today but nothing interesting for us included (in case you should get too excited seeing the Maintenance Break notification in-game):

No Changes Regarding Engineered Bases This Update (April 27th, 2017)

I was researching what Supercell will do about engineered bases and found some interesting evidence (plus official support said that there won’t be a change in this update). Read the full story here:

The Future of Engineered Bases - What Will Supercell Do?

It’s going to be a May Update…? (April 25th, 2017)

I think we can call the shipwreck confirmed for the update after Galadon and Powerbang told us they already played the new update. See these posts on twitter:

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So far so good, but when will we finally see some Sneak Peeks and/or the update drop? We all know that Supercell saying, “it will take a little bit more time” could mean a couple days or even weeks. Past updates have proven that to us.

In the official forum, there’s an official update thread and it just got updated minutes ago. Unfortunately, it still says that Sneak Peeks won’t be this week:

clash of clans may 2017 update

Also, in case you haven’t watched Clash with Ash’s latest video discussing some update stuff, (I recommend you watch) there’s no big news in it, but it is very entertaining.

The part at around 10:20 is very interesting. Here he compares the new update (as a person who already played it) with Clan Wars in terms of the game mode, e.g. by saying that “a lot of people will like it, but still some will prefer Clan Wars…”

Hopefully I’m able to share some new stuff with you very soon.

A little more time needed (April 20th, 2017)

Finally after more than 1 month of total silence, Supercell breaks the silence with the announcement that they are still not quite finished to tell us what’s coming but they seem to be very close to it:

This is supporting my thesis that they have been working on something that changed a lot since the first idea and then turned out to be much bigger than they would have expected.

It’s been the longest time for a new feature update in the history of Clash of Clans, so I hope the new stuff will meet the expectations and bring a lot of cool new stuff.

Now these two tweets are not revealing much except than telling us it’s not ready yet (surprise, otherwise it would have been released), but the official German account on Facebook shared some more details (thanks to Christian for pointing that out on Twitter):

clash of clans update news

“…different than all other updates before…” makes it extremely interesting in my opinion. We got all kinds of updates in the past years, featuring Clan War, introducing Dark Elixir, new Hero, new Town Halls, changing the way shields work and much more – so, what can be completely different than that?! 

New Shipwreck Info & Feature Info? (April 13th, 2017)

Finally something new – I found this artwork going around the internet that clearly shows the ship. It’s very unlikely that this is a photoshop fake since the artwork is very professional and Supercell-like.

shipwreck leak artwork

Also, the shipwreck in stone here is different from the leaked files we saw (only slightly, but still not the same).

Also, the gamefiles now show something called “Change Village”

change village in clash of clans new feature

The big question now is, what happens when we do this? Will we have another second village, maybe one that we are building together with our clan?

I don’t know how long I can stand this waiting and just want to get some info soon.

By the way, here you can see the whole story behind the shipwreck leaks:

Shipwreck Truth in Clash of Clans

Clan War Event Extended (April 13th, 2017)

Currently, the Clan War 3x XP Event is running to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the introduction of Clan War.

Just a few minutes ago, Supercell stated that this event will get extended for one more day.

Now the event will last until Tuesday next week. If that’s in any relation to the upcoming update is hard to tell, but with certainty I can say that in Finland (as well as in many other western countries in the world), This Friday & Monday are official holidays (Easter) – it’s unlikely that there will be anything happening so maybe that’s why they extended the event.

It could also be possible they just wanted to give us the extra day so we can enjoy the event during that time when many of us are not working and staying at home.

I start getting really annoyed by the waiting for the update with absolutely no info from Supercell. They better create a really massive update that will blow us away!

Clash of Clans Events

Clan War Anniversary (April 7th, 2017)

It’s been quite some time since the last info we got regarding the next update – unfortunately, I can’t tell you something official today regarding Sneak Peeks or release date, but we’re celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the introduction of Clan War.

