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Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

Heroes are very strong and many times they make the difference between a lost attack and a victory. This is nice on one hand because we all invest a lot of time and resources in upgrading them, but on the other hand we also get more and more dependent on our Heroes – this means with them we are strong and without them we are not. That’s the reason I wanted to gather some different farming strategies you can use while your Heroes are upgrading.

How To Farm Without Heroes

Lower Town Hall Levels admire our Heroes, but they can farm no matter what they are upgrading. When you upgrade to Town Hall 9 you see very fast how much you depend on your Heroes, but simply not farming while they are upgrading is not an option.

So what can you do in the meantime?

There are ways to still farm, also quite successfully.

Here are the two strategies:

  • Giants, Healer and Valkyries; and
  • LavaLoon / LavaLoonian.

They completely rely on not having Heroes available, but I think we will have at least 1 Hero available – this Hero is a nice addition to clean up at the end to maybe push for a League Bonus or gather some extra buildings.

Why Not BARCH or Goblins?

BARCH and Goblin raids work great in lower Town Hall regions, but if you are Town Hall 9 or above you will have a harder time using these. The reason is that bases get larger and have more Storages. This means you will need to get more Storages and also the Town Hall to make some profit in farming – otherwise, you will see yourself nexting for ages until you find a base that has filled Mines & Collectors and spend most of your raid Gold income doing so.

Farming With Giants/Healer/Valkyries

This is a great way to wreck bases, even without Heroes – the only downside is that you will need some upgraded Valkyries, that some of us still do not have. You will need at least Valkyries Level 3 and for Town Hall 11 you should have them maxed.

Here’s what you need to train:

  • 8-10 Giants;
  • 6-8 Wizards;
  • 2 Healers;
  • 12 Valkyries;
  • 2 Rage Spells;
  • 2 Jump Spells;
  • 1 Freeze Spell (for TH10 and above bases for the Inferno Towers)
  • 1 Poison Spell; and
  • Clan Castle filled with either Giants or Valkyries (depending what your Clan can give you best).

There is no Heal Spell necessary, because the Healer will follow the Valks once the Giants die off.

The attacking plan is quite simple:

  1. Send in the Giants & Healers;
  2. Create a funnel with your Wizards;
  3. Deploy the Valks; and
  4. Follow them and support them with the Spells.

The first two steps are only designed to create your entry point to the base. You want to deploy your Giants and Healers to get the defenses attention and then drop your Wizards to create a funnel for the Valkyries.

If you still have a problem creating a funnel I’d recommend this guide I wrote:

Funnel Your Troops During Attacks

farming with low heroes and valkyries

Then you will send in your Valkyries, and that’s pretty much it – all that is left to do is deploy your Spells for the Valkyries:

  • Freeze Spell the Multi-Target Inferno Tower (TH10+);
  • Jump Spell before your Valkyries enter that area (you will see how fast they are, especially under rage); and
  • Rage Spell on them (especially once they reach the core area).

valkyrie farming without heroes

Farming With LavaLoon/LavaLoonian

I assume most of you know how LavaLoon works, but when farming with this strategy you don’t need that many Lava Hounds (2 is enough, no matter which Town Hall Level you are):

  • 2 Lava Hounds;
  • 22-24 Balloons;
  • 25 Minions;
  • Balloons in your Clan Castle;
  • 1 Freeze Spell;
  • 1-2 Rage Spells;
  • 2 Haste Spell; and
  • 3 Poison Spells (yes, you’ll need them).

The attacking itself is pretty standard:

  1. Send in your Lava Hounds;
  2. Directly after them you’ll send your Balloons;
  3. Right behind them your Minions; and
  4. Drop your Spells.

It’s probably the easiest attack, because you will clear up anything in the path. With the Minions already deployed you won’t need troops for cleaning behind, because they will already clean up everything in their way.

farming without heroes lavaloon

All you need to do is deploy your spells:

  • Freeze Spell on a Multi-Target Infernos;
  • Haste Spells in the beginning (because your Balloons are grouped up and you have enough so you won’t need the extra damage);
  • Rage Spell in the core area; and
  • All Poison Spells on defending Clan Castle troops if there are any.

lavaloon farming


Farming without Heroes is not that much of a pain. With these 2 strategies you will make some profit and over time you will also learn how to get the League Bonus as an addition.

Of course, the profit with Heroes is bigger – but what are the other options? Collector sniping is sometimes just a waste of time for a small profit and with the short training times of this method you will see that you still can do a nice number of attacks every day.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha and Punchy

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