champions war league season 2

CWL – The Champions War League in Clash of Clans (Week #4 Standings)

Every game that has a competitive mode will sooner or later hold a large, highly publicized tournament where all the big names of the game will compete with each other. With regard to Clash of Clans, this all started with the introduction of the Friendly Wars (as paradoxical as the name is), when clans could match up against each other in a competitive mode.

After that, several of these tournaments took place last year, but there’s only one that you should really pay attention to when you’re into Clan Wars: the CWL – the Champions War League.

When hearing about this tournament, many (including me) think it’s simply clans competing with each other and, in the end, we see the one and only champion. Although, if you have watched some of the results, the system is a little more complicated due to rules for fair play.

Here you will find how the CWL works and I will also keep you up to date with the current results.

How CWL Works

First of all, the CWL has a lot of rules, but this make it the most thought out competition in Clash of Clans.

In fact, the rules are within a 22 page document and you can clearly see that it is focused on creating the most competitive surrounding conditions.

Cheating is strictly prohibited and .5 bases (bases that haven’t built all available defenses) are not allowed. It’s full power against full power.

They also have specific rules on transfers of players and much more; you can check out the full rules here.

The CWL just finished their first season with a big final match and now Season 2, with a lot of improvements, is just about to start.

Supercell & Champions War League

Champions War League is the first real approach for Clash of Clans to introduce an eSport format to the game and Supercell is 100% supporting.

It’s even rumored that the most recent Clan War Ban for modders had been accelerated by the creators of the Champions War League before Season 2 kicked off.

They have a very famous commentator and supporter with Powerbang, one of the best-known and solid YouTubers when it comes to Clash of Clans Clan War content.

The showdown of Season one, matching OneHive against Dark Looters, has also been turned into a very entertaining Live Event by Supercell (and by far the most entertaining of all the Live War Events they ever hosted).

champions war league season 1 finals

This shows how much potential this tournament has and I’m looking forward to seeing Season 2 very much.

CWL League Structure

The Champions War League is pretty similar to the playoff system of the NFL for the Super Bowl – but I’m aware that many of you are not familiar with that. You can check out this short video that explains the system:

In the Champions War League, it works the same way and here are the clans who will take part in Season 2:

champions war league in clash of clans

Each clan will have to battle against 11 other clans from the same League. In the end, the best clans, plus the wildcard winner, will then move on to the playoffs battling against each other in a knockout system.

The season games will take part weekly on every Friday from March 17th until June 9th. After that the winner of the divisions, plus the wildcard winners, will be matched in a knockout system against each other to find the champions of the leagues.

cwl finals knockout system

You can check out the full schedule here:

champions war league schedule CWA

I will also keep you up to date with the weekly results and best attacks every week here on AllClash.

You can also follow the CWL directly on their channel on YouTube here.

Here are the finals:

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. Hey very interesting and i agree with all rules but i just got 1 question..
    -Why invite clans and most of premiere needs 25/25 or 30/30?
    -Also rising and lite need 20/20. CWL is great and nice and i agree with the rules and it is great to the game etc..
    but CWL destroyed alot of clans which were full of members with 20/20 heroes. As an example , think yourself a th9 with 25/25 heroes and you are in a clan not cwl and you can join any cwl invite or any league cwl clan. would you like to stay in your clan or would you like to join CWL clan ? (if your answer stay then thats rarely..) usually leave… why CWL do not need 15/15 heroes? i mean alot of new th9s members do not get 20/20 heroes and new th9s weak bases , under 66k can not find serious war clan need 15.. or 10.. all of them 20 or 25 , maybe they have feeder to join but usually not active+ small war size , however my suggestion why not 15 heroes can join cwl with 66k war weight. (if he is skillful and can 3 star max th9s but he have 15 heroes it is a lose that he will not be able to join CWL till he get 20 or 25.. and 68k or 66k. Really thats disappointing for th9s with 64k or 66k 15/15 heroes. please replay!