The Event features 3x Clan XP for 10 days, a Value Pack with 125,000 Dark Elixir and Clan Gifts, so watch out in the clan chat to collect some free Gems:

free gems clan donation update

You can read everything about the Clan War Event here:

Clash of Clans Events

Bugfixing Update (March 13th, 2017)

Some of you may have been surprised this morning with an Update notification for Clash of Clans. I was surprised as well, but this is just a small update to fix bugs & glitches that more than 99% of us didn’t even hear about (and even less were affected by).

clash of clans bug fix update march 13th 2017

This is also an optional update, meaning you can still play the game without having to install.

Maintenance for Balancing Update Finished (March 8th, 2017)

The Maintenance Break for the Update is finished and you won’t need to install any update from the AppStore/Play Store.

The stats of the buffs are here:

Troop Level Stat Old New
Miner 1 Hitpoints 500 550
Miner 2 Hitpoints 550 600
Miner 3 Hitpoints 600 650
Miner 4 Hitpoints 650 700
Witch 1 Summon Cooldown 6s 5.6s
Witch 2 Summon Cooldown 6s 5.6s
Witch 3 Summon Cooldown 6s 5.6s
Dragon 4 DPS 200 210
Dragon 5 DPS 220 240
Dragon 6 DPS 240 270
PEKKA 3 DPS 300 310
PEKKA 4 DPS 340 360
PEKKA 5 DPS 380 410
Hog Rider 5 Hitpoints 475 480
Hog Rider 6 Hitpoints 535 550

So bottom line no real big changes, the Miners and Witches are the only troops that will see a real benefit. In my opinion, Dragon and PEKKA buffs are nothing more than cosmetic and the 15 addition hitpoints for Hog Riders are, with all due to respect, a joke.

The more important part is that War Weights for the War matchmaking have been changed as well, to close the gap between TH9 and TH10! The Witches Level 3 weigh a lot less and upgrading existing X-Bows and Inferno Towers will now also add a lot less weight.

You can find the updated weights here:

War Weight Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars

Shipwreck News! (March 7th, 2017)

I know many of your thought that the shipwreck would never be coming to Clash of Clans, but just a few hours ago the official Japanese Clash of Clans Twitter account posted their announcement of the Balancing Change for tomorrow:

shipwreck clash of clans update 2017

Do you see the ship in the background? It’s clearly the one we’ve been seeing in the past leaks and it’s not the first time that Supercell did give minor hints in their Japanese Twitter Account.

Read here the full story about the shipwreck:

Shipwreck Truth in Clash of Clans

Balancing Changes & New Air Defense Level (March 7th, 2017)

If you expected some big update info, you might have been surprised when Supercell released that there will be a balancing update in March.

In their defense, they also stated that there will be a bigger update they are still working on which is “coming soon”, so I think this balancing is just to tweak out the game a bit before they release their big update.

It looks like they face some more problems with their big update, so they don’t want to get the pressure higher and higher.

Here’s what we will get:

  • NEW: Air defense level 9 (TH 11)
  • Air Defense levels 4-8 upgrade cost and time decreased

With high-level air armies gaining traction, it’s finally time to release a VIVIDLY colored TH11 Air Defense.

  • Wall level 12 limit increased by 25 (TH11)

More level 12 Walls means more options for defending TH11 layouts!

  • Hog Rider levels 5-7 hitpoints increased
  • Miner hitpoints increased (all levels)

Whether as first-strike or support units, both Hog Rider and Miner will enjoy some survivability improvements with this HP boost.

  • Dragon levels 4-6 damage increased
  • P.E.K.K.A levels 3-5 damage increased

The challenging task of getting these high-level power-hitters to your prize target will be all the sweeter with these damage buffs!

  • Witch spawning rate increased

A regular member of our balancing updates, the Witch is now getting a boost to what makes her the Witch – spawning skeletons, and LOTS of them.

In my opinion, they are doing nothing unexpected. They are giving those troops a buff that are not used that much and the new Air Defense Level was mandatory with the current air meta at TH11.

