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There is no single small doubt that there will be a Clash of Clans Update in December 2017, like every year we’ll be getting at least a snow theme, a seasonal Christmas Tree and when looking at last year very likely also a Clashmas Event with seasonal troops and Gem Boosts.

I think most of us will agree that 2017 wasn’t a great year for Clash of Clans in terms of new content (and I’m saying this although I’m enjoying Builder Base a lot personally!) and Darian already has been getting the excitement high with his announcement that there will be something good coming. Well, they are working on it since May 🙂

In this update article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview what’s coming – especially those of you who don’t spend hours in the official forum and Reddit.

Clash of Clans December 2017 Update

Please note, the order is from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

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5v5 Clan Wars (November 13th, 2017)

In the next maintenance, we’re excited to introduce a new Clan War size: 5v5 Clan Wars. Want to try an elite strike force of Town Hall 11’s? Or perhaps test your mettle with five Town Hall 10’s or any other interesting lineups? The 5v5 Clan War size lets you concentrate your attack force in pocket-sized wars.  

Not only does this new Clan War size give you more options in the wars you wage, it gives Clans greater flexibility for smaller Clans, or larger Clans who like to alternate War sizes each war! Keep in mind that, as usual, you’ll only be able to run one War at a time. 

Additionally, the next maintenance will bring further matchmaking improvements to Clan Wars (including a slightly higher attack weight for the Grand Warden).

Update Info Soon?! (November 3rd, 2017)

Is there any better way to start this trip towards the next update than the first hints from people that know what’s coming telling that there will be some first info coming soon?

In the official forums this just happened and I think it’s a great start to get you all onboard so we’re on the same page.

december 2017 update sneak peeks info

Well, Town Hall 12 is something many people are looking at (i get like 20 emails every day from people asking if TH12 is coming…), but indeed it got ruled out already to be something that’s coming this year or anywhere soon.

The December 2017 Update is what the recent (frankly spoken underwhelming) October Update was laying the foundation for with the Clan Badges. Here’s the original text that Darian wrote during the Sneak Peeks in October:

Darian (Oct, 8th):

In this second Sneak Peek, we want to give you a glimpse of some Clan improvements we will be releasing in the next update. This update is just the beginning of laying down the groundwork for new content we will be introducing in the future. But one thing at a time…


While it’s hard to see in which direction this all moves, Supercell already ruled out that there will be more Clan Perks in the way we have them now because this would give new clans a disadvantage that’s too large.new clan badges in clash of clansWhen looking at the different styles, we can clearly see that they adapt to the symbols of the different Trophy Leagues and I’m quite sure that there will not be a specific new game mode but that Supercell will develop something that will motivate us to compete as a clan.

Many other games have something like a clan collecting something together during a season and get rewarded depending on the League and the results and that’s, in my opinion, the logical step that Supercell might be going with these changes. If they will do something like that, it’s probably collecting trophies, stars or loot within a certain period of time to unlock rewards.

So, hopefully we will get some first info soon – please comment what you think will come in the December 2017 Update for Clash of Clans 🙂

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  1. Out of curiosity. Do you know if the maintenance break this morning (wed nov 15) was the one introducing 5v5 clan war size and warden increased war weight? It did say in the news feed it was coming in the next maintenance break and we’re currently in a war so waiting to see if it’s active when our war ends. Ill update here if it’s possible in case you haven’t found out yet or no one else comments letting us know. Be nice since our last 2 10v10 had extra th11 on their side then our bottom was a th7, th8 and 2 th9’s. While the opposing clans both had 3 max th9’s on the bottom of their roster. For two wars in a row. We admitted defeat last war with one th10 still holding 2 attacks and down by 6. This war has only just begun to play out but recently the number of engineered accounts holding grand warden has caused us issues in war matches. We won 5 in a row despite the unmatched advantage but their clan only had dragloon upgraded so I informed the clan to set anti air designs and we came out on top. Until this last war where 6 of our attacks were useless against the defensive strength of the opponent. Despite two th11 dips for 6 stars in the war. Bottom wasn’t cleaned and caused our loss. But looking forward to maxing heroes on my th11 and getting back into wars, currently 43 BK down to 44 now, 45 AQ, and 17 warden down to 18. Warden is a couple days, BK just started, so about 3 weeks and I’ll be back warring and having decent possible matches would be nice lol hoping full December update holds more for clan war matchmaking.

