ultimate clan war base layouts for 2016 TH5 to TH11

Clan War Base Design for Winner in 2016

The offense can win games, but defense wins championships – or in our case Clan War Base Designs win Clan Wars. Most of you may focus on getting as many stars as possible, but did you realize that you also could have won your last war if your opponent got a few stars less than they actually got? Protecting your base’s stars with a Clan War Base Design with Air Sweeper that rocks is just as important as successfully squeezing out as many stars out of your opponent as possible. Please also keep in mind that Clan Wars are a team competition and just improving your own layout is not changing much – see here some very useful tips to win almost every Clan War.

How to win 100 Clan Wars by V_PL

Most of us probably had a Farming Base that somehow turned into a War Base for Clan Wars once they were available. At this point, you should have an established War Base that is completely separate from your Farming Base. There are major differences between making a successful Farming Base and a successful War Base – this post will show you some good War Base Designs.

Maybe you’re not looking for an all new War Base Layout? Just check out this post about how you can create a solid War Base Layout yourself.

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Town Hall 5

It’s important that you have different layers and that you don’t put all of your buildings within one circle of walls. Try to spread the Builder’s Huts in the corners because sometimes the time runs out before your attacker can reach all of them – preventing them from getting your last star. I also recommend you having a look here at my post specifically on Town Hall 5 War Base Design and some beginner tips with 7 more Town Hall 5 War Bases to use in 2015.

Clan War Starter Tips and solid Town Hall 5 War Base Designs for your first Clan Wars

Town Hall 5 War Base with strong Trap funneling
My favourite TH5 War Base with very strong Trap funnels
Town Hall 5 War Base with Trap Funnel
This Design uses a single Trap Funnel and the outside Buildings try to prevent the Clan Castle Troops getting pulled out easily
TH5 War Base 2015 with Spring Trap Funnel
This Base has a Spring Trap Funnel and a strong long range Core Defense setup
Southern Teaser Town Hall 5 War Base Design
Southern Teaser Trap Setup and a covered Clan Castle Pulling Range
Beginner War Base with inside Traps for Clan War
Covered Clan Castle and inside Traps for a surprise
TH5 War Base surprise layout
The single layer to the core makes this base look weaker than it is
TH5 War Base 2015 one of the best
This base distracts Giants with the outside Cannon to make them go to one point

Town Hall 6 War Base Layouts with Air Sweeper and 2 Air Defenses

I have taken the 3 best War Base Designs for Town Hall 6 I found.

Town Hall 6 War Base 2 Air DefensesThis first TH6 War Base uses a two ring layout and is perfect against Giants. The centralized Air Defenses help against Dragon attacks
TH6 War Base Layout with 2 Air Defenses

The compartments make it hard to reach the core of this Town Hall 6 War Base. You also have a centralized Clan Castle and the Air Defenses in the core that will make it very hard to attack this war base with Dragons.
Town Hall 6 War Base with centralized Clan Castle

This base funnels troops on the outside into the Traps. You will most likely see Giants or Dragon attacks and bith will have a very hard time attacking this war base.

Air Sweeper TH 7 War Base with Anti-Dragon and Anti-Hog Rider Features and Air Sweeper for 2016 (with 3 Air Defenses)

I have reworked these bases completely because mass Dragon attacks have become quite common in Clan War. If someone is not attacking these bases with Dragons he will also have a hard time with the labyrinth funnels (+ added Air Sweeper):

th7 anti dragon war base

This base will give attackers with Dragons a hard time because they will have it hard to funnel their Dragons into the middle and take damage from the Air Defenses all the time. Hog Rider will get lured into the massive Spring Trap or Giant Bomb setups.town hall 7 anti hog rider and anti dragon war base layout

This southern teaser Town Hall 7 War Base looks easy to beat, but it’s not. Giants will have to take very long distances and the Air Defenses will kill Healers soon enough. Mass Dragon attacks will also fail because they will get lured away from the core while the centralized Air Defenses will cause massive damage to them. Last but not least the Hog Rider will take massive damage from the splash damae together with the Traps that they won’t survive long enough to take out all defenses.war base layout th7 3 air defenses

This base seems easy to open with Wall Breaker but they will only walk right and left for the corners. Once entered the base funnels troops through a valley of traps. A dead end for troops.

