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Dragon City Hacks & Cheats For Free Gems + Gold

I have been testing all the cheats and hacks for Dragon City out there to tell you which ones work and which ones are not.

Literally millions of people play Dragon City on mobile or Facebook and it’s no surprise that many like you search for hacks or cheats to progress faster in Dragon City. With so many websites out there claiming to offer you exactly that, I decided to take a closer look and test out all of them myself to give you an overview what cheats or hacks really work in Dragon City and which ones you should keep your hands off.

Let’s go.

The Hacks & Cheats in Dragon City That Work & Don’t Work

With the wrong strategy you need to spend a lot of your real money on Dragon City, but no worries – with the tips you find here on this page you will be able to succeed without spending of your real money.

Tip #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

The first thing I’d like to take a look at is the hack tools, also referred to as generators.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out one of them here.



dragon city hack tool generatorThey will ask you to enter your player name (or Facebook name) and how many Food, Gold or Gems you want. That’s all and they will add it to your account. Well, the thing is when something looks too good to be true it normally is – and the hack tools are the same. They all might look a little different but all work the same, not at all, and you should simply not use them.

Tip #2 – Cheat Codes in Dragon City

Well, Dragon City is a game that you can play totally free on Facebook and mobile. The developers still need to make some money and maintain the servers and develop new updates and that’s why they sell Gems via their in-game shop.

Don’t waste your time to search online for any cheat codes that will give you Gems or Gold or Food – they don’t exist.

The good news is, there are plenty of small cheats you can still use in Dragon City to progress faster and I will show them now.

Tip #3 – The Gold Farming Habitat Cheat

Always build the large habitats of a certain kind and place the 4 crystals in the middle to boost the Gold production of all the surrounding habitats – that’s an extra 80% on your production.

Just like that:

dragon city gold farming cheat

You will start doing this with the Big Terra Habitat then Fire Habitat and so on. Do not just focus on one single habitat, this will not help you in the long way!

Tip #4 – Hack to level up faster

dragon city level up for gemsWith each new level you get you will get some free Gems in Dragon City as well (next to the new stuff you unlock). There’s a simple cheat that will help you gain new levels every day, even if you’re Level 50+.

You will simply breed Dragons that give you a lot of XP when placing them down and you keep breeding them. This will boost your XP a lot and also give you a little extra Gold.

Another great way, if you set up your habitats for Gold farming like I’ve been showing you above, is placing extra habitats – they will also give you a ton of XP. If there’s a message that you can’t place a certain habitat because you already have the max number of them reached, take one and place it in your inventory and you can build another one. This is probably the most efficient hack to get a higher level and the extra Gems that come with it.

Tip #5 – Cheats to win Dragon Tournaments

dragon tournament cheatDragon Tournaments can be a pain in Dragon City and you can spend a lot of time until you find the right Dragons to use and what attack will be working best. There’s an easy cheat as all of the combinations are shown in this guide here where you can see what Dragons will work for what stage and also let you show all the Dragons that are useful against a certain Dragon there – stop wasting your time trying it yourself and get the most out of it easily.

Tip #5 – Win Heroic Races without Gems

At a certain point in Dragon City you will just give up at the Heroic Races as it appears only Gems can finish them. Well, there are some nice handy hacks in Dragon City that will help you progress further in the Heroic Races and you can finish them with spending only very little Gems or you will place higher than you did before without spending Gems.

  • Gold Items are easy to get by collecting Gold from your habitats. If you’re Level 20+ you will have enough habitats that you will not have any problem with it
  • Food Items are easy to get by just producing the 30 second food until you have collected it – shouldn’t take more than a few minutes after all
  • Feed Item can be collected by feeding your dragons. So, simply hatch Terra Eggs and feed it into Level 4 and then sell it – not that much of a deal and also not expensive at all
  • Breeding Item is actually the hardest to get (but not too hard if you as me). Simply keep breeding Terra Dragon with Terra Dragon until you get it
  • Fight Items are also easy to get by fighting, waiting the cooldown and then fight again. If you need quite a few of them, simply use a 1-Gem boost on the cooldown for 1 hour and you’re done.

With these hacks you won’t have any problems at all at the Heroic Races in Dragon City.



Dragon City Hacks For Free Gems & Gold

Now let’s have a look at more methods that will you help get more Gems in Dragon City.

Tip #1 – Deus Daily Free Gems

30 free gems deus daily dragon cityYou can use the daily Deus card shuffle with 9 cards to win 30 Gems – unfortunately, this is only available at Facebook so connect your account to Facebook if you only play on mobile to use it as well!

Anyway, with the 9 cards you see your chances to get the 30 Gems are not 1 out of 9, it’s more like 1 out of 200 times but still a nice daily boost you get for free.

Tip #2 – Free Gems from videos

free gems dragon cityAlways check your shop when you play on mobile, there are often offers that will give you 1 free Gem for watching a 30-second ad – a nice deal when you look at how much they charge for buying Gems.

Don’t stop repeating watching them until they are gone, in many countries there are multiple ones available every day!

Bonus Tip – Use AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps for extra Gems in Dragon City

how I earned a lot of free gems for clash of clans
Here’s the proof

The only 3rd party way that works in order to get you free Gems for Dragon City without risking any ban! You download some free apps via AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps and then turn the credits you earn there into a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play that you can use to get some Gems with via the in-game shop.

In total, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to buy about 3,400 Gems for Dragon City with – without spending one single dollar of my own in just one month!

Tip #3 – Jewelem’s Tower

Get the Jewelem’s Tower built as soon as you unlock it in Dragon City – the tower attaches to the Lush Island and unlocks at level 12 and will reward you with an extra Gem every single day, so the faster you get it the higher will be your benefit long-term.jewelems tower dragon city




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  1. In all sense you need to obtain 30,000 points a month to get 10 Google play $10 online cards, it surely doesn’t work out only getting 300 points each game, but then to get 1700 gems you’d have to wait for the 50% off offer…

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