Create your free Clan Website and Forum in 5 Minutes

Lots of Clash of Clans player have asked me in the past how to create a professional looking Clan Website for their Clan without having much knowledge or paying a lot of money for it. Actually there’s one pretty simple and also free solution for you called iClanWebsites. In this post I want to show you:

  • The benefits of having your own Clan Website
  • How you can create your FREE Website at iClanWebsites in 5 Minutes
  • Give you an overview of the useful features you should use and how to set them up
  • Show you some premium features that are really useful


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Here’s a website that has been built with iClanWebsites (Disturbed Souls)

disturbedsoulswebsiteAnother great example of a Clan Website made for the clan Band of the Hawk:


Building your free Clash of Clans Clan Website and Forum

First of all you might ask yourself why you need a Clan Website while you have all the clan management tools within the game. The thing is that the in-game features are nice and do get improved all the time but all professional Clans out there have their own Clan Website or Forum to help them:

  • Organize their Clan and Clan Wars professionally (and save time with it instead of writing dozens of clan messages)
  • Have their Clan Meetings and also voting
  • Present latest strategies and tactics
  • Recruiting professional Clashers for their Clan and Feeder Clan
  • Run a cheap Voice Server to communicate (I will also show you in this post how to set that up in a few click)

Setting up your Clan Website and Clan Forum Tutorial

Like mentioned in the very beginning of this post I will now show you how you can set up your own Clan Website and Forum with iClanWebsites in a few minutes. Simply follow my steps and you’ll be ready by the time your Troops have trained.

Signing up

Please note that I managed to get iClanWebsites – the host of this great service – to become an official partner of What this means is something I will explain to you below.

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Please make sure to confirm your signup with the link in the email you just got (don’t forget to check your spam folder!)

Haven’t got the mail? Simply go here to send it again

The first and obvious step is signing up at iClanWebsite here with an email address and then you’re basically good to go. Please keep in mind that the basic package is totally free and you don’t have to pay anything for it. The features are however very good to run a professional Clan website.


After that, you simply have to confirm your email address in an email you’ve just gotten. Please also check your spam folder because sometimes it is in there and remember that it might take a couple of minutes before the email is delivered 🙂

Main Settings of your new website

Now you have to set up your website – I promised you that this will be easy and you’ll see that it is. When you’ve clicked your activation link in the email or by simply going to iClanWebsites>Login you will now see the Admin Panel where you can manage your website:


First you go to the Main Settings to set up the domain name for your Clan Website. I would recommend using your Clan Name (if available):


The next step will be setting up a proper Welcome Message. Within the Main Setting you will see a tab called “Welcome Message”. This is the first message that everybody sees when visiting your Clan Website:



I would recommend you to use something nice but not too long. The activity feed is something we will set up very soon so don’t worry if your new website looks a little empty right now – this will change very soon!

Next go to the “Membership & Registration” options and check this setting key so not everybody can sign up for your forum without your approval:


Make your Theme

After the initial setup we now start using a theme and customize it. Go to the Admin Panel>Theme and Edit your Theme there.


You can customize pretty much anything by changing colours/uploading pictures until you have the style you want. This is pretty easy but will take you some time. You can also simply purchase one of the premium templates if you want to save yourself the time – they costs about 11 USD and there are also dedicated Clash of Clans Themes available.


Again, you don’t need to and you can have a very beautiful theme with changing colours yourself. It simply makes things much more easier for you because you have a good-looking and professional theme for just a few bucks.

The next thing I want to explain to you is the Panel Builder. You have now changed the look and feel but maybe you want to arrange some of the things a little differently? Great news, the Panel Builder lets you change the layout yourself:



There are also a lot more things available  which you can simply drag-and-drop into your layout like social widgets etc.

Get the latest AllClash News directly on your Website!
You can also directly add the latest AllClash Posts directly in your Clan Website there. Simply choose the “RSS Feed” widget and type in the AllClash Feed (or any other) with the Feed URL: // set the description characters to ‘999’
04-iclanwebsites-panel-rss-allclashNow the latest posts are shown directly in your Clan Website for all members.  This is what it will look like: bandofthehawksclanwebsiteThis is totally fine with me so please feel free to integrate the AllClash Feed in your Clan Website 🙂
Why ClashTrack Will Improve Your Clashing

You can also write your own News to inform your Clan Members (automatically via Mail as well if you want to):


I would recommend you to post this in your Clan Description so everybody will have a place to check out Clan News and make discussions out of the in-game chat. Also, feel free to make links to useful AllClash posts for your clan members to help them get better in Clash of Clans. Here are some I can recommend you for just that :

Or simply the all others 🙂

Sign up now for your own free Clan Website and Forum and save 10% on your first purchase with the exclusive code ALLCLASH

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How to make your Clan Website rock

You have learned – and hopefully done – how you can create your own basic Clan Website. Hopefully this website is able to fulfill all the basic needs of your Clan and takes it to the next level. Anyway iClanWebsites offers a ton of extra features you can use, when you sign up for a premium plan –  quite affordable when you think how easy it is to build  a professional Clan Website for Clash of Clans with it. Here are some premium features that will give your Clan Website the professional look:

  • Newsletter and Notification Feature
  • Premium Themes
  • Match Reports
  • Voice Server

Please note that I managed to get iClanWebsites – the host of this great service – to become an official partner of This means you will be able to save 10% of your first premium purchase with the code ALLCLASH

You can also cancel your premium plan anytime you decide to not need it anymore so trying out is something you can do for sure. Let me show you why those features are perfect.

If you’re worried about the costs please be informed that there’s a donation tool so everyone in your Clan is able to donate something to the monthly costs directly to your account – divided by your Clan the costs are way less than 1 USD for each!

Newsletter and Notification Feature

It’s great that you can post news on your Clan Website but sometimes people are just not checking it themselves. With this feature you’re able to notify your users via email whenever you post something new on your Website.

Premium Themes

As mentioned above you can customize your theme yourself but there are also beautiful premium themes you can use.


Another big advantage is that the premium plan offers you a version without any advertising on your website.

Clash of Clans Voice Server

I don’t think I have to tell you how complicated it is keeping 50 members organized with the chat tool within the game. With a Voice Server you can talk all the time with your clan member and have your hands free for Clashing. In my Clan we use this and it’s really nice to quickly use it. We use a Voice Server for Teamspeak from iClanWebsites and the corresponding Apps for iOS and Android of Teamspeaker

What are you waiting for, Chief? It’s easy, it’s free so just sign up!

Thanks for editing : o i JoAcH1mZz o



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  3. Hello there, I do believe your web site could possibly be having internet browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however, when opening in Internet Explorer, it’s got some overlapping issues. I simply wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Apart from that, great website!

  4. Loved this post.
    I will first build my lvl 2 clan to something better then will surely make a website using this site.
    Thanks Timmy.
    Btw, what is your real name?

  5. These range from enterprise solutions for large organizations all the way to stand alone spreadsheet software. You will need your race registration number to access the site. Mystery used to surround air travel, but now the Internet is there to help you find flights anywhere around the world.

    • it will come back soon, they had some issues with that lately (i was also in contact wiht their support about that).
      Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more as this is all I personally know about it :/

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