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Q Reveal This Weekend! December 2017 Update Ticker

The Clash of Clans Update in December 2017 will be the second huge content update we will see in this year along with the seasonal exciting stuff like Gem Boosts, seasonal troops & a snow theme.

I think most of us will agree that 2017 wasn’t a great year for Clash of Clans in terms of new content (and I’m saying this although I’m enjoying Builder Base a lot personally!) and Darian already has been getting the excitement high with his announcement that there will be something good coming. Well, they are working on it since May 🙂

In this DAILY UPDATED article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview what’s coming – especially those of you who don’t spend hours in the official forum and Reddit.

Editor Note: I have been removing some stuff that was older and less important now, so you can also get to the comment section faster or in case you visit this page the first time, you can also get a faster overview of the upcoming update 🙂

Clash of Clans December 2017 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

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How to get CoC Gems worldwide

Q-Reveal This Weekend (December 16th, 2017)

Finally we will get to know what the mystery “Q” will be this weekend.

Also no new troop or hero (not really a surprise)

Sneak Peek #3 Balancing Changes (December 15th, 2017)

As part of our Winter 2017 Update, we are introducing balance changes that will affect Town Halls 10 and 11. We understand there is a significant barrier of entry going from Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 10 and an even higher one when going to Town Hall 11.

This is not only noted by how many players prefer to remain at Town Hall 9, but also looking at the drop off of success rate of 3-Star attacks at higher Town Hall levels. We want the game to be challenging and fun, but we also don’t want it to be discouraging where a steep learning curve can cause people to be demotivated by its difficulty.

Addressing these balance issues has been a challenging task. While we’ve introduced new troop levels, wall levels, and other upgrades over the course of the year, we are taking a slightly different approach for this content balance.  Here are the changes that are coming in this update:


• HP has been adjusted:

Level 1 (4500HP -> 5100HP)

Level 2 (5000HP -> 5400HP)

Level 3 (5500HP – 5700HP)

Lava Hound

• HP has been adjusted

Level 1 (5700HP -> 6100HP)

Level 2 (6200HP -> 6500HP)

Level 3 (6700HP -> 6800HP)


• HP has been adjusted

Level 5 (670 -> 720)

Level 7 (1100 -> 1220)

Level 8 (1260 -> 1440)


• Housing space increased from 5 to 6 per troop

Barbarian King and Archer Queen

• Added 5 more levels (to a max of level 50), and previous level costs have been adjusted.

• See comparison between old and new Dark Elixir costs for Barbarian King here and Archer Queen here.

Inferno Towers:

• The effect that prevents healing while receiving damage from Inferno Towers has been removed.


• 25 additional wall pieces may be upgraded to Level 12(so now you can upgrade 125 wall pieces to level 12)

Army Camps:

• Army Camps at Town Hall level 11 will gain an additional level (Max: Level 9)


• DPS has been adjusted:

Level 2 (70 DPS -> 60 DPS)

Level 3 (90 DPS -> 80 DPS)

Level 4 (100 DPS -> 90 DPS)

There are a lot if things that have the potential to mix around a lot like Inferno Tower healing removement and more troop space for TH11.

More Clan Games Hints (December 14th, 2017)

With the Sneak Peek #2 released earlier today (see below), we know now that the Clan Games that get introduced in next weeks update will make you and your clan mates collect points together that result in a price – in the forum, Darian has been giving some more smaller hints that will go deeper than what the Sneak Peek #2 has shown.

First of all, the mentioned “magical items” will not “exactly” be another resource or a gameplay related item:

clash of clans magical itemscoc magical items coc update december 2017Ok this doesn’t make it a lot more clear, but this comment made me think that these items MIGHT be consumable items:

I think we have to wait a little bit longer to get a final answer to this, but it sounds interesting.

Now, some think that the Clan Games will just be the adaption of Clash Royales Clan Chest (all clan members collect trophies during the week and depending on that everyone will get a reward at the end of the week). Darian said it will NOT be like the Clan Chest in Clash Royale:

clan games gameplay infoLast but not least for now – the important question where is the letter “Q”? Supercell will release a developer video that will explain everything about that, so I think the roadmap will be 2 more Sneak Peeks that might show more hints until we finally see on Sunday how this whole Clan Games feature will work.

dev video clan games coc update december 2017Sneak Peek #2 – Clan Games Details (December 14th, 2017)

Finally some more info about the upcoming clan games:

clan games infoI really had to laugh when seing the images of the different “games” as this was also suggested in the forums yesterday 😀

Of course, clan games are challenges that we are doing along with out clan mates at it looks a lot like this is going in the direction of quests. I know the letter “Q” is missing in the name, but after going through Darians answer in the Q&A Interview where he said that, it could also mean that the feature starts with the letter “Q”.

However, already in the text you can see that there will be different tasks and the more you and your other clan members complete, the more points you will get and the higher the reward will be – that’s pretty much what I have been assuming since the October Update when the “foundation” was done with the additional Clan Levels & Badges.

I really hope that the tasks will be also more interesting than just winning as many Multiplayer Battles or Versus Battles or Trophies to collect to keep this an entertaining thing.

I like the first impression, but the next question is – what are the magic items they speak about?! I really hope these are the special clan decorations they have been talking here and there from time to time in interviews when talking about the future of Clan Level 😍

Sneak Peek #1 – Clan Games Are Coming! (December 13th, 2017)

First update info is out and it announces the “Clan Games”:, you can watch the 10 second Sneak Peek here:

There’s also another version from the forum and from Facebook but none of them tell anything more about the Clan Games. It looks pretty much as we have to wait.