    • 5v5 was available but we did 10v10, war match wasn’t great, two th11 on our side, with 2 th7 at the bottom with 1 th8 and two th9 the last 3 th10. Opponent team had 1 th11…. 1 th9….. and the rest th10. Instead of th11 engineered accounts were facing th10 engineered accounts. So if grand warden weight change made any difference I don’t know yet lol

  2. Betting gems in a friendly challenge would be fun. Clans being able to set up some tournaments in main village or bb could jazz things up. Being able to have clans form teams or associations and face off against others in wars would be fun. No interest in a new troop. New war size is nice touch but hope we significantly more than just that.

    • Betting gems is a stupid idea. You want to change this fair game into gamble. Another bad thing is ,players can get lots of gems by creating two,three, or more account and losing Battle ,so there main account got gems.


    • This will never ever in a lifetime come… this would open the coc world to third party gem traders and even more scamming services.
      Although tournaments are a thing that could be interesting 🙂

  3. Since prob not a new th lvl, maxed th 11s need something to spend loot on. I.e. all lvl walls, new troops, more or higher defense, heroes to lvl 50 is bound to come but when is sc doing it? The Oct update was a joke as th11s have all ready upgraded all sc offered, and without gems. Sc needs to remember what got the where they r today…it’s not hay day, bb, bldr village, it’s the MAIN VILLAGE

    • Why you say “prob no new th lvl”? 😀 It’s 100000% sure there won’t be a new one in 2017 and not anywhere near at all.
      Otherwise I agree as I also have only a few walls and cannon upgrades left and would need some new stuff to do. I think SC did not see the fact coming that so many doesn’t enjoy and focus on the BB…

  4. It may sound stupid but I hope they give us nothing with the Christmas update 🙂
    With every update I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Not yet there and a new update getting me further away again.

      • I just want a coliseum…. tournament based wars you can opt your clan into with set bases, for obvious reasons it would lock your clan from regular wars and those not opted in at the start of the competition would not be able to war until said competition ended or your clan was defeated and removed from the competition. But it would allow a much easier way of doing “arranged wars”. Search time for those could be much more difficult and I imagine it would be a couple days to gather enough evenly matched clans to create an entire tournament roster but it could also be set so you have to have “X” number of th11’s, th10’s etc. that is the one thing I want to see in clash of clans over anything else. Basically arranged wars without the hours and hours of required homework to set it up. Maybe we can push this idea to the dev team and get it by next christmas 😁

  5. Due to my work schedule, I never get to revenge an attacker, unless I want to sacrifice my shield. Coc should make something to where you can revenge your attacker without some stupid penalty.

  6. I think they should fix it so a maxed th11 can give it loot to another base. That way it benefits the clan. We would have stronger clans this way. I also think we should not have to play against a engineered base let them play their own kind.

  7. I think it would be cool to have a whole other base that you can start anew. You can basically begin playing the game all over again, while still maintaining your first base…Just an idea i like

    • I also think they should add a map to the boat and have more places to travel to and bases to make like the builder base, and loot bases and cool features like that as well.

      • You do realize it’s possible to make another account right? Watch any of the supercell competitions and some players say they have th9 and th10 and a th11 account and will be playing on a max th11 for this competition. Android users need to make a new google play account and iPhone users need a new gamecenter account. I have a max th9 with 25/25 heroes and a th11 newer (about 4 months) previously completely max th10 with 43/44/17 heroes. Currently recruiting players th8+ active non rushed to join “the crusaders” #P82P0L2Y

    • can’t believe it, u need a third base . We already have two. Probably u have lots of time to play.

      I think they should add more goblin map’s with DE.

      • Totally agree, update the goblins map to get more DE. 2017 was not a great year for coc. They could do so much more if they wanted to..without coming up with builders base game. I am not surprise that only 35 % people play. In my clan of 45 people only 7 people play it continuously.

  8. Instead of getting nothing in friendly challenges, in a December update we would have get any reward or betting money will be more interesting and interest to do some challenge with friends

  9. Well I don’t want Th12 this time (maybe at may,2018). Something we need is :
    2. A NEW TROOP

  10. kim jong un’s nuke will launch.. world war 3 will comin’ but you guys are still talking and playing this stupid game????


    Lord Jesus will coming.

    • Lord Jesus will come? That’s interesting. Lord Jesus as the new hero in coc. Walking over the water to the third village, I presume.
      Giok, please leave your dope alone and come back to Earth.

