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Farm War Alliances – Farming With Clan War

For those of us who do proper farming, it’s always a difficult decision to participate in Clan Wars. Winning a Clan War returns a good amount of extra loot, but the investment is high because we need an expensive and strong army to have that victory. In some cases, the opponents are too strong or something goes wrong and then you end up losing a bunch of farmed resources. In this post I want to show you a project called FarmWarAlliance which allows people to farm resources in Clan War.

Farming In Clan War

The perfect situation for farmers – loot being generated out of nowhere. That’s what Clan War is for those of us with loot as the primary goal. The difficult part is that farming in Clan War is almost impossible, or only practicable in less common circumstances.

So far, the only situation where War farming is possible is when your clan does a war against a very bad or inactive clan.

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That’s where FarmWarAlliance comes in.

What’s FarmWarAlliance?

Simply spoken it’s a project that let clans do Clan War against each other and all leave resources available very easily.  Although, considering the Clan War mechanic, this is not easy to do.

The founders of this project set up some techniques and rules to make this possible and as of now there are more than 200 clans participating.

I had the opportunity to participate and get some first-hand impressions how it works.

Here’s how it works.

First of all, every member will need to build the same layout.

farming clan war base layout

As you can see, it’s more than just setting the Collectors and Storages on the outside. This design makes 2 Star attacks possible, which get all loot, with only the Heroes being used.

farm war alliance attacking

The clan that will win the FarmWar will have to make a couple of 3 Star attacks, but even this is easy to achieve. The southern corner can get taken down by Minions and the right-hand compartment is also easily destroyed with Heroes plus some extra troops.

farm war 3 star


All the clans start the matchmaking at the same time – this makes it more likely many of them get matched against each other. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but it’s very likely you get lucky.

In fact, I never have seen a mismatch in the War Log of one of the clans there. 🙂


Of course, the big bonus loot is only rewarded to the clan who wins the Clan War. To prevent any fraud or scam, all participating clans commit to a central rule set. One of the important things here is a flip of which clan will win.

This doesn’t sound very fair, but this project is for farming so there will be plenty of wars and you will win some and lose some.

But even being in the clan who isn’t allowed to win, doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time.

All the bases can get 2-Stared with Heroes only and you will get some loot. The investment is very low. Even with the loser portion of the War Bonus, plus the loot you took in the raids, you will make some good extra resources. Sending in your Heroes doesn’t cost you anything and they won’t get harmed so you have them available right after the attack.


The loot is pretty much free and an awesome opportunity for farmers. Just have a look what you can get (as a Town Hall 11).

Each attack will reward 100k Gold, 100k Elixir & 600 Dark Elixir, only for investing Heroes (zero resource investment).

Then the War Bonus Loot is also about 800k Elixir, 800k Gold & 4.5k Dark Elixir.

farmwaralliance farming in clan war millions

Bottom line you will get:

  • In the winner clan: 1.8M Elixir, 1.8M Gold & 10k Dark Elixir
  • In the losing clan: 440k Elixir, 440k Gold & 2.7k Dark Elixir

Also, most of the clans in there are Clan Level 10 so the Perk will add an additional 25% to the War Bonus.

Not bad for an almost zero investment in time and resources.

If you’re farming and are not seeking for the big glory in Clan War, you should try it out. Here you can find a clan: FarmWarAlliance.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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