How to unlock all Clash of Clans Achievements

How to Get All Clash of Clans Achievements

Did you know that finishing all Clash of Clans Achievements will earn you 8,687 Gems? Some of them are easy to get and some are hard. If you want to finish all of them or you’re just missing some specific Clash of Clans Achievements, you can read my strategy on getting them right here.

All Clash of Clans Achievements

Bigger Coffers

Upgrade a Gold Storage to Level 2 / 5 / 10

To achieve this you just need to upgrade your Gold Storage – this is something you’ll have to do anyway. When I was upgrading myself through a Town Hall Level, I decided very early not to build all of the possible Storages I could, but tried to only build the ones I needed – with their maxed capacity for the upgrades I was doing. This also gave me the freedom of saving some inside space in my base for defending.

Get those Goblins!

Win 10 / 50 / 150 stars on the Single Player Map

The first step is quite easy because you started to raid the Goblins before you even could raid other player – when you’re able to raid other players, you can raid so much more loot compared to the early Goblin Map stations, so a lot of you probably haven’t raided all the Goblin Villages yet. Please keep in mind that the Goblin Map can earn you about 10 Million resources if you finish all of them, so this is a Clash of Clans Achievement you should definitly finish. You can also get tutorials on YouTube on how to raid all the Goblin Villages with ease. With all the new Troops and Levels, the Singleplayer Map has gotten quite easy.

Bigger & Better

Upgrade your Town Hall to Level 3 / 5 / 8

I think I have no tactic for you here – don’t focus that much on it. Rushing your Town Hall will only cause you disadvantages.

Nice and Tidy

Remove 5 / 50 / 500 Obstacles

This should happen very early in the game. When you’re a new player you might see removing Obstacles as a waste of Elixir, but in fact removing them only has advantages for you. You’ll get Gems and you also improve your chances of getting a Gem Box or a seasonal Obstacle like the Halloween Headstone or a Christmas Tree.

Release the Beasts

Unlock Archers / Wallbreakers / Dragon in the Barracks

Upgrading your Barracks is essential for your game progress and sooner or later you’ll need the better troops. You’ll also get more training capacity – so even if you don’t plan to use the Dragons, you should think about upgrading your Barrack just to have more space to queue Troops to train. You can also use the Dragon in order to hide some Elixir from attackers.

Gold Grab

Raid 20,000 / 1 Million / 100 Million Gold

This one keeps coming while raiding and even if 100 Million sounds like a lot to you when you’re Town Hall 3, it will happen at about Town Hall 8.

Elixir Escapade

Raid 20,000 / 1 Million / 100 Million Elixir

This one keeps coming while raiding and even if 100 Million sounds like a lot to you when you’re Town Hall 3, it will happen at about Town Hall 8.

Sweet Victory!

Achieve 75 / 750 / 1,250 Trophies

You can either push  all the way to 1,250 trophies one time to reach this Achievement if you’re a low level player, or you can just wait until you reach it sooner or later yourself. If you plan on pushing one time, you might want to use this strategy to complete this achievement.

Empire Builder

Upgrade the Clan Castle to Level 1 / 2 / 4

Upgrading your Clan Castle is very important because each level will give you more Troop/War Loot capacity. The Troop capacity is very important and supports you while attacking and defending. Always remember that the Clan Castle is your strongest Defense, so always place it in the middle of your base.

Wall Buster

Destroy 10 / 100 / 2,000 Walls in Multiplayer Battles

The first two steps of this Achievement are reached quite easily. You could go for the last one by using mass Wallbreaker attacks on low level bases, but in my opinion this is a waste of Elixir and time – you should just be patient.


Destroy 10 / 100 / 2,000 Town Halls in Multiplayer Battles

If you’re going for Town Halls, you can snipe for the League Bonus. I suggest you try out the trophy range between 1,600 and 2,000 Trophies.

Union Buster

Destroy 25 / 250 / 2,500 Builder Huts in Multiplayer Battles

You can speed the last step up a little if you are not attacking for 3 stars (either because you’re farming, Town Hall sniping, or using the BARCH strategy). You might want to quickly check if someone you’re attacking has the Builder Hut in the corner – you can simply place a single Archer or Barbarian to destroy it. This is not a huge waste for you, and you’ll also able to get the 2,500 Builder Huts destroyed along the way.


Win 25 / 250 / 5,000 Multiplayer Battles

I don’t think I have to say anything here. Raiding and winning is what you do in Clash of Clans.


Defend against 10 / 250 / 5,000 Attacks

You can win these Clash of Clans Achievements along the way if you have a strong base layout and not living with an exposed Town Hall all the time.

Friend in Need

Donate 100 / 5,000 / 25,000 Clan Castle reinforcement capacity

Donating is always important when you’re in a Clan. You can speed this process up with a tactic you might have discovered in the past in your own Clan: People just joining open Clans and donating Barbarians to everyone who has an open reinforcement request (no matter what this person prefers in the Clan Castle). This is also used by someone who just wants to push up their overall level because donating gives you Experience Points – if you see a player with a level 160+ you can be sure that this person likes to do this. I don’t recommend that tactic because it costs loot and won’t gain you any friends. Imagine you just made a reinforcement request and you get something cheap in your Clan Castle – your attack won’t be perfect and you have a cool down until you can request something else. Maybe you just wanted to do you Clan War attack shortly before the Clan War ends. No one should do this because every single one of us should behave in the way we want others to behave.

Reaching level 200 with Clash of Clans Achievements

Mortar Mauler

Destroy 25 / 500 / 5,000 Mortars in Multiplayer Battles

You’ll get that along the way by raiding.

Heroic Heist

Raid 20,000 / 250,000 / 1 Million Dark Elixir

You’ll get that along the way by raiding.

League All-Star

Join the Crystal (2,000 Trophies) / Master (2,600 Trophies) / Champions (3,200 Trophies) League

The first two of them are achievable by everyone (depending on the investment of time) with this strategy. Pushing to Champions will be a pain in the “best part”. If you really plan to go to Champs, be aware that this strategy will be a very hard way – but it’s possible.


X-Bow Exterminator

Destroy 1 / 250 / 2,500 X-Bows

You’ll get that along the way by raiding.


Destroy 10 / 250 / 5,000 Inferno Tower

You’ll get that along the way by raiding.

War Hero

Win 10 / 150 / 1,000 Stars in Clan Wars

I don’t know if someone has already achieved the last one, but you should always focus on getting 3 stars in any Clan War attack.

Spoils of War

Collect 800,000 / 15 Million / 100 Million Gold War Bonus in Clan Wars

You’ll get that along the way while attacking in Clan Wars.


I hope this helps you getting all desired Clash of Clans Achievements. You see that some just come along the way and I also used this post to give you some links to other guides here on AllClash that might be quite helpful for your game progress in Clash of Clans. See you on the lonely glade in the woods!


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