next clan games rewards & tiers in clash of clans

Next Clan Games Tiers & Rewards

I get asked via email and comments so many times when the next Clan Games start and what the reward tiers will contain, so I decided to make this overview page that will show you when the new Clan Games will start and what rewards, point caps and everything else important they will include.

For those of you visiting AllClash for the first time, I also include here links to all the guides I wrote related to Clan Games that will help you unlock the highest reward tier and teach you everything you will need to know πŸ™‚

First of all, I recommend you this guide here that will teach you the basic knowledge about Clan Games and also gives advanced hints that will help you (and your clan) getting more points in Clan Games:

Win Clan Games - How To Get The Highest Reward Tier

Choosing rewards can get tough, so I have been listing all magical items here and also explain what they are doing (and what NOT) to help you the rewards that you really need:

All Magical Items & How To Get Them

When Are The Next Clan Games In Clash of Clans?

In the current period, Supercell still balances and tracks Clan Games in infrequently periods with different reward tiers to see which frequency will work best, so there is no single rule when Clan Games will be hosted.

Also, the reward tiers and personal point caps will be different from Clan Game to Clan Game.

Clan Games March 23rd – March 27th, 2018

The upcoming Clan Games will be rewarding books at a lower level this time.

Please note, these are extracted from game files and not officially confirmed, it could happen that Supercell changes the rewards last-minute like last week. State of now the next Clan Games have the following rewards & tiers.

Tiers & Rewards:

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Number of visible Challenges: 8
  • Point cap per player: 3000

The reward tiers are going to be broken down into the following brackets:

  • Tier 1:Β 1500 points – 10 Gems or resourcesΒ +10 Clan XP
  • Tier 2:Β 3000 points – 20 Gems or resourcesΒ +20 Clan XP
  • Tier 3:Β 7500 points –Β Power Potion, Resource Potion, or Training PotionΒ +40 Clan XP
  • Tier 4:Β 12,000 points –Β 40 Gems or resourcesΒ +60 Clan XP
  • Tier 5:Β 18,000 points – Book of Fighting, Book of Spells or Book of BuildingΒ +80 Clan XP
  • Tier 6: 30,000 points – 2x Builder Potion or resourcesΒ +100 Clan XP
  • Tier 7: 50,000 points – Book of Heroes, 5x Wall Ring or 100 GemsΒ +120 Clan XP

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. If any clan is interested in joining us for clan games( migration only for clan games).
    Co-leader of that clan can come n join and speak to Shambu in our clan (#YUV89YPU clan tag). Bcoz it’s too difficult in unlocking 50,000 rewards for any clan. So migration may work in getting rewards which helps both clan members.

  2. Why the book of heroes is gettable at 50000…why not in 30000…plz correct if possible. Hard for my clan to reach 50k. I think I’m gonna miss it if so😭😭

  3. It looks like the powers above have a major love of the builder potion, have I misunderstood the value of it? I saw the article you did previously Timmy I just can’t see what good it is, certainly in comparison with other potions.

    • If you keep all your Builders busy you can reduce the total upgrade time by almost 2 days with one Builder Potion, so this is indeed very powerful. It’s not that powerful when looking at one Builder, but with the effect on all it is very valuable

  4. Last time this guy posted the clan game rewards, he was wrong. Looks like he is guessing the rewards, nothing is confirmed yet. Dont believe what he posts lol…

    • Hi Andrew,
      If you keep up with the Clash of Clans Subreddit or online forums, you would know that, for the previous clan game, the rewards were changed twice, from Set A to Set B to Set C. This website has been correct in every instance of its posting. This data is taken from the source code of the game, meaning that it is indeed correct, but it is entirely subject to change, as was the last set of rewards.

  5. IMO you are going to raid for loot anyways why not get more out of it with the clan games no reason to get burned out on clan games

    • Not sure how that happens. I have 5 accounts to max out in clan games but only if enough players are willing to go for the book of heroes. Otherwise it’s pointless for me. I’m only one level away from a max AQ.

  6. Broh found a massive bug in coc.can can i snt the screen shot to you.when i change acnt it shows maintance break in supercell id.and when i changed language it shows a Android to resolve this.plz help

    • Supercell ID had a short maintenance break today, but I can’t do anything about it and as it’s a maintenance break it’s not bug (malfunction) -> should be up working by now πŸ™‚

  7. I like that they stopped at 30k points but really the only potion worth anything is training potion rest are fillers although I would love more books than potions I understand they don’t want to just give the game away good site Tim

    • Open your Coc acc and click create new acc enter your business Acc confirm it. no change is required.
      good luck

  8. No book of uograde troops? Supercell sucks now.
    Last time they did the same thing
    Suoercell should put books
    Not heroes but building ir troop
    Suck supercell

  9. Timmy.. I have by mistake created SC ID on someone’s Gmail.. I want to change it.. Plzz help.. I need my account back


    • Book of Everything is, in my opinion, only making an appearance every 2-3 months with a extremely high reward tier – but in fact, the Book of everything isn’t that powerful as there are books for each kind of upgrade that make an appearance every 2 weeks πŸ™‚

  11. In reddit forum ,it has only tier-6 at 30000 points (this is the last tier).!!!!But Tim ,you mentioned tier 7 at 50000 points .better to correct it.

