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Developer Q&A 5 Open

Its been a long, long time coming… But Supercell is FINALLY bringing back the Dev Q&A’s, round 5 to be precise.

Here’s how it will work:

Wednesday the 2nd of May:

Forum members can reply to this thread with one question they would really like to be answered by the Clash Team. Note that you can only ask one question! So make sure its something you really want to know the answer to!

Friday the 4th of May:

The Moderators will look through the questions posted by you guys, and pick the 15 questions they think will be most beneficial to be answered by the Dev Team. Those 15 questions will be put into a poll at the top of this thread. This will give the community a chance to vote for the questions they MOST want to see answered.

Monday the 7th of May:

The thread will be closed, and the top 5 most voted questions will be sent on to the Clash Team.

At a later date:

They don’t like to set a time frame for when the answers will be posted – as sometimes, things take longer than anticipated! But as soon as they have the answers, they will be posting a sticky thread in the General subforum. So stay tuned!

They have only 2 rules.

  1. No update related questions, as they will not be taken into consideration.
  2. Only one question per person.

So guys, go ahead and go here to the official forum and ask your questions and vote for the final questions 🙂



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  1. We have a very high ranked clan but our leader has been inactive for a year & also a couple of co-leaders too. Wish the developers could put in a option to transfer leader & if inactive leader returns they could have leadership back?

  2. I have seen some very top level clans destroyed including mine because of one thing “Leader has lost the COC account password or quit COC without transferring the leadership”. There should be a mechanism to counter this problem. What about COC democracy.

    • Happened to me twice, too. Very frustrating. Should be easy to solve, just incorporate an automatical switch between leader and highest co-leader after let’s say one month of inactivity from the leader.

  3. Can we save our picture as Dp in user profile and pirvate chat message friends online whether they are in our clan or not.

  4. Could we get a donation camp at some point I get tired of adjusting my camps to fill requests just a thought

    • I recently saw a nice idea on reddit for an extra donation queue (see here).
      I’d really love that as I always have my donation troops in secondly and need to change them when performing my attack.
      When I find an easy opponent and my heroes survive, I don’t have the troops for an instant second attack as I just removed the donation troops to train my next army…

  5. When u will kick my clan leader because i hate him i donated 7800 troops earn 62 for clan in one month and good conversation too so just kick him make me leader

  6. can we have a window between guard and shield dropping for a “revenge attack only” starting at 5 mins (Gold) rising 5mins per league up to 30mins for legends? revenge is pointless for higher league players. you never, ever get even a 1 second window to get revenge on someone. and it might make you think twice about who to hit.

    • I’d love at least a timer to see when an opponent is available for revenge along with your idea – this will bring back revenge attacks in higher leagues and also add some spice to it

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