lunar new year 2019 update

Clash of Clans February 2019 Update Ticker

Here are all official and unofficial news regarding the first upcoming Clash of Clans Update in 2019.

The first update news for 2019 are already out there and we’re heading to the first update in 2019 for Clash of Clans 🙂

In this FREQUENTLY UPDATED article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview what’s coming in the next update 2019 – especially those of you who don’t spend hours in the official forum and Reddit.

Clash of Clans February 2019 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

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Lunar New Year & More Wall Pieces (January 29th, 2019)

The Maintenance Break yesterday did not only bring us the 2019 Lunar New Year Obstacle (which is for Builder Base this time), it also will let you upgrade 50 more wall pieces to Level 13. This was only mentioned on social media and not inside the News tab in the game.

coc glowy lantern

Also, you can install an optional update that will bring you the seasonal loading screen shown on top.



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  2. Hi Tim, just wanted to ask whether you are playing clash less these days? Used to get all the latest designs and redesigns for bases but things have gotten slower.. More than understandable but just wondered whether the Clash bug has died down a little bit?

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