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Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

So many of us have to deal with upgrading Heroes every day in Clash of Clans and with the frequently added new levels it has not gotten any better. In fact, not having Heroes available is one of the biggest pains you can have.

This is one of the reasons why one or another delay Hero upgrades because you just need them. Well, sooner or later you’ll have to do it but the good news is, you can still farm and trophy push when your Heroes are upgrading and in this article, I will show you the attacking strategies that work well without heroes.

Heroes are very strong and many times they make the difference between a lost attack and a victory or are an important part of the whole attacking strategy. This is nice on one hand because we all invest a lot of time and resources in upgrading them, but on the other hand, we also get more and more dependent on our Heroes – this means with them you are strong and without them, you are not.

How To Farm Without Heroes

Lower Town Hall Levels admire our Heroes, but they can farm no matter what they are upgrading. When you upgrade to Town Hall 9 you see very fast how much you depend on your Heroes, but simply not farming while they are upgrading is not an option.

So what can you do in the meantime?

There are ways to still farm, also quite successful.

Why Not BARCH or Goblin Knife?

BARCH and Goblin Knife work great in lower Town Hall regions, but if you are Town Hall 9 or above you will have a harder time using them. The reason is easy, in terms to make them working successfully you will need your Barbarian King for tanking and your Archer Queen to take down a certain part of the base.

Without heroes, you don’t have that.

This is also the reason why attacking strategies like Queen Walk & Bowlers, Queen Charge & Miner and much more are not working, but there are strategies that are able to make solid 1-Star & 2-Star attacks without relying on Heroes!

I’m talking about strategies where Heroes are nice to get more percentage or some more Storages, but you will not have that much less without having heroes available.

Also, it’s not very common that you have both Heroes upgrading at the same time when you have them at Level 20+ due to the insane amount of Elixir needed.

I will now show you multiple attacking strategies that you can use without Heroes. You can check them out and see which one works best for you (and of course matches the troops that you have upgraded so far):

  • Town Hall 9: Giants, Healer and Valkyries
  • Town Hall 10 & 11: BabyLoon
  • Town Hall 10 & 11: Miners
  • Town Hall 9 & 10 & 11: LavaLoonian

They completely rely on not having Heroes available at all, but I think you will have at least 1 Hero available.

Attention! Please mind that I have only taken attacking strategies here where you’re able to attack active bases that are the same Town Hall level as you are – none of these strategies require you to search hundreds of bases until you find an abandoned base with outside collectors.

Farming With Giants/Healer/Valkyries (Town Hall 9)

This is a great way to wreck bases, without Heroes – the only downside is that you will need some upgraded Valkyries, that some of us still do not have. You will need at least Valkyries Level 3 and for Town Hall 11, you should have them maxed.

Here’s what you need to train:

  • 8-10 Giants;
  • 6-8 Wizards;
  • 2 Healers;
  • 12 Valkyries;
  • 2 Rage Spells;
  • 2 Jump Spells;
  • 1 Freeze Spell (for TH10 and above bases for the Inferno Towers)
  • 1 Poison Spell; and
  • Clan Castle filled with either Giants or Valkyries (depending what your Clan can give you best).

There is no Heal Spell necessary because the Healer will follow the Valks once the Giants die off.

The attacking plan is quite simple:

  1. Send in the Giants & Healers;
  2. Create a funnel with your Wizards;
  3. Deploy the Valks; and
  4. Follow them and support them with the Spells.

The first two steps are only designed to create your entry point to the base. You want to deploy your Giants and Healers to get the defenses attention and then drop your Wizards to create a funnel for the Valkyries.

If you still have a problem creating a funnel I’d recommend this guide I wrote:

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farming with low heroes and valkyries

Then you will send in your Valkyries, and that’s pretty much it – all that is left to do is deploy your Spells for the Valkyries:

  • Freeze Spell the Multi-Target Inferno Tower (TH10+);
  • Jump Spell before your Valkyries enter that area (you will see how fast they are, especially under rage); and
  • Rage Spell on them (especially once they reach the core area).

valkyrie farming without heroes

I have here one video for you where you can check some replays (please click here when you can’t see the video):

TH10-TH11: Farming With BabyLoon

BabyLoon is a great farming strategy since Baby Dragons have been released and the great thing about it is, it doesn’t depend on Heroes as they are only for cleaning in the end.

farming without heroes in clash of clans th10 and th11

I personally like this strategy a lot and you should be able to pick up your League Bonus almost all of the time (unless something goes horribly wrong), so you can also add the League Bonus to your net profit which can be a lot (I’m in Titan league so it’s also 300k Gold/Elixir + 2k Dark Elixir on top).

If you like to learn more about that strategy, I have written a full guide how it works here:

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TH9-TH11: Farming With LavaLoonian

This is my personal favorite strategy for farming without Heroes, I also feel the msot comfortable with it because I know I can always get a high percentage for the League Bonus without the Heroes.

Depending on your taste, you can use 2 or 3 Lava Hounds, I personally prefer having 3 Hounds at TH11 to give the Balloons some extra time:

  • 2 Lava Hounds;
  • 22-24 Balloons;
  • 25 Minions;
  • Balloons in your Clan Castle;
  • 1 Freeze Spell;
  • 1-2 Rage Spells;
  • 2 Haste Spell; and
  • 3 Poison Spells (yes, you’ll need them).

The attacking itself is pretty standard:

  1. Send in your Lava Hounds to cover 2 Air Defenses;
  2. Directly after them you’ll send your Balloons;
  3. Right behind them your Minions; and
  4. Drop your Spells.

It’s probably the easiest attack because you will clear up anything in the path. With the Minions already deployed you won’t need troops for cleaning behind because they will already clean up everything in their way.

farming without heroes lavaloon

All you need to do is deploy your spells:

  • Freeze Spell on the Eagle Artillery (TH11) or for lower THs you should check if you can get like 2 X-Bows together;
  • Haste Spells in the beginning (because your Balloons are grouped up and you have enough so you won’t need the extra damage);
  • Rage Spell in the core area; and
  • All Poison Spells on defending Clan Castle troops or Skeleton Traps if there are any.

lavaloon farming

If you would like to dive deeper into this attacking strategy, please check out my LaLoonian guide here:

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Farming With Miners

Miners are back in business and they are stronger than ever since the Inferno Tower doesn’t block heal anymore. Just fill your camps with them and add 2 Rage and 3 Healing Spells and you’re good to go crushing bases in every league.

You can start building a funnel with the Hero you got (skip the part with the Queen Charge as this guide is for low Heroes or no Heroes), but still you can see where this is going in this guide I wrote here:

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I’m using this strategy for like 2 months now and I had amazing results with it while upgrading my heroes! 🙂


Farming without Heroes is not that much of a pain. With these 3 strategies you will make some profit and over time you will also get the League Bonus more frequently as an addition.

Of course, the profit with Heroes is bigger – but what are the other options? Collector sniping is just a waste of time for a small profit and with the short training times of this method, you will see that you still can do a nice number of attacks every day.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Comment*bro plz added more strategy for farming without using heroes and dark elixer for good attack and giwipe and much attack strategy added plz I always take tips from here

  2. Im a th9 and i use loonion for DE farming and i also get some profit with gold and elixir,this is the best dark elixir farming strategy.

  3. I’m on th11 with 42/41/8 heroes. I keep them all sleeping continuously. Just keep a 4days time to farm for queen & 3days time for king & u r set to see them sleeping(if u r awesome in farming????)

  4. I am a th9 and I use Giwipe and Loonion for Farming without Heroes. Works pretty nicely to farm 2k dark per raid on dead th9 around Crystal 2.

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