  12. Hi Timmy. I am a big fan of coc and of course clan games too , why the clan game challenges been changed to BH8? why home village? I hope we get new challenges with new rewards.
    cant wait for next Clan game rewards.

  13. Tier 7: 50,000 points – Training Potion or massive load of resources…
    What exactly is “massive load of resources”?

    • I DON’T KNOW?!?!?! πŸ˜‰ Because with the discount structure, the runes would still cost 2,500 – 3,000 Gems at the Trader (half of the net “worth”), I don’t think many people will purchase them there so I think it’s ok… Never buy resources with Gems πŸ˜‰

  14. I am still very disappointed in the way clangames go in general.. In the beginning we had some reasonably thought through concepts with CG’s lasting 1-2 days and making it possible for smaller clans to get all the points. It should definitely be like that in >75% of CG.
    The last games were (in days) 6, 6, 7, 6, 4, 4 and 4 days is already very huge especially when you keep giving us a kick in the nuts with the ridiculous 50000 cap and sometimes even put important stuff in the last tier. For me this is a major disrespect without possibility of any misunderstanding. You cannot expect clans to get bigger just for the clan games and it’s ruining everything about clan structure and loyalty.
    We aren’t many active players in my clan but we are reasonably good and struggle a lot to maybe get one member per month that won’t leave after a short while only because we can’t fill the clan games.
    I am not proud of it but I left my clan to get the CG rewards in another clan. I really want to enjoy the things I can get in the games but you are forcing people again and again to do unreasonably hard clan games.
    games lasting 4 days or even more should be so goddamn rare and be treated as a major event like the lunar new year instead of devastating the whole game with a flood of 4 week long clan games in a row. I am incredibly disappointed in how insane the measure of mistakes is but I still hope for the better as naiv and supportive as I am (and addicted lol).
    I beg you to change the whole concept to make the clan games at least enjoyable for a majority of players instead of just making it fun for overly huge clans that are already extremely active. New clans barely have a chance in growing and progressing since the CG update and it wasn’t even easy before it. I keep writing and writing cause this topic fills me with confusion. I can’t believe you are still releasing huge clan games after soooooo many of them in a row. We need 2 day clan games with good breaks inbetween them. I haven’t witnessed a single player being satisfied with the concept as how it is.
    Warm greetings

    • Personally I feel supercell is trying to remove most of the smaller clans and get players to merge clans or go to something bigger. War matchmaking is easier to be a level playing field with higher player count in war. With a war matchmaking update coming and th12 around he corner the games and rewards are supposed to incentive us to grow our villages. More maxed players means easier for more players to push trophies and higher player count in legend league. With new challenges aimed toward Titan and legend players it’s a chance for pushers to get involved as well. Honestly everything seems to guide towards helping people max their base and move up so that when th12 drops th10 becomes the new β€œforever” instead of a forever 9 account. Which is also why inferno was nerfed and balanced to allow a higher base of players able to 3 star at th10 in war. All purely speculation but it makes sense!

  15. I want to transfer my clash of clan game data from one Gmail I’d to another Gmail I’d . Any suggestions how ??

  16. Its very difficult for higher leagues (titan and legend) to complete the 1 hour challenges. We have to wait for our heroes to regenerate for allmost an hour and we spend a lot of time in the clouds.

    • You can only do them when they require 2 attacks and you need your whole army prepped when starting the challange -> do the first attack -> wait the 45 minutes for 2nd attack -> do 2nd attack. IMO not worth the few extra point so I leave those 1h challenges for the lower Town Halls that can get in a few attacks within 1 hour

  17. Does the clan XP stack? Like if you get to tier 2, would you get 30 XP because 10+20=30? Or would you only get 20 because that is the highest tier you got?

  18. hi,timmyeatworld
    please can you say me massive load of resourse?what is massive load of resources?that is new potions?

  19. Hi guys! I would like to report the fact that there are many clan members that they claim the clan rewards by getting the minimum points! Its really annoying and sc has to do something about it! Its so unfair to those who put too much effort!

    • hi Gio,

      Start kicking them out of the clan. Observe if they are doing it in every clan games. If confirmed just kick them out. I know its unfortunate but you have got to do it what you have got to do. Before next CG starts broadcast a clan mail and tell them that anybody not scoring at least 1000 or 1500 points will be kicked out of the clan if they participated in CG.

  20. I hope they never do another Builder Games again. When they do regular games, people who like Builder Base will make builder challenges and people who don’t would make normal village challenges. My clan was very dissapointed about it and we just got to 32k when usually we get like 55k.

