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Effective double Trap Combinations

Traps have become one of the most important things when it comes to defending your base and I have wanted to make a post dedicated to the general working of Traps for quite a while. In this post, I want to show you how you can make your Trap Combinations more effective.

Two Traps are better than one

It’s often true that two is better than one and this applies to Traps! I have some favorite tips for Trap usage which make them much more effective.

The double Air Bombs

Air Bombs, in general, are only effective when they are triggered by a big group of Troops – while a group of Minions is simply wiped out by a single Air Bomb, a pack of Balloons simply smiles and goes about their way. I personally use them more inside the core (to prevent getting triggered easily by single Troops) and also tend to use them in a double pack:


Inside the base, I’m much more confident they will get triggered by a bigger group, simply because Balloons then group together after having destroyed some outside Defenses. Then they will get pretty much wiped out by the 2 Air Bombs. I don’t place them right next to each other because when a group of Minions makes it into the trigger zone I don’t have 2 Air Bombs wasted because one is enough to kill them anyway.

Don’t place Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs next to each other. Either the Air Bomb is wasted (in the case of a Dragon or Lava Hound) or the Seeking Air Mine in case of Balloons. You’ll almost never see a case when they get triggered in a way that makes sense!

lavaloonion trap placement

Double Seeking Air Mine for glory

I always place my Seeking Air Mines next to my Air Defenses, simply because the attacker thinks he has a clear path once destroyed the Air Defense. Also, most attackers simply expect the air Traps somewhere else than with the Air Defenses. To get back to my point why I tend to place them also in a double combination… Most big Air Troops are too strong to get killed by a single Seeking Air Mine, which deals nevertheless crucial damage. Normally I watch my Defense Log very carefully and then I have 2 sides where attackers with air Troops tend to attack and those are the sides that get double Seeking Air Mines next to the Air Defenses. balloons-destroy-town-hall-lavaloonian-2You might think why leave that much space open, and I can explain – I want to stop most attacks possible and no serious attacker starts from all sides of the base (those are the attacks I don’t need to defend because the attacker is obviously not the most skilled). The spreading out of Seeking Air Mines will only take out some Troops and after the attack already went through the middle of my base and took the Town Hall – a little late for my taste.

Double Giant Bombs

The mother of all double-combinations is the double Giant Bomb. This one makes your base Hog Rider un-raidable – whatever the attacker will do, when Hogs come across this combination they’re gone.

double giant bomb hog rider

Simply do this somewhere near the core, so the Hogs are already in a bigger group and hope for Hog Rider attacks.

Spring Trap double pack

If you have a funnel against Giants in your base you should really think about placing more than just one Spring Trap. Some attackers tend to only send in teasing troops to test the water.

double-spring-trap-clash-of-clansWhen they sww that they got blown away by a Spring Trap, they will send in the pack of Giants – and step into the next Spring Trap.

Conclusion to Trap combinations

I know a lot of people think that you should spread your Traps around your base, but I like to protect the side that most attackers start from twice as much.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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