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Win with Giant Skeleton & Pumpkin Barbarian! October 2017 Update Ticker

The Clash of Clans Updates in autumn have quite a big tradition in Clash of Clans in the fast few years – one reason is that it includes the stuff for the Halloween Event that takes part every year plus with the lack of updates in summer (or the summer update often being more kind of a balancing update), it’s also sure that this update is a content update.

In this update article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview what’s coming – especially those of you who don’t spend hours in the official forum and Reddit.

Clash of Clans October 2017 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

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Win with Giant Skeleton & Pumpkin Barbarians (October 30th, 2017)

250 free Gems for using the seasonal troops is quite nice, but are they able to make good raids? I have been trying around a bit and found out that using 50 Pumpkin Barbarians & 4 Giant Skeletons along with Bowlers for making quite successful raids – here’s one that I was able to record earlier:

You will make a funnel and then send in all of your troops along with your Heroes to go for the core – normally you get at least 1 Star and get your 250 free Gems quite easily 🙂

Clash-O-Ween Starsts on October 28th! (October 26th, 2017)

On Saturday the new seasonal troops, Pumpkin Barbarian and Giant Skeleton, will appear in the Barracks and are ready to be used. GEt ready for Halloween 🙂

Maintenance Break & Halloween Theme (October 23rd, 2017)

Just one hour ago, we had a Maintanance Break which also unlocked an optional update that will give you the Halloween Theme in Clash of Clans – this means your obstacles will get a little more spooky but the Halloween Event is still not activated (seasonal troops and obstacle are still not available).

New Halloween Troops (October 18th, 2017)

Halloween will feature the Pumpkin Barbarian and the Giant Skeleton for use – see here all details plus gameplay of these seasonal troops :

Halloween 2017 Event in Clash of Clans

Fix Update Problems (October 12th, 2017)

If you have problems updating, please refer to this guide I just wrote:

Fix Clash of Clans Device Is not Compatible / Unable To Update Problems

Bugfix Maintenance Break Now (October 12th, 2017)

The incoming Maintenance Break will fix the known issues and bugs that have been reported yesterday:

**UPDATE** Builder Base Event Bug & More (October 11th, 2017)

The Builder Base Event has a bug that will show the reset timer at 7 hours and 59 minutes every time you log back in.

I think this is a rather small thing to solve so I expect a Maintenance Break very soon that will fix it.

UPDATE: Here’s a list of the known issues:

  • Clan names with the word “Adult” having search/Bookmark issues – We are looking into getting this resolved in the next maintenance.
  • Builder Base loot timer reset display issue – This is just a display issue and not actually stuck at 7 hours and 59 minutes. We are working to get this fixed in an upcoming maintenance. The display will be stuck at 7 hrs 59 minutes when the timer is over 8 hours. Once it drops below 8 hours it will display correctly.
  • Golem lvl 1-6/Valk lvl 1-5 costs – We’re discussing the possibility of lowering the costs for the previous level upgrades to put it in-line with the Golem lvl 7/Valk lvl 6 costs.
  • Battles not ending when only Healers are left – This is tied to the AI fix of the match not ending until the last projectile reaches its target, only no targets are shot at when only Healers are left.

Builder Base Event (October 11th, 2017)

In case you didn’t see the new Builder Base Event – the next 7 days the loot reward resets every 8 hours instead of 22 hours 🙂

builder base event clash of clans

Update Incoming (October 11th, 2017)

Maintenance Break for the update will start in a few moments 🙂

Update Delay (October 10th, 2017)

Update will not come today due to last minute problems:

Update Today (October 10th, 2017)

Here are the final patch notes – the Maintenance Break for the update will start soon:

Home Village Updates:

New level limits and visual changes for Town Hall 11 troops and buildings

  • Valkyries – Can now be upgraded to level 6
    • Upgrade Cost: 150,000 Dark Elixir
    • Upgrade Time: 14 days
    • DPS: 163
    • HP:  1200
    • Training Cost: 220 Dark Elixir
  • Golems – Can now be upgraded to level 7
    • Upgrade Cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
    • Upgrade Time: 14 days
    • DPS: 62
    • HP: 6900
    • Training Cost: 900 Dark Elixir
  • Bomb Tower – Can now be upgraded to level 6
    • Upgrade Cost: 10,000,000 Gold
    • Upgrade Time: 14 days
    • DPS: 48
    • Damage when destroyed: 340
    • HP: 1200
  • Air Sweeper – Can now be upgraded to level 7
    • Upgrade Cost: 9,600,000 Gold
    • Upgrade Time: 10 days
    • Push Strength: 4.0 tiles
    • HP: 1050
  • Walls – 25 more segments can be upgraded to level 12

Home Village Balance:

P.E.K.K.A. level 6: adds +100 HP and +10 DPS

Social Improvements:

Clan Suggestions

  • Searching for Clans becomes even easier with the new Clan Suggestions function. The Suggestions will prioritize Clans by activity such as Clan War activity, Troop donation activity, etc. An icon will also highlight suggested Clans that has a member from your Friends List.