The big question so far is WHEN will this balancing update drop? Tomorrow:

march 2017 clash of clans update date

The “massive update” they also announced to be “coming soon” will hopefully be announced in March as well. It’s about time 🙂

Village Loading Problems – Maintenance Breaks! (February 24th, 2017)

There’s a problem with one of Supercell’s servers that prevents some of us from loading the village correctly.

The Maintenance Break should fix this and is about to start now.

Check out older new regarding the upcoming update on the next page:


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  1. Wait a Second!! Look at the island. This one is different. I guess this is a Second village or a loading screen after sailing the ship. As far as I know this isn’t the normal Clash’s Loading screen

  2. On the picture with the lit candle, if you look at the ‘barbarian’ statue, it has a full face mask that looks like part of the helmet. Neither maxed barbs or elite barbs from royale look like that. I was wondering why no one’s mentioned it…. Also, below the boat, same pic, what is that? It almost looks like a mounted gun or something….

  3. hey supercell you will update .. all players account will be back … because supercell had many accounts banned without any warning

  4. Look at the weights in the photo, add them up = 17. The month of May is the 5th month of the year and there is one five weight. We’re left with 2 weights, the 2 and the 10, maybe the update or sneak peaks will take place on the 2nd, 10th or 12th.

  5. In a Brazilian site of Clash of Clans published yesterday that some Youtubers like “Clash with Ash” and “PowerBang” will travel to Finland from may 5 to 13.
    This could be our Hopes ? some news will come next of this days ?

    As like many of you (I guess) I’m really hyped for this update.

  6. SEE Carefully ……

    in official post update..

    We appreciate your patience so stay tuned! Clash On!
    What we know ABOAT the update:
    Not Town Hall 12.
    No level 13 walls.
    Its unique from any update, and it’s huge.”

    u got that …… ? A boat instead of about.

    #ShipWreck Confirmed in official post.

    • this ship was already confirmed from supercell and Clash with ash made a video this days talk with other youtubers to discuss about this update and he confirmed the ship there to.
      Now what will happen or what this ship will be, that is the point.

  7. Im upgrading my th9 to th10.should i need to wait until the new update comes??or cancel th upgrade??? Plz tell me

    • Who is your TH9? It’s all maxed UP ?
      If Yes I suggest you to keep upgrading your TH to level 10. Because is waste of time keep in TH9 in this case.


  8. My patience is running out (T_T)! According to supercell this upcoming update is going to huge n epic and few youtubers already checked this new update and they r pretty excited which means may b this huge update is complete n now SC may b working on servers,preparing them for update but I think they should at least release some sneak peaks 🙂
    Sc is being lazy n I am being impatience :p

    • they are not lazy and the youtubers just played the test version that might still have bugs in it and not working 100%.
      Then the update needs to be reviewd by Apple for the AppStore and when this all is done they start releaseing the Sneak Peeks.
      Come on we waited for 5 month now then we can wait for one more week 😉 But I’m also impatient XD

  9. Hi Timmy, thanks for giving us some fresh news. But I’m dying for the next update ! 😣😣😧😧😵😵. Please give us some new news.

  10. Disappointed once again…feeling cheated. Does anyone else think they’re Valkyrie did more damage at a lower level? Giants? I have maxed out both…and I’m watching them work harder than they did when they were L3’s or L6’s on walls and basically everything. I’ve watched a replay of my attack a few times out of sheer disbelief. Hoping I missed something. Same feeling I had when I finally maxed out my Valks…disappointment. Now my giants. 🙄

    • Don’t mind that too much, it’s just a bunch of tags… None of them will release anything that Supercell doesn’t allow them to say otherwise they will lose all of their privileges plus get sued their asses off 😉
      But thanks for posting, I wasn’t noticing them TBH 😀

  11. Hahaha, i usualy visit allclash every day to check for news, but Thierry week i visit every hour!!!! Cooommmmmoooonnn supercell drop the sneakpeak >__< !!! I cant wait any more!!!

