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csr2boss on allclash

Hi my friends from CSR2Boss.com! You might wonder while you got redirected here to a new site, right?

Well, I admit that the technical aspects of maintaining a website never was my passion and just got over my head and with a recent busy time in my private life I realized that I want to focus more on what I love (playing CSR2 and developing guides and tunes for the old/new cars there) instead of dealing with website problems and technical issues.

For that reason I did partner up with AllClash so the technical part is taken care of a lot better than what I could do and I can spend more time working on content for the site.

I know I was not active in the past 3 weeks due to a highly stressful period in my private life but i will be catching up soon.

Also be aware (especially the Patrons from CSR2Boss), that there will be some smaller technical hicups while the AllClash team is migrating the content. If you experience trouble please use the contact form n the footer below or the comments here.

Bonus for the Patrons: Yes, my old Patreon channel will not be continued BUT if you join the AllClash Patreon Pro channel, you will get access to all the benefits you had at my old CSR2Boss channel + you also get access to all their PRO access. Same price and more benefits + finally less technical issues for the people that struggled to use it 🙂

What’s ahead? Well, at first the team of AllClash will migrate all the content, tunes, guides from the old site and then start ‘cleaning’ it up. First steps will be the tune table for the cars so it will be easier to navigate and give you the information a lot better. Next up the tunes and shift pattern will get re-worked to be perfectly accessible for mobile devices + more smaller changes that will make the content more appealing to you. In the meantime I will catch up on tunes for the new cars and write the guides for the upcoming events.

Important! I will still provide all the content here, there is nothing to change about that!

I hope you’re as excited for this as I am and if you have questions just post them below!

It’s good to be back 🙂


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  1. Hi Tim, i have 2 questions: First about Patreon, i followed the step you gave David to go on Patreon Pro channel. and i saw there the car tunes until full stage 6. but i couldnt find the Patreon button.. I am already Patreon member.. so, if i see your advices that means i’m already on the Patreon side?
    and question 2: i play this game since a long time, but i still not understand how you show the differences of speed and lap time for a purple and a golden car.. Lets take for example the Porsche Panamera.. You write a fully maxxed Panamera gets 10.031 seconds.. i guess this is the fully maxxed purple car, right? and where can i see a fully maxxed golden Panamera?
    Thank you for bringing light into the darkness :-))
    With best regards

  2. hallo, if i understand well the CSRBoss will be here for the future.. what does that means? I’m not english speaking thats why i ask.. can i stay here for future to receive all the game informations. or do i have to go somewhere else? i am also a Patreon member.. so it would be nice if you can help me here.. with best regards Chris

    • Yes you will find everything here from now on, the old site will redirect here so for you nothing changes, only the logo on top of the site 🙂

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