  21. Please no more all builder base event. I don’t mind mixture of builder base and home village. last one was terrible. I basically voided my home base. Thanks Clash on everyone!!!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š

      • Surely last games was terrible but my clan just managed to do that even a day before and i was so happy we made it and even i took 12k in that i love the nxt rewards as i need all kinda books a lot thanks bro good job

  22. Actually last clan game our total clan mates not happy at all because it is very tough to complete. But I loved it and I have 4 accounts and i completed in all the 4 accounts. But unfortunately our clan reached only 43 k points. Hope supercell will not repeat again

    • To be honest I do like the Builder Base, but the Builder Games were not that much fun (and alsonot that much activity in most clans…) – I hope they will do regular Clan Games again πŸ™‚

      • Yeah attacking when you get no loot just to get clan points stinks. My clan wasn’t on board with it but came through with 50,500 at the 11th hour. A lot of people don’t really do much with the builder base in my clan.

  23. Builder games takes way too long . Very disappointed with supercell- the trader is also a horrible new option. Supercell needs to wake up-focus on the home village- give us new troops- clan war tournaments – faster training times – clash of clans is becoming more like a full time job jus to keep up – I have 2 almost max th 11 accounts –

  24. what to collect from the latest tiers as our clan completed 50000 mark??
    suggest me as its my first time to reach so because i am new in this clan..

  25. 1hr challenges are the WORST..we have always complete gamed..this one we will not..going to have to put a big push in for tier 4 even. Do it for your clan only goes so far. Almost impossible to complete without gemming a ton to keep your clock going. I hope they dont do these again..or next time lower the points required and lengthen the 1hr challenges. Same challenges giving less points too. Very disapointed.

  26. The worst CG’s ever!
    Builder games are not the solution for incentivating players to do a lot of points, I lost a lot of members bcause we can’t reach 15k of points for this “great” update..
    Other bad things are the clan points for some missions, for ex. Before the mission of 600 points gives you 2 days of time to reach 1000% of destruction.. now it’s the same mission but with 500 points at the ending.
    It seems that SC makes fun of all the players that play from the beginning, at my personal opinion SC need to introduce a general survey before let out updating errors in this purview.

  27. I really really hate this latest clan games because its all about the builder base stuff and my resources are maxed still i have to fight and fight for the clan points…..don’t know whether my clan will going to reach 50k points because they don’t come on as often as much as me. Any good suggestions??

    • Yeah it’s also quite slow progress my clan as well… but the rewards are too nice to not get them, right?
      Sorry but you can only kick your clanmates’ butts, do it for the team πŸ™‚

      • Are you saying kick them out of the clan? This game is about war, and if you have good team mates why kick them out if Supercell does dumb clan games? We like to war, and have a good team going. War is what makes this game good, not dumb clan games.

  28. Not happy with latest clan games. I can only play twice a day (every 8 hours) and with challenges offered it appears that all I can give is 200 points. Very disappointed as I was always the first player to hit 3 k. Seems like a cheap money grab to force people to use gems so they can participate more daily. J Mark

      • Our clan decided that we do not have to play the clan games if it is about us being force to play builder games. No one like these games. So, we are very low in these games and will not get the hero’s book. That was a dumb move on there part, as they already know no one likes them. Makes no sense to me.

  29. why there are only verus mode challenges? I don’t enjoy it very much. I prefer classic multiplayer.
    I don’t like when a game pushes me to do something I don’t feel like doing.

  30. Good as ever, thanks dude.
    Builder hall games!! OK I’m not a great fan but for the sake of my clan mates will do what I can. I find that you really need to select your challenge carefully, troop based challenges are hardest as you can’t skip a base that you don’t like. % challenges are easy as win lose or draw you get something. Finally, win based challenges for a limited period you will have to boost with the time clock or gems!.
    Thanks for all the info Tim,

    • You’re welcome πŸ™‚
      I agree, I also prefer the percentage challenges that run 2 days – I can easily finish them with less than a day and get a ton of points. The hardest are the 1h challenges and I think they should reward more than just 75 extra points

      • The 1 hour challenges were ok, you just had to do them when you had your clock tower boost on so you can go from battle to battle with zero delay. They were easy then. Without clock they were doable but tough.

    • Thanks. Well I have multiple sources and that’s the reason why I can share this info sometimes sooner and sometimes less soon before the Clan Games start πŸ˜‰
      I’m TH11

  31. Hi! I have some questions. 1. How does the “Wall Ring” work? 2. I feel like I dont have enough time to get 3K in. How are ya’ll gonna fix this, if you do.?

  32. I think you must create a clan member recruitirecruiting community site. I thought to do one but…problems of $ ..

  33. I just don’t know wat is going wrong 50k in just 4days with only 8 active challenges wat is that my clan have completed every clan games untill now with a big time left but the way they making this clan games this time wasn’t good and hope this wat don’t continue anymore

  34. i. need players for war and clan games who are really serious and active..any townhall accepted…lvl 6 clan rebuilding.
    clan name- HINDU INDIANS
    clan tag – #CYU2P299

  35. Do you know if the clan games rank will be still available after the games end? It would useful to identify those players that get only 50 points and get full rewards over all clan mattes effort…

  36. is it true that we will be getting clan ex from the clan games from now on….
    if it is true then how much it is true.
    please reply..

