CSR2 Racing Hacks & Cheats For Gold Keys + Gold

Here are the best hacks to use in CSR Racing 2 that will help you in your race career.

Do you like to be faster than everyone? CSR Racing 2 is an amazing fast-paced racing game where you will do 1/2 or 1/4 mile drag races – it’s one of the most played racing games on mobile and with millions of active players around the globe many people search for hacks to use in CSR2.

Searching for this online will give you a ton of results, but many are useless or simply a fraud that can even get your account banned or worse – so I took all the best CSR2 hacks together in this article for you.

With these cheats here you will progress faster, tune your cars to the total max and beat everyone.

The Hacks & Cheats in CSR2 Racing That Work & Don’t Work

It’s possible to play CSR Racing 2 without spending any of your real money on Gold and they will keep you on the right track to win everything.

Ready, Set, Go!

There Are NO Official CSR 2 Cheats

First things first, CSR Racing 2 is a free game that you do not have to pay a single cent on so selling premium items or Gold is the only way how NaturalMotion, the developer of the game, makes their money – some official way to unlock everything would not fit their business model, right?

Online Generators & Hack Tools

If you use the search online you will stumble across those generators or hacks very soon that let you put in the amount of Gold & Gold Keys you want – well, obviously they will require you to end up some surveys or download something in order to work but in most cases, they don’t. They come in many forms and colors but all of them work pretty much in the same way. Simply don’t waste your time with them – in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out one of them here:



Unlimited Fuel Hacks for CSR 2 Racing

csr2 fuel hackFuel is limited in CSR Racing 2 and takes some time to recover, but you can’t race without it.

Well, here comes the hack that will help you out and that’s the message that will pop up when you’re out of fuel that let’s you watch a 30 second ad in exchange for 2 fuel points – a great deal as it takes a lot of time to let the fuel recover.

But the best news is that this message will show up many times so you can practically play almost non-stop before you have to wait. Take care when the message pop up, when you do it in the fuel menu, you will only get 1 fuel for the video – but Jess will show it it will be 2 fuel pips for the same ad and often enough in between races that you can do it there.

Don’t be afraid you can, when this 2 fuel pip message shows up, watch as long as you want to – they will extend your maximum fuel pips (orange & purple bar) and you can store up to 30 fuel pips with these videos:

csr2 unlimited fuel hack

csr2 fuel pip hacksAlso mind, when watching a video the countdown for the fuel regeneration gets reset – let’s say you have 1 minute left until you would get a new fuel pip and watch a video, the timer for that regenerated fuel pip resets to 8 minutes again!

Attention! Do NOT use the trick that many tell you to change the time in your device settings, this can lead to a ban or also mess up some stuff in your profile so your gas in not refilling anymore (and you need to contact support and admit that you have been using this hack that could lead to a ban)

Tuning Hacks For CSR2

Tuning is the only way to really make your car a racing car for drag races and you can make a lot of mistakes here – with every single upgrade level, the best upgrade setting changes and you need to adapt your tuning settings! So make sure to hit the tuning settings after every upgrade and here’s how you find the perfect setting:

CSR2 Tuning Hack

Go through every number and watch the tuning number on top of your car (the blue one behind the power rating) until you have the highest value.



I’ve been also covering tuning a little more deeper in my tuning & car guide for CSR 2 here:

CSR2 Full Tuning Guide - Make Your Car As Fast As Possible

Every Fusion Slot Counts!

I heard from many racers in CSR2 that they think only the fusion part of the highest upgrade level counts, but that’s not true! Also if you use a fusion part on a Level 1 Engine and have the Level 5 Engine Upgrade active will boost your power! So, make sure to use every fusion slot in the car you drive!

The Perfect Start Hack

Your start can make or break a drag race if you and your opponent are close in car power. Luckily there’s a hack in CSR2 that will help you find the right spot for a perfect start EVERY SINGLE TIME (with a little practice of the technique). Especially with T4+ cars, the needle moves so fast that it is almost impossible to do it “just on sight”.

So here comes the hack for the perfect start:

csr racing 2 perfect start hack

Next to the timer there are 3 dots that count down before every race – so all you need to do is give full throttle and know at which one you will need to release it so the needle walks down and hits the perfect spot every time. For example, you remember Second 2, 1st dot or Second 1, 3rd dot… etc.

You need to try it out one by one until you find your sweet spot and then you will always make a perfect start 🙂

Nitro Timing Tip

When do you use your Nitro? To get the most out of your Nitro in CSR2, you need to hit it as soon as possible to benefit the whole race from the faster speed – I recommend you to hit it when you just shifted into the 3rd gear – this will give you enough boost to hit the perfect shift into the 4th gear and get the most out of your Nitro.

