Final Rounds

FINALS LIVESTREAM – TownHall Friendly Battles Event

I’m really happy to announce that I partnered up with Clash Premiere Community Server for their most recent event and I hope you guys will enjoy the show or even might participate yourself.

Final Livestream TODAY!

iTzu will start the first half of the Livestream here:

Galadon will stream the second part here:

I know many of you who read here on AllClash frequently signed up and I really hope one of you guys takes the victory πŸ™‚

Earlier, they brought you theΒ Builder Base All Star tournament, in which only best of the best competed. And before that, the first season of Builder Base War tournament, sponsored by SuperCell.

This time it’s all about Townhall.


General Format

Battle via Friendly Challenge.

1 Victor out of 128 players, for each townhall level.

Event will be played over 2 days.

Day 1: Early Rounds

Day 2: Final Roundsstreamed LIVE by iTzu & Galadon

This is a knockout event. Losing against 1 opponent will result in elimination.

It’s Simple! You just have to keep winning.

Eligibility Requirements

**Registration is closed**


The finalists for each Town Hall Level are ready and looking forward to April 22nd for the final streams

Sign-Ups Capacity

TH9: A total of 128 players will be accepted, for a maximum of 32 players each time.

For Example:

Time 1 (4:00 am EST) – 32 Players

Time 2 (8:30 am EST) – 32 Players

Time 3 (2:00 pm EST) – 32 Players

Time 4 (6:00 pm EST) – 32 Players

TH10: A total of 128 players will be accepted, for a maximum of 32 players each time.

TH11: A total of 128 players will be accepted, for a maximum of 32 players each time.

Round Set-up

Early Rounds

Early rounds are divided into Round 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Each round, players battle their bracket opponent. Winner of bracket progresses to next round and loser is eliminated.

Players are organized in brackets of 2 i.e 1 opponent / bracket.

At the end of Round 4, last 2 standing will progress to Finals.


Round 1 – 32 Players battle -> 16 progress to Round 2

Round 2 – 16 Players battle -> 8 progress to Round 3

Round 3 – 8 Players battle -> 4 progress to Round 4

Round 4 – 4 Players battle -> 2 progress to Finals

Final Rounds

Final rounds are divided into Quarter-Final, Semi-Final & Final.

Each round, players battle their bracket opponent. Winner of bracket progresses to next round and loser is eliminated.


Quarter-Final – 8 Players battle -> 4 progress to Semi-Final

Semi-Final – 4 Players battle -> 2 progress to Final

FinalLast 1 standing WINS!!!



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  1. hahahaha thats looks like someone copy our whole idea of Single Man Elimination (SME Events) i am belong to 7 Sister’s Devil clan and we do organised our own events in our clan…. as we come up with alot of new concept idea for the events… for that you can visit our website which is unofficial ryt now but soon will be official here is the link, our another idea stole by ICWL which was Mini War League (MWL Event) which is like an auction you just need to buy players in auction and make your team…. and soon we are gonna introduce our new event which is Troops Event (T.E) and it will be a clash…. bro if you want you can check out our website for the more information.. CLASH ON

  2. Well thank you Tim, for letting me know about this event.
    I am in the quarter finals of th9 (IGN: AKASH),well will see how far i can go.

    Thanks a lot again :).

  3. Peggior organizzazione di un evento mai visto..
    Come idea di base era stupendo questo evento, ma lacune enormi nell’organizzazione, dalle fasce orarie al supporto diretto dei giocatori iscritti, potevano partecipare estremamente piΓΉ giocatori, se fosse stato pubblicizzato meglio, e aperto a svariate tipologie di giocatori e di cultura diversi..
    Spero che in futuro verranno cambiati completamente i metodi di organizzazione, oltre agli operatori, che con la loro incompetenza attuale non potranno minimamente tenere la gestione di molti giocatori culturalmente diversi tra loro..

    • Buddy this is the last warning now, if you continue refusing to use the comment section in a constructive way and just spam I will add you to the spam list. I’m tired of filtering comments like those and they bring no value for me (in terms of feedback or discussion), the others and you (I won’t give you anything)

    IF U KNOW PLEASE SEND ME ALL INFORMATION AT gmail or reply me in comments

  5. get the hell out of here. if you begging for money just go get a job and work for it, money isnt going to come for free you sick slob

    • Not participating myself but I’m involved in promoting the Livestream. Nice to hear that so many of you guys from AllClash signed up, I’m really excited to see the finals and hope one of you make it happen to win πŸ™‚

      • Thanks man. AllClash’s all guide helped me so much in my Clash of Clans career. I was th9 when I started visited AllClash. Just hopping Supercell fix Clouding soon because its so much frustrating.😐

      • Thanks means a lot to me that I helped you out πŸ™‚
        I also agree on clouding, I’m at the bottom part of Legend League and still haven’t made the decision to drop to like Titan 3 as I don’t want to but clouds are real heavy at the weekend during Clan Games… but as Darian said, they will address it right after their big summer update that will be the next update to come

      • Kinda disappointed that the cloud issue is gonna be around fall. But I’ve never passed 5300 and probably won’t since clouds get too heavy when I have heavy playtime available. Looking forward to the next update for war matchmaking and tackling the engineering issue. It just makes war no fun when we don’t run any engineers but our top th11 are basically maxed and the th10’s all vary, some with lower heroes. The extra weight on our th11 guys adds a lot and usually don’t find max th11 on top of opponent side but 3-4 engineers from 4 down. Usually 3/7/0, 2/7/1 or 2/6/2. And for 15v15 we usually run 3/8/4, 3/6/6 or 2/6/7. Or within those general parameters. One of our th10 is maxed out except some lab and a few walls, another is close with 35+ heroes and some lab. Then the remainder th10’s are midway. 9’s cart from max to mid max and heroes high 20’s. Still match th11 on bottom their side with lvl 4 infernos, no xbows or eagle, and mid th10 point defense. Finding th9 in global seems rare when I recruit 9+.

        Glad to see that you joined with these guys, I signed up to clash hub news when he started as Casual Clash joined with them to advertise each other. Looking forward to joining into the many events they are organizing

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