  12. I hope the ship is an easy way to go between your own accounts. I will be happy to never type the word “CONFIRM” again…

    • That’s something that would make a lot of sense, hopefully including a weekly leaderboard and more to come. I honestly don’t believe they would bring something like co-op playing but at this point anything is possible

  13. Well this time around they are not hiding the fact that this is a HUGE update. I remember the December of 2015 update where they got mad at people for assuming it was a “game changing” update. The hype is certainly there and now I look forward to whatever is in store. I doubt they are going to call it HUGE unless it is significant. Guess we hope for sneak peeks next week now! Thanks Timmy for the great website!

    • To be honest the “game changin” part was also in their own language for the december 2015 update (and well it was gamechanging when you look at the fact that they removed town hall sniping and exposed town halls completely what was like 90% of all attacks done in the game).
      Bottom line you’re right, a new game mode (not game changing, a new MODE) is overdue for a long time now

  14. Where in the war weight section is spells walls and heros. Come on this is very important but u idiots left them ouy sheesh

  15. So as you guys know lachnessmeownster , the sc moderator , have posted about the update saying its close
    But most of you didnt notice what he/she said
    “Here’s what we know aboat the update”
    Of course such mistake (aboat instead of about) would be on purpose , confirming the boat theory

    • Yes of course it’s on purpose, like the CW update when they were using terms like that. Also Galadon and PB who already played the new update posted ship emojis on their twitter accounts… boat is confirmed but more interesting is what this new feature will be 🙂

  16. Hey Timmy,

    Found This On Supercell Forums.
    Its By LachNessMeownster (Supercell Moderator)
    “The One & ONLY Update Thread
    Alas… the time has come.

    Update status: Still in the works.

    Hey Chief! We know you’re excited to hear more news about the upcoming update. We’re just as excited to share more with you but we’re not quite ready yet. One thing we can say is that this update will be different from any other update. It will be much bigger and we can’t wait to share it with you!

    We appreciate your patience so stay tuned! Clash On!
    What we know aboat the update:
    Not Town Hall 12.
    No level 13 walls.
    Its unique from any update, and it’s huge.”

  17. I don’t know what’s the time in your country but in India its night and I say u all take a good sleep tomorrow will be a update or sneak peek.

  18. Three people have said the sneak peeks are tomorrow and since that is a total guess but gets me excited, I’m going to join!!

    Sneak peeks will start April 25th!!!

    Also, maybe because I’m impatient and love getting any kind of info on the next update, but I actually get excited when new comments pop up on this thread…having said that, its hard not to roll my eyes when I read comments from people that really make no sense. However, comments like adding the Sri Lankan flag is great! Keep them up!

  19. It may come out the 25 I say this because in the picture with the Barb and weights the 2 & 5 are right next to each other which could imply it coming out on the 25 of April

  20. I really hope the new update allows you to donate resources. It will really help out people who are new to the game. For example, I am a Town Hall 7, and i am only 1,000 Dark Elixir away from getting my Barbarian King. One of my clanmates could just donate me the remaining amount. However, there should be a limit.

    • Yes.. Tim’s one of the previous post… (” Thanks for pointing that out You’re right all my speculations (and maybe here and there some things I pick up from several sources I built in the past years).
      Galadon just bragged on Twitter that he just played the new Clash of Clans Update, so I think it’s on the last steps.
      Also mind that they never release any Sneak Peeks until the update is approved by Apple for the AppStore (and with a huge update this can also take some time, even they enjoy a VIP status from Apple)
      Powerbang also stated he played the new update and that it will blow our minds… I think we can be excited.”)

    • Just my thoughts…The only troop you really have to worry about would be dragons. Everything else can be handled with a poison or two. Draw out the troops with a few balloons, then have some minions or archers on hand to draw it to a corner, use a poison and eliminate the troops…just a suggestion

  21. The least they can do is Hype us with some sneak peeks, Even tho it’s not done, they must be totally clueless and now doing work.

