champions war league season 2

CWL Finals Season 2 (2017)

Watch the stream of the Season 2 CWL Finals Live here – will the Dark Looters defend their title from Season 1?

If you want to know more about how the Champions War League works, read this article here:

CWL - The Champions War League in Clash of Clans (Week #4 Standings)



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  1. Hmm…Dark Looters won the battle. I supported for Dark Looters and iTzu. By the way,Timmy,any update leak for Clash Anniversary?

  2. hi. i’m new and 100% f2p. is it possible to be max TH for me? how many days? i can’t decide between focusing HV or BB. BH6 is the max and it’s seems so much easier to reach. what do you suggest? is BB just a mini game and doesn’t worse to spend my gems? sorry for my english and thx for your great guides

    • To max the town hall with a free to play account will take a long time but is possible. I have a max base after playing 3.5 years, raiding like an addicted maniac. I have almost 13,000 battles won in that time. I have bought some gems along the way to speed hero time but that is it. You can do it totally free in under 4 years if that is what you want to do.

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