Online Indicator

  • The Clan Chat will now display the number of Clanmates currently online.
  • The Friends List will now display which members of your Friends List are currently online.
  • You can now spectate attacks your friends make via the Friends List.

Clan Improvements: 

  • New 35v35 and 45v45 Friendly Wars
  • Spectator slots for Clan Wars increased to 30, +10 extra slots for viewing via your Friends List
  • Get notifications when a War Attack is happening, even while in Replay Mode.
  • Clans can now set Builder Base trophy requirements in the Clan Settings.
  • Clan Badge, Clan Troop drop stone, and Castle graphic update – The new Clan Badge border will change based on your Clans level.
  • Clan Path – Donated troops will now travel through the Clan Path on the map.   

Builder Base Friendly Challenge! 

Practice your favorite attack strategies and test your layouts with these new Friendly Versus Battles!

General Updates:

A.I. adjustments

  • Battles will not finish until the projectile from the last unit lands on the target even if that unit is killed.
  • Improvements on troop attack position selection.

Sneak Peek #3 & Halloween Obstacle (October 9th, 2017)

Actually, Sneak Peek #3 is about to get released in 4 hours, but the Italian Clash of Clans Twitter account released it by mistake and deleted it shortly after and it looks like the third Sneak Peek is Friendly Challenges for the Builder Base

sneak peek #3 clash of clans october update

To be honest I’m a little surprised because I thought this update will be about Home Village content exclusively. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like the feature but I hoped for something else for the Home Village.

Also, I can also show you how the Halloween Obstacle 2017 will look like:

coc halloween 2017 obstacle

It’s a skull that looks a lot like the head of a Dragon.

Also, here’s how the new Clan Badges will look like:

new clan badges in clash of clans

You can see how they adapt to the different Leagues and I’m really looking forward what Supercell has planned for adding there in the next update – like Darian said this is just the foundation layed down for what’s coming in the next not-to-far-away update.

In total this is really another small update again, but I have my hopes up for a bigger update coming hopefully before the December update.

Sneak Peek #2 Clan Changes (October 8th, 2017)

Here the second Sneak Peek announcement:

In this second Sneak Peek, we want to give you a glimpse of some Clan improvements we will be releasing in the next update. This update is just the beginning of laying down the groundwork for new content we will be introducing in the future. But one thing at a time…

The “Clan experience” is at the heart of Clash of Clans. Combining social, combat, and competitive facets into a collaborative experience has brought friends and rivals together for years. This is one of the core pillars of Clash of Clans we want to continue to evolve and grow.

Recently, the most visible of these updates has been our efforts to improve the Clan War matchmaking system. These updates are still ongoing and the feedback you have been providing us with has been absolutely invaluable. But, we also feel so much more can be done with other aspects of the Clan for players to truly have an amazing Clan experience.

In today’s Sneak Peek, we are sharing new Clan Improvements that will be introduced in this week’s update.

New Clan Features:

  • New Friendly War sizes: 35v35 and 45v45
  • Spectator slots for Clan Wars increased from 20 to 30 + your friends have 10 extra slots for viewing via your Friends List.
  • Get notified when a War Attack is occurring even if you are in Replay mode.
  • You can now set a Builder Base trophy requirement in your Clan Settings

New Clan Visuals:
Clan Badge
The Clan Badge has been redesigned functionally and visually. With the new Clan Badges, Clans will no longer be able to customize the border of the badge. Your Clan’s XP level will display a predetermined border graphic.

New Badge vs Old Badge

Clan Path

Donated troops will now march to War and battles unknown via the new Clan Path. Donated troops will now move through this passage through the woods (and not off to some distant land of no return).

New Path vs Old Path

Social Improvements: 
Clan Suggestions

  • Clan Suggestions – The Clan Search feature has been given an upgrade. Searching for a new Clan to call home? The new Clan Suggestion function will prioritize Clans by activity, including parameters like Clan War activity, active donations, and more.
  • Want to find a Clan that is more competitive or more casual? The Clan Suggestions will be visible even if you are already in a Clan. It will even show your Friends’ Clans in the Suggestions and will denote them with a highlighted icon.

Clan Chat

  • The Clan Chat tab will now show how many Clanmates are currently online.

Friends List

  • The Friends List will denote which Friends are currently online.
  • You can also spectate attacks your friends make via the Friends List.

Looks like the wall in the forest is in fact just a small visual change and nothing we have to bother any further 🙂

Also, I expect that there will be a lot more changes to the whole clan surrounding on the next update, also because the new clan badges will exceed the levels we already know so far:

new clan levels

Also, the clan badges get some looks that remind me to the regular Trophy Leagues (Crystal, Gold, Champion etc.) so maybe there will be a clan ranking system soon that will reward clan a lot better than the current one with maybe seasonal rewards – I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Wall in the forest (October 7th, 2017)

Within the video material previewing the first Sneak Peek for the upcoming update, there’s a wall inside the forest:

wall in forest leak

First of all, I saw a picture of it and thought it’s photoshopped, but it’s appearing everywhere in the video material that the YouTubers who were in Finland are showing. You can see it yourself here in Powerbang’s Video about Sneak Peek #1 at Minute 2:34.