War Base Designs for TH8 (Anti Hog Rider and Anti Dragon including Bomb Tower)

I picked some new Designs for you that will be Anti Hog Rider, Anti Dragons and with the Bomb Tower  up and running.town hall 8 war base anti dragons

This first base is pure Anti Dragon and Anti Hog Rider material. The trap setups are very hidden and attacker have 3 spots to assume double Giant Bombs against their Hog Rider (too much to take a chance). Dragon attacks will fail either because of the Air Sweeper or the inside Air Defenses.

This base works more as an Anti 3 Star Base because it protects the core against Hog Rider and Dragons very well:town hall 8 alround war base with bomb tower

This base is an alternative version to the first TH8 war base. It features 4 possible double Giant Bomb locations that will scare any Hog Rider attack off.

Town Hall 9 War Base with Bomb Tower (Anti Dragon War Base and Anti Hogs War Base Designs)

With Town Hall 9 you’ll face one big problem – you’re very vulnerable against Hog Rider and Dragons. You can shake them off easily by choosing the right design because the experienced player will keep their hands of your base if they spot your preparations and the Troops Spammer will not get 3 Stars. The major factor that you have to have is your Archer Queen inside the Core because she will take out Hog Rider by Hog Rider and they will simply fail. To keep Dragons away have the Air Defenses in your Core as well. Here are some designs I updated lately:

anti 3 star th9 war base anti hog

This base is a pure Anti 3 Star War Base for Town Hall 9. The attacker can take the Town Hall, but then lacks of troops for the rest of the base. If he attacks from the other side he will see lots of Traps, double Giant Bombs and the Storages that will hold him until your defenses roast his troops away.war base TH9 with dead zone for clan warsThis TH9 War Base is a classic dead zone base layout. The idea behind that is that troops will never go through the core and walk on the outside through all the traps and defenses while being attacked by your Clan Castle Troops and Heroes. One of the most effective TH9 War Base you can have.

Town Hall 9 Clan War Base Layout with bomb tower and centralized Clan Castle

This layout is more conservative but also deadly. Each side features good defense against Hog Rider and Golem based attacks need to take long ways. Don’t expect that being 3 Stared by a Town Hall 9.

Anti Miner, Anti Bowler, Anti Valkyrie Town Hall 10 War Base

At Town Hall 10, the strategy is getting a little modified. In this range, we want to prevent our Clan Castle Troops getting pulled at any costs. The cornered Storages will not work here anymore because you have so many buildings that you fill out most of the map anyway. If you recently upgraded to Town Hall 10 and don’t have the Inferno Tower you should better use one of the Town Hall 9 War Bases above. The bases I feature here are mostly against Miner, Bowler and Valkyries and LavaLoonion. th10 anti 3 star base layoutI’ve used this layout for quite a while now and I never lost 3 Stars with it so far. This TH10 War Base is great because the Town Hall offset makes the Clan Castle Troops almost impossible to lure without investing some serious Troops. Here’s how the attacks so far went:

  • Hog Riders just get destroyed near the Core (Multi-Target Infernos and double Giant Bomb packs). No chance they ever will see any Stars
  • Balloon-based attacks will also get pretty destroyed behind the Air Defenses from the Multi-Target Infernos and Hidden Teslas. The Air Traps cover the areas where no Air Defenses cover. Never got destroyed for more than 2 Stars (very skilled attacker)
  • Mass attacks like Miner and Bowler will just not funnel into the core and won’t get all the stars

Here’s another base out clan has a lot of success with:town hall 10 war base anti valkyrie and bowler base

TH11 War Base Anti 3-Star with Eagle Artillery

For those lucky Clashers of you who already upgraded to the new Town Hall 11 I also have a great working Clan War Base Design here:bomb tower th11 war base layout

Coming from the south it’s possible to get 1 Star, but the Eagle Artillery will simply crush the troops step by step.war base layout bomb tower town hall 11

I hope you found some new ideas for your personal base layout and you can also see my latest post about Clan War base design here.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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