I think this will be either some competition inside your clan or more likely clans competing against each other in a kind of bigger pool than Clan Wars, like having a leaderboard for clans.

I’ve been checking all my sources and it looks like there’s nothing more official I can show you for now 🙁 I hope this won’t end up in something similar than the boat trailers in May before the Builder Base Update.

sneak peek 1 december 2017 update<<<<<<<<<<
n posted some more info on the forum by accident but deleted it shortly after and unfortunately I missed it – so if you have a screenshot of it, please feel free to link it in the comments or send me an email ( – of course I will give you some credit for it 🙂

Sneak Peeks Incoming (December 12th, 2017)

Darian changed his “hopefully this week” …this week, I promise!”

december update sneak peeks clash of clans<<<<<<<<<<
y pretty happy about the way Darian handles the community since the time when he started his work as community manager and even if the “soons” are still dropped frequently I have the feeling that the communication gets better.

Looks like we can be looking forward to see a (hopefully nice and big) update ready for us before Christmas holidays start 🙂

Sneak Peeks This Week & Balancing (December 11th, 2017)

Good news everyone, Darian did just confirm that Supercell plans to show the Sneak Peeks for the upcoming update starting this week!

december 2017 sneak peeks clash of clans<<<<<<<<<<
und too vague for you? No problem, he did get more on point 🙂

comes the nice stuff, he also did get into more detail what we can expect:

coc december 2017 update balancing changes<<<<<<<<<<
is nothing new and already been stated for quite a long time now, but the fact that there will be a ton of rebalancing for the highest Town Hall Level is new. From what I also heard, Supercell wants to incentivize those being TH9 for a long time to go to TH10 and higher – unfortunately, I don’t have more information on how they want to do it and what the rebalancing really is. On one side I’m quite ok with the current state of balancing as TH11, but it also is quite boring seeing only 2-3 different attacking strategies over and over. I start getting hyped again and hope this update will be a good one 🙂

Goblin Changes (December 3rd, 2017)

Since the last update there has been a small change to the Goblin Map that some might not have notices – there are some names on the map that have not been there before, see yourself:

clash of clans Goblin Map changes<<<<<<<<<<
nteresting question is: why does Supercell secretly update a very old and outdated game feature? I assume this was part of the “laying the foundation of future changes” part in the past update and the “Goblin King’s Hideout” at the very bottom makes me think about a new way how the Goblin Map will work, like daily changing tasks there that you and your clan mates will be able to unlock and in the end get a high reward when doing this – I absolutely want to point out that this is my personal belief and it can be also something completely different or maybe even something that will get introduced to a later point.

What I don’t believe is, and that’s what I have seen in a lot of non-sense videos in the past days, that there will be a new Hero coming to the game for us like the Goblin King (also there can’t be 2 kings and we already have one). I rather think about something similar to an evil enemy like they have in Boom Beach and maybe also something like the Operations available there.

UPDATE! Apparently, these new names have been in the game files since 2013! (Here’s the proof) So still the important question: why did Supercell activate them recently when it was in the game files for 4 years?!Sneak Peeks Soon (November 30th, 2017)

According to Darian we will see Sneak Peeks for the Update very soon. He also made clear one more time that there won’t be TH12 or BH8 coming:

ooking forward to see some real stuff instead of hints, but with the update cycle if the past years I believe we will see the Sneak Peeks within the next 2 weeks as it would be hard to believe that Supercell would not release the update before Christmas…

Let’s Talk Quests (November 28th, 2017)

I think many of you have heard the info that Darian told the hint for the next update feature will start with the letter “Q” (see below in the Clash Talk Interview #2). He also stated that it’s something that many of us have been waiting for for a long time so it’s quite obvious that many have been thinking about Quests.

I want to slow down expectations here a little bit since too high expectations in the past year have been leaving many of us disappointed and there’s no real evidence that it’s really about Quests! The letter “Q” can also have something to do with “Quality of Life Changes (Clouds, Matchmaking…)” or something different.

MasterMind did create a mockup in the feature request forum back in 2013 with several pictures how he hopes that Quests could look like, so the picture below that many of you have been seeing as a “leak” is actually a 3-year-old fan mockup, nothing else.

Clash of Clans Daily Quests in december 2017 update
Daily Quests Mockup by MasterMind











ou can see the whole fan request here in the original forum post from October 2013 in the official forum.

Please don’t get me wrong, I would love having a solid implementation of quests in Clash of Clans and I really hoped for it for many years but just because the letter “Q” has been thrown into the ring shouldn’t get our hopes too much focused and we might see something very different. I will let you know as soon as I have some more info about that 🙂

Q&A Episode 2 (November 21st, 2017)

Some of you might have forgotten about the second part of the Q&A interview with Darian from Supercell that was initially scheduled for September but then delayed for “internal reasons”. Today, the 2nd part of the interview is finally released and there are some interesting things in it that I wrapped up for you below the video (in case you can’t/don’t want to watch the whole 40 minutes video).

1:05 – What should Clans be working towards when they reach Clan Level 10?<<<<<<<<<<
ot be more clan bonus perks for higher levels to not abandon new clans. Still, Supercell wants to incentivize pushing the clan level even further and they work on something that will make us pushing the clan level further (more on that later).

3:58 – What was the purpose of the Builder Base? Why not add PVP straight to the Main Village?<<<<<<<<<<
or this (and I did mention this already when I first saw the Builder Base back in May) is, that Supercell wanted to implement many player suggestions (Gem Mine, Clock Tower, night mode etc.) without radically changing the game from the ground up. Overall a wise choice when we look at how many players just dislike the Builder Base…

There are also right now no plans to add any more gear ups to the Main Village (except the Multi Mortar that’s already implemented but not unlocked yet).

