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Next Clan Games Radar

I get asked via email and comments so many times when the next Clan Games start and what the reward tiers will contain, so I decided to make this overview page that will show you when the new Clan Games will start and what rewards, point caps and everything else important they will include.

For those of you visiting AllClash for the first time, I also include here links to all the guides I wrote related to Clan Games that will help you unlock the highest reward tier and teach you everything you will need to know ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all, I recommend you this guide here that will teach you the basic knowledge about Clan Games and also gives advanced hints that will help you (and your clan) getting more points in Clan Games:

Win Clan Games - How To Get The Highest Reward Tier

Choosing rewards can get tough, so I have been listing all magical items here and also explain what they are doing (and what NOT) to help you the rewards that you really need:

All Magical Items & How To Get Them

When Are The Next Clan Games In Clash of Clans?

In the current period, Supercell still balances and tracks Clan Games in infrequently periods with different reward tiers to see which frequency will work best, so there is no single rule when Clan Games will be hosted.

Also, the reward tiers and personal point caps will be different from Clan Game to Clan Game.

Clan Games January 19th – 22nd, 2018

The next Clan Games will start this weekend on January 19th and end on January 22nd and unlike the most recent “Mini Games”, they show up as “Weekend Games” in the list, so we can look forward to Clan Games that are taking a little longer, require more points and reward more than the “Mini Games” last weekend did.

Here are some of the important details (not confirmed yet):

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Number of visible Challenges: 12
  • Point cap per player: 2500

The reward tiers are going to be broken down into the following brackets(not confirmed yet):

  • Tier 1: 2500 points
  • Tier 2: 5000 points
  • Tier 3: 7500 points
  • Tier 4: 12,500 points
  • Tier 5: 20,000 points

Spellbook Magic Items will be available at Tier 4 and Potions available at Tier 5.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. it looks like Supercell will no longer update us on the infos for the upcoming clan games unless there is something really new and different from the usual…

  2. Their should be a minimum score for individual as eligibility criteria to claim rewards. As per me, individual must score at least 500 for claiming those rewards.

    • Well it’s bottom line a clan effort and Supercell already said there will not be such a thing as a personal reward minimum of any kind in the future, you need to settle this in your clan

  3. Another question would anyone mind telling me by how many times does the training potion multyply the training time? x2, x4, x6?
    Also, can you use 2 potions at the same time, like the training one and the trooplevel boosting one at the same time cause that would be OP.

  4. Timmy, do you know which will be the reward tiers for this weekends clan games? Also, do you know how many points will be needed to unlock each tier?

    • I’m 93% sure it will be the same as last weekend, maybe with different books… but no official word so far, can’t tell why ๐Ÿ™ I will update as soon as I hear anything that I can rely on

  5. My TH4 clanmate said he wasn’t able to take any challenge. Is that true? Does he have to be at a minimum TH to participate?

    At the end of clan games I’d like to see a list of everyone who participated and how they ranked. If a few clan members are pushing for the rewards I’d like to give them a shoutout or reward them.

    • You have to be Town Hall 6 to participate.
      You can see the list of players at the end until you have claimed your reward, so you can not claim your reward and check the end results first & then collect it, it will be available for 7 days after the end of clan games ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Books are, as being said in the beginning in the release video, extremely rare because they are very powerful โ€“ you can skip a 14 days upgrade thatโ€™s worth 2k Gemsโ€ฆ thatโ€™s because they are not giving them away easily
    But Iโ€™m sure they will also host a clan game that will run for 1 week and has a lot more tiers in the future (my opinion, not official)

  7. First let me say I really enjoy the clan games, it has brought a fun and highly rewarding element to the game. I however would like to see one more layer added to the games reward structure. The clan as a whole has to unlock the reward tiers (as it currently is), however individuals have to obtain a certain amount of medals per tier to be eligible for the unlocked reward. Iโ€™ve started noticing a trend of some doing one or two challenges for 50-100 medals and now they get the top rewards for the work that others put in. Just my opinion but I feel you should only be entitled to get out of it what you have put into it, not what others have put into it.

    • They could be busy or could not be busy. Different for everyone. I know a guy that works 1 job who has trouble playing where as another guy has 4 jobs and makes plenty of time to play. Different for everybody so No one can really say, “If I can Work (how ever many) jobs then you should be able to play only working 1 or none”

  8. Has anyone asked for shields not to disappear if someone bought one before the games. Folks In our clan didnโ€™t play last time because they had just spent mega gems on a shield. Too bad eh? Could they allow the shields just to remain?

