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From time to time I like to present here interesting community projects to you, e.g. Clan Alliances or CasualClash a while ago – this time it’s Clash News Hub.


It all started roughly 2 weeks ago when I became admin of a clash community. I was looking at this clash community and I really wanted to make my own and come up with something unique and different. Something which hasn’t quite been done before.

I had a long think and first of all I was wondering whether I should do a recruiting server but more in depth with more options and channels, but that was too much work in getting clans and members and could be seen as a copy of many recruiting channels in servers and obviously a copy of free agents press server so I instantly thought that this wasn’t a great idea, I thought and asked people I knew on discord what I should do, some saying go back to the whole recruiting side of things.

I looked at most established communities around and I came to notice, not one of the communities is specialised in reporting news and info on all the leagues including recaps etc, all the established communities like clash connections, clash champs and clash roulette, alliances such as RCS and EYG, events and tournaments such as world tournament 9, clash premier events, and then news on clan games, balance changes and update info. Yes of course servers did have a channel which posted News and in-game stuff but it’s a fact that none actually specifically concentrate on the news side of things.

I gathered a couple staff members and it took a day to build the server to the best of my ability and when it was made, it was now a matter of advertising and making a name for ourselves.

The first thing which popped up in mind was I had to make as many friends as possible and even get my name out there. After an announcement on HWCWL league server and a small post on r/coc about an event we grew to 100+ members in a day and a half.this was a big enough achievement already!

We really stepped up our game and put our minds to the test and really milked it with advertising, partnerships and events we grew to 200+ and in a span of 4 days we went To 300+ and it was rapidly growing and quite overwhelming. we started offering communities their own channels, gfx designers their own channels and we Introduced the YT partnership program which offers a clashtuber to stream events and have their own channel to promote their videos.

We were thriving at this point and made some awesome partnerships with the leadership server and casual clash! I put ourselves out there on social media by assigning a social media producer staff member and then asked the creator of the EWL website to develop our own website and get that out there as well. We then grew to 400+ members so quickly and it kept growing The events we are hosting and sign up forms on the server and elsewhere created a lot of attraction. Now on 470+ members on our clash base made on the 8th March, we still continue to introduce new things every day.

Clash News Hub



Now let’s talk about what the server offers and what actually happens in the Clash News Hub server!

Established Alliances are allowed to ask for their own channel on the server to advertise and post news, info and any announcements to let everyone know about any events or news happening. If alliances want a partnership with the community they get a huge formal announcement!

The same with communities they are allowed their own channel to do the exact same things. One time events are also allowed channels to post news, info, results and sign up info. All the established leagues get channels to post announcements, sign up info and recaps/results to keep the community notified.

Something new we have offered is the clan partnership program where a specific clan is allowed their own channel to advertise/promote their clan and gets special access to certain events.

The main thing we do is weekly and monthly events! That’s right, events with awesome prizes!

These events range from weekly FC nights and FC training nights. There are monthly themed wars as well as monthly 50v50 spins. We have some epic special events with our partners for example next month we are hosting a random war spin and FC night with the leadership server. In April we are also having a staff vs clashers war and HWCWL vs clash News Hub which will be an air vs ground war!

We will also be introducing a mini 5v5 clan war league.

To round up everything we are a clash community which offers news on everything clash related as well as awesome events with amazing prizes!

Find us on discord:

Clash News Hub permanent invite code: tt5Bs7F



What ya waiting for!



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    • hey tharun.
      Yeah we do have a website just for info though. It’s not used all the time. Discord is a nice place place to organise events, info, announcements and it’s where all the league and communities are situated. It’s a good chatting place to.

  1. There were no comment section on getting free gems article so please don’t mind i write it here… I am currently out gems for bhoosting barracks so now i need gems… The article was great where you have explain using 3 apps to get point or gift cards.. But some steps was too critical for me as something need to practical. So is there any video what could explain it… Can you please give me a link of this video.

    • you download the free apps there, use it as long as they tell you to get the point, use the points to get a gift card, redeem the giftcard and then buy gems from it 😉

  2. really this was a absolute awesome job from u bud looking forward more exciting things in future keep up with the good job

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