  37. I know you already know this but still a recap….
    1) Motivate your clan members to participate in the clan games. As an incentive, you can promote them for participating in the clan games.

    2) If you think you can’t complete a challenge, don’t worry just trash it and move on, there are loads of challenges which you can complete easily.

    3) If you have high Townhall then make sure to choose the challenges with high points.

    4) Leave the easy challenges for your low-level players and also ask your clan members to choose the challenges according to their levels.

  38. Could you consider giving us the option of placing the loot we get from Clan Games into our storage or the tresuary? The problem I’m encountering is I’m very pleased about having the option to get the good dark rewards but I’m only able to put it in said tresuary and its just too small. Well done on generating new life with the clan games. My worry is that I’m seeing a lot of arguments over varying efforts of players. Whilst I understand the need for you to generate income I would hope you could find a method that isn’t promoting disunity, rather you could find a way to find harmony. I have a suggestion. Couldn’t you give players an option to occasionally get a free pass once in a while.? Just so long term clans and players can have less disruption? Ok, maybe I’m trying to throw a lassoo and catch the moon but you never know. You might even consider what good PR could be generated with such a generous option. I’ll leave it in your most capable hands. Clash on folks

    • Hi David, I have some annotations.
      Clan Games don’t promote disunity – when looking at the ones that only make 1-2 challenges and get the full rewards in the clans my accounts are, I always see the same names.
      Some of them complain they don’t have the time to do it, but I see them online all the time.
      You can finish the 3k points within a modest time invest – grabbing those 400 & 600 point challenges that run 1d/2d, let’s you do a few quick attacks during the day and you’re done.
      Clan Games boost progress so much with the additional loot and the update skipping plus all the loot you get from doing even more attacks.
      I don’t see any disruption from Clan GAmes, as all the challenges do only have things that the game offers (well, except hanging around in chat…) so what disruption is it to do the attacks you do anyway when playing the game but get a ton of extra rewards every week for it? πŸ™‚

  39. We are can not unlock tha books in clan gems . because in over clan is very few members uppar th6 so we are can not unlock book . please settle this

  40. Do you think there is any chance that SuperCell will award Clan XP for Clan Games as part of Clan Games Rewards? That would seem to be an easy way to help clans advance and would help to promote clans actively working together outside of clan wars. The amount of Clan XP could be set by what Clan Games level is achieved. More importantly, is there any downside to SuperCell? Thanks.

  41. I think this clan game reward is good one..but from my deep down opinion i would even liked if there is book of everything in the tier 7 than just a training potion.

  42. Nice work bro very helpful post we have seen since past year.!

    We completes every clan games whatever it required points and how many tiers it have.!

    If anyone wants to join us most welcome active and war player and who are love CG.!

    The India ( lvl14 clan soon 15 Chirag – Leader )


  43. Our Clan quitted CG because of these bigger ones. We lost almost 10 active members who were in our Clan but now they left because they want a “better” Clan where all of the CGs get completed fully. Before the “big CG” era, we completed each and every CG. But now we can’t cope with these stupid bigger CGs. There is only a few Clans who actually fully complete big CGs.
    We have literally ZERO interest in CG now. Sorry to say, big CGs killed the interest and hype in our mind. But we are definitely up for those 2 days or 3 days CGs. 1 day CGs were also useless. 2 days and 3 days CGs are perfect IMO. Hope that Supercell will understand.

    • I know your pain because my clan barely made to the Tier 6 it was impossible for my clan to reach that high tier. In first CG we had 40 memwbers active but then slowly the hype went down and again I’m struggling with new recruits.

  44. I think…the rewards in the first 3/4 tiers for clan the games….given the amount of time it and effort it takes, are hardly worth it. I also don’t like long wars…and I think they should come much less frequently. Balancing back to back wars AND a 6 day Clan games event is just too much for those of us that DO have a life outside the game. I suggest that the clan game events should be looked forward to with excitement and enthusiasm not dread. I have already notified my clan that participation is expected only every two games. We much prefer the war effort. Also, to be noted..some of us have multiple accounts within the we have to work that much harder in the games. It is exhausting to get the decent rewards.

  45. My clan had 80,360 points 3 days before the end of the clan games. If you are pursuing clan games and want the best results for all your clan members then I recommend kicking anyone with a score less than 1000. I mean it takes 7 days and you can’t score at least 1000 points? You’re not an active player.

  46. wow some people literally complain about everything.. they used to complain when no free upgrades were part of events and they complain now cause they find it boring saying they dont need to spend that much time on the game. Lmao get a damn life


  48. This clan games makes this clan games boring . There was a time when we work hard for everything and excitedly waiting for the completion of the upgrate but now its like kid playing .one can even maxup th11 in a year .i took more than 4 years to be in th11. Supercell sometime do unfairs with old players.

    • lmao wtf are you talking about? Arent you happy about this? You really want to wait like 12-14 days for an upgrade to finish? You prefer waiting 7 days without king/queen/warden? Supercell is saving your time and you still complain about this. wow dude…

    • Also books for hero upgrades are like the best thing so far. You farm better with full heroes plus you dont stay out of wars. Without these books your farming would be worse and you would probably stay out of wars for a week.

