How to defend against Wallbreakers

Everyone is familiar with Wallbreakers, right? Those little skeletons carrying bombs – or, as I like to describe them, the ones that make my blood boil watching defense replays when they crack open my hard farmed and upgraded Walls. They crack your base wide open and, in this post, I want to put a spotlight on some techniques to prevent just that. Without them, most attackers are right where you want them, stuck in front of some heavy Walls.

So, what option can you use against Wallbreakers? They don’t have a lot of health points and are killed easy, but if they are deployed behind Giants, they will blow your Walls apart and let all the troops inside you would rather keep out.

You can do two things against them:

  1. Direct them away from Walls that open up big pathways for enemy troops
  2. Kill them before they can destroy a Wall

Defend against Wallbreakers by making them destroy less important Walls

Let’s have a look at our first option – directing them away. We need to start from the beginning  and understand their behavior because they have some simple AI rules they will always follow:

  • Prefer junctions over corners over normal Wall sections
  • Prefer lower level Walls
  • Always attack the most outside layer where buildings are standing behind

The first rule is the important one! Let me give you a simple example with this screenshot:

WAllbreaker attacking strategy

They will always go to the junctions. That’s bad for you because this will open up a bigger part of your base.

Here’s another example, can you guess what the Wallbreakers will attack first?clash-of-clans-double-wall-layout

On the left side, it’s the junction between Archer Tower and Air Defense and on the right side the corner junction between Cannon and Wizard Tower.

With this in mind, I want to give you some don’ts that you should avoid when building your base:

  1. Don’t use double Walls. See them on the second example above – they’re a useless waste of Walls. Wallbreakers have splash damage and can break through multiple layers of Walls.
  2. Don’t use a lot of junctions on the outside (I will tell you why below).

The second one is important to part 2 of this guide – how to kill Wallbreakers before they destroy Walls. In order to get rid of them, you have to know where they will go. If you have a lot of junctions on the outside, the Wallbreakers have many attacking points. You can’t control all of them and make each one hard for Wallbreakers. It’s better to have a few you can control than have many you can’t protect.

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How to kill Wallbreakers before they destroy your Walls

The first part was only the preface to what we really need and want to do – kill the Wallbreakers before it (he, she?) can destroy the Walls. In the first part I showed you how Wallbreakers think WHERE they will attack. Now let’s have a look HOW they attack. Every troop has a certain time between attacks, Wallbreakers as well:

  1. Wallbreakers reach the Wall
  2. They wait for exactly 1 second
  3. They explode and deal their damage to the Walls in range

You can see that very clearly when watching an attack or defense replay. It normally looks like this:

wallbreaker destroying wall

That’s our chance to kill them! They have to wait that 1 second, they don’t have many hitpoints… let’s do this!

Get rid of Wall Breakers with Spring Traps

If you make the Wallbreakers go into a Spring Trap, they are goners because they will kiss the moon.  Although, to be honest, I hate using (more like wasting) these Traps because I would rather Giants be taken out by Spring Traps. In the first part, you’ve learned where the Wallbreakers will go, so that’s where you can place your Spring Traps, if you so choose!


It’s easier to get them with a Spring Trap than a Bomb. Spring Traps don’t have a timeframe between trigger and detonation and will directly be activated.

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Blow them into little pieces with Bombs

Bombs (not Giant Bombs) are quite a useful Trap against Wallbreakers because they don’t really have the ability to put another kind of troops into serious trouble. However, it is not that easy to use them against Wallbreakers. Bombs have a certain trigger time and the Wallbreakers may just walk by before the Bomb explodes or maybe detonate themselves before the Bomb can kill them. From my point of view, there are some very helpful layout settings for Bombs against Wallbreakers. They get triggered soon enough to take out the Wallbreakers within their detonation radius before they can finish the job.


Make Wallbreakers enter splash damage radius

The tips with the Traps are nice, but you probably know the situation when Giants (or any other tanking troop) is deployed before the Wallbreakers. They will enter deploy the Traps and make Defenses focus on them.


That’s right. Splash damage is very cruel because it deals the same amount of damage within the area of impact. If the Wallbreaker is within the damage radius of Wizard Towers or Mortars and not deployed at the right time, the attacker will have a hard time. You know how to check deployment timing, doesn’t mean your attacker does! In fact, only a small part of people in Clash of Clans know how to do it right (compared to the massive number of players). Always have the splash damage area protecting the Wall regions where Wallbreakers might enter.

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Hit them with fast Defenses

Archer Towers and Hidden Teslas are fast shooting, with 0.5 and 0.6 shots per second. That means they are indeed capable of hitting a Wall Breaker before it’s too late. But that only works when you have more than one pointing at the area where the Wall Breaker will go.


Conclusion on defending against Wallbreakers

I’ve shown you some techniques for handling Wallbreakers correctly:

  1. Do NOT use double layer Walls on the outside or, for that matter, anywhere in your base.
  2. Only a few junctions on the outside
  3. Protect the junctions with
    1. Spring Traps
    2. Bombs
    3. Splash damage Defenses
    4. Archer Towers and Hidden Tesla

Good luck with your next defenses. You will need some trial-and-error defenses to find a working setup for your base, but if you really apply these techniques you will give many attackers a hard time.

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  1. one thing also is you can put little prices of wall outside your main wall so that the wallbreaker attacks that instead of your main wall

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