  9. What’s everyone taking for clan rewards? I think elixir over gold, dark and gems, hero book, and resource potion.
    Resource potion nets 1,176,000 gold and elixir 14,400 dark.. to gem normally 230 gems
    Training potion nets probably equal maybe more loot in an hour of raids BUT only 75 gems
    Cheers ๐Ÿ˜†

    • I’m right now working on a guide that will show what all of them will net profit you.
      Sometimes it’s hard to compare, but when you are active for 1 hour straight and can use the training potion during an active Guard, I will raid probably double including Titan ELague Reward what the Resource Potion gives – but on the other hand the resource potion works without doing anything, I only need to collect before my guard runs out to not offer 50% of my collector resources to get raided.
      Let me finish my article (hopefully within the next 7 days), I’m not finished that much to give early conclusions ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Awesome Tim looking forward to it.

        As for rewards I’ve come to the personal conclusion that in fact Training potion and gems are the way to go for an active player in Titan 2 league.

        Reasoning, the resource potion may net 1,176,000 g&e 14,400 dark but in reality the potion only accounts for half of that total, your mines and collectors would’ve earned half that total loot anyways. So with that in mind resource potion becomes way less attractive, and highlights how in fact normally boosting mines and collectors using 230 gems is EXTREMELY disproportionately expensive. That being said, using the training potion for an hour in Titan 2 with star bonus and league bonuses I can EASILY farm more loot than what resource potion can gain. I’d imagine this would be the same for people in lower leagues even without the titan bonuses.

        As for lower tier rewards, I’m in the same mindset, the loot that is offered is in reality not that much and there is only 1 type of resource per tier reward either gold elixir or dark,,, So even though the low number of gems offered doesn’t look like much, they can be used to do a boosted 1 hour session (might be less gems than a total 75 gem boost, but close enough in my opinion) Or just boost heros for a few raids, which I do more often than full on boosts anyways. So then in return for using the gems and boosting your raiding for an hour, most clashers will easily farm more than enough of all 3 resources, gold elixir and dark not just the single resource offered in each tier reward.

        All that being said this is more for active clashers who has an hour to sit down and raid, for Inactive clashers the loot and resource potion might be great options for you.

        Cheers ๐Ÿ˜†

      • You’re right, training potion offers the best value but only when you’re in a higher league for the bonus and you have time to get in 1 hour straight playing to get your 5-6 attacks in within that time ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. it looks like clan games will be held every weekends this year.. another one is approaching after today’s clan games ended

    • That’s right, but I’m confused because you can collect the reward from the last clan games up to 7 days after it ended. This means if you don’t collect your reward from the January 5th-8th Clan Games, you can collect them during the running Clan Games that begin on January 13th – so I wonder how you can see the rewards and tiers of these clan games when you still need that view to collect your last clan games rewards ๐Ÿ™„

  11. We have some members in our clan that will start a challenge just to get their name on the board. They don’t finish it, but still shows them on the list. Do they get the rewards?

  12. Most of the times the bigger rewards are on the weekends where some people are often busy. Lowing it to 8 is much better than when it was 12. Even clans with 20 members can’t get 8 people to fully grind all the time. I manage 5 accounts where I have to do it on my own.

  13. Now That we only need 8 players to reach top tier me and one other member can achieve it on our own. But Iโ€™m also a member of a full clan and most do participate so thatโ€™s nice lol wonโ€™t have to spend all weekend grinding points. And should be able to pull off my DE looting in the process.once we hit top tier I wonโ€™t be focusing on challenges but finishing the hero grind ๐Ÿ˜† I like the way this games is set up so far…..
    Well, except for the 8 options, I feel thatโ€™s bogus and it should be 12 to pick from to allow more variety for widespread level clans like my own. Th8-11 usually can get most especially with active top players

  14. hey….why not they give us 2 things to choose this time. i like to get 2 books different from the tiers cause it helps me a lot than choosing one thing after completing the challenges.

    i wished they could give us more tiers to challenge its even more fun that way

    • Books are, as being said in the beginning in the release video, extremely rare because they are very powerful – you can skip a 14 days upgrade that’s worth 2k Gems… that’s because they are not giving them away easily ๐Ÿ˜‰
      But I’m sure they will also host a clan game that will run for 1 week and has a lot more tiers in the future (my opinion, not official)

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