Does Using Your Phone Too Much Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is something that can be caused by many factors ranging from heredity to emotional issues. Male pattern baldness, which can be witnessed in the form of receding hairline and/or loss of hair in the crown, is a normal and hereditary issue. And that is mostly experienced as a person gets older.

Now, there is sudden hair loss that’s increasingly affecting men, women and even children. Described as alopecia areata, the condition causes sudden hair loss, which starts with one or more bald patches and may lead to significant hair loss on the head’s scalp. A lot of such cases are attributed to stress but could it also be as a result of too much exposure to electromagnetic (EMG) radiation from mobile phones?

Well, let’s see what researchers and studies say about the issue.

Understanding Phone’s EMG and How It Affects Hair Loss

Even with the mobile phone usage coming close to 75 percent of the world’s population, such issues as effects of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and Electromagnetic (EMG) radiation are yet to be addressed fully by manufacturers. SAR is simply a measure of the rate at which energy, from a radio frequency electromagnetic field is absorbed into the human body. Measured as watt/kg, SAR is used to determine thermal effects of exposure to such fields.

EMG, on the other hand, has non-thermal effects but research has shown that it can significantly affect genes, endocrine regulation, neural tissue and even sperm count. Further studies point sudden hair loss to repeated, prolonged conversations carried out on mobile phones. When patients that tested positive on the biopsy were given antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and kept mobile phone devices away from the ear, their hair started re-growing after some time. This goes to show the strong relation between phone EMG and hair loss.

Possible Causes of Sudden Hair Loss through Mobile Phone Use

When compared to those using hands-free sets of mobile phones, a significant number of patients that held their devices over the ear experienced alopecia areata on their beards. In addition, a trader, who used his phone for considerably longer hours, reported a bald patch on the side of the head where he held the phone against the ear.

The doctor who treated the latter case suspected there was a close link between the now bald spot and the length of time the man spent on the phone. He pointed exposure to electromagnetic radiation to be the cause. It is possible that the radio waves emitted from the phone could have damaged the hair follicles and caused an auto-immune inflammatory reaction in the said area.

Can Prolonged Playing Of Online Games Also Cause Hair Loss?

While prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves is among the leading causes of sudden hair loss among mobile users (especially those who hold the phone by the ear for long), stress is also another contributor. Too much computer or phone gaming can be stressful for children, teens and even adults.

The stress that comes with playing games can even be worse if one is addicted and spends innumerable hours trying to level up their character and/or enhance their gaming skills just to impress other gamers. This may mean, spending time on the phone or PC till late midnight and/or skipping important meals.

With limited or irregular sleep, you are likely to suffer both physical and emotional stress. Human growth hormone (HGH) is usually produced when we go through normal sleep cycles. So with significant sleep deprivation, your body may be forced to produce low levels of HGH. This plus lack of proper meals increases the risk of telogen effluvium, a case in which you lose a significant amount of your hair.

How to Remedy Hair Loss Caused By Use of Mobile Phones

Since phone radiation is suspected to be the cause of hair fall among prolonged phone users (though there’s no conclusive evidence) it is important to know how to prevent or remedy the same. And there are many ways to go about it.

For starters, you’ll need to use hands-free mobile sets, buy anti-radiation phone cases or use radiation blocking headphones. This will protect your ears and other parts of the head from continuous exposure to the harmful radiation emitted from your phone when making calls.

Secondly, visit your doctor if you’ve started experiencing sudden, abnormal hair loss. He/she will provide proper advice or recommend the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will aid in the recovery of damaged cells and initiate hair re-growth (for cases of sudden hair fall) or a proper shampoo that will provide your hair with that, like Hair Restoration Laboratories shampoo.

Lastly, avoid too much gaming on the phone and ensure you get better sleep and eat well. This will minimize stress and by extension the risk of experiencing alopecia areata.

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