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Clean Up A Base Quickly

Most attacking compositions feature a 2nd wave where troops clean up leftover buildings no longer protected. The kill squad/main attack already took down the surrounding defenses. I went back and checked a lot of replays from my Clan recently and there have been some awful situations. Many run out of time before getting the 3rd Star or even 1 Star, and these situations are easily avoidable. Most of the attackers made the same mistakes when cleaning up. In this post, I want to share some tips about correctly cleaning in your attacks.

Why Cleaning Up Is So Essential

You have two big opponents in each attack – first is the defenses the owner of the base set up to keep you out and the second is time! The latter is cruel, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Time runs out faster than you would think. Pulling and killing Clan Castle Troops, dealing with Heroes, doing the main attack and deploying your Spells, etc. all eat the clock away quickly.

99 percent attack 1 star

In the end, you always have the same situation, a base with lots of leftover buildings that need to go down to get more percentage for the first Star or cleaning all in time to get 3 Stars.

Every Clasher in the world has experienced close 3 Star attacks or, the worst, 99% attacks. When this happens to you there’s always the feeling that you could have done better.

Here are my three essential cleaning up tactics.

Methods To Clean Up A Base

Before I start, please keep in mind that these tactics are not related to specific attacking compositions. Almost all attacking strategies apply here.

Cleaning Defenseless Leftover Buildings

The easiest part is the most common part. Your primary attack left lots of buildings unprotected and will reward easy percentage points on your attack.

clean up defenseless base

At this point I see the same mistakes again and again.  Countless attacks during Can Wars I see on my own base or shared replays from my clan mates. Most deploy some Wizards, Archers or Minions to clean up and are disappointed they aren’t able to clean everything with the remaining time.

The most important things to keep in mind:

Never Deploy Too Many Troops!

You want to deploy enough troops, but don’t want to waste them. If you deploy more troops than necessary, you might see some problems later.

They could walk into a Trap that hasn’t been cleared – losing 5 Wizards to a Giant Bomb can break your neck.

Also, if you’re doing an attack that isn’t able to get all Defenses down, you might need some of them later for surgical cleaning (described later in this guide).

P.S.: Try NOT to USE CLAN CASTLE TROOPS for cleaning. They deploy in a big bunch and conflict with pretty much everything I just mentioned.

Don’t wait too long!

Deploy the cleaning Troops (most likely Wizards, Minions, Archers…) as soon as the area is cleaned. Don’t wait until all defenses are down or your main attack is complete. You lose too much time doing this. Deploy one or two as soon as possible and go back to focus on the main attacking troops.

deploy clean up troops during attack

I understand this adds extra stress to your attack; you already work hard enough to keep your Hero Abilities and Spells timely, but try to simply make those extra two taps. It’s worth it in the end.

Don’t! Don’t! Don’t Do This When Defending Clan Castle Troops Are Still Alive!

Sometimes there are survivors from the Clan Castle. Depending what you have you might consider taking them down before you start cleaning up. A Poison Spell works great for that.

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You don’t want to waste precious cleaning troops on defending Clan Castle Troops

Cleaning Heroes

Heroes work great for cleaning up, at least the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. The Barbarian King is able to take a couple of buildings down while he tanks away damage from defenses and the Archer Queen can snipe over Walls.

Use them wisely, especially if there is a defending Hero left. It’s hard to explain every situation in this guide, but you need to focus you Heros on

  • getting the Town Hall (if possible)
  • clean up in an area where defenses are left

cleaning heroes

Surgical Cleaning

Most of the time you’re not lucky enough to have a defenseless village in front of yo, but you still need to squeeze some extra percentage. This is when you need to be very careful what you’re doing!

Check out how many defenses protect the buildings you need to take out. In my example it’s only a single Archer Tower:

surgical cleaning for more stars

The Archer Tower can only target one enemy at a time, so be sure to deploy enough troops to get that building down. In this case, that’s 6-7 Minions

If there are more buildings inside the radius you need to bring down, deploy some additional troop next to the other buildings at the same time. This requires some experience, but can make a difference between 1 Star and no Star many times!

surgical cleaning against multiple buildings

The Skeleton Spell for cleaning

A great way, in case you don’t have air troops left, when there are leftover structure behind walls left, you can use a Skeleton Spell instead of watching ground troops smash against Walls for ages.

Also, the Skeletons won’t trigger traps so there won’t be any bad surprises for you – compared to regular cleaning troops that might not have enough luck to prevent leftover traps.

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You see that cleaning up can work. If you see a lot of 40-something percent attacks or run out of time a lot during Clan War, you have to take action and improve the cleaning up. Start cleaning up when the main attack is still active and know where you can clean up.  Learning this will lead to more victories.

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