Now, the footage is from a developer build and it can also be something that Supercell is working on for a future update or simply a placeholder for something else – what I can tell pretty much for sure is that it’s very unlikely something we will see in this update because Darian already stated that this update in October will be rather small.

What can that be? Hard to tell, but I’m also sure it is not the often shown 3rd village that is clickbaiting on YouTube in the past weeks.

Sneak Peek #1 New Level Troops & Defenses (October 7th, 2017)

The first Sneak Peek is out and it tells us that we will get Golem Level 7, Valkyrie Level 6, Air Sweeper Level 7 and Bomb Tower Level 6:

clash of clans october 2017 sneak peek

Here’s how they will look inside the game:

new october level troops and defenses look

They will fit into the TH11 scheme and there’s not that much more to say about it. I managed to also get the stats for you that are in a range that is pretty expectable (but they can also change a little bit as they are from a developer version):

new update stats

It’s the first of 3 total Sneak Peeks we will get for this Home Village Update and as all new Level are now presented I assume that the 2nd Sneak Peek will show us some Halloween-Event-related stuff and the 3rd Sneak Peek hopefully has a surprise for us.

Expect the next Sneak Peek tomorrow 🙂

Sneak Peeks Tomorrow (October 6th, 2017)

Now also the official Twitter account released the statement that there will be a Sneak Peek tomorrow! This time “soon” means really “soon” in the Supercell dictionary 🙂

Also, Darian just confirmed minutes ago that there will be a couple of Sneak Peeks for this upcoming October Update:

sneak peeks october 2017 update clash of clans

I read it in that way that this update will not feature that much content but there will also be another one before the December Update (but that’s only my thinking here)

Update preview Soon! (October 6th, 2017)

The official Japanese Twitter Account just posted “Update Preview Soon!” on Twitter and often times they have been a little ahead of the other official accounts – looks like we will see/hear some fresh stuff soon.

Here’s the original tweet:

And in case it gets deleted, here’s a screenshot of it:

clash of clans october update soon

Home Village Update(s) in pipeline (October 2nd, 2017)

In my last update here I was telling my own perspective on things and why I personally believe that there will be another update during October – now Darian posted something interesting just 1 hour ago in the official forum:

clash of clans october 2017 update leak

We now have it written in stone that Supercell did develop the Builder Hall content including BH8 during the beginning of the year until the release and it’s not very likely that there will be much new content to the Builder Base in the next months except the release of BH8 (which is already finally developed and inside our game files and only needs the activation from Supercell).

Considering the amount of time it took from BH6 to BH7 release, which was June to September this year, I do not expect Buider Hall 8 to come before the first quarter of 2018 – giving plenty of time to work on the stuff the “Clash of Clans dev team has been plowing ahead with a series of upcoming Town Hall updates”.

Wrapping it up, no new BB content (expect BH8 early 2018) but lots of Home Village stuff coming 🙂

It might happen that this forum thread gets even more interesting, so if you like to follow it, you can find it here.

Also the long-time delayed Q&A was released – please notice that this is titled the Episode #1, so obviously they stripped out the stuff where they specifically wanted to show/talk about specific upcoming stuff (probably because it’s simply not ready yet):


New Home Village Content… (September 28th, 2017)

The release of Builder Hall 7 did not make that many of us happy (including me myself) who waited for some fresh content for the Home Village and was also the update with the lowest hype in the history of Clash of Clans. I enjoy Night Mode myself, but the Home Village finally needs some fresh content.

Here’s now my theory that makes me pretty sure that some more stuff is coming during October:

The release of the Builder Hall 7 was made without an update through the AppStore/Play Store and it was activated on the server side in the Maintenance Break by Supercell – we didn’t need to install anything.

This means, and it’s not a big secret, that the BH7 (and also the BH8 stuff) is already included in the game files in the Clash of Clans version we’re already using for quite a while now.

As far as my sources tell me, there’s absolutely nothing related to the Halloween Event 2017 inside the game files so far and that means that Supercell will need to make at least one “real” update before the Halloween Event will start (theme, seasonal obstacle…).In my opinion chances are good that we will also see some Home Village content in this update that will happen somewhere in October 🙂

In my opinion chances are good that we will also see some Home Village content in this update that will happen somewhere in October 🙂

Text Bug & More (September 27th, 2017)

Alright the update is not out more than 1 hour and many people have been shocked by this note when trying to upgrade to Builder Hall 7:

builder hall loot penalty

Now before you think that rushing will also be a negative thing in the Builder Base from now on, sty calm. This is just a text bug coming from the Town Hall and it will get removed soon – there is no such thing as loot penalty in the Builder Base! Your loot will only depend on the trophy count you have 🙂

Speaking of trophy count, the rewards have been raised to motivate you hitting 4,000 Trophies for a higher daily loot reward:

new daily loot cap for builder base

As you can see, the rewards itself didn’t get higher but the League Tiers have been adapted.

