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army training in clash of clans with quick train

Troop training in Clash of Clans is probably one of the most frequent things you’ll do, besides hitting the “Next” Button. In this post, I want to show you a few techniques that will not only help at training troops faster, but also assist with donating troops within your Clan. With the recent rework of army training, we got some very valuable and new possibilities that I want to show you now.

Faster & Better Troop Training

Training your troops is the central part of the game, not only because you need the troops to attack – you also need troops to donate for requesting clan members and to fill the defending Clan Castles in Clan War.

We need our troops trained as fast as possible while you have the troops you need to help out your friends.

Here are some nice things you can do to make the troop training more comfortable.

The central part of this is the Quick Train functionality that lets you store templates.

1.) Have 2 Full Armies Ready

One great feature is that you can store 2 entire armies. You will always have exactly double the amount of housing space that you have in your Army Camps inside the Training Screen.

The best part is, that these troops all get trained. If you’re Town Hall 11 and have 240 Housing Space in your Army Camps, you can train troops for 480 Housing Space.

They are instantly available as soon as you have open camp space

training multiple armies in clash of clans

Here you can see that I have 2 entire armies (separate by a mark) that are trained.

available troops clash of clans

These green checks means that the training is complete and the troops are available as soon as I have space available in my Army Camps – if I now use the first 250 Housing Space of troops (a.k.a First Army), they will be instantly ready when I come back.

That means you can do two attacks right after each other. The downside is that you will need to gem your Hero regeneration and also the troop donation request to fill your Clan Castle back up.

This is a lot cheaper than gemming a whole army, but still somewhat expensive. I personally don’t do it like that because I always do a single attack in between when I’m busy during the day anyway.

This is also a nice method to use when you boost your Barracks, because the Hero regeneration and the training of the next Barracks will get reduced to such a low amount that you can attack almost straight through the whole period.

2.) Troop Donation & Clan War Training

This is my personal method. It’s great because it offers me a lot of flexibility – I always have my full army ready and I have always the troops that I need for donating to my clan.

I always train them like that when I do an attack and when I’m back online I can start with a full attack and also fill up my clan mates Clan Castles.

Here’s the template I use:

faster army training method with quick train

Of course you can also use the army that you are using frequently.

I have my Quick Train Templates used like this:

  1. This is my main army I use to attack (full army)
  2. This is the troops that my clan friends request most often (troops and spells)
  3. For Clan War I start this to fill up the War Castles

I think the first army is clear to anyone, but the second one needs some explanation.

These are the troops that I often see being requested. The cool thing is that they are ready when I go online, so I can donate them straight away without harming my army in any way.

Then I can perform my attack, delete the leftover donation troops from the queue and queue my army again.

Step 1: Donate the troops

troop donations in clash of clans

Step 2: Remove the leftover troops

Step 3: Attack!

Step 4: Queue Main Army and Donation Army again

troop queue with quick train

All you need to do is find the perfect balance for the donation troops, but it’s your clan and I’m sure you can figure out the 4-5 most requested troops very easily. 🙂

Attention! If you donate troops from your current army setup, you can just train single troops and put them in front of the queue manually by holding their icon a little bit longer.

troop training queue changes

3.) Hide Resources

You should always queue up army training to the top, for a simple reason. When you queue a troop you will have to pay the resources for it – even if the troop is only inside the training and not yet released to the Army Camps.

When you remove the troop from the queue, you get 100% of the resources refunded.

I think you can see what my point is – you can simply “hide” resources from attackers – all you need to do is to remove the troops you don’t want when you go online BEFORE you attack.

Hardcore Farmer Tip:

If you’re farming hardcore, you can also train yourself a “hide army” in Quick Training:

hiding dark elixir

In this case, I can hide 7500 Dark Elixir that nobody can steal. If you want to hide Dark Elixir you should use Golems & Earthquake Spells, for Elixir choose Wall Breakers and Freeze Spells.

hide elixir in clash of clans


When you group up your armies, you can make your life in Clash of Clans a whole lot easier. From my experience, you just need to develop your own routine and after a couple of days you will do that automatically without much thought.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Witches are better for hiding troops as they use more DE for less housing space than Golums no? 250DE for 12 spaces vs 450DE for 30 spaces

  2. clash of clans is a very good game for all the people. but this game is used by internet.YOU SHOULD HAVE TO REMOVE THE THINGS LIKE MESSAGE.Only requesting for troops u should give the internet .

    • all game progress is saved on the servers to prevent anyone from cheating, it’s impossible without internet.
      Also, how do you want to see opponents bases without internet? 😉

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