9:41 – What is the Clash Team’s vision for the end-game of Clash of Clans?<<<<<<<<<<
oesn’t have a clear vision of the end-game, that’s what I got from Darians answers. They want every player to continue farming, trophy pushing, Clan Wars and Builder Base depending on what every single player prefers – but this is what the whole game consists of from the beginning. Adding new stuff we spend resources on like new levels is just a thing to keep the TH11 players busy right now while balancing the other aspects of the game.

For me personally, this is a very unsatisfying answer because Supercell thinks they will make all of us with high level to maxed TH11 bases happy by just fixing clouds and matchmaking and throwing in a couple of new levels here and there – I hope this isn’t the real intention of Supercell because this won’t be enough to keep the long-term players happy and in the game for a long period.

21:53 – Why can’t we use Heroes in war while upgrading?<<<<<<<<<<
really an answer that makes sense, but the interesting part of Darian’s answer is that it’s in discussion to make this possible to see an increase in Clan Wars due to the fact that we don’t have to decide to upgrade Heroes or go to war. I hope we might see at least a decrease of upgrade time for Heroes at least to make it better but to be honest, my hopes are not really strong since this has been an ongoing wish for more than 3 years now.

25:09 – Why doesn’t the Clash team share what we’re working on in advance and get feedback from the Community?<<<<<<<<<<
the reason (from the view of Supercell) is, that there is no consentence in the community feedback. Well, I do play Clash of Clans for many years and after Supercell promised at least 3 times to communicate better with us that tuned out to not change anything I don’t expect any change here in the future. I remember when Friendly Challenges were introduced and the community replied that this will allow sandboxing attacks for Clan War, Supercell did make some last-minute changes to prevent that – with asking or telling their plans more in advance they could have prevented many of situations like that because millions of eyes see more than a handful of eyes.

31:30 – Why can we not have more than one name change?<<<<<<<<<<
follows your name so this is an aspect to keep your name clean because you can’t change it that often.

35:59 – What is the Clash of Clans team working on next?<<<<<<<<<<
thing they are working on is something that Supercell will roll out in multiple stages that will add more functionalities to the clans and also more incentives for the clans (clan levels) and the first part of it will be rolled out in the December Update (annotation: in the video Darians says “hopefully in the next months during the winter update” but the recorded material was a couple weeks old). Darian also confirms that the next update will pe primarily focus on Home Village content but not in the way of new troops, levels etc. it will be “adding a new dynamic to the game”. He says it’s something that “so many players wanted for such a long time” and also the hint is that the word starts with the letter “Q” – could it be quests?!<<<<<<<<<<
p>< /p>

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  1. The inferno adjustment Is a great deal.
    I mean this defence makes situation worst.
    A Th10 cannot get up to 70% from TH11 initially without super skills.
    I am on Th10 and inferno stops me from climbing up the league to titan and legend.
    Now we can see more players going up.
    I love the miner adjustment… They should not forget hogs too.
    Inferno is almost useless now.
    I will like its range being adjusted to be longer…and maybe its DPS to 50 for multiples on lvl 4.
    Freeze will be useless now.
    Miners will return
    Hogs will rerurn
    Goblins will return.
    Bowlers will return.
    And Queen Charge will be almost everybody thing.
    We will see more th9 attacking th10 n even daring th11.
    The update is accepted for me.

  2. In less they fix this war matchmaking problem that just keeps getting worse I dont really care what they bring to this game anymore. Starting to feel like government red tape they study the problem to death but fix nothing trying to please everyone.

  3. @AJ_PRO =>(The guy down there, since I cannot reply directly to you ☺)

    It’s just a few less miners to fill your camps. Do the maths and see for yourself sir!!

    Minus the inferno healing effect plus good funneling, I might as well plunder your core.

    They are only and mostly good for “FARMING -> DE”
    I wouldn’t take them on a full scale clan war attack 😋
    With those few lines I say; Miners, Yayyyyyyyyy………

    PS: Sorry for bad English

  4. I am hoping that inferno nerf will not affect the ongoing war.If update comes in between war than those attacking late may get unfair advantage over those attacking earlier.

  5. Well, there’s goes any “difficulty” to 3 star th11’s. I’m in legend league hitting max th11 bases with bitched attack and lvl 2 witches…. and getting the 3 star. Only time I find It difficult is on war bases but with added camp space and more hero levels that won’t be a problem. Although I feel the golem and hound increased HP for lower levels doesn’t seem needed. Th10 and 11 players have wellpast lvl 3 golem if they aren’t rushed. Mass miners will still be a thing for farming DE, guess I’m glad I maxed them recently their slightly cheaper then dragloon. Added camp space allows for another dragon in dragloon attack so with clone spell max that will be an easy 3 star strat against th11 especially if we can heal those bastards under inferno fire. Sounds to me like they want to give the rushed th11 guys who never caught up to max th10’s that went th11 a chance. Remember when th11 dropped and a majority of players anywhere from th8-10 just jumped right up there for the warden? Some of them are still playing catch up. Almost seems like this is for them. Infernos should block healing abilities and I won’t be surprised for them to revert back from that very quickly. 1 extra space for miners with additional 20 overall space won’t change much regarding them so not exactly a nerf. Although xbows dealing less damage… that one I don’t agree with. Let’s see how things go after the update drops. Save your elixir and open your builders kids. Time to push 4 camps lol

      • Because now that infernos won’t negate healing a queen charge and mass miners with mostly heals and a rage or two for AQ. Simply take out the EA early in the raid and there’s nothing left to really stop miners from trashing a base. And their count going from 5 housing to 6 is due to the additional camp space available at th11. With 20 more housing you only really lose 2-3 miners from previous count.