Last but not least, in case you have been checking the Giant Cannon for some more info how it works in detail, I have some more details for you that are not within the info card of the Giant Cannon. Especially when you watched the Livestream yesterday, you might have asked yourself how mighty the Giant Cannon really is (you saw all the troops flying through the air, right?), so here are some details

  • Troops get only “pushed into the air” when the Giant Cannon kills them with one strike (basically just a different animation!)
  • The bullet of the Giant Cannon striked through all targets and also hits troops behind them, so tanking is harder)
  • The Battle Machine will suffer 7-10x the damage from the Giant Cannon!
  • The Giant Cannon shoots every 5 seconds

UPDATE TODAY (September 27th, 2017)

The update will start in a few moments!

Here are the full release notes (I highlighted the important stuff):

In this newest update for the Builder Base, we are introducing a bevy of upgrades including two units: the Giant Cannon defense and the Drop Ship air unit. We’re also increasing the Versus Battle Rewards to 4000 trophies!

Here’s what you can expect to see in the Builder Hall 7 release, and make sure to scroll down to learn more about the latest round of War matchmaking improvements!

NEW: The Giant Cannon

What else says your base means serious business than a massive barrel capable of demolishing several troops in a single blast? The Giant Cannon is the ultimate deterrent against ground attacks. Its projectile is so effective, once released it will continue on clearing everything in its path until it reaches the end of the map! Watch Skeletons, Bombers, and Archers get tossed like confetti. Even the Battle Machine can only endure a couple hits before it’s taken out of commission.

Additional Defensive Buildings:

+1 Hidden Tesla
+1 Firecrackers
+1 Army Camp
+4 Wall segments (x20 wall pieces)

The addition of another Hidden Tesla and Firecrackers helps take care of those pesky Baby Dragon spam attacks and adding a fifth Army Camp gives you greater tactical flexibility as you advance your attack strategies with the new Drop Ship air unit. Along with the increased defenses, all of your buildings, traps (except for the Spring Traps), and walls can be upgraded to Level 7.

However, it’s the Giant Cannon that really makes your Builder Base defenses shine!

NEW: The Drop Ship

In your Town Hall, the Balloons drop explosives. However, in the Builder Base, these hot air attackers drop Skeletons in mass hordes to sow chaos and confusion among your opponent’s ground defenses. Use the Drop Ship to obfuscate your kill squads and ranged damage from ground defenses, or use them to clear ground defenses like the Giant Cannon to allow funneling.

New Offensive Levels:

Your offensive units gain benefits in the Builder Hall 7 update. Not only can your Troops be upgraded to level 14, but the Battle Machine can be upgraded to level 15 as well. Those upgrades come with a plethora of added bonuses too! Check out the perks you’ll receive when you upgrade your Troops and Battle Machine. And finally, enjoy the brand new Drop Ship air unit!

Level 14 Troop stats:

  • Raged Barbarians: +5 units per Army Camp
  • Sneaky Archers: +2 units per Army Camp
  • Boxer Giants: Improves the Power Punch ability
  • Beta Minion: Improves the Long Shot ability
  • Bomber: Improves the Big Bomb ability
  • Baby Dragon: Improves the Tantrum ability
  • Cannon Cart: +20 damage per second
  • Night Witch: +20% Bat spawning speed

Last but not least…

Clan War Matchmaking algorithm changes.

With the recent changes implemented to the Clan War matchmaking algorithm, based on the feedback we have been receiving and also after reviewing our data, we felt further changes needed to be implemented. These changes will reflect a more accurate measurement of a player’s and clan’s offensive power. Furthermore, we are also adjusting the search time required to find a better War match. This will increase the search duration in some cases but not all, and allows the system longer to find a more even match.

Builder Hall 7 Livestream Starts (September 26th, 2017)

The official Livestrwam on YouTube has recently finished and it was very informative and also entertaining to watch the new Builder Hall Level 7 in action with maxed troops and defenses.