      • erwin: Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.
        galatians 6:7

      • It wasn’t my intention to mock God king. Sorry if you feel it that way. I was mocking giok with his conspiration theory actually. And indeed, I don’t believe in the end of het world. I’m an optimistic person. You won’t come anywhere with dull thinking to my opinion.

  11. I think they will add something related to builder hall friendly challenges as it is the only thing in last update that can be extended

  12. supercell just needs to add more troops. that’s all I want in the game. I don’t care if 4 people are online, or new looking clan badges. I want to have more fun by trying new comps, and coc has so little variety its very sad. hopefully Christmas update is the big one. I don’t want to be disappointed like every update the past year or so.

    • I don’t know your TH lvl or exp lvl or whatnot. But from personal experience there’s currently a massive amount of army comp possibilities and new ones with the current troops keep getting discovered constantly. Also old compositions are getting minimal revival with small changes. Jump7go? Used to be 4 golem and wiz with jump spells to carry the army through the base, now same idea. 4-5 golem and basically all wiz with 4-8 hogs for back end. Same principle, new attack. The game is great if you are creative and not just going on YouTube and trying to mimic attacks you see on completely different layouts. Sounds like you need to revisit how to funnel and learn troops AI to be more viable with different troop combinations. Also th9+ all have a massive amount of options and anyone below shouldn’t be asking for new material or new troops. When I was TH7 we didn’t get a dark drill… and had to loot all our DE for King and all his upgrades! We older players have struggled through the original levels and now new members of the community are asking for new troops for th6-8…. it changes the balance of the entire game and would totally destroy everything supercell adjusted in recent years to be where we are today. No new troops needed. AI for builder base troops and heroes should be adjusted and a change for war matchmaking is desperately needed. Otherwise they can leave everything else. Give TH11 another 25 walls (cause we know they are adding them slowly to stretch out the life of th11) and work on the current problems before adding more content generating new problems and taking supercell employees away from fixing the current issues in game. Ranting a bit but I feel it’s all valid

  13. Okay i would like to know if it is a good idea to upgrade both my king and queen to lv13 at the same time or should i upgrade one at at time . I am a th9 btw

    • Are you able to win multiplayer battles without both of them? (depending on your troop level, trophy range etc…)
      I rather upgrade one by one to be able to attack during the upgrading period, but if you can do both without both of them go for it 🙂
      BTW I wrote a guide on Hero upgrading… CLICK HERE

    • Honestly if you have a decent army at th9 you can keep both heroes down indefinitely until they are max. I’m working on my second account pushing heroes at th9, I do a hero as soon as I have the DE to do so. If both heroes are down, you just be more picky about the base you plan to attack for loot. I use GoVaPe with bowlers in CC. Without either hero I can still destroy th9 bases and get the core down. If your serious about maxing your heroes at th9, or just sick of having them low and missing the 3 in war cause of 2-12% of the base being left heroes are the best answer. My only recommendation is if a hero has the ability upgrade coming next (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc..) then do that hero first, if your hero is 13 and you put it down to rest and have the DE to drop other hero but have minimal time remaining on the hero going to 14. Then wait and put the hero that awakes at 14 back to rest to go 15 to upgrade that special ability. Otherwise I go back and forth one for one with my heroes. Ps, I have a newer th11 with 43/43/17 heroes atm and queen is down, also th9 maxed except dark spells and heroes 25/25. I’ve also done another th9 with medium level heroes that I’ve been ignoring. Pushing walls and heroes gets old fast. Especially on multiple accounts.

  14. If you want a challenge play Call of Duty Heroes. COC is good for quick plays but CODH takes more strategy and time.

  15. I think 2017 was a great year for Clash of Clans. I don’t know why you guys are upset. IMO, 2017 is the year when CoC came back to life. I am just loving the game now. I have a daily routine and in that routine, there is a specific time set only for CoC ! I quitted Clash Royale mostly because it became boring but CoC is also another reason. Hope that future will be more good !

    • If you enjoy the Builder Base, yeah then it was 🙂 but that was the ONLY big new thing that we got and according to multiple polls only 35% of the players play the BB heavily and 20% don’t even play it at all so you see that a big part haven’t been seing that much new stuff plus the fact that matchmaking and clouds are still a big issue that got rather worst than better…
      Also SC promised a Home Village Update after the August Update part with BH6 and all we got was some few new levels, a new clan badge looking – that drustrating for many but the december update might be the big comeback we all need 🙂

  16. Something good.

    Is that something similar to the dog shit they call builders base?

    Fixing AI?

    Fixing war match making?

    Anything Darian says can be pretty much ignored.

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