Why To Keep Calm About The Shield Changes

The first official Sneak Peek for the December 2015 Update in Clash of Clans is just 6 hours old and there’s already a s**tstorm on social media. In this post, I want to give you my own opinion why you should relax, at least a couple of weeks.

Reasons To Relax About The Shield Changes

I admit this will change a lot and Town Hall sniping is as old as Clash of Clans itself. It’s absolutely normal to be sceptic about such a big change in the first place. Here are some reasons why nobody should freak out yet. We have 2 beautiful weeks of Sneak Peeks ahead of us 🙂

1.) Have you tried it out yet?

We know how this will work, in theory, but all we can do is applying this to our up to date gameplay experience. I’m sure Supercell don’t want to create a feature or change that makes the game giving us a bad experience. I’m sure they worked hard on thinking this out and also sandbox testing it.

You’re not the only person that has to say goodbye to the current shielding gameplay!


All of us will see those changes and also have to play by its new rules. We simply can’t tell how it will feel like in the game because we will get it in an update giving us very much gameplay changes – a white paper we can all write on. Let’s give Supercell at least a chance by testing it out after the update release in early December.

2.) It’s a raiding game

Attacking other bases is the key element of Clash of Clans. I know there is a certain percentage playing it more focused in maxing the base. Supercell simply wants to push us to attack more, not to wait longer until the Mines and Collectors fill our Storages. If we’re honest we have to admit that the exposed Town Hall for the cheap shield is a backdoor we used, Supercell never wanted to have that in the game.

Archer Tower shooting Arrows twice as fast in Clash of Clans

3.) Attack More!

It’s pretty simple to me – I can now attack more often because I don’t have to make bigger sessions to make it worth breaking my shield completely. I had times when I would have started an attack, but I only had a few minutes and this wouldn’t make it worth breaking a 8 or 9 hours shield.

With the new rules, I can do lots of attacks, even better scouts, during the day. I can check out some bases and when I find a base worth an attack I can do the attack without worrying about my shield. I think that’s great, not bad.

I play this game for the fun of attacking, not for making max profit in resources.

PS: I’m not affiliated with Supercell in any kind of way! This post is my personal point of view as being a Clasher like you. I don’t get early information or have any kind of contract with Supercell. Please don’t comment again in an ugly kind of way I’ve seen before (e.g. “you’re bought and tell us what Supercell tells you to say”) – it’s not the truth; I’m independent and will stay it. All I want to show you with this post is that judging something before even having seen it yourself is not open-minded so please relax, wait until the update is released and enjoy the next 2 weeks with lots of new announcements 🙂

Thanks for correction: Scout

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