Now I don’t want to overrate this whole thing before having hand on this update myself, but there are some things that we could clearly see from this stream:

  • The Giant Cannon is a beast and deals massive damage, like a Crusher that will go after your troops so ground attacks will have to deal with an extra hard ground defense (although it will take months until you face a maxed Giant Cannon in the game)
  • The Drop Ship have been, frankly spoken, underwhelming as they are. Some players in the stream are very skilled and even they didn’t turn any Drop Ship attack into something close to 50% destruction
  • Unlike the first footage, there won’t be a second Guard Post – but there will be an additional Army Camp, Hidden Tesla & Firecracker
  • There will be a new upgrade level to all structures
  • Even with the additional troops the 5th Army Camp will grant you, the possibility to 3-Star at Builder Hall 7 will get even smaller. However, those who will upgrade very soon will have the full advantage of the extra troops before the defenses get higher leveled up.
  • Troops will get to Level 14 & Battle Machine to Level 15

I understand if you have mixed feelings about Builder Hall Level 7 with the strong defenses and the new troop looking quite weak, but keep in mind that Supercell did reduce the amount of Night Witches available by 33% shortly before the update for Builder Hall 6 was released so it can also be possible that they will buff the Drop Ship and other troops a little bit more to make 2-Star attacks easier achievable.

Also, there was not a single word regarding the update date but I honestly didn’t expect that to happen anyway – will Supercell release BH7 prior to the Home Village part of the update? Darian did already say that “there will also be stuff for the Home Village that they are not ready to showcase yet”

You can watch the replay of the whole Livestream right here:

Builder Hall 7 Coming Soon (September 25th, 2017)

Here we go with the official confirmation of the Builder Hall Level 7, bringing new level of defenses to the Builder Base but also the brand new Drop Ship and Giant Cannon.

It’s not that big of a surprise that it’s coming and with the new defense and troop already being available in the developer builds, there’s already a lot of video material out there about it.

Basically, the Drop Ship is a Balloon that will spawn Skeletons so balancing air defenses will become more interesting in Builder Hall 7 – also because the Giant Cannon will shoot straight through troops and pushing them off the battefield!

giant cannon on clash of clans drop ship gameplay

Bottom line, I think the new level look pretty cool, especially the Mines.

bh7 new upgrades October 2017 update

Q&A Video & New Content (September 21st, 2017)

The official forum is pretty much heating up in the past days and for those of you who are not spending time regularly there, I’d like to wrap everything up for you.

A couple weeks ago, Darian (the new Community Manager at Supercell), told us that the guys over at Supercell are working o a video that will answer some questions about future content and also about the current Matchmaking in Clan Wars.

Well, those of you who are familiar with the mood that heats up in the official forum can already see that this lead to several false information created by the word of mouth. Without knowing that much about what really this video will show us, many now think this video will show some insights to the future and state of Matchmaking (which is not working anywhere near good) and also the content of the next update.

Clash of Clans October 2017 Update rumors & leaks

3 Weeks ago, Darian stated that the video needs some more time to get edited. After that, there was no real official information to that so the community over there was starting to get impatient and also angry.

3 days ago, Darian then turned directions and also revealed that they plan to actually include stuff from the new update in this video and due to that stuff not being final enough, the video is delayed.

October update 2017 sneak peeks

If you now visit the official forum, you see more and more threads pop up that want to know about the next update – and the fact that the YouTubers are in Finland right now makes rumors get spread more and more. In fact, the YouTubers are in Finland, but there’s also a big update for Clash Royale coming in October and Brawl Stars also seems to get released sooner or later can be the reason.

The only thing that’s very likely to be included in the next update is Builder Hall Level 7 (which is already finished months ago) and some more adjustments to Clan War Matchmaking as the current algorithm still produces crazy mismatches (read here more).

The Future of Engineered Bases - State Right Now

I know some will now post in the comments that this article here shows nothing, but I felt that I should put some things straigth when more and more people expected a new update getting releaed very soon – which could be possible but is, in my opinion, more unlikely than likely to happen.



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  1. Anybody else having issues with the Halloween obstacle? I’m a 9.5 so my base is somewhat full, but I have only had 1 obstacle and it was mid base. I made a base to force obstacles to the edge, but I’m afraid it’s after Halloween and I might not get one. Anybody know when they’ll stop spawning? Anybody else noticing the decreased number of season specific obstacle spawning?

    • I have a th11 and a th9, got one on my th11 first and haven’t seen another yet, got first one shortly after on my th9 and a second a few days later but haven’t seen any other, it usually runs 2-3 weeks which means it may be ending soon. Need a lot of players to send in a report regarding it in hopes of a bug fix early, it’s probably not finding an open location and switching to another obstacle in another location cause spawn rate is one obstacle every 8 hours and totally randomized

    • same here I also only got 2 ones so far (one on the outside luckily), but I also had the same with the cakes in august when I then got like 5 of them in the last days of the period when they were spawning…

  2. Nice! I have seen it already in forums. Look,I have made a post on Reddit(copied from forum,lol)-
    Give us some tips to attack via this two troop. We’ll be able to do attacks completely if you give us Giant Skeleton and Pumpkin Barbarian strategy tips.

  3. Wondering what is going on with getting new members into our clan. We have set it to anyone can join. Before the update, as soon as we did this the clan would fill up in a minute. The clan has been open for hours today and we have only gotten a few people in. Really frustrating as we need a more people to create a balanced roster. Thx!