  49. You are actively making high trophy range players a hard time. I am shocked again and again for how huge clan games supercell has decided again. 4 days is already pretty big but we are in bitter need of smaller clan games, much smaller ones like in the beginning of 1-2 days.
    I am generally content with what the developers do but putting clan games of 6days, 6days, 7days in a row was a huge very very obvious mistake to me and due to the games increasing cloud times, some people had a very bad game experience ALL OF THIS SEASON. Its 2/3 filled with clan game days and thats WAY too much, it shouldn’t even reach half imo and the rewards are hard to even use before you get overwhelmed with new ones.
    Progress got soo much quicker and easier with the book rewards that I don’t know where this is heading even thought I’m generally happy about the progress. Please consider this if any of the influencing positions gets to read this, I know I expressed a very broad field of view among the players of clash of clans and my whole clans gasps when finding out about another damn LONG clan game event. Nobody’s looking forward for those with a smile.
    The lunar clan games were a good idea but very unfitting after 2 already very long clan games.
    This is my humble text wall and I hope some of you appeciate it at all

      • If you are in a clan that is excited to do the clan games, with all your players doing it, yes I can see why you are happy about it. Most of us are not in a clan where all members are doing it. Some of us have a life outside of it, like school, work and hanging out with friends…need I say more?

      • I can fully understand your point, but you can easily reach a good result when doing these 2 day 600 points challenges if you’re not able to play frequent sessions πŸ™‚

    • @C All members in our clan have works in real life. Some r students & others r working. It’s our passion for coc & cg that pushes us to complete it asap.

  50. My clan Black Coc Down #88J2G8CV actually made it to tier 8 a full 39 hours before they ended. I mean we have been able to max every clan games event thus far but still, this event was huge. Going into it I wasn’t sure we would be able to do it but we pulled it out with points to spare. Out final point tally was 79k! I was impressed and am very proud of my clan. I can’t wait until the next event. Our maxing record still stands. And this event was on the heels of our first ever 50/50 war too. It was just meant as a fun war, not serious at all, but we actually won that too. Can’t be more satisfied with things right now. #ClashOnClashers

  51. Hey, i cant claim the rewards on the last clan games. I cjose the Magical Items i need but it says that my clan castlemis full, but it aint. It also shows 10 days remaining. Whats happening? Is it only memor what?

  52. I not start this clan games, i tape on task bat shaw it “to many peoples part in clan games already” plz help me

    • Only 50 people can participate in one Clan Game ID -> so what happened in your case is that peole completed a challenge and got kicked out of your clan but still will get the reward, but the limit of 50 people contributing is full so you can’t participate in this clan’s clan games this time. Either wait for the next clan games or find a clan with open spots in clan games to take part

  53. Hi i am at th9 with treasury that holds 2.4mil gold…Clan Games rewards all exceed this amout which means we will not be able to claim or else our treasure chest must expand to hold this loot….

  54. Hahaha nice,,, if your increasing tier every clan games that might be getting hurt the players, so please reduce the tier level and also reduce the clan games duration,,

  55. Rewards are good but if they can add some book which can upgrade walls like 5-10 it will be awesome to promote players to go to higher league much sooner.
    Please also post any upcoming events too.

  56. Well basically, all I can say is that my clan has no chance of getting past the 30,000 tier. So The Book of Everything? Good luck you larger clans!

    • The cap per player should change depending on how many members you have.

      First 50,000 point games we hit with over a day left. The one that just ended we didn’t hit 50,000 till about 2 hours before it ended. 75000 will be tough even for a large clan unless everyone participates a lot.

  57. I think the clan game starting from 15th will last for 7 days because when i went to collect rewards from the previous games it says you can collect it in 9 days and 22 hours which usually is the time when the next clan game ends.

    • I put a link, the official japanese twitter account posted the dates… should I not post it? πŸ˜‚
      Also, I’m right most of the time when I put leaks here πŸ˜‰ I rather risk this than not posting it, sorry but “leak” implies already that it’s not 100% legit…

  58. Hi timmy, i love your site, its really helpful . Do you have any idea or guess about the date for next update release? My friend told me that supercell wont allow us to use multiple ids on same device in future, is that true?

    • I just wrote about it, it’s called Supercell ID and is already in beta in nordic region (read here how it works and how you can get it)
      I think we have the Lunar New Year next week with some more events and hopefully some smaller content stuff end of the month or beginning of march πŸ™‚ but not expecting anything that large though

  59. I can’t start a task. When i click on start button it gets grey for a second and it disappears like task is started. But the task is not started. Help me quick. I don’t want to lose that rewards.

  60. Dude ! Big CG like this is boring AF ! We ain’t dawdlers ! We have studies, jobs and other responsibilities ! We can’t just sit back and play CG all day man ! What are you doing Super$ell ?

