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Defense Upgrade Priority Guide

When upgrading your base, especially after you reach a new Town Hall level, there’s always the big decision what to spend your hard earned resources on first. In this post, I want to give you some general rules how you can decide which building you should upgrade next. Now, please don’t expect a list that tells you “this is better than that”. I will give you a checklist you can use to decide what upgrade will make the most sense for YOUR base. In my opinion, it’s not useful to say something like, “always upgrade your Mortars before Archer Towers”.  When you have all Mortars at Level 7, but 3 Archer Towers at Level 3, you should upgrade the Archer Towers, of course. Clash of Clans is a game where you have to make individual decisions all the time and I think it’s important to know how to make the best decision instead of using a checklist you found on the internet.

Finding the most valuable upgrade

Defenses in Clash of Clans can get divided into different groups:

  • Single-Target Defenses
  • Splash Damage Defenses
  • Special Defenses
  • Traps

upgrade archer tower

The first and the most general rule is to upgrade the splash damage before the single target Defenses. But why? Simply because your progress in Clash of Clans is a process and you walk through the different Town Hall and League levels and each one of them has certain styles. And this priority simply comes from that fact. In lower Town Hall regions you will need the splash damage most because you’ll get attacked by troops vulnerable to it most of the time – Air Defenses aren’t that important because almost no attack will be airborne. When you’re Town Hall 10 in the Titan League, however, the splash damage from the Mortars helps you about as much as an umbrella in a hurricane.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to have a balanced base! When you offer a great vulnerability against a certain type of attack, you can be sure that you get overrun by exactly that kind of attack – no matter how maxed the other parts of your base are!

The lesson here: When you have decided between two Defenses, pick the splash damage first, unless you have a very rushed TH9+ base.

upgrading an air defense in clash of clans

Attention! Here’s a full roadmap of the fastest upgrade order for all Town Hall Level:

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The importance of special Defenses

The Air Sweeper, Inferno Tower, and Air Defense are special Defenses – they focus on a very certain use-case. When you get them, start building them! No matter what other upgrade you could do. Building your first Inferno Tower will give you more benefit than upgrading an Archer Tower; same for Air Defense, same for Air Sweeper.

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Building is better than upgrading

In general, never think about upgrading when there are some new building you can build – new Defenses offer more additional DPS for less Gold and building time and they also distract attacking troops. They will target an Archer Tower Level 1 with the same interest as they will an Archer Tower Level 12.Different layers of wall levels

Always be reasonable when upgrading Defenses

Always compare what a new upgrade will offer you! Of course, you can upgrade that Mortar to Level 8 (for 6.4M Gold), but that will only give you 10 additional DPS – you can also invest that Gold into 2 Archer Tower upgrades that will give you twice that DPS. Spend you Gold wisely!

Important: Make yourself an upgrade plan! Read here how in my post about Advanced Builder Management.

Never upgrade too much of the same structure

When you upgrade two Air Defenses at the same time, you can also write a big banner that says, “EVERYONE ATTACK ME NOW!!!”. Your base gets significantly weaker when a Defense is busy upgrading, especially later in the game where an upgrade can take 7+ days. Try to avoid upgrading two Defenses of the same kind at the same time.

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Upgrading Traps?

Traps make the life of your attacker a living Hell, but you don’t need to be really high priority. The only ones that will really help you are Giant Bombs in certain Town Hall levels because they put an end to Hog attacks.

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