    • This has been reported my many people in the forum. The new filter mechanic will filter several new words so maybe you have something in your clan description that gets filtered (in some other language).
      To run a simple test just type your clan description 1:1 in global chat and see if something gets cencored out and remove that phrase

  4. Hii I daily read your posts
    Bro, your recent post on BUGS
    YA, you are correct BUGS are biggest problem of any game
    WHAT I DO ?? PLZ HELP !!

    • I have to be honest I don’t have a solution right here because I have never heard of this problem, but my instincts would tell me to deactivate notifications and then turn them on back again after 24 hours to see if they still appear 🙂
      If that doesn’t help you need to create a support ticket for supercell (settings -> support)

  5. Timmy please help. My name has been spoiled after the update. My name is ⚡SWAYAM⚡ But after update, after the first thunderbolt there are now many spaces after it. It is looking very odd. When I told supercell bout that they said that they couldn’t help BUT IT IS THEIR MISTAKE ABOUT MY NAME! I tried to explain this to them many times but their reply didn’t change! What should I do?

    • Lol your coc is stuck 😂 no but seriously I have an iPhone and had the same issue, it said download update, clicking that didn’t work. Going in App Store to update tabs also didn’t work for me. But if you delete the app, AND MAKE SURE NOT TO REMOVE INFORMATION FROM GAMECENTER! Then re-install it, the newer version will automatically download. I had the issue with a previous update and that’s what supercell maintenance personnel informed me to do. Once again though. If it asks if you want to delete the APP, say yes. If it asks if you want to remove it from GAMECENTER, say no. Removing it from gamecenter will delete your saved progress and leave you with a long wait and a terrible headache getting supercell to reinstate your account. Hope this helped iPhone users finding this issue.

  6. The explanation on the builder base bug makes no sense. They say its only stuck if you are above 8 hours, but with the current event you should NEVER be above 8 hours.

    • Exactly correct. This is not a display issue. I got my last loot bonus at 5AM and it’s now 5pm and it’s still saying 7h 59 mins. I should have gotten another loot bonus at 1pm. This event is not working correctly and I am very disappointed. Supercell needs to fix the issue and reset the 7days for the event.

      I want my 7 days of 3 loot bonuses a day as promised please.

      • It refers to your initial timer you had before the event started, once that has been counting down, the reset will be 8 hours – same happened to me and now I have my 8 hours reset. It’s still a ton of extra loot and you will need a lot of gems to use all the extra loot anyway 😉

  7. Really disappointed of this update, nothing relevant. I was expecting valkyrie lvl 6 time ago so I liked that, but the updates of last years had a lot of additional stuff…maybe new troops, new defenses, new spells, additional space for the army camps but they were too lazy to do something like that and instead only new levels of 2 troops and 2 defenses, plus the other gimmicks. I’ll still be playing CoC but if SC make something relevant for this year.

    • Probably something relevant will happen or something big in the December Winter Update. I love that winter update!!

  8. Sir,
    October 2017 update have an issue..
    In builder base every time I check the next star battle shows after 8 hrs.. It always shows the same..
    Kindly check and fix..

    A COC Fan

  9. I am really deceived about this new update. It affects in the absolute no way low town hall players like me and is to me just an update that has no significance whatsoever on how I am playing. I think that Supercell could have done a lot better.

    • Yap but please keep in mind that they already told that this update will be a rather small one and there will be another one in the “not-so-distant” future where we finally see some real new stuff (very likely clan perk related as well)

      • I wouldn’t mind a new dark spell, something simple, like a scarecrow type spawn that makes the eagle believe it’s a golem and takes the target temporarily from other defenses and one blow from the eagle if timed properly. Maybe Tim can help push that idea forward 👌😉 not that your associated with clash. But well known in the community and I’m sure you have contacts who you could send the idea off to to get it into supercells hands

  10. I am always very excited about the updates, and if I don’t at first like them they usually grow on me.
    However, the mismatches in clan wars are ongoing and annoying, plus they spoil the fun.
    Today my th9 will face a th11 with max th10 defences – only missing inferno tower and eagle jobby. I’m trying to work out how he got to be in the place he is in his team – the guy above him is th9 and not even max.
    Any ideas anyone? This is clashing of clans after all so wars are key feature of the game.

    • Please keep in mind that clans are matched against each other in total (not each individual player) – so just because your same number opponent has a higher town hall doesn’t mean your clan got outmatched (however, often times this is the fact as well though).
      Mismatches happen still but they are getting better lately with the longer search time.
      I just often hear that there’s a mismatch because the same number opponent is stronger which is not the same – e.g. 3 other people in your clan can be stronger than their same number etc…
      I don’t want to say you did not get outmatched (I just canÄt tell be that single piece of information) 😉

  11. I have an IPhone 7 and can’t open the app. It says to update but when I select to do the update there’s no updates available ao I select open and round and round we go. I already restarted the phone several time and still nothing. So it looks like the the new update has bug issues that need to be fixed.