    • You know it’s completely optional to take part? You don’t need to point cap every single time if you don’t have the time for it.
      Also, take the 600 & 400 point challenges that are running 24h or 48h, they are easy to beat and you only need a few of them πŸ™‚

  61. When are you gonna update the rewards??
    It’s already posted in Reddit form…..same tiers and points as last games …change in rewards only….like no book of heroes this time

    • Yeah I saw that this morning, unlucky my body has the inconvenient habit of needing some sleep from time to time and this was like 2 AM my time when this got posted πŸ˜‰
      Rewards are updated btw…

  62. I honestly do not like only having 8 challenges to choose from.What usually happens is we all weed out the good challenges and of the eight that are left they are really bad or hard challenges to complete.If there is a infinite queue of challenges, why not display more of them for clans to reach the reward tiers faster. On another note, I have really enjoyed the whole aspect of clan games. It has given me and my clan motivation to better our heroes and other assets of our bases. I really enjoy the clashing experience that we have now more than ever.

    • Some of these challenges are ridiculous. Clear 5 eagles in an hour stayed on through the entire span of 6days in our clan. Or 8 labs in one hour. Takes 30 min to find a challenge, how is this at all possible for clans that are generally legends and Titans? Needs a revamp. I like the concept of clan games in general, but not the fact it makes finding impossible to find in a timely matter

    • If you’re about to go offline for more than 10 minutes and don’t have an active challenge, you might want to pick a bad one and trash it and take the 10 minutes cooldown before picking up a new challenge for your clanmater πŸ™‚

  63. Why is supercell doing a back-to-back 6 Day event? This is really frustrating as being in Legends the Cloud Times reach 30 minutes to 60 minutes per raid. I can’t be waiting 30 to 60 Minutes in myself. . . of my phone just to get a rate in during Clan games this is so frustrating and now you going to do it again? Why don’t they mix it up one days 6 day then the 3 day or some kind of rotation? There is no incentive now to be in Legend seriously. Clan games are ruining this game I don’t even want to play anymore because I’m overwhelmed by the wait times. This is a rant but it’s seriously frustrating my clan and not just myself

    • I can feel you as being in this region myself, but the fact is that less than 1% of all active players are there and 99% are enjoying clan games. I really think about dropping to Titan 2 for the time until clouding gets fixed

      • I haven’t pushed in this new season and am hovering between 5075 and 5025 cups and wait times have been super low. 5 minutes maybe 10 minutes max.

      • I’m in the same region and had last week during clan games wait time 5-15 minutes, also depends what time you’re searching when the big regional player pools are online like central asia

  64. I have one urgent question: what happens if tomorrow a new clan game starts and I don’t want to claim my current rewards until 5 more days? I kept a book of heroes from the previous game, but I still don’t have enough elixir to upgrade my battle machine tonight.

    • You will need to collect the rewards before you can start the first challenge in the new clan games. So in your case, you can also get the Elixir to use the BoH and then claim the rewards and start the challenge a little later then your other clanmates πŸ™‚

  65. I want to know now that what is the point of reaching tier 7 rewards, which requires 50000 points, where its rewards is a lot worse than tier 5 and 6 rewards, like only 6k dark elixir and a potion. No clan is going to reach the last tier since it requires a lot of points but only gives out very bad rewards. Our clan only reach 30000 points last clan game because we thought it is useless to work hard towards the last tier. I hope supercell would add more rewards in the last tier. Timmy, what do you think about this? πŸ™‚

  66. Next lunar upadate in clash of clash date ask me .and hog rider event only and next lunar event please ask question supercell.☺☺☺

  67. Can you confirm that the clan size does not matter for unlocking the reward tiers? I am in a big clan of 40 members. How can smaller clans reach 30000 points in the current game: do they get more points per task, or can a player in a smaller clan score more than 3000 points, which is our limit now?

  68. Is it just me or does the tier 7 rewards seem low.

    3 potions at tier 5, 3 potions at tier 6, and then only 1 at tier 7. What’s the logic behind that?

    • There are many clans out there that simply don’t have enough active members to have a chance to get the highest tiers, so Supercell decided to at least give away some books to them as well at a lower tier πŸ™‚

      • Not much incentive for any clan to work for 20, 000 points to get 1 training potion or 7500 de, or 1.5K elixir

      • I am happy with having good stuff in the lower tiers but just couldn’t get the energy up to go for the last points to reach the final tier (20,000 points is a lot)…with busy lives, clan games , and clan wars, you can only do so much. Without a worthwhile incentive at the top tier, we were okay to achieve tier 6 getting some very helpful rewards worth the time invested in achieving them.

        Thanks for your website. Appreciate all the info you put together here!

  69. dear bro will u help me to change my gmail id linked to my clan village.. otherwise i cant play more…. itz my brothers gmail id he needs it back for official use.