  6. Magic items r what? Is this ur question no problem I’ll explain what I know… The first thing is base boost item it can boost our base.. The next is new weapon magic item that can give our troops new weapon.. Like barbs shield… If u play farmville 2 u can find power pins these r like magic items am I right reply me Timmy bro

  7. Tim, just wanted to say what a great job you have done over the years. Been following your site for a while now. Was a slightly rushed th9 when I first started checking out allclash. Im now a max th11 with not much do to lol. 😁. Builder base has been a nice addition in my opinion. I need more max walls to do lol. Anyways keep up the good work.

  8. bro contact form is not working fr me if I click it won’t show any contact form can I pls mail @ your email plsss it is a private talk pls pls pls bro

    • The idea has a lit of potential and should have been in the game way earlier – the success now just depends on how creative the tasks are (hopefully not just how many stars earned in HV and BB attacks) and the rewards. I really hope they prepared some incentive soecial rewards and not only resources that we can win 🙂

  9. no problem bro.pls bro can I mail u I m looking forward for great relationship with u please only 5to 10minutes per day after I success surely I’ll give you credit.pls I wan’t help tips.I won’t trouble u promise

  10. bro pls y deleted link im your always visitor and subscriber y did u edit link ,in comment im looking forward for greater relationship with u ,for some reason i cnt explain everything here ill mail u pls kindly reply me and i want everybody to know about ,it i don’t want any money but all must know this thing . pls watch .i helped u also .i was in forum whole day there was no info posted .hey nice post bro

  11. PLS see this. Timmy and others important update is it linked with builder left in next update see here

    • There isn’t IMO… the Builder “Holiday” was just a promotion thing for the 5th anniversary, nothing more and I doubt that Supercell plans that much ahead. They work on one update at a time and release it when it’s finished – they have been telling this a couple of times 🙂

  12. Looking in dictionary for the letter word Q.But imo i wont be that much impressed if they give quests…its not that kind a big deal…for me…actually.

    • No it will focus on clan. Reply me r they going release a stuff like clan chest in clash royale ? When will they release sneak peak???

      • I’d be very surprised if there wouldn’t be some new defense/troop levels though 🙂
        I personally think we get some info this week since I don’t think they want to make the update after next week (they are on holiday beginning christmas anyway…)

  13. Just leaved playing COC ,,for a while,(Switched to clash royale) .Both games r awsm but COC Really need some new content . Otherwise many players will leave playing it. BTW I don’t know why some players hate BB.

    • It’s mostly the people who haven’t figured out that the only way to progress is to push trophies. So many reg base players are just farmers and it’s a whole new concept to push to be able to farm. If I had never done a push on main base I would hate builder base too. Only just went BH7 recently and waiting for fifth army camp so I can break the 3200 range. Haven’t been able to once I go against players with the extra camp and giant cannon. Especially when that thing is leveled up, when I go air raids it usually helps but a good anti air base and I’m sitting scratching my head on an attack strategy lol usually always around 60% 1 star with a Knick of health left on builder hall. Once my camp finishes I should be able to solidly two star 70%+ using mass baby drags, I also play with boxer giant and cannon cart. Or mass witches. My second account I did beta minion so half baby drag and half beta minion aren’t too bad either. All depends on the players abilities to adapt. Some are great at adapting and others just don’t reach the capability. Also builder base AI is hard to judge so lots of times the raid fails early due to a slight miscalculation, I find raiding th11’s in main base easier then builder base attacks lol

      • At BH7 there are only 2 working attacking strategies right now, Bombers & Barbs is what hits my base like 80% of the time (4200-4800 trophies) and I personally use 2 army camps Night Witches and 3 Army Camps Beta Minions and get 60-70% 2 Stars in 90% of all raids, so that’s what your upgrade order in your Lab should be 🙂

      • Barbs were definitely gonna be my main focus, I’ll have to pop by into your guide for bombarian strategy soon lol final army camp will be done tomorrow then using builder to start giant cannon and gonna try to push over my 3200 limit 😂 I rushed to BH6 but sat there till just the other day and almost have everything (except walls obviously) maxed out and was wasting elixir. I’ve heard the battle machine additional levels aren’t great? So thinking once I start getting into those longer upgrade times and have some excess elixir I may put him down but having a lvl 10 already I’m not putting him very high on priority list at all. New Xmas tree is looking awesome, can’t wait for sneak peeks to start getting released.

      • here comes the hogman bringing together a plastic bottle with a hole in bottom of it made by the nose of pekka which was already too frustrated catching butterflies alongwith a skeleton of charge 9.03 coulombs and finally i think that the sentence ends

  14. Based off of past December updates they usually fall around the 14th or 15th of the month. And more prodiminately on the Thursday. So hoping to see sneak peeks starting tomorrow and possibly the update to drop on Thursday Dec 14. Wishful thinking with a little insight 😉

  15. Hey Tim, did u closed(or stopped working at that) your Clash Royale site.
    There r no new Post’s or guides.
    Sorry for bad eng.