  12. I also have a Samsung 7 that is now suddenly not compatible with COC. This better get fixed quick. I have over 3 years invested in this game.

  13. Hi Team,

    i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0 and i can’t update the latest version of COC.
    I open COC and it asks me to update. I click on update and Google Play Store says my device is not compatible.
    Do you have please any news about this issue?
    Thanks a lot

  14. Hi Team,

    i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0 and i can’t update the latest version of COC.
    I open COC and it asks me to update. I click on update and Google Play Store says my device is not compatible.
    Do you have please any news about this issue?
    Thanks a lot

  15. I really like the obstacles i wish i did’nt remove ll my stuff before. but i got last years christmas tree and adversany cake cant wait for the hallowen and christmas tree. and the loot bonus is good i’m sctually trophy pushing to champions, and loot aint good up there for th9 from what i heard. and can you make a th9 war th9 – ten attack stragety.

    • Actually pushing into champions is the best way to get dark elixir and practice war attacks at the same time, I also have a member of my clan who hangs in master league and climbs to 1 to drop to 3 using goblin knife and has success. But personally I can’t use gobs to save my life and am an avid war fan even though I’ve been out of war since my heroes were 28/32 and are now 42/43 with a lvl 14 warden, still pushing heroes but also have a th9 in champs league pushing heroes which are 22/23 atm. Using HPB works great against most th9’s and can push Into the core of a th10 giving me the DE and usually TH as well. Loot bonus up higher is also great and HPB has very minor DE cost within the army. Just your one dark spell slot which I usually bring poison for 110 DE

  16. Hello Tim!

    Darian specifically said the update is not today on the forums, although it is not in the same thread of the patch notes release… just saying so you can modify your text 🙂

    • This was stated officially in sneak peek 2:

      In today’s Sneak Peek, we are sharing new Clan Improvements that will be introduced in this week’s update.

      That means this week. As it is monday today and we already got all sneak peeks, I think it will be coming tuesday extrinsically. Perhaps even earlier.

  17. Hey, if you basically watch at Clash attack with Jo’s video he focused a little bit on it. He basically just showed how it would look in our home village

  18. wow giving engineered bases even more power to kill us in war what a great idea… can only assume coc only wants utubers CWL players and engineered to play their game from now on cos they killing the game for casual war players and even tho coc message me actively encouraging me to make an engineered base I won’t be doing it I would rather stop playing like my other clan members are going to do if this update don’t sort the war matching

  19. pattern from past updates:
    1. new level to existing troop/building
    2. seasonal decoration
    3. limited period event starring a troop from CR

  20. Yesterday I told PowerBang in the comments section for the coc q/a session that he should have asked when the ‘new’ the stuff’s is coming.He replied ‘you’ll know today’.Idk if it was simply a quote but now it seems true.

  21. Can y’all stop blaming Timmy for updates. He didn’t make them, stop saying why did you have to update the game, now war sucks. Deal with it. The time is longer because the game needs longer time to find an equal matching clan….and stop asking for th12. If he hadn’t updated the guide then there isn’t any announcement about it at all. Plus th 12 would be found in the game files by those people that know how to go into it.

    • Thanks for the backup 🙂
      And yes, you’re right the time for finding a war matchup is longer again but will produce less mismatches so it’s kind of a good trade IMO…
      I personally think TH12 is somewhere on the more distant horizon, like 2018 because I can’t believe that Supercell will make the BB and TH12 in the same year when there are many quality of life changes that need to be done (clouds to just name one) that can get really extensive in development.

  22. Hey, what’s going on! War search taking hours….your ruining the game for me. Why have you extended search time? At least put a time frame on it. Used yo love this game, 3 accounts and can’t war with them.

    • The “unfair” matchups are the result that the matchmaking is start searching for similar clans when there’s no very close matchup available. So Supercell did make the timer longer to get closer matchups but the result now is that the matchmaking takes longer…

  23. Possibly th12 will come this christmas update, it’s been 2 years we have th11 in the game: time to come th12.
    Notice that when th11 arrived (12/2015) th10 was in the game about 2 years (since 2013 update) so the math makes sense!

  24. My clan is not enjoying the new matchmaking algorithm. First try, search went for over 10 hours. Second try is almost at 10 hours now. Supercell response was basically “deal with it”. We are not engineered and a very simple 10v10 search taking longer than prep day is not much of a cure to the matchmaking disease. Guess this is the new normal

    • Was having the same problem but I found a work around for it. Let the search go for about 15 to 20 minutes if it does not match you with a enemy clan. Cancel and search again. Sometimes I have to stop it about 10 times but eventually within 5 minutes or so it matches you with a even matched enemy clan. Try it, it might work my war log is startng to look a lot more green.

    • Jap, but there’s a silver lining. The BH7 was activated in Maintenance Break and without a “real” update we had to install because the stuff was already int he game files. But as far as my sources tell me there’s nothing Halloween related in the gamefiles so far so there should be another update before the Halloween event that could finally bring some new Home Village stuff.

