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Fall Polls for AllClash

If you’re following for some time, you already know that I like to make some polls every now and then to get a feeling how you guys feel about the game and to get a feeling what content I will create in the next weeks/months. The last one was back in May, so I feel like it’s now about time and hope to get a lot of votes in the polls and also comments from you to make sure I will deliver you the kind of content you want to read ๐Ÿ™‚

Please keep in mind that some of them allow multiple selections and I would really appreciate your opinion and feedback or also input what you want to read about here at AllClash in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all the classical question about your Town Hall Level – I do that to select the attacking strategies and base designs I post here. If you have multiple accounts, please select the Town Hall Level from your main account.

What is your Town Hall Level?

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Same for the Builder Hall, I’d like to get a feeling where you’re standing there as I have a lot of different stuff for the Builder Base in mind and want to work on the right articles first.

What is your Builder Hall Level?

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Are you a long-term player or new to the game? This helps me in terms of refreshing maybe some older guides I wrote a long time ago if enough people here are not playing the game since the beginning.

How long do you play Clash of Clans now?

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What do you normally focus right now? I know some did switch over to night-modeย completely, but I want to see what kind of strategies will fit your interest most.

What do you do primarily in Clash of Clans right now? (multiple selections possible!)

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Last but not least, what do you struggle with the most right now? What of these issues need to be fixed very fast because they are a deal-breaker for you right now. If there’s something else, please leave a comment below.

What's your biggest issue right now that Supercell needs to fix right now? (multiple selections possible)

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  1. Hey Tim, at what point will SuperCell start to notice that TH10’s or maxed TH9’s that have reached Master’s or Champion’s league and are now sitting in Gold league or even Crystal league. I know SuperCell has been toying with the matrix for clan wars due to manufactured bases, but what is the point for TH10’s or maxed TH9’s skulking so low in leagues.

    • Farming of course, I am one of those pesky players..๐Ÿ˜Š I’ve been in the lower part of the Crystal League thoughout maxing out my TH 9, TH 10, and still there as a TH 11. I find a decent amount of dead bases with 380K plus loot. It’s a very good trophy range to keep your Hero’s upgrading non stop. If you’re willing to put in the time this is where I recommend you be to grind out any kind of resource.๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. Long ago, when Barracks could be boosted individually. I would boost more often compared to now. The current 30 gem/1 hour boost option is not viable for me most of the time. I often have 10 to 30 minutes sittings playing this game in the evenings. Sometimes more if I am close to starting a hero upgrade. The current option seems like a bit of a hefty investment for me most of the time. Possible solution to this could be simply giving the player more options. A 30 minute boost for the price of 15 gems and/or a 20 minute boost for the price of 10 gems. This would incentivize more players to make many more “smaller investments” therefore possibly bring in more revenue for Supercell and it will give the players back some of the freedom they once had before they reworked the training system. Think about it Supercell.๐Ÿ˜‰ Win Win.๐Ÿ˜Š

    • You’re right the new boosting was the only downside of the army training queue redesign.
      I also liked only boosting several things individually.
      Also I agree why isn’t there a solution like boosting by 4 times, 2 times etc… really hope something is coming along soon :/

  3. Guys r Valkyries still a good option against half maxed th10’s (with Inferno’s) ??
    And I think SC have to add a new lvl to them at th11 ( bcoz of new defensive upgrades)

    • You got a point there,Hamid. But,if you execute your attack properly, This strategy is one of the best for sure. I’m intended clear your negativities about this strategy soon.

      • Is QW with lavaloon one of the best strategy !?!!! LOL
        For Q.W you need at least 4 heilars (some guy use even 5 heilar) and in lavaloon you need at least some troops for clean up the builds at the end of attack, now, 4ร—14=56, and troops for cleaning fill at least 20 – 30 space and totaly are about 80 capasity of your army.!
        Now with 240-80=160 ,please say me how you can win your lavaloon attack?!!!! Exactly you will run out the time , unless you are going to attack to some bases that have lower level building than your troops level.

      • Well,I gotta say your math is good(tho your english is terrible ). But, let me tell you something,brother. There’s a lot more things you have no idea about. I dont wanna take the burden to explain those to you but, YouTube can work as my substitude ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Can u create a guide on ” Time management in Queen walk” . I m running out of time while doing queen walk and laloon

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