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Clash & GO Review – Clash of Clans In Space With Augmented Reality

While waiting for the next update in Clash of Clans, I’ve been trying out an interesting game that is worth checking out.

Mixing the Clash of Clans gameplay with a future space theme, elements from Boom Beach and adding AR elements – that sounded extremely interesting so I was really interested when checking out Clash & GO for the first time… and the good news is, it makes a lot of things right and adds new playstyle elements so this is not really a Clash of Clans clone, it’s a game that can make it to stay in this genre.

Clash & GO – Just Another Clone of Clash of Clans?

There are so many games out there that simply copy how Clash of Clans works, so there’s not much fun in even playing them in the long run. In Clash & GO, things are different – without any doubt, you will find a ton of similarities to Clash of Clans. The interface and how the game works in very general are something that is very similar to Clash of Clans and you will intuitively know how it works from collecting resources over training armies to attacking.

your village in clash & go

Is this something negative? In my opinion it’s not, taking the best working elements from Clash of Clans is no mistake and make the game feel good straight from the beginning. The graphics are in real 3D and the space theme in the future don’t make it feel like a simple copy – you will intuitively push the right buttons without searching a lot.

So, putting Clash of Clans is all it needs to make a good game in Tim’s opinion? By far, not 😉 The basic mechanics are the foundation of the game and creates a nice atmosphere with a little less comic style than Clash of Clans does, but you will suddenly feel a lot like starting Clash of Clans for the first time.

The primary thing that makes this game stand out next to all the other Clash of Clans clones and also from Clash of Clans itself are smart and make good sense (I think the Clash & GO developers spent a lot of times in the community forum to find some pains we have with Clash of Clans).


Every troop, building and of course your hero can be upgraded with modules that can bring boosts to stats like health, damage etc. – so, with the single hero it means that you can decide yourself if you want to have a damage dealing hero or rather go for a tanky one by choosing the modules you want him to carry. The same for troops and buildings. This is a nice customization that feels good inside the game because you can fine-tune your base and your army more than simply upgrading their level.hero modules in clash & go

Hero Training Without Downtimes, Nanobots etc.

One thing that every Clasher will appreciate is that your hero levels up by getting XP from the battles you fought, you don’t need to upgrade him like in Clash of Clans with downtimes – this is a nice way to solve it, the more you play the further your hero will level up and you don’t have to suffer downtimes where you can’t attack.

The nanobots are a feature similar to the gunboat in Boom Beach and are the replacement of spells (as spells in space don’t make much sense…). You can either damage a certain area or heal (I’m sure there will be more coming in future updates).

AR in Clash & GO (The “GO” part in Clash & GO)

augemented reality in clashgoMixing Pokemon GO with Clash of Clans?! It sounds weird in the beginning, but adding augmented reality elements to the game is a nice addition and I think the developers of Clash & GO have done it in a smart way. I personally had fun for exactly 10 minutes in Pokemon GO back when it was hyped that much, so I’m probably not the biggest fan of these kinds of games 😀

So, what you will see is a map around you that will display different objects around the area you’re in and you can, when near enough, get some nice bonus from it:

  • Pirate Bases for extra trophies & boosts for your buildings
  • Abandoned bases with nice loot
  • Mines that will grant you really nice extra resources for a certain time

So the nice thing is that you do NOT have to go out to actually play the game, it’s a boost for your progress but nothing you will need to do – this makes this feature quite fun. On the way to work or school in the morning, you will come across a few objects and can capture them.

Right now this makes a lot of fun with not that many players around you can easily capture a lot of points in the map 😉

Sounds interesting to you? You can have a look at the game for free in the AppStore or Play Store here:

[appbox appstore 1214279810]

[appbox googleplay net.elyland.clashgo]


In general, I really like how the developers found a way to integrate new aspects into a gameplay that we all know and love (even though I don’t like AR games, I like this aspect in Clash & GO!).

The space theme also feels good and with the troops being pretty similar to the troops in Clash of Clans, in the beginning, you will see yourself using similar strategies like you do/did early in Clash of Clans.

The developers have proven that they are brave enough to go new paths in this genre so I hope they will have that in future updates without simply following the path of Clash of Clans (e.g. how Clan Wars works, etc.), then I think this really has good potential to get a good player base – in their defense, the game just got released so the big part of the path is in the future 🙂

So, interesting for sure and worth checking out for you if you need some distraction from the clouds and waiting for new content in Clash of Clans.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. I downloaded this game 4 days ago…now I’m citadel center 5 (th5 if you can guess). This game is pretty interesting if you have only one acc in COC(nothing much you can do with filled up storage’s) . And this new game needs a lot of improvement like the notification system and better speed support on AR(i ride on train everyday). This game also pretty addicting in terms of looting other people’s bases, I’m looting like 50k up to 140k which is a heck lot of loot to me now. But the thing is that i get constantly raided which 25 percent loss seems a lot to me. So maxing up my storages is the only thing i dread now, so i dump it on walls. Another thing is that if you really want to push forward or say you are heavy clasher on the new game you could get ahead by buying game gems (I spent 30 bucks so it really worth it for me) from the shop and push it to citadel lv 4(th4). This is what i did so that i would not get looted so much and keep the shield in handy (It is so worth it being inside in your shield so not to get attacked by anyone lol) . The only thing i don’t like is that the challenge achievements, this is because i can get up to 3 builders at most. The 4th and 5th builders are 1000 and 2000 anti-matter(game gems), which is insane amount that can ONLY be bought with real cash. So my basic suggestion or tell the developers to increase the challenge rewards to 100-1000 on specific challenges so that people can get 4th and 5th builder through hardwork specially.

    All in all, I’m thinking that some amount of cash is needed if you are really a hardcore player, this is what i did because i cannot handle 1-8 hrs time. But this is a great game to try out. I’m also amazed to see the AR because it is so cool that you get free containers that gives you heck lot of modules and resources specially if you travel by and train. Also get hold of towers, max you hold each tower is 10 but for the helium and titanium you can hold up to unlimited but they have timer until destruction. The other towers helps you boost your base in significant amount like production and building. So yeah it is really worth to check. If you have some questions ask me in the comments lol.

  2. Downloaded Clash & Go yesterday evening and it looks interesting indeed. Just as you described, a kind of future CoC with Pokemon go aspects in it. Clashing on a comet, hilarious. I hope more languages will be added, because as a Dutchman I would like to participate in a Dutch clan. I don’t understand all things yet, the modules are quite confusing to me, but time will teach how to get a TH12 in this game, too 🙂

    • you can put modules into troops, buildings and of course your hero – they will add benefits like more life, damage etc. so you can make your defenses deal more damage, buildings last longer on defense and also modify your hero to have either a lot of damage or a lot of health 🙂

  3. i love u so much man, no homo. you’re just too awesome I swear it.. Go Timmy, Timmy rocks, hehe I sound like a fan girl????✌✌

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