Clan War Leagues – How to win & How to take part

Here you find everything you need to know about the Clan War Leagues in Clash of Clans.

clan war leagues guide

Clan War Leagues are released and I think many of you don’t know how this whole league system works, how to take part and how (and what’s) to win in War Leagues. Reason enough for me to write this guide here.

How Clan War Leagues Work

Once per month the War Leagues are taking place for 1 week. So it’s like the Clan Games but not that frequently. Supercell wants to make sure to not give away the powerful rewards too easily. So, when the War Leagues are taking part, you will see that in your events tab where also troop events and Clan Games appear.

whend o war leagues in clash of clans take part

Once the War Leagues start, you can sign up your clan and also choose the members that take part. The fights are always 15v15 but you can take more clan members to the war leagues – actually you can take all of them if you want to.

Now there’s the matching that will place your clan (with all the participating accounts) against 7 other clans that you all will fight – each day of the week there will be one battle against another clan in your league.

During every battle day, you have 4 hours preparation time where you can select which 15 members will actually fight the other clan, donate clan castle troops and so on – like in real Clan War but faster.

Important! You will also get the victory rewards if you’re signed up, even if you’re not actively fighting in a battle – of course, actively battling will grant you additional rewards for gaining stars 😉 

Every victory and every star you score will add up the League Medals you get at the end of the season (= the week) – of course, the higher the war league your clan is in, the higher they are.

war leagues rewards

After that, you can use the League Medals in the new shop and get magical items and special decorations with them.

During the battle day you only have 1 single attack on each round (instead of the 2 in regular Clan Wars).

This means you don’t have the scouting information of earlier attacks against this base, making the tactical part a little less than in regular Clan Wars.

How To Win War Leagues?

You collect stars during the attacks and at the end of the week, or war league season, all stars that your clan collected are added up to total stars collected during that 7 days.

war league end result

The 1-2 best clans (depending on the league) will be promoted to a higher league and the bottom 1-2 clans will get demoted to a lower league.

war league season result

Also, the leader can give bonus medals to the 4 members that he thinks deserved it most (himself, most attacks, best attacks, most stars collected etc.)

bonus medals in war leagues


War Leagues are not here to take over regular Clan Wars, they are a fast-paced version one-time per month event that can reward your clan some really nice benefits with the hammer magical items. Engineering doesn’t make any sense here as your initial league will get chosen upon your best 15 Town Halls – if you try to get easier opponents, you get a lot less rewards so it’s just cheating yourself and your clan by doing that (and climbing that ladder with only one possible promotion to a higher league per month takes forever).

If you’re looking for a war base layout to use, I have always monthly-updated ones here:

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I’m really looking forward to see where this mode is going to and wish you good luck at your war league 🙂

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. I have this question, if my clan loses all the war due to inactivity of other members but I attack ny mirrors and get 3 stars each time..what’s the geek stats how much medals I will get? Will it be enough for hammers?

    • Yet it is, you will get medals based on the stars you score, you get them even if you lose the war. Let’s say your clan is in Master I League, you get 5 Medals each Star making it in your example 105 medals even if your clan loses every single war against the other clans.

  2. What’s the current status of the leagues? We missed out on the second league season, never got a sign-up. It only ever showed Start War. After the countdown disappeared from the event news, we kicked off and cancelled a war (thinking that may be needed). We have been regular warring since then. Stopping now, with less than 2 days left on the event, still no sign-up, just Start War. Can anyone help?

  3. It’s a good idea as some have said. But it’s not fair for wide based clans to try and get participation by all. We have 12s down to 7s. It’s hard to get all lowers in for them to have fun too. Maybe an idea would be to have 2 of each th level for each class. Never stop o proving splinter cell

  4. it’s not fair to give only top5 members. because everyone workhard to win the the war. we listen to our lead’s command. everyone’s wickness is not a hindrance for us to win. we help each other that’s why we’ve got 6 consecutive win ang we are in rank one. now preparing for our 7th war. I hope you change the idea of giving only the top5, instead, top15. the ones who alway join the war because in clan war league, we can register more than 15. PLEASE READ MY OPINION. THANK YOUU ????

  5. I think everyone in my clan enjoyed the battles. Not many complaining but then again we won. I chose 29 to start and managed to get most lower ths at least one chance to be part but it took a lot of scouting the other clans to determine when to use them. Of course everyone wants in next time but there is no way I can use half if them because of us moving up and lower townhalls are pretty much useless. Would be nice to have an ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team and we could handle a ‘C’ team as well. It’s all a learning process and just like everything in life there are winners and losers and some will complain either way. Grow, adapt, give feedback. If you don’t like the updates then give constructive feedback. Seems everywhere you look these days everyone only bitches and complains. Great job Supercell for trying to create new and exciting ways to keep long term players interested and competitive. Fyi my clan had 0-th12, 1-3 th11/war, 6 th10, 3-5 th9 some brand new 9 and rotated in lowers. We had to battle 9 th12s throughout the week. We won every match. In a two attack format we may have lost a couple but I would like to think we simply outsmarted our opponents.