  16. Hey tim… I don’t know if you people have noticed it or not… But with the additional names added in the single player campaign map there is something more that might was not there before…
    You see at the first level (payback) there is an another prescribed path along the lake of pekka… Are we going to an another realm fit clashing just see it…

    • Pretty sure that path going up is from the TH towards the first level and something that was used in the tutorial….. I could be wrong though

    • There are different opinions, including that this new map was only activated accidentally by Supercell with no connection to the upcoming update since the new names etc have been in the game files since 2013… we can only wonder for now and see what the upcoming update will bring

  17. Well inactive clans will die off. And active ones will benefit if it is in fact “clan quests” and I don’t see how they can create any sort of reward for a clan since clan perks won’t be expanded. Basically clan quests would be another method of gaining loot or gems and honestly neither of those would appeal to the max th11’s or players who have almost maxed more then one account. I’m still very much hopeful for something amazing. As there have been past updates that got the community active again. But we’ve also had some duds. (Minor tweaking, or the worst of all…. miner “bug fix” that wasn’t mentioned to be happening and pissed off a majority of spammers who couldn’t attack properly) overall supercell may not voice their opinion or future plans but with the hit and miss scenarios of the past. I feel this update is in the time frame of a “hit” and should be something pretty awesome. Clan quests could be interesting depending on how they play it. Also could be a total waste of their development time for the past few months. But just before th11 I remember people speculating of a “goblin king” so I’m assuming it will be such as boom beach had (didn’t play it much but remember hitting a “boss”) where clans need to bring players together and defeat an opponent boss, aka goblin king. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. And if anything I mentioned becomes what’s added. But overall I’m excited and hopeful, most of my hope is that they bring the update soon enough that they have time for tweaking and re working in case it brings further balance issues with whatever new mechanic they are implementing in game. And most of my hope is set in war matchmaking. Our last one or two wasn’t too terrible but I would prefer to be able to start a war and not wonder how many engineered accounts are gonna be on the opposing side.

    • Yap they need to find a way to make the new clan features work also for newer clans or otherwise nobody will start a new clan because nobody will join at all.
      I like the idea that some achievements should be hard to earn and long-term rewards but if that in return excludes new clans/players it’s not worth it. Bottom line they have been talking about this so many times that I have my hopes up that they found a way that will work out for both fractions, the new and the veteran players & clans.
      Matchmaking on the other side is something I really don’t believe is something they can fix unless changing the whole system radically – they’ve been simply waiting at least 12 months too long until starting to address this and now they can only piss off one side or the other

  18. If supercell doesn’t give th12 in this update then I don’t think game is going to stand on the mark coz this year after all under rated so called updates has given nothing new to older or new comers.lets hope supercell doesn’t spoil all hopes!

    • Aditya K.,

      If TH12 is launched this year, I personally think there will be more unhappy people than happy…
      Darian said in his informational video that TH12 wouldn’t come till earliest next Summer. So, I wouldn’t set your expectations too high for TH12.

  19. How about removing the Builder base from the game? Let’s face it!!! It is a HUGE waste of time. AI is bad! Concept is bad! If you are upgrading a major defensive structure, you can spend hours losing and and getting perfect tie’s. Why make people wait 5ish minutes for every loss??? Sometimes they give horrible machups and you have to wait 5 more minutes to try again! They could try using some brain power and make the game more fair! How about a partial star for ties??? or make the wait time decrease after every loss/tie??? Better yet, just remove the builder base all together.
    -Kinda Pissed at how Stupid the builder base component is

    • Then don’t click the ship.

      Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean some other people don’t.

      I for one came back to clash because of the BB. And I enjoy it. Yes the AI sucks. Yes the wait time between matches is just plain stupid. But I still enjoy BB more than just grinding main base to no end.

    • The problem Supercell faces is that they can’t please us all. I like the builder base. But I don’t like those stupid new levels each time. Archer tower level 15, pekka lvl 6, queen level 45….shut up.
      The truth is, nobody forces you to play the builder base and nobody forces me to upgrade my archer towers to level 15. Overall, the game is still free ware and fun after more than 5 years. And that’s more than most other online games can claim.

  20. guys builder base 8 is already there only thing is its locked megatesla level 8 tesla and mortor gearup etc are all packed for an update th12 is possible with new defense and hero i guess(i wish)

    • Are you dumb? It was implemented in the game since Bh came out…….BH 6-8 was out but Supercell didn’t “unlock” it for us yet. And if you know how to read and write, it says up above that Bh8 isn’t coming out this update and th12 isn’t either…. (for a long time)

  21. This update hype is just as the one we’ve experienced earlier in the may this year .That builders base demolished our expectations, ruined our suspense, and sucked the fun out of every single evidence found .
    I checked allclash every single hour (honestly) and I’m doing the same now.
    But yet ,brace yourselves this one must be good..

    • If there will be some really well-working additional stuff for clans coming, including a new way that will make clans gather together something in order to unlock something else, I’m sure this will be a big relief.
      I believe SC thought if they implement a lot of long-term requests they couldn’t fit into our Home Village (Gem Mine, Clock Tower, Versus Battles, Night Mode…) into the game by making a second base will make many of us happy but bottom line that wasn’t the truth so they were pretty much empty-handed during late summer when they realized that the Builder Base wasn’t the big shot they believed they created…
      bottom line I have my hopes up that this update will finally make something great 🙂

  22. Why do clan castle troop donations not count towards your donation count? Also, I feel like they should incorporate a “net gain” of some sort for winnings while attacking

    • I assume you mean war castles for prep day being filled. I mentioned something and all I got was “without giving donations or any bonus for filling clan castles on prep day it’s helps to incentivize low level players not to just drop a crap tonne of troops (like all giants) into everyone’s clan castle on the war map for an easy way to level up and have higher donations” kinda a: it sucks to fill them but better they get filled with good troops and most of the time it’s the high level players who are nearer to the end and don’t really need much more incentive other then having strong defensive troops to battle and bother the opposing attacker. So overall it makes sense. In a higher level clan you still do get your donation refund and at lvl 10 clan I believe it’s 50% so not too terrible. And as a th11 player with max heroes and nothing to spend DE on while lab is busy for two weeks straight and it takes 4 days to fill my storage. I tell my clan mates leave any DE requested troop so I can dump some of it. but the problem that arises is not with players like me. But with the clans that are starting out or lower level and have players th9 or lower who have trouble not only filling them, but getting members to help out with filling them as well. But ultimately supercells decision so I left it at that.