    • Copied from older comment:
      As of Now According to SUPERCELL ( Owners of Clash of Clans ) it is Not allowed to transfer your village from one Google Play ID to another because SUPERCELL Believes if they allow this transfer then many of the fellow players will indulge in selling and buying activities of Clash accounts, and that will not be a good practice because then everyone will upgrade their accounts just to Sell them at higher price and many of the noob players with money will just think of buying a already upgraded account.
      But yeah If You have a Genuine Reason to change your ID
      you can Contact SUPERCELL by their Contact Form and Request them to allow you to change your Google play ID. I Know It’s a long Shot But it Might Work.
      ATTENTION! Don’t tell them it’s your brothers ID, they will think you shared account and very likely ban it right away – say it’s your work ID now and you can’t use it anymore

  70. Has Supercell address how are they helping the engineer bases even more with these rewards, especially the max troops spell? Now to win wars all you need to do is have a few extremely rushed (not even engineered) TH11 and the spell to beat an almost max TH11 (or max depending how good is the player and the level of their heroes). How is that helping the good players?

  71. Several comments back, it’s interesting to read that a player has to participate, to get CG rewards.. Not so true.

    Three weeks ago, at the completion, and full success in CG, all four of my accounts were able to, and did select, and receive, all rewards (subjectively) chosen. None of my accounts participated in CG that week. SO, are there others seeing this also? And yes, all were above TH6.

    I see others speaking and expressing about CG play, being a bit anxious about others in thier group not participating, not fully participating, not finishing challenges. As a leader, as a mentoring player, if you can achieve rewards that help your play group grow, why not do your best for the groups total success?

    One more success strategy for CG achievements. We call it “Hit it and Quit it”. If the challenge board gets to many difficult challenges, just select those not wanted (to hard, not do-able), then in the same time, click again and quit the challenge. Sure you suffer a timer (10 minute and X10 more 10, 20 etc) but the cool thing is a new random challenge comes to the board. It sure helps the lower players stay engaged in CG.

    Just some shares of my experiences, keep postive players! and “Battle On!”

  72. Where do you find this info, TimmyEatsWorld? Is it just a prediction, or did supercell say these are the rewards that will be offered for the upcoming mini games?

  73. It’s time to upgrade multi mortar and re fix the single player Side as clan games..and and another laboratory for potions only

    • Supercell doesn’t plan to release BH8 (what will be necessary to gear up the Mortar) in Q1 right now, so I think the Multi Mortar will not happen in the next 3 months.
      In general, I agree that one lab can be tough sometimes, especially TH10 & TH11

  74. I know this may seem a little off topic for this article, but I recently noticed the rating tool at the bottom with the different emojis and I want to say that I really like it. It has probably been there for a while but I just now realized it.

  75. it looks like Supercell will no longer update us on the infos for the upcoming clan games unless there is something really new and different from the usual…

  76. Their should be a minimum score for individual as eligibility criteria to claim rewards. As per me, individual must score at least 500 for claiming those rewards.

    • Well it’s bottom line a clan effort and Supercell already said there will not be such a thing as a personal reward minimum of any kind in the future, you need to settle this in your clan

    • Agreed…. as per me, should be devided per tier… like mini games 5 tiers total score each individu can achieve is 1K so should be 200 individual points to claim 1st reward, 400 for 2nd, 600 for 3rd and so on… it’s unfair towards clan mates who are doing the games to get the rewards and others just collect… it’s a reward so should be earned…

      • but for people like me, who have multiple accounts in a very active clan, this would mean that i have to push really hard on all accounts in order to get all of the rewards on each account, even though my clan always unlocks all tiers very quickly.

        if you have people who are just doing the bare minimum, then reaping all the rewards from everyone else’s work, maybe it’s time to kick them?

      • Supercell just stated they won’t do something like that and keep the management of people in the clan up to the clan – this means your clan leader / co leaders have to decide how to deal with it – if that’s good or bad is up to you πŸ™‚

  77. Another question would anyone mind telling me by how many times does the training potion multyply the training time? x2, x4, x6?
    Also, can you use 2 potions at the same time, like the training one and the trooplevel boosting one at the same time cause that would be OP.

  78. Timmy, do you know which will be the reward tiers for this weekends clan games? Also, do you know how many points will be needed to unlock each tier?

    • I’m 93% sure it will be the same as last weekend, maybe with different books… but no official word so far, can’t tell why πŸ™ I will update as soon as I hear anything that I can rely on

  79. My TH4 clanmate said he wasn’t able to take any challenge. Is that true? Does he have to be at a minimum TH to participate?

    At the end of clan games I’d like to see a list of everyone who participated and how they ranked. If a few clan members are pushing for the rewards I’d like to give them a shoutout or reward them.

    • You have to be Town Hall 6 to participate.
      You can see the list of players at the end until you have claimed your reward, so you can not claim your reward and check the end results first & then collect it, it will be available for 7 days after the end of clan games πŸ™‚

  80. Books are, as being said in the beginning in the release video, extremely rare because they are very powerful – you can skip a 14 days upgrade that’s worth 2k Gems… that’s because they are not giving them away easily
    But I’m sure they will also host a clan game that will run for 1 week and has a lot more tiers in the future (my opinion, not official)

  81. First let me say I really enjoy the clan games, it has brought a fun and highly rewarding element to the game. I however would like to see one more layer added to the games reward structure. The clan as a whole has to unlock the reward tiers (as it currently is), however individuals have to obtain a certain amount of medals per tier to be eligible for the unlocked reward. I’ve started noticing a trend of some doing one or two challenges for 50-100 medals and now they get the top rewards for the work that others put in. Just my opinion but I feel you should only be entitled to get out of it what you have put into it, not what others have put into it.