  22. Is there Any way you can make the recent update statements a bit more clear?. Everything is jumbled, I have a hard time getting to the latest edit.

    • Did you read the article? Do you know that Timmy is not one of the creators of Clash of Clans? Nobody except Supercell knows when they are coming and their “official” statement is in the article above and that’s all that is known. Timmy made speculation above that it is POSSIBLE that they might come this weekend, but he is making a guess based on the past. So please read the article before asking such great questions. 🙂

      • Thanks for pointing that out 🙂 You’re right all my speculations (and maybe here and there some things I pick up from several sources I built in the past years).
        Galadon just bragged on Twitter that he just played the new Clash of Clans Update, so I think it’s on the last steps.
        Also mind that they never release any Sneak Peeks until the update is approved by Apple for the AppStore (and with a huge update this can also take some time, even they enjoy a VIP status from Apple)
        Powerbang also stated he played the new update and that it will blow our minds… I think we can be excited 😀

      • I should have put educated guess because you have been right most of the time! This is all exciting news and I hope it’s soon!

  23. When u started playing coc I also hope for a another hidden or undersea type base hope the shipwerk will bring it.

  24. I’m willing to bet that the ship will allow you to switch between two villages you own/manage. You click on the ship, and “sail” to your second village to play it.

    Lots of people already have two accounts (e.g. a mini) on CoC, and its annoying to switch between them on a single device. SuperCell would obviously want more people running two accounts, because they will be more likely to buy and spend gems. It would be a major advantage to both the players and SuperCell to streamline the switching/management of two villages.

    And if you look at the leaked game files, it make sense. There is the “change village” feature leak, which is probably what actually implements the switch to your second account. There are two sprites of the ship, one with the normal ship and the other with the broken ship. This is probably going to be the same as the clan castle, where the ship starts off broken, and to enable the “switching” feature, you have to rebuild the ship. It will probably have a minimum TH level required to rebuild the ship.

    The ship icon is probably for a game setting where you specify what the second account is that you want to link.

    You heard it here first 🙂

    • I will bet you on any amount that it won’t connect multiple coc account you own.
      No game is intended that you use multiple accounts and they would just punch themself in the face.
      It’s some secondary base you can build (or maybe along with your clan).
      Also, building a feature that links two accounts won’t take 6 month to develop (unless you try to get it done by some monkeys) 🙂
      Again, I will take that bet so what’s your bet amount? 🙂

  25. Timmy I cannot find any info on how the most heroic attacks and defences are determined. Do you know?
    This update better come quick I’m almost ready for TH11, just waiting to see what it entails..

  26. 4 month’s – 4 ad and some balancing , it seems this game is going backwards with less and less updates and changes , it’s too bad as the interest in this game is starting to wind down , poor job by supercell to continue the buzz around the game 😔

    • I’m also disappointed that it takes that long (with the same “no info” communication policy they always wanted to change!).
      In fact, I believe this ship was intended to do something completely different in the beginning when they started (something like the submarine in boom beach maybe) and then they saw the urgent need for a new game feature that needs to be more than that and started from the scratch again and then discovered that it gets more and more and completely busted their own timeframe.
      With the hype created there was no turning back at some point and now they have to finish it at any cost.
      I used to work in software development for many years, so I know how situations like this start – but after all, Supercell is a BILLION DOLLAR company and I still have the feeling only 2-3 developer work on the game…
      Bottom line, we will see the big picture at some point and when they release it it will be worth the waiting and hopefully they learned from it… 🙂

  27. I quote from lachnessmonster , an sc moderator

    “This is just speculation – but its speculation that you guys could perhaps use.

    We know there is a livestream event on the 22nd. We also know that this is taking place on the live servers of the game, and that war weights and player balancing have already been recorded for those attending. If there was an update that were to drop between now and then, gemmers like me would be getting any new goodies – thus changing my standings.