  23. Is there any news regarding the maintenance break we seen this morning? (Nov 29, 2017) i figure it has something to do with adding info to the game file for the next update. Hopefully some of the community players who know how have extracted game file info to see if we can get a sneak peek before supercell implements their own lol

  24. I admit I am an old man. I have ‘toyed’ around with CoC for several years, hardly ever raiding, never a clan war, just something to do.
    However, since the Builder’s Base came along, I have been an AVID player. I really enjoy the challenge of plotting an attack on a base you are looking at for the first time and deciding what troops to use and how to successfully attack this unique base!

  25. Maybe a new loading screen I have seen in the videos of VoV Vowson. Or if it starts with Q, then it must have something to do with the Queen.

    • The queen is clearly the most powerful (troop) in the game. I really don’t see her getting a buff in the next update since no one has complained about anything besides her AI at times. Quests are more likely as it’s been requested by the community since before clash royale became a reality. And knowing supercell, Queens AI won’t be changed. Not for the better anyways 😂

  26. War matchmaking is a joke. The 15-15 wars that have max offense TH11’s as their #13-14 ranked bases is a scam. When you have a #13 3starring a #4 there is a problem. They must buy a lot of gems because it’s ridiculous that SC would seem to encourage that kind of war clan. Since war balancing updates started we have been going against more engineered clans than ever. Our war record has dropped from 70% win record before war matchup balancing updates started to 40%. It’s not a coincidence.
    IMO – TH levels should count substantially In war weight, That would encourage players to completely max their bases on offense and defense before moving up to next level. Or make it so you have to max out certain defenses before you can move up.
    Also SC should reward clans in war for using all of their attacks, like extra %. So for instance in event of a tie, the team that used all their attacks would win over a team that didn’t. This would help with dead bases that are just used to fill in to lower war weight, bases that don’t even participate in any function of the game besides as filler base for war.
    And why not allow 7-7, 8-8 and so forth war sizes ? There’s enough players worldwide to get matchups with any size war. That way we wouldn’t have to use dead bases just to get to required number or drop players that want to war.

    • It’s set with a rule of 5, 10, 15 etc so it can narrow down matches already. If we went individual like 7v7 or 8v8 there would be less likelihood of matches with similar bases and war weights (not saying it’s good now). But using low accounts as a filler is more for the sake of if you know someone won’t attack would you add another th10 in a war ranging from th8-11? Probably not cause it adds another base and you already lost 2 solid attacks for either clean up or scouting. It is what it is and it sucks sometimes. But you gotta deal with it. Chances are if you change your war lineup to only th10-11 for one war then th9-10 for another or something similar you could help your matches. I know when we do 15v15 and only have th9-11 in war we get a better match then say if we do th8-11 in a 10v10. Range of TH levels and number of players in the war helps or hurts matchmaking greatly. Tightening up your war roster is currently the only thing I’ve found that helps. We tried a 5v5 of th10-11 exclusive and with 3 11’s and 2 10’s we were matched to 3 11’s a 9 and a 10. Pretty fair match as our lowest th10 is fairly new to it and their th9 was fully maxed with mediocre heroes. They considered it a loss off the hop and didn’t attack but our side only 3 starred the th9 and left a th11 with 1 star giving them a chance to 2 star everyone and winning by % had they tried. Not the greatest match but about as good as I’ve seen them lately. As for TH having a higher war weight I agree. Focus on TH and warden specifically cause all the engineered players go there for him and his eternal tomb. Luckily most engineers have one or two attack strategies maxed so if you properly evaluate your opponent and get your clan active in changing war bases to be anti-air when the engineers have max drags and zap quake upgrades but nothing else it should start tipping the tables your way. But I feel adding weight to the TH and warden will help most people who haven’t engineered be deterred from doing so. And those who have will just have to work harder or spend more to make their base what they need for a chance to have their advantage back. Either way engineers are an issue and supercell has always said there’s the way they intended the game to be played. Then there’s the way you choose to play. To each his own. Personally I’m on the look for a fair play clan involved in league wars so I don’t have to worry so much about engineers or try to spend extra time on prep day planning around them and then hoping the clan takes my advice.

  27. I am pretty sure its QUESTS since darian said many have been requesting it for a while! and it does add a dynamic to the game and starts with ‘Q’ !

    • No they shouldn’t because a lot of kids play clash of clans and kids take huge risks but cant handle losses so when a kid decides to try and get a lot of gems and it goes south, guess how much shit coc will get from parents.