      • Have u got any leads related to TH12?Or stuff like either it is coming or not.if it is then when?

  25. All over i see it stated (and this was the case for the live stream) is that Battle Machine can go up to level 15 now.

    But the top gemmers already have BM lvl 20.

  26. Hlo guys this new update is osm.. And as well as me know and me talk to supercell they tell me that in the year 2018 they are maybe gone to upgrade the town hall… Into the 12 and this gone to be osm guys… The town hall 12 is gone to be amazing they have many updates

  27. Hope they don’t ignore the Home Village… I really didn’t like the first update with the Build Hall because I thought they would start to focus on that and that happened. I haven’t seen a good update for the Home Village in a while: no new spells, no new troops, no new defenses nor heroes…only upgrades on the lvl of everything and balancing changes. I don’t dislike the Builder Village but I like Home Village way more.

    • You’re right but as I understood Darian in his forum posts they have worked on some stuff for the Home Village that they are not ready to showcase yet but I think they will release it before Halloween.
      Home Village had indeed not much update love this year so far (except the Clan War Matchmaking workover that didn’t even work out to be great tbh)

      • Definately need update with home village as most in ny clan r maxed without gems n loit overflowing. I definately have no use for my de any more n almost have defenses maxed, only 1 more upgrade with cannons n mortars n few walls. This is closest i have ever been to maxing my base complete with no use for loot, and blieve me BV does not generate that much interest when u only get loot for 3 wins a day…

  28. Hi Timmy
    you think in the next update for home village which troops will be got updated?
    Is it time of Valkyire6 and hog8, or maybe even minions8 and Rage spell6? Or maybe lava5!!!!!? This latest is so cool!! Isn’t it? Hoppfully S.C will bring the lavaloon solid attack back again to getting 3stared from maxed Th11.
    But my predicte is Hog riders and lava have more chance than others troops to get new level . Also lvl6 of spell Rage !

    • The things you describe are more of the things we already have tmo. I hope some real new stuffwill see daylight, because the summer update was more of the same also.

    • I don’t actually see Hog Rider since they already got a new Level – also TBH they are not really strong at TH11 and some extra damage and health would help that.
      More health wouldn’t also help the Lava Hound that much to be honest, to make Laloon overpowered again they need to work on the Balloons (what I honestly really wouldn”t like to see, as a huge laloon fan I make constantly high 2-Star attacks with laloon against maxed TH11 so I don’t see a urgent need there).
      I’d rather see a fix to the cloud issue at Titans League and a final solution to the Matchmaking in the current state as state of life improvements, new levels for troops and defenses don’t really change much in my opinion and are not much more for TH11 than optional additions.
      The only spells they should really start handling ar the Clone Spell and the Skeleton Spell which are complete waste of space since they have been introduced 🤣

      • WoW! LOL, clon spell is so vitality for me in my lavaloon attaks ,
        i am addicte to use it and i cant attacking perfectly without use clon spell at all. My clone is at the maxed level5 and has important role in my attacks. I drop it when my baloons are arrived on the core!

    • I’m just about to find that out, normally they also said they will feature new stuff for the home village in the update and the qa video should also be showing some stuff – It could be possible they will release the BH7 before the Home Village stuff though… I will let you know as soon as I can tell you but my feeling tell me (not official, just my 2 cents) that it might come earlier (maybe even this week)

  29. Hey Tim could you post some thing on gathering enough dark elixir for hero upgrades I am m kind of struggling with that I am a th9 with a level 12 queen and a level 13 king could help me out please I am sure others are in the same boat. And if you need to know my league its champs 3

    • Search up HPB attack strategy for th9, I’m currently 23/22 with my heroes on my th9 account and primarily raid with the healer-pekka-baby dragon attack with bowlers in CC, awesome against spread out th9’s and can be used to funnel straight for DE storage and th on a th10 base. Powerbang and clash with ash both have great videos and if I remember correctly Tim has a break down on here as well somewhere. Rather costly in elixir. But let’s be honest, elixir is abundant at th9 and higher. Also dragloon, or mass baby drags with some balloons if you are good at air attacks.

  30. i heard super cell is giving us new home village content, also can you do TH9 farming base and staragety dont wont destroy, ive been using ballion but i suck at it the lava hounds always get recked and the spell placement is messed up for me too

  31. yo people keep saying the update is going to be like 2 weeks from now, I’m VERY sure it is going to be the Halloween update that is going to be the big one with bh7, and some new mechanics to the game, and I’m crossing my fingers for some new troops in the game

    • Well the Halloween Event has always been activated around second half of October so you can look for that as a rough ETA for the update.
      Seing the event plus BH7 is very sure, but the interesting thing will be what the upate will bring for the Home Village – keep in mind that BH7 & BH8 are already finally developed before Builder Base was released so SC had plenty of time to make something good and new in the past months 🙂

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