    Since this it is an SC hosted event, I personally believe they would rather keep the matchups as even as possible.

    Just my speculation of course.”

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like the assumption is that we will NOT see an update before that event so we won’t be seeing sneakpeeks next week. I will keep checking this page religiously though! My impatience I think has turned to excitement but now I’m afraid of a major letdown lol. We shall see.

      • Well if the update will come out after 22nd , we should expect sneakpeeks around 15th as when the tournament finishes on 22nd the update can come after it a couple of days later
        Or perhaps coc is waiting on that event to include SPs in it

  28. Hey Timmy a clan mate of my says he read somewhere online that with the unmade supercell would be give all players above th 8 125k dark elixir and 1200 free gems. I’ve look for some truth to this but can find any have u heard any rumors about this at all

  29. Yesterday I was talking with some Clanmates and discussing what we would like to see in the next update.
    One thing that could bring more fun It’s to Improve the “Friendly Wars”, because since that this feature came my clan didn’t use a single time, we prefer to have a normal war one followed by other.
    I guess that “Friendly War” could happen in the same time of a regular war, this probably could make more players get online and enjoy more the game.
    Other thing that we would like to see is a new “campaign game” or a weekly little quest in the “goblins campaign”, things that could help the players improve yourself in the game.

  30. Hey Timmy, I realize nobody knows when the update is finally coming, but I was just wondering if you have heard anything? Thanks

    • Last official statement 2 weeks ago was “hope to have it ready next month/one month, but could be earlier or later” – so basically that’s all that’s coming throught.
      The Tubers know what’s going on as they’ve been in Finaland recently and are extremely silent. I don’t expect anything to happen this week regarding Sneak Peeks to be honest…

  31. Its been five months , five months and nothing
    We dont want CoC to rush but , almost half a year already , c’mon

  32. Hi guys, does anyone know what todays (29/03/2017) maintenance break was fir or if it changed any game mechanics?


    • That is a pretty good question.
      I looked for trying to find de answer for your question, but I don’t found anything.

      Just the SuperCell Tweet. “…we’re doing some server upkeep!…”

    • They just said it’s “server upkeep” which is pretty normal – however when I was starting afterwads I saw a short “content downloading”
      However they might be up to something or prepare something, this also happens with regular server upkeep from time to time.
      I didn’t mention it here because it would just create hype where maybe nothing happened at all 🙂

  33. Any word on the massive update? Why all the secrecy by Supercell? They communicate much better for Clash Royale. I feel like Royale is their main focus right now. I still like Clash of Clans but Royale has my attention more these days. I hope this new update brings the game back to its glory days.

  34. Just my opinion so I guess take it for what it’s worth. Not necessarily to the same degree but this is reminding me of the big update in December of 2015 that forever changed this game and for me caused me to quit the game for about 6 months. I ended up coming back and found enjoyment again, but that is starting to go and I’m keeping on anticipating a fun update. I’m just hopeful that they don’t screw this update up with the promises of a massive update that ends up transforming the game in a negative (just my opinion) way like the last one. Also…getting super impatient!! Nearing 4 months since there was an update considering I don’t really count the teaser one with upgrading the Air Defense.

    • This upcoming update is not changing the game like the Dec 2015 Update, hopefully like the Apr 2014 Update that brought us Clan War.
      I don’t think they will change the general game mechanics like end of 2015 (there’s no need to, all active players are having fun) – all we need is a new competitive game mode or feature that will fresh up things and with more than 6 month development of the shipwreck so far, we can count on something in the dimension of clan wars

  35. bro the appearence of google wallet is a bit different now i am unable to look for the address changing option can you please link a video for that purpose (with the latest wallet version) also can you make a article on websites helping to earn google play gift cards

  36. After the hits CoC recieved from pokemon go and even clash royale the CoC staff is finally going on the right way to deliever the experience they owed us from years , anyways thanks for the awesome content timmy you are the most reliable source for CoC news as you collect info from all over the internet , keep up the good work!