  28. Out of curiosity. Do you know if the maintenance break this morning (wed nov 15) was the one introducing 5v5 clan war size and warden increased war weight? It did say in the news feed it was coming in the next maintenance break and we’re currently in a war so waiting to see if it’s active when our war ends. Ill update here if it’s possible in case you haven’t found out yet or no one else comments letting us know. Be nice since our last 2 10v10 had extra th11 on their side then our bottom was a th7, th8 and 2 th9’s. While the opposing clans both had 3 max th9’s on the bottom of their roster. For two wars in a row. We admitted defeat last war with one th10 still holding 2 attacks and down by 6. This war has only just begun to play out but recently the number of engineered accounts holding grand warden has caused us issues in war matches. We won 5 in a row despite the unmatched advantage but their clan only had dragloon upgraded so I informed the clan to set anti air designs and we came out on top. Until this last war where 6 of our attacks were useless against the defensive strength of the opponent. Despite two th11 dips for 6 stars in the war. Bottom wasn’t cleaned and caused our loss. But looking forward to maxing heroes on my th11 and getting back into wars, currently 43 BK down to 44 now, 45 AQ, and 17 warden down to 18. Warden is a couple days, BK just started, so about 3 weeks and I’ll be back warring and having decent possible matches would be nice lol hoping full December update holds more for clan war matchmaking.

    • 5v5 was available but we did 10v10, war match wasn’t great, two th11 on our side, with 2 th7 at the bottom with 1 th8 and two th9 the last 3 th10. Opponent team had 1 th11…. 1 th9….. and the rest th10. Instead of th11 engineered accounts were facing th10 engineered accounts. So if grand warden weight change made any difference I don’t know yet lol

  29. Betting gems in a friendly challenge would be fun. Clans being able to set up some tournaments in main village or bb could jazz things up. Being able to have clans form teams or associations and face off against others in wars would be fun. No interest in a new troop. New war size is nice touch but hope we significantly more than just that.

    • Betting gems is a stupid idea. You want to change this fair game into gamble. Another bad thing is ,players can get lots of gems by creating two,three, or more account and losing Battle ,so there main account got gems.


    • This will never ever in a lifetime come… this would open the coc world to third party gem traders and even more scamming services.
      Although tournaments are a thing that could be interesting 🙂

  30. Since prob not a new th lvl, maxed th 11s need something to spend loot on. I.e. all lvl walls, new troops, more or higher defense, heroes to lvl 50 is bound to come but when is sc doing it? The Oct update was a joke as th11s have all ready upgraded all sc offered, and without gems. Sc needs to remember what got the where they r today…it’s not hay day, bb, bldr village, it’s the MAIN VILLAGE

    • Why you say “prob no new th lvl”? 😀 It’s 100000% sure there won’t be a new one in 2017 and not anywhere near at all.
      Otherwise I agree as I also have only a few walls and cannon upgrades left and would need some new stuff to do. I think SC did not see the fact coming that so many doesn’t enjoy and focus on the BB…

      • stopped playing for 6 month this year th11 still maxed after going up as max th10 last nov , not enough content at th11 golems ,hogs mainly a waste of time due to eagle /inferno . Eagle not powerful enough ( still look at infernos /queen /cc placement ) BB matches are a load of rubbish. Th11 attacks mainly bowlers or air combo s , this update a make or break for me!

  31. It may sound stupid but I hope they give us nothing with the Christmas update 🙂
    With every update I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Not yet there and a new update getting me further away again.

      • I just want a coliseum…. tournament based wars you can opt your clan into with set bases, for obvious reasons it would lock your clan from regular wars and those not opted in at the start of the competition would not be able to war until said competition ended or your clan was defeated and removed from the competition. But it would allow a much easier way of doing “arranged wars”. Search time for those could be much more difficult and I imagine it would be a couple days to gather enough evenly matched clans to create an entire tournament roster but it could also be set so you have to have “X” number of th11’s, th10’s etc. that is the one thing I want to see in clash of clans over anything else. Basically arranged wars without the hours and hours of required homework to set it up. Maybe we can push this idea to the dev team and get it by next christmas 😁

  32. Due to my work schedule, I never get to revenge an attacker, unless I want to sacrifice my shield. Coc should make something to where you can revenge your attacker without some stupid penalty.

    • Just gonna say if you go raid normally, you lose a portion of your shield. So a revenge attack is the same. You don’t completely lose your shield. It follows the same criteria. First attack 3 hours and second 4 then 5 etc. if you’ve done one attack since your shield was earned then doing a revenge will be your second attack and cost you 4 hours. Be glad this system was implemented. I remember back in the day when hitting search initially left you without a shield even if you didn’t attack anyone. The downside of the revenge button for higher league players is your likely to never find any of your revenge attacks available due to minimal time between shield break and when a multi guy decides to hit your base for either loot or trophies. Since hitting Titan I’ve never been hit on revenge or been able to do one. I gave up on that button since champs league.

  33. I think they should fix it so a maxed th11 can give it loot to another base. That way it benefits the clan. We would have stronger clans this way. I also think we should not have to play against a engineered base let them play their own kind.

  34. I think it would be cool to have a whole other base that you can start anew. You can basically begin playing the game all over again, while still maintaining your first base…Just an idea i like

    • I also think they should add a map to the boat and have more places to travel to and bases to make like the builder base, and loot bases and cool features like that as well.

      • You do realize it’s possible to make another account right? Watch any of the supercell competitions and some players say they have th9 and th10 and a th11 account and will be playing on a max th11 for this competition. Android users need to make a new google play account and iPhone users need a new gamecenter account. I have a max th9 with 25/25 heroes and a th11 newer (about 4 months) previously completely max th10 with 43/44/17 heroes. Currently recruiting players th8+ active non rushed to join “the crusaders” #P82P0L2Y

    • can’t believe it, u need a third base . We already have two. Probably u have lots of time to play.

      I think they should add more goblin map’s with DE.