  6. I’ll be honest out team is in the bottom 2 but to me I’m not surprised we still have so much to learn and so many that leveled to fast and did not learn to attack as they went. I am a max th9 this war and so far out of a possible 12 stars I’ve got 11. I have still enjoyed it and feel like it’s a learning experience.

  7. hahahaha…the engineered clans are all crying now because they cant use the lowers to scout while thier few strong uppers only get one attack. We are in crystal 1 and dominating because we have a strong team top to bottom. Everyone else is engineered and we are flexing on them hard. RIP you engineers.

    • I am from an engineered clan and we are still shredding clans up to pieces which also includes a single perfect war as well. Don’t assume this is the end for all engineers though.

  8. We’re actually winning our league with 3 th12, 11 th11, and 1 th10. Not in war we have ten more th10 & th9’s. They are getting frustrated because I can’t add them to war because they will be outmatched. I can only switch up the 1 town hall 10 or we will just be giving away a star or 2. We should be able to see the opponents top 15 before war starts. This war their lowest is a th8 so I could have thrown in a th9 but didn’t because I didn’t know until the war started and then you can’t switch. Definitely a goofy system.

  9. Really feel very strongly about how badly the War League has been devised. Matching has been a joke. Our 3rd war is the worst so far against the current leaders, they have 5 x TH12, 5 x TH11 and 5 x TH10 with a combined weight of 1448k against our 3 x TH12, 2 x TH11, 8 x TH10 and 2 x TH9 and a combined weight of 1307k. On every base their heroes are higher and of course they have Grand Warden on 10 bases compared to our 5.
    No one in my clan wants to do another war league and I’m sure other clans are similar.
    We can’t invent players of a higher level but it does seem there is very little concern for the players who enjoy the game and are not TH12.

  10. Simply stated, these wars are for the th12’s, the rest are victims. Not even fun for th11 and below. Maybe after a few onths of frustration it will be ok?

  11. The clan matches are fake, your not actually fight the enemy clan. they match you up with players according to the players your leader put on the roster.

    Click enemy clan and most of the players are not even in there clan. Let me know if anyone else notices this

  12. Well been playing since 2012 I have two accounts. MY mini is in war leagues and its a joke. My th12 is fine my th9 is against th10 to 12 only. Your forced to attack a base way stronger than yours and your clan is punished for putting in lower ths. Where is the skill here? I two stared a high lev th10 yesterday but we all got three stared and todays match up is worse. Cant see any progress in leagues if we dont drop all low ths and just go th11 th 12. Ive seen very skilled th8 th9 attackers that will be left of future wars because iof this match design. I never complIn about updates and I hate when people do lol. But im dissapointed by this. Our clans lower ths feel like they are losing it for the whole clan. Already had a guy leave because he felt bad he couldnt two star a th11 hes a new th9 btw. Lame.. Love ya tim

  13. we are matched in league very fast but as we dont have enough membs, our weakest 5 ths cant even score 1 star bc the bottom ths of opponents are to strong. sc has to work on their match making balance system . this is not fun i expected.

  14. Watching a few attacks from cwl and all attacks I’ve watched nobody uses donated troops in there attack? Can you not use cc troops while attacking in cwl?

  15. Why i coudnt start league war its appaire only regular war?what would i do my team mates is excited already respect my mssge pls.tnx

  16. Best 15 player selected or best 15 of your clan? Doesn’t make sens if I don’t select th 12 but they count because they are in the clan

    • The best go up the weakest go down, a system that will make it fair after a few rounds. Lower league = easier opponents = lower rewards -> no reason to get easier opponents on purpose as rewards are lower…

  17. Our clan chose 15 members most active and th11s.. But we are paired against some shit bunch of th12s how is this even matching??

  18. Kinda stupid we have to refill the cc troops everyday in 4 hours. If the time falls bad, it’s in middle of the night. Why not make 1 day prep, if the same players fight again, it’s auto filled and if new players join, ya just have to fill them.

    • I also hope they change that around that you only need a initial fill. I think it’s due to changing strategies, bases and players during the battle days but I hope for a better solution as well

  19. Can we not start a regular war why this is going on? The war icon is in the same place and takes you to this not a regular war.

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