    • no! hell no! please not! no new troops or spells! 😀
      Honestly, the balancing of troops is ok right now. New troops is always either too weak and gets buffed to be too strong or OP from the start XD.
      Don’t want to ride the buffnerfcycle of 2016 again 🙂

      • Indeed sadly most players think that adding new upgrades and units like icecream scoops will increase the fun but adding many new units will lead to killing of older troops also it will lead to CoC staff redirecting its resources at balancing instead of working to deliever new content

  37. I’m really expect a Huge update, yesterday I saw a Tweet from ASH “To all my Clash of Clans viewers: don’t worry, I’ll be releasing 2 CoC vids a day during sneak peek period. “Massive update” coming soon!”

    I Hope and I’m sure that Supercell could make a great work again in this Game, at least make him more fun to play again.

  38. You should not lose troops that don’t die when attacking. Everything that is still alive st end of attack should be returned to barracks. You should also be able to share resources in your clan… really make it a team game, players can work together and help out weaker bases etc.

  39. Been waiting so patiently for the sneak peeks atleast. I hope Supercell is well prepared for the update and it comes soon.

  40. i think dark labortory,new hero for th10,army camp upgrade in th11 and heros are also bring to labortory is mostly important and required plz upgrade this..

  41. i think dark labortory,new hero for th10,army camp upgrade in th11 is mostly important and required plz upgrade this..

  42. I’m tired of SC making all the updates for th10+. People that are still in th8 or lower should be able to enjoy the updates not just watching Youtubers using the new stuff

      • He has a point, but this discussion is going on for years… I think if a new game mode is coming, it will be for all Town Halls (or at least TH5+).
        I don’t think there will be new troops or spells anytime soon (clone spell and skeleton spell are not used at all so far, and i also don’t think that miners witches or pekka make a hge comeback with the recent buffs)… so why new troops when not even all troops in the game are really worth using?
        New game mode, fix the clouds, balancing the matchmaking for clan war against lopsided bases are the big things we all need – new level of troops or defense, who cares?
        BTW when new defenses came out (Air Sweeper and Bomb Tower), they were all available for TH8 (and lower)…

    • If you played the game, you wouldn’t be th8 4-6 months and go to th9, then th9 6-8 months but this all depends how much you play!

  43. Well this is very awesome game..35% of people play this game in Pakistan. I’m playing from since 2015 I have 5 ID for using & for playing COC I request you to provide use Pakistan Flag I hope you will not rejecte my point

    • Yes – f*** playtesting and development! They use magic anyway and the concept of time does not exist for SC!

      Come on….

    • and why did he talk in his last night stream about that he knows what the next update will be (but can’t tell because of his NDA)? 😉
      The 3 main YT influencer (CWA, Galadon and PB) are all in Finland and they won’t be shown the new content? Doubt it.
      They all got their material for the Sneak Peeks there, believe me.
      The smell of Sneak Peeks is in the air, I just think SC needs to do some more testing before they start.
      We never had been waiting longer for an update in the past years (only the one that brought us Clan Wars)… just sayin’

  44. I was once up against an engineered TH 11 base with all the defensive buildings and walls except x-bow and inferno tower and also no grand warden and did not build the extra gold mine and elixir collector. Walls are mostly level 7 and some level 8 and few level 9 and most def buildings are one level up TH 9. The thing is I went the 0.5 route maxing existing buildings then once maxed, I bought all the defensive buildings and started upgrading them. All walls are level 8, x-bow still at level 1 (both upgrading) and the rest are maxed including traps when I was paired up against an engineered TH 11 mentioned above. Surmise to say I lost.

    • Agreed. We only see assumtions at this moment, while SC is as silent as a graveyard. Guess we just have to wait and see, do some other nice things like having a beer or consuming a bag full of potato chips. Life’s more than clash guys 🙂

  45. Hopefully power bang is there for the update, but I do know that the champions war league semifinals and I think finals are this week. He mensioned that the wars would be in Europe for this.

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