Bonus Tip – Hack for longer sessions

Do you know the pain that starts in your hand when playing a longer session when your fingers get slower? Holding your device, especially your smartphone, when playing CSR Racing 2 for more than 10 minutes starts getting annoying. I started using the GameSir F2 Grip Pad a few weeks ago and it is a pure relief to that and I can play longer and even better with a lot more comfortable grip.

It’s pretty cheap to get on Amazon and you can also flat it together making it so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket.

Perfectly for a quick session of CSR 2 everywhere and also quite cheap 🙂

Stripping Cars Right

csr2 stripping carsYou will pick up additional cars, some of them are cars that you already have or others are lower tier car that you don’t need. Do NOT sell them! If you strip them you will get fusion parts for cars of the same manufacturer, so stripping a BMW M235i will give you fusion parts if you need them for your BMW M4 Coupé 🙂

This is also helpful to get cheap fusion parts for T5 cars, simply check if you can buy a lower tier car from the same manufacturer and then strip it and you will get a couple of fusion parts for your higher tier car from the same manufacturer.

If stripping cars is nothing new to you, here comes the real deal: if your car is upgraded to at least Stage 3 you will get MORE fusion parts when stripping it, but only upgrade the cars to strip if it has Gold Stars! If they can be bought in the shop for Cash you can just strip them right away.

A Hack To Reset Opponents

csr2 reset opponentDaily Challenges (trials, crew cup, etc.) do always give you an opponent that has a slightly higher power rating than you to always keep it challenging – so, from time to time (especially if you don’t have that many fusion parts on the car you need for a certain challenge), you will come across an opponent that you can’t beat. If you simply retry, you will get the same one again. Instead, leave for the garage and then start it again from the map and you will see a different car facing you. Sometimes you need to do that 2-3 times, so do not give up only because a race was looking like you can’t beat it at all 🙂

CSR2 Racing Hacks For Free Gold & Gold Keys

You will need Gold to buy the better cars from the shop, skip delivery times and Gold Keys will unlock you the exclusive cars that you can’t get from the shop – here I will show you some hacks that will help you get them without spending money.

Bronze & Silver Keys – Farm Live Races!

Live Races are rewarding 25 Silver Keys and 175 Bronze Keys every 8 hours – I have written a whole guide on how to win Live Races in CSR 2 here:

CSR2 Racing Live Races Guide - How to win every time

The Additional Perfect Shift Cheat

Every perfect shift will reward you with additional cash at the end of the race – if you have a car with a high EVO, you will win most trial or cup races pretty comfortably. A really helpful hack in CSR Racing 2 is, when you see that you have a good lead you can downshift and upshift a couple of times and raise your perfect shift reward in these races – not a big deal but these couple hundred will add up over time as you very likely do 20-50 races a day.

Watch The Ads

csr2 free gold cheatCheck in the shop every time you play the game, often you will see a green “Free Gold” offer that will play a 30-second ad and you will get free Gold for that – make sure you don’t miss out on that offer.

You will need a couple thousand when hitting T5 to get a good car from the shop, so saving it from the beginning will help you a lot so make it a habit to check it every single time you start the game and in between.

Gold Keys From Crew Cup

golden keys csr2You NEED to be in a crew that is active and takes part in the Crew Cup frequently – you can earn the Crew RP pretty easy in the Crew Cup and this will help you clear the Milestones to get Golden Keys at the end of the season.

This is a lot less effort than you might think and pays off in the long run!

Use AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps

how I earned a lot of free gems for clash of clans
Here’s the proof

The only 3rd party way that works in order to get you free Gold & Keys for CSR Racing 2 without risking any ban! You download some free apps via AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps and then turn the credits you earn there into a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play that you can use to get some Gold, Cash or Keys with via the in-game shop.

In total, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to buy tons of keys and gold with – without spending one single dollar of my own in just one month!

Daily Battle!

csr racing 2 free golden keys hackEvery 4 hours you can do one race in a random tuned car against the AI with the same car and it’s easy to beat unless you really mess up (which you practically can’t). Make it your habit to do those battles and every week you will get 5 Golden Keys as rewards, but you need to really keep up with them!

Many are not that motivated as prizes in the beginning aren’t that great but after 1 month you will start getting pretty sweet rewards every week when you do them as often as possible.

Getting the Special Cars With Silver Keys

csr 2 more rare carsThere are always featured cars with special trials in CSR 2 that require a car you can only get from rare imports – the positive part, these cars have a 10x higher drop rate when using Silver Keys. However, you can always prepare by saving up your Silver Keys as the loyalty reward for opening 15 Rare Imports is a guaranteed featured car. I know it takes some discipline to save them up, but you will get an additional 4-Star car instead of a Stage 6 upgrade by doing that.

If you have any more tips that you would like to see on the list, please leave a short comment below and I might add it to the list 🙂



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