      • Totally agree, update the goblins map to get more DE. 2017 was not a great year for coc. They could do so much more if they wanted to..without coming up with builders base game. I am not surprise that only 35 % people play. In my clan of 45 people only 7 people play it continuously.

      • I think they should add a new goblin base which lasts for like 2 or 3 days and they should do that like every couple times a week so there is always single player loot available because even if they add new goblin maps, there are going to be people who beat them all and then they will have no more single player for a while. But if the bases come and go then theres always loot from single player as well as multiplayer.

  35. Instead of getting nothing in friendly challenges, in a December update we would have get any reward or betting money will be more interesting and interest to do some challenge with friends

  36. Well I don’t want Th12 this time (maybe at may,2018). Something we need is :
    2. A NEW TROOP

  37. kim jong un’s nuke will launch.. world war 3 will comin’ but you guys are still talking and playing this stupid game????


    Lord Jesus will coming.

    • Lord Jesus will come? That’s interesting. Lord Jesus as the new hero in coc. Walking over the water to the third village, I presume.
      Giok, please leave your dope alone and come back to Earth.

      • erwin: Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.
        galatians 6:7

      • It wasn’t my intention to mock God king. Sorry if you feel it that way. I was mocking giok with his conspiration theory actually. And indeed, I don’t believe in the end of het world. I’m an optimistic person. You won’t come anywhere with dull thinking to my opinion.

  38. I think they will add something related to builder hall friendly challenges as it is the only thing in last update that can be extended

  39. supercell just needs to add more troops. that’s all I want in the game. I don’t care if 4 people are online, or new looking clan badges. I want to have more fun by trying new comps, and coc has so little variety its very sad. hopefully Christmas update is the big one. I don’t want to be disappointed like every update the past year or so.

    • I don’t know your TH lvl or exp lvl or whatnot. But from personal experience there’s currently a massive amount of army comp possibilities and new ones with the current troops keep getting discovered constantly. Also old compositions are getting minimal revival with small changes. Jump7go? Used to be 4 golem and wiz with jump spells to carry the army through the base, now same idea. 4-5 golem and basically all wiz with 4-8 hogs for back end. Same principle, new attack. The game is great if you are creative and not just going on YouTube and trying to mimic attacks you see on completely different layouts. Sounds like you need to revisit how to funnel and learn troops AI to be more viable with different troop combinations. Also th9+ all have a massive amount of options and anyone below shouldn’t be asking for new material or new troops. When I was TH7 we didn’t get a dark drill… and had to loot all our DE for King and all his upgrades! We older players have struggled through the original levels and now new members of the community are asking for new troops for th6-8…. it changes the balance of the entire game and would totally destroy everything supercell adjusted in recent years to be where we are today. No new troops needed. AI for builder base troops and heroes should be adjusted and a change for war matchmaking is desperately needed. Otherwise they can leave everything else. Give TH11 another 25 walls (cause we know they are adding them slowly to stretch out the life of th11) and work on the current problems before adding more content generating new problems and taking supercell employees away from fixing the current issues in game. Ranting a bit but I feel it’s all valid

  40. Okay i would like to know if it is a good idea to upgrade both my king and queen to lv13 at the same time or should i upgrade one at at time . I am a th9 btw

    • Are you able to win multiplayer battles without both of them? (depending on your troop level, trophy range etc…)
      I rather upgrade one by one to be able to attack during the upgrading period, but if you can do both without both of them go for it 🙂
      BTW I wrote a guide on Hero upgrading… CLICK HERE

    • Honestly if you have a decent army at th9 you can keep both heroes down indefinitely until they are max. I’m working on my second account pushing heroes at th9, I do a hero as soon as I have the DE to do so. If both heroes are down, you just be more picky about the base you plan to attack for loot. I use GoVaPe with bowlers in CC. Without either hero I can still destroy th9 bases and get the core down. If your serious about maxing your heroes at th9, or just sick of having them low and missing the 3 in war cause of 2-12% of the base being left heroes are the best answer. My only recommendation is if a hero has the ability upgrade coming next (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc..) then do that hero first, if your hero is 13 and you put it down to rest and have the DE to drop other hero but have minimal time remaining on the hero going to 14. Then wait and put the hero that awakes at 14 back to rest to go 15 to upgrade that special ability. Otherwise I go back and forth one for one with my heroes. Ps, I have a newer th11 with 43/43/17 heroes atm and queen is down, also th9 maxed except dark spells and heroes 25/25. I’ve also done another th9 with medium level heroes that I’ve been ignoring. Pushing walls and heroes gets old fast. Especially on multiple accounts.

  41. If you want a challenge play Call of Duty Heroes. COC is good for quick plays but CODH takes more strategy and time.

  42. I think 2017 was a great year for Clash of Clans. I don’t know why you guys are upset. IMO, 2017 is the year when CoC came back to life. I am just loving the game now. I have a daily routine and in that routine, there is a specific time set only for CoC ! I quitted Clash Royale mostly because it became boring but CoC is also another reason. Hope that future will be more good !

    • If you enjoy the Builder Base, yeah then it was 🙂 but that was the ONLY big new thing that we got and according to multiple polls only 35% of the players play the BB heavily and 20% don’t even play it at all so you see that a big part haven’t been seing that much new stuff plus the fact that matchmaking and clouds are still a big issue that got rather worst than better…
      Also SC promised a Home Village Update after the August Update part with BH6 and all we got was some few new levels, a new clan badge looking – that drustrating for many but the december update might be the big comeback we all need 🙂

  43. Something good.

    Is that something similar to the dog shit they call builders base?

    Fixing AI?

    Fixing war match making?

    Anything Darian says can be pretty much ignored.

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