  2. I don’t get the league. Why do onehive play dark looter z when they are in different conferences. Onehive are in barb king, and dark looters z are in archer queen. I’m struggling to see why onehive haven’t played any teams in there group, can someone please explain

      • I’m still yet to see onehive play someone from the same division as them though so how do a clan get to the finals. Is it through the conferences or division. What is it, and how do they get through???

      • First they play con/non-conf clans for 11 matches – after that, each division winner + the 4 best 2nd of all divisions will get matched in a knockout system against each other 🙂

      • so there’s 4 divisions in each conference and the top two for each division in each conference go through and play each other, but I’ve never seen onehive play anyone in there division yet or does that happen after the weeks break, do they then start to play divisions

  3. Why don’t you post more? You used to post every couple days. Now it’s maybe once a week. Excluding the events and CWL. Which don’t interest anyone.

    • what do you want me to post about? 😉
      I know it’s been calming down but let’s be honest there’s not much to write about these days (and I don’t want to just write something in the mean of havins anything written)
      I have several things and older guides I want to rework, but I feel like doing this shortly before a update (that will be MASSIVE, in the words of Supercell) fells like I might have to rework or throw them away in 2 weeks.
      No worries, this website still has my dedication and my goal will return to a every 2-3 days schedule with fresh stuff after the update 🙂

  4. Not sure if you are in contact with Ash or Powerbang, but could you ask them to do videos on the best defenses of the CWL as well? I am a defensive strategist and all of this offense is getting boring 🙂

    • Offense is >> Defense in Clan War (especially with the lack of surprise with multiple attacks on the same base).
      And CWL is the highest level of offense…
      But I remember PB have done such videos every once in a while last season and next week is bye week without match, so chances are good.
      PS: I’m not in direct contact with them all the time, but have been talking to them once in a while

  5. lol you mention powerbang with his 168K subs but not ash with his 318K subs?? who is the “very famous commentator and supporter”?? fan boy much?

    • The fanboy question goes back at you 😉
      I really like Ash, but when I was writing this only Powerbang did support the CWL and make videos about it and to be honest, Ash made like 4 CoC videos in the past month…
      But I don’t want to get into this discussion and you’re right, Ash is also supporting it and he’s also famous but Powerbang was supporting it from the beginning of season 1 and maede weekly summaries of all the war games (which took a ton of time minding that he was watching all attacks from all clans) while ash was more jumping in in the finals…
      Again, I really appreciate what Ash is doing

      • I’m with Tim on this one, ash may have more subscribers but the time and effort that powerbang is putting into this is unfathomable. To be able to have time to watch and evaluate all the wars and determine the best attacks out of those would be incredible difficult. I hope supercell is appreciative of everything he does. But I’ve also been a fan of powerbang longer then I was of ash. But both are great guys and big in the clash world and I’m glad they were asked and accepted to be a part of this

  6. Hey Timmy I want to join your clan a pretty solid Th9 all troops maxed out , Im a 3 $tar specialist , please can you give me yhe details

  7. Hi, I am the clan leader and my clan is of lvl 4 but going to be lvl 5 and its name is KEVIENS VILLAGE . I want to get enter in the CWL please tell me how could I let my clan to get in CWL

  8. Hey Tim, regarding season 2 of CWL, will you be doing a small current update of who has moved on as the wars play out? Was wondering if there was a simpler way of keeping up on who has progressed and who has been knocked out during the span of the playoffs instead of going to find galadons videos and skipping to the end every Friday or weekend to see how it’s been going. I noticed there are less and less new posts but probably getting difficult to gather new information without anything new being introduced to clash. And do you have any info in regards to the next update as to when it will be going live? Or any possible content besides the elusive shipwreck? Almost got my th10 max, AQ will be upgrading to lvl 40 by the weekend and BK is 30, minions need upgrading and sweepers and dark spells then just gotta finish my lava walls and I’m ready for th11… hoping to reach that accomplishment by Christmas ? Clash on and great work on the website with the small amount of changes happening in the game

    • I’m working on it and actually want to present the current results here every week.
      You’re absolutely right it’s not really good how results are published and I’m still trying to figure out a “most effective” way to post all the data here.
      I will update here very soon 🙂

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