    • They could be busy or could not be busy. Different for everyone. I know a guy that works 1 job who has trouble playing where as another guy has 4 jobs and makes plenty of time to play. Different for everybody so No one can really say, “If I can Work (how ever many) jobs then you should be able to play only working 1 or none”

  82. Has anyone asked for shields not to disappear if someone bought one before the games. Folks In our clan didn’t play last time because they had just spent mega gems on a shield. Too bad eh? Could they allow the shields just to remain?

  83. What’s everyone taking for clan rewards? I think elixir over gold, dark and gems, hero book, and resource potion.
    Resource potion nets 1,176,000 gold and elixir 14,400 dark.. to gem normally 230 gems
    Training potion nets probably equal maybe more loot in an hour of raids BUT only 75 gems
    Cheers πŸ˜†

    • I’m right now working on a guide that will show what all of them will net profit you.
      Sometimes it’s hard to compare, but when you are active for 1 hour straight and can use the training potion during an active Guard, I will raid probably double including Titan ELague Reward what the Resource Potion gives – but on the other hand the resource potion works without doing anything, I only need to collect before my guard runs out to not offer 50% of my collector resources to get raided.
      Let me finish my article (hopefully within the next 7 days), I’m not finished that much to give early conclusions πŸ™‚

      • Awesome Tim looking forward to it.

        As for rewards I’ve come to the personal conclusion that in fact Training potion and gems are the way to go for an active player in Titan 2 league.

        Reasoning, the resource potion may net 1,176,000 g&e 14,400 dark but in reality the potion only accounts for half of that total, your mines and collectors would’ve earned half that total loot anyways. So with that in mind resource potion becomes way less attractive, and highlights how in fact normally boosting mines and collectors using 230 gems is EXTREMELY disproportionately expensive. That being said, using the training potion for an hour in Titan 2 with star bonus and league bonuses I can EASILY farm more loot than what resource potion can gain. I’d imagine this would be the same for people in lower leagues even without the titan bonuses.

        As for lower tier rewards, I’m in the same mindset, the loot that is offered is in reality not that much and there is only 1 type of resource per tier reward either gold elixir or dark,,, So even though the low number of gems offered doesn’t look like much, they can be used to do a boosted 1 hour session (might be less gems than a total 75 gem boost, but close enough in my opinion) Or just boost heros for a few raids, which I do more often than full on boosts anyways. So then in return for using the gems and boosting your raiding for an hour, most clashers will easily farm more than enough of all 3 resources, gold elixir and dark not just the single resource offered in each tier reward.

        All that being said this is more for active clashers who has an hour to sit down and raid, for Inactive clashers the loot and resource potion might be great options for you.

        Cheers πŸ˜†

      • You’re right, training potion offers the best value but only when you’re in a higher league for the bonus and you have time to get in 1 hour straight playing to get your 5-6 attacks in within that time πŸ™‚

  84. it looks like clan games will be held every weekends this year.. another one is approaching after today’s clan games ended

    • That’s right, but I’m confused because you can collect the reward from the last clan games up to 7 days after it ended. This means if you don’t collect your reward from the January 5th-8th Clan Games, you can collect them during the running Clan Games that begin on January 13th – so I wonder how you can see the rewards and tiers of these clan games when you still need that view to collect your last clan games rewards πŸ™„

  85. We have some members in our clan that will start a challenge just to get their name on the board. They don’t finish it, but still shows them on the list. Do they get the rewards?

  86. Most of the times the bigger rewards are on the weekends where some people are often busy. Lowing it to 8 is much better than when it was 12. Even clans with 20 members can’t get 8 people to fully grind all the time. I manage 5 accounts where I have to do it on my own.

  87. Now That we only need 8 players to reach top tier me and one other member can achieve it on our own. But I’m also a member of a full clan and most do participate so that’s nice lol won’t have to spend all weekend grinding points. And should be able to pull off my DE looting in the process.once we hit top tier I won’t be focusing on challenges but finishing the hero grind πŸ˜† I like the way this games is set up so far…..
    Well, except for the 8 options, I feel that’s bogus and it should be 12 to pick from to allow more variety for widespread level clans like my own. Th8-11 usually can get most especially with active top players

  88. hey….why not they give us 2 things to choose this time. i like to get 2 books different from the tiers cause it helps me a lot than choosing one thing after completing the challenges.

    i wished they could give us more tiers to challenge its even more fun that way

    • Books are, as being said in the beginning in the release video, extremely rare because they are very powerful – you can skip a 14 days upgrade that’s worth 2k Gems… that’s because they are not giving them away easily πŸ˜‰
      But I’m sure they will also host a clan game that will run for 1 week and has a lot more